Top 10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Canada

Robot pool cleaners are a huge convenience for anyone with an inground or above-ground pool.

Today’s models are super advanced, although a bit expensive

Buyers love their ability to clean difficult areas quickly ~ around ladders, crevices or cracks, and along the bottom edges.

The best robot pool cleaners can clean a large pool in 2-3 hours!

Many on my list are “smart” robotic pool cleaners that you can control via smartphone — they scrub, vacuum, and climb walls.

Prices on my list range from $349 – $1599.

best robotic pool cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Canada

Dolphin Nautilus Robot Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner — Wall Climbing Capability — Top Load Filters for Easy Maintenance — Ideal for Above/In-Ground Pools up to 50 FT in Length  
  • The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool vacuum cleaner features powerful wall climbing capabilities to scrub the floor and walls of your pool no matter the pool shape or surface type.  
  • Get your pool exceptionally clean with the easy-access, top load fine filter basket. The fine filters remove debris from your pool for crystal-clear water. Its powerful filtration keeps your pool clean all year long. 
  • Cleaning your pool has never been easier. With the Dolphin's plug-and-play system, just plug your robot in, drop it into the pool, and turn on the power supply for a spotless pool in 2 hours. 
  • With the Dolphin's Smart Navigation Technology, your robot strategically cleans by scanning your pool to determine the most efficient path. Get an ultimate clean no matter your pool shape or surface type. 
  • Dolphin pool cleaners have been effortlessly cleaning the world’s pools for over 35 years, empowering pool owners with hassle-free pool maintenance solutions. With unmatched performance, durability, and cost savings, all our Dolphin products help you get back to what matters in life — enjoying your pool with family and friends. 

Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the best robotic pool cleaner for large pools.

It’s a high-performance, inground pool cleaner ~ Instead of using a cable (which can get tangled), the Dolphin Nautilus uses a rotating brush that’s 8X more effective than traditional models.

  • Cleaning: 2 hours
  • Pools: up to 50 ft.
  • Pricing: Expensive

As a robot pool cleaner, the Dolphin Nautilus is super quick and is capable of doing a total clean.

pool walls, floors, around stairs, & coves

Buyers confirm it cleans a large inground pool in under 2-hours!

Dolphin Nautilus CC uses high-traction, specialized wheels which allow it to stick to the wall or floor. It includes a new power-suction vacuum for picking up leaves, wood chips, twigs, etc.

As a robotic pool cleaner, it removes 99% of dirt and debris.

Super user-friendly controls ~ easily set a schedule or select cleaning mode.

Expensive robot pool cleaner, but lots of positive reviews.

Polaris P955 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Vacuum for InGround Pools up to 60ft, 70ft Swivel Cable, Remote Control, Wall Climbing Vac w/ Strong Suction & Easy Access Debris Canister
  • AUTO POOL CLEANER: The 9550 Sport 4WD provides best-in-class performance and 5 cleaning modes.
  • IN GROUND: Compatible with in ground swimming pools up to 60 ft.
  • POLARIS: For more than 40 years, Polaris has been known worldwide for its quality and best-in-class automatic pool cleaners.
  • PREMIUM CLEANING PERFORMANCE: The 4WD robotic pool cleaner featuring motion-sensing handheld remote, Easy Lift System, dirty canister indicator, and Vortex Vacuum technology for best-in-class cleaning performance.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Comes equipped with a 70ft cable w/ tangle-reducing swivel, an extra-large 5L debris canister, and a handheld remote control. Premium caddy included.

The Polaris Sport is perhaps the best robotic pool cleaner model under $1500.

Buyers love the Aqua-Trax, 4-wheel drive performance ~ it scales walls faster, and it does a better cleaning job vs. all other robot pool cleaners.

  • Models: P935 / P945 / P955 Sport
  • Pricing: Expensive

As a top robot pool cleaner, the Polaris Sport models include some advanced pool cleaning features.

The Polaris P955 comes w/ new “Vortex Vacuum” tech ~ which provides high-powered suction for sticking to the surface on walls or floor.

Uses upgraded vacuum technology to map and navigate pool surface areas.

Upgraded motion sensors help it find its way around a pool layout ~ Polaris Sport P955 won’t miss or repeat areas.

Expensive but a solid option for inground pools!

Hayward AquaVac 300 Quick Clean

Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
  • Quiet, powerful suction cleaner; works with low-speed pumps for maximum efficiency.
  • Devours small and medium-sized debris and cleans floor, walls and steps of your entire pool.
  • FlowKeeper Valve automatically regulates water flow to maintain peak cleaning performance even with lower horsepower pumps.
  • Wheel Deflector for movement around tight corners.
  • Scuff-resistant Long-Life Hoses eliminate scuffs on all pool surfaces.

The newest edition to the Hayward Tigershark robotic pool cleaner models is the upgraded Hayward AquaVac 300 Quick Clean.

It’s the best robotic pool cleaner for inground pools!

Similar to the Polaris P825, the Hayward, a high-end model, the Hayward AquaVac and eVac Pro can fully clean the most intricate inground pools.

  • Pool size: 20 x 40 ft.
  • Cleaning: 60-90 mins
  • Pricing: Expensive

Built for intense vacuum suction, it is able to suck in all types of debris.

Thick leaves, sand, bugs + dirt in crevices

Hayward Tiger Shark offers quick and efficient pool cleaning — buyers love how easy maintenance is.

Multiple models available:

  • Hayward AquaVac 300: remote control
  • RC9950CUB: No remote control
  • RC9955CUB: Includes remote control
  • RC9990CUB: New quick-clean option

Expensive, but very good buyer reviews.

Polaris P965iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris NEO Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Vacuum for InGround Pools up to 40ft, Wall Climbing Vac w/ Strong Suction
  • AUTO POOL CLEANER: The Polaris NEO Robotic Cleaner deftly navigates all pool surfaces, climbs walls, and scrubs to the tile line for thorough cleaning.
  • IN GROUND POOLS: Compatible with in ground swimming pools up to 40 ft.
  • POLARIS: For more than 40 years, Polaris has been known worldwide for its quality and best-in-class automatic pool cleaners.
  • PREMIUM CLEANING PERFORMANCE: Cyclonic Vacuum Technology captures debris without losing suction. Never touch debris again with the Push'N'Go (TM) Filter Canister - simply shake and spray!
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Comes equipped with a 50ft cable, and 4L debris canister.

Polaris P965iQ 4WD is the best robotic pool cleaner with Wi-Fi control.

Buyers love the Aqua-Trax, 4-wheel drive performance for quickly scaling walls and pool floors.

  • Models: F9350 / F9450 / F9550
  • Pricing: Expensive

Best of all is the Wi-Fi Smart controls!

It connects straight to your home internet for smartphone control!

For cleaning, the Polaris P965iQ 4WD comes with new “Vortex Vacuum” tech ~ which provides high-powered suction for sticking to the surface on walls or floor.

Upgraded vacuum technology that maps and navigates any pool area!

New motion sensors help the Polaris Sport 4WD find its way around a pool layout ~ Polaris P965iQ 4WD won’t miss or repeat areas.

Expensive, but the best robotic pool cleaner with smart functionality!

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner

Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
  • Quiet, powerful suction cleaner; works with low-speed pumps for maximum efficiency.
  • Devours small and medium-sized debris and cleans floor, walls and steps of your entire pool.
  • FlowKeeper Valve automatically regulates water flow to maintain peak cleaning performance even with lower horsepower pumps.
  • Wheel Deflector for movement around tight corners.
  • Scuff-resistant Long-Life Hoses eliminate scuffs on all pool surfaces.

The Zodiac Baracuda MX8 is an affordable option for inground pools.

It doesn’t have all the frills as newer models, but I think it’s the best robotic pool cleaner under $500.

  • Reach: Medium
  • Pricing: Affordable

As you can see, it offers 4-wheel traction and treaded belt to move along the pool floor and walls ~ the new turbine motor gives it an extra boost (if needed).

For suction, it includes cyclonic power to increase up to 3-4X suction in high-particle areas.

picking up tree leaves, corners, deep ends (10-14 ft.), or under stairs

Lots of positive buyer reviews.

Hayward Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner

Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner - Ideal for Above Ground Swimming Pools up to 30 Feet - Powerful Suction to Pick up Small Debris - Easy to Clean Top Load Filter Basket
  • The easy way to a clean pool. The Dolphin E10 robotic pool vacuum cleaner was designed specifically for above-ground swimming pools, making it the perfect solution for pools up to 30 feet. Backed by a 2-year quality assurance, get a worry free clean.
  • Take back your free time. The Dolphin E10 will have your pool cleaned in a quick 1.5 hours. Just imagine how much you can get done with one less chore on your to-do list.
  • Dolphin does all the hard work for you. The E10 was designed to clean your pool, effortlessly. With superior filtering and floor scrubbing capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool will be sparkling clean and free of debris.
  • Save energy with every pool cleaning. The E10 does not require any additional pumps or hoses to get the job done. Dolphins are super energy efficient with an average operating cost of 5 cents per hour.
  • With more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools, Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity. Get back to what really matters; spending time with family and friends.

Hayward Poolvergnuegen is the best robotic pool cleaner for under $800.

Includes 2-wheel drive w/ treaded tires ~ perfect for medium size inground pools.

  • Cleaning: 16 x 32 ft. pools
  • Pricing: Affordable

For full pool coverage, the roller skirt offers good suction for vacuuming particles ~ it performs well on uneven pool floors or inclines.

It’s a super durable model too.

Those who bought the Hayward Poolvergnuegen 2-3 years ago say it still runs well in 2020.

I think it’s the best option for 3-4 months per year.

Affordable robotic pool cleaner for medium size pools!

Maytronics Sigma Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

Genuine Dolphin Replacement Part — Heavy-Duty 60 FT Blue Cable with Swivel for Tangle-Free Operation — Part Number 9995861-DIY
  • Replacement Blue Communication Cable - 2 Wire, 60 Feet (w/ Swivel)
  • Compatible with: Advantage Plus, Atlantis, Deluxe 3, DX3, DX3S, Endeavor, Nautilus (old), Neptune, Orion, Primal, Quest, Supreme M3.
  • Maytronics part number: 9995861-DIY
  • Maytronics Certified Genuine Parts; Keep your Dolphin pool cleaner in top condition

The Maytronics Dolphin and Pentair Kreepy Krauly are top sellers in Canada.

Very similar to the Dolphin Nautilus, it comes designed w/ better suction + mobile app functionality — it’s a true Smart Robot Pool Cleaner.

schedule pool cleaning, real-time status updates + real-time alerts

Hyper suction is able to suck up ultra-fine dirt and leaves.

Includes dual filtration system, which makes sure the Dolphin Sigma never clogs. Excellent pool robot for picking up leaves!

Buyers really love the app function the most — activate at anytime and real-time status updates, making it 100% hands-free pool cleaning.

The downside is the price — it’s expensive.

Hayward AquaNaut Suction Pool Vacuum

XtremepowerUS Premium Automatic Suction Vacuum-generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner Sweeper In-Ground Suction Side + Hose Set
  • 10 hoses included for up to 30' pool. Ideal for cleaning bottom surface and wall; does not clean stairs
  • Require at least a 1 hp swimming pool pump or 1600 GHP to function properly.
  • No tools required and no electricity needed; Attaches to your existing filtration system
  • Cleaner should be moving about the pool at a rate of 8 to 12 feet per minute. Eco-friendly automatic pool cleaner vacuum designed for high efficiency and low maintenance.
  • Automatic operation by self-navigating around the water on set patterns for the top to bottom pool cleaning. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for the Manual and Troubleshooting Guide

The Hayward AquaNaut robotic pool cleaner is a high-suction pool vacuum.

Offered in 2 models:


Hose length from 33 – 40 ft. and weight range of 16 – 19 pounds.

It has a unique design 2-wheel design — each wheel has a rubber grip for traction.

It’s faster than most robotic pool cleaners and includes variable speeds (depending on the level of debris).

Buyers say it is extremely good at cleaning the deep ends of the pool.

Hayward Aquanaut is the best robotic pool cleaner for cleaning medium size pools.

Baracuda Pool Cleaner Reviews

U.S. Pool Supply Professional Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner - Powerful Suction that Removes Swimming Pool Debris, Cleans Floors, Walls and Steps
  • Professional, powerful automatic suction pool vacuum cleaner that thoroughly removes all pool debris. Efficient, durable and quiet operating vacuum cleaning system with a long life diaphragm membrane. It's easy to install, as no tools are required. (see manual for install and use))
  • Vacuum easily cleans your entire pool, as it quickly removes debris as it moves across floors, climbs up walls and over steps without getting stuck.
  • For in-ground, above-ground and self supporting swimming pools (excluding soft wall pools). Only requires a 1/3 HP pump or a minimum flow of 8 meters cubed/hour to operate.
  • Includes 35 feet of premium spiral wound vacuum hose (14 - 2.5 feet hose sections). The hose sections allow you to customize the hose length to the requirements of your pool.
  • If you're not satisfied with this item at anytime within one year of purchase, we'll provide a refund or replacement.

The Dolphin Nautilus is designed for pools up to 50 ft.

It comes equipped w/a a 60 ft. cable and a high-suction vacuum to scrub pool floors and walls.

  • Reach up to 50 ft.
  • Pricing: Affordable

Also installed with swivel technology which keeps the cable tangle-free.

Dolphin Triton uses navigation sensors — It determines the shape and length of your pool and efficiently cleans it within 3 hours.

Buyers say it is the best robotic pool cleaner for leaves.

The downside is the price – it is very expensive.

Zodiac Baracuda Ground Pool Cleaner

Rock&Rocker Automatic Pool Cleaner, Robotic Pool Vacuum with 2 Motors, Wall Climbing, 2 Larger Filter Basket and 50FT Swivel Floated Cord, for Above/In-ground Swimming Pool Cleaning, Blue (RR2021)
  • Wall-Climbing Function - robotic pool cleaner equips 4 pcs sponge roller brushes to provide strong adsorption and excellent wall climbing; You don't have to worry about falling when climbing. What's more, this pool robot pre-installed a computer program and worry-free sensor array, so it will not run outside the swimming pool. After it finishes cleaning the waterline, the pool cleaner will go back to the pool from the wall. Please notice it can't climb steps.
  • Deep Clean - pool cleaner possesses 4pcs PVA sponge roller brushes and 2pcs powerful motors to provide twice the cleaning power, leaving dirt nowhere to hide. With strong adsorbability, this pool cleaner cleans both floor and walls hassle-free. Front scrubbing sponge brushes quickly clean and vacuum debris from the floor and stuck on walls for deeply cleaning, recommended for in-ground pools up to 12m/50ft in length.
  • Auto Clean Setting - The advanced intelligent computer program controls the robotic pool cleaner so you can schedule your robotic pool cleaner to automatically clean using the 1hour, 2hour, and 3 hours of settings, which can thoroughly clean the four walls and bottom of the pool with no supervision and continuously. It saves you both time and labor costs.
  • Easy Filter Cleaning - With twin extra-large top access filter baskets, the pool vacuum cleaner not only traps leaves, dirt, and acceptable debris but also cleans and circulates the water- leaving your pool sparkling clean. If you want to clean the filters, you need to press the button in the front to open the top covers, remove the filter baskets, and rinse them.
  • Tangle Free - robotic pool cleaner with a swivel cord to prevent tangles and allows the pool robot cleaner to move easily and efficiently around your swimming pool, making clean-up a breeze. Ideal for above/in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet, this cleaner will leave your pool sparkling clean in just 2 hours. 2-Year Warranty, so you don't need to worry about the after-sale service.

The Baracuda Ranger is an affordable cleaner for pool floors.

Unlike others, it uses a fin disc (instead of wheels) for pool-floor suction.

Buyers say the robotic pool cleaner is great at cleaning difficult areas — small crevices in older pools, on floor/wall edges, and underneath pool stairs.

Also includes a wheel deflector allowing it to get out of tight areas — you don’t have to worry about the Baracuda getting stuck under pool stairs.

Baracuda Ranger is a bit smaller but affordable price for medium size pools.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

(2023 New) AIPER Seagull Plus Cordless Pool Vacuum, Robotic Pool Cleaner Lasts 110 Min, Ideal for Above Ground Pools up to 1300 Sq.ft, Runs up to 110 Mins,Dual Motors, LED Indicator, Self-Parking
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING: The Seagull Plus cleans up all types of debris from dirt to stones, all with ease. The powerful dual-drive motors deep clean your pool's floor, including pools with inclines up to 15 degrees.
  • CORDLESS & Easy to Use: No extension cables, no messy hoses or attachments. The Seagull Plus is completely cordless. With one-click activation, simply power the unit on, drop it in and walk away. The Seagull Plus will perform its duties automatically.
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE: The newly designed battery takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge and provides 110 minutes of cleaning excellence. Ideal for round above-ground pools (up to 40' diameter), and in-ground flat-floored pools (up to 60' X 22').
  • QUICK WATER RELEASE: A sophisticated water release system drains the Seagull Plus in seconds, making it easy to retrieve, and ultra-portable.
  • LED INDICATOR: Equipped with a 4-color LED indicator, you're always aware of the status of your Seagull Plus. Comes with a 1-year warranty and worry-free customer service.This weekend, let your Seagull do the dirty work while you enjoy your free time.

The Dolphin E10 and Dolphin Escape pool cleaners are two of the best robotic pool cleaner models but are also quite expensive.

Dolphin E10 is designed for above-ground pools but can also be used for inground pools.

Includes the newest features:

– Smart Navigation 2.0

– HyperBrush dual scrubbing

– HyperGrip wheels

Dolphin HyperBrush spins 2x as fast as mostly any other robotic pool cleaner.

Coverage: pool flooring

A great option if you have not cleaned your pool recently (or have deep grime).

Using HyperGrip tracks, the Dolphin pool cleaner glides over obstacles (i.e., drains) and easily climbs walls.

Buyers say the Dolphin Escape pool cleaner is very effective in cleaning the smallest crevices of their pool.

Above ground models: Dolphin E10 • Dolphin S50 • Dolphin Triton PS

Dolphin E10 is medium price

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner

Ganador 6 Piece Rebuild Kit. Suits Zodiac Baracuda G2, G3, G3 Pro,G4 Pool Cleaners. Kit Inc. Finned Disc, Foot Pad, Diaphragm & Ring (Pack 2)
  • Ganador Pool Supplies 6 Piece Rebuild Kit. The parts in this package are suitable replacement parts for Zodiac Baracuda pool cleaners and includes the following - Finned Disc/Seal/Skirt W70329, Foot Pad W70327, Diaphragm W69698 & Retaining Ring W81600 FINNED DISC/SEAL/SKIRT IS FLAT WHEN SHIPPED
  • Suitable Replacement parts for Zodiac Baracuda pool cleaner models G2, G3, G4, as well as Manta, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, and Pacer Pool Cleaners.
  • Package includes - 1 x Finned Disc/Seal/Skirt W70329, 1 x Foot Pad W70327, 2 x Diaphragms W69698, and 2 x Diaphragm Retaining Rings W81600
  • Our aftermarket pool cleaner replacement parts are made from durable high-quality material and quality-tested before they reach you.
  • If you're not completely satisfied, you can ask for a replacement or a full refund. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

The Zodiac Baracuda MX8 is designed with traction tires and an upgraded navigation system.

A versatile robotic pool cleaner, the Zodiac MX8 weighs only 18 pounds and includes special X-Trax tires, which allow it to quickly climb pool walls.

  • Reach: 36 ft. hose
  • Surfaces: concrete, tile, vinyl or fiberglass

For cleaning, the Zodiac Baracuda MX8 comes w/ a cyclonic vacuum — using debris sensors MX8 pool cleaner is able to detect particles and increase suction when needed.

For its reach, it’s the best robot pool cleaner for small or medium size pools.

Affordable model w/ lots of positive reviews.

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