Restaurant workers have a job that requires them to deal with plenty of hazards that might injure their feet or cause some foot discomfort and pain. That said, investing in the best restaurant work shoes is a must for them.

They need a pair of shoes that can withstand even the harshest restaurant and kitchen environments. Fortunately, it is now easy to gather information about some of the best shoes for obstacle course racing and those who work in restaurants and other food service industries with this review article and buying guide.

Here, you will be more familiar about eight dependable shoes that you can use to fulfill your job.

Top 8 Best Restaurant Work Shoes 

Skechers for Work Rockland-Hooper Slip-resistant Slip-on Shoe

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With Skechers for Work Rockland-Hooper Slip-resistant Slip-on Shoe, you’ll be able to wear a shoe at work, which is not only classy but also comfortable and supportive. A smooth leather construction can be expected from this shoe, making it really comfortable to wear.

In addition, it features a synthetic upper, which also heightens its comfort level. I like the fact that it is a slip-on shoe, as it means that putting it on and taking it off is quick and easy for me.

Aside from that, it has an anti-slip feature, which is a big advantage for restaurant workers who are prone to potential slips. It is a sturdy shoe because it comes with highly reinforced stitches. It also comes with gored inserts on the vamp as well as a memory foam insole.

The shock-absorbing midsole of this Skechers shoe and its high electrical hazard safety rating is also a big advantage as it somehow promotes safety. I also love the featured leather overlays as these further improve the durability of the shoe.

There is a soft fabric lining, which makes it breathable, as well as a removable insole, which provides additional cushion. 

It’s a bit lacking in arch support, though, which is a known downside of the shoe.

[amazon box=”B00AEFBK9G”]

  • Leather slip-on shoe featuring reinforced stitching, gored insets on vamp, and memory-foam insole
  • Skechers
  • 7 M US

Things We Liked

  • Classy style while still offering enough comfort and support
  • Constructed out of smooth and comfy leather
  • Slip-on design, promoting ease in wearing and removing it
  • Boasts of its anti-slip quality
  • Comes with reinforced stitches and leather overlays that further promote its durability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit lacking in arch support

Most of the downsides of this shoe from Skechers are just minor, though, so it’s safe to conclude that it can offer most of the features necessary for a footwear for restaurant workers.

Skechers for Work Rockland Systemic Slip-resistant Lace-Up Shoe

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Another footwear that I think is worthy to form part of my list of the best shoes for restaurant manager is the Skechers for Work Rockland Systemic Slip-resistant Lace-Up Shoe. What I like the most in this shoe is its smooth leather upper. It also boasts of its lace-up oxford style.

It also comes with sleek overlays that, I think, are suitable for you if you want to combine fashion and functionality. Another valuable feature is the cushioned insole. The insole comes in a shape or contour that follows your feet naturally, thereby eliminating the risk of discomfort when worn.

Furthermore, it has an anti-slip sole made of rubber, which offers more than enough support to your soles. Such support is a good thing, especially if your work in the restaurant requires you to stand for long hours every day.

The fact that the shoe is well-constructed out of sturdy materials is also a bonus as it ensures that it can handle various work environments, no matter how harsh these are. It has ample heels and an impressive grip.

As for the drawbacks, one slight concern is the narrow toe area. There are also instances when it tends to curve excessively.

[amazon box=”B002GP6DTY”]

  • Lace-up sneaker featuring leather upper with padded collar and bicycle-seamed toe
  • Removable cushioned insole
  • Grippy slip-resistant outsole with driving heel

Things We Liked

  • Features a smooth leather upper
  • Lace-up oxford style, making it convenient to wear
  • Features sleek overlays – offering a great combination of fashion and functionality
  • Anti-slip quality and supportive
  • Constructed out of sturdy materials, allowing it to handle even the harshest work environments

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Narrow toe area
  • Curves too much at times

Despite such issues, no one can deny the fact that it’s a reliable shoe, which is perfect for those working in restaurants and the foodservice industry.

Skechers for Work 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Shoe

[amazon box=”B004C43912″]

The list of dependable restaurant worker shoes will never be complete without the Skechers for Work 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Shoe. I particularly like this work boot because of toughness.

It’s sturdy and tough enough that it can serve as your best companion for even the most demanding jobs. It has an upper constructed out of durable leather material while also boasting of its lace-up design, which I find really convenient.

It’s a rugged work boot, which also comes with removable PU comfort insoles. In addition, it features slip-resistant outsoles made of rubber that also comply with the standards of OSHA. Such ensures that the shoe can offer optimal comfort, durability, and protection.

It’s also a solid shoe, which has an impressive level of support and a proper fit. It even has a great traction, so you have an assurance that it’s safe to use even on slick surfaces. The fact that it’s a pair of non slip shoes for men also adds up to its level of protection.

The only issue that you might encounter when wearing the shoe is that it somewhat produces a squeak when you walk. It might also be stiff during the first few uses, and this indicates that you still need to break it in for a while.

[amazon box=”B004C43912″]

  • Mid-top sneaker-inspired work shoe featuring composite toe and ripstop upper panels
  • Tonal logo applique
  • Slip-resistant outsole

Things We Liked

  • Sturdy and tough – making it a great shoe for demanding jobs
  • Boasts of a convenient lace-up design
  • Comes with slip-resistant outsoles
  • Offers enough support and proper fit
  • Excellent traction, making it usable for slick surfaces

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Produces a bit of a squeaking sound when walking
  • A bit stiff at first

Such issues are manageable, though. To conclude, Skechers for Work 76759 Mens Non Slip Shoes is a great footwear that will let you work confidently.

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog  –  BUDGET PICK

[amazon box=”B00T60H3QY”]

If you want to find an easy to wear a shoe that you can use in the restaurant you’re working in, then I highly suggest checking out Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog. It is actually a classic clog, which is designed in a way that it meets the needs and demands of those who work in the foodservice industry.

One thing I like about this shoe from Crocs is that there is a lock tread, which specifically meets the standards when it comes to being slip-resistant. It also meets the needs of users as it pertains to traction. I also like the enclosed design of the shoe as it keeps my feet safe.

Furthermore, there’s a thick metatarsal area, which further protects your feet against possible kitchen spills. It is mainly constructed out of Croslite material, allowing it to conform to your feet naturally, thereby producing a more customized fit.

I think that the roomy, soft, and well-cushioned footbed of the shoe also offers additional comfort as it aids in preventing back and foot fatigue. It can also resist bacteria, fungus, and odor.

As to drawbacks, some of the minor concerns of those who have already used it are its insufficient airflow and ankle support.

[amazon box=”B00T60H3QY”]

  • Enclosed toe design
  • Odour-resistant
  • Fully molded Croslite material

Things We Liked

  • Primarily designed for those who work in the foodservice industry
  • Features a slip-resistant lock tread
  • More than enough traction
  • Keeps your feet safe – thanks to its enclosed design and thick metatarsal area
  • Features a roomy, soft and well-cushioned footbed

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit lacking when talking about airflow and ankle support

Despite those minor issues, it’s safe to assume that Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog serves as your best buddy, especially if you have a demanding job that requires you to be on your feet for several hours.

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip-resistant Work Shoe  – RUNNER UP

[amazon box=”B000AN5T08″]

 I can say that Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Anti-slip Work Shoe is a great footwear for restaurant workers and food service staff as it is quick and easy to put on and off. It’s a sturdy shoe without sacrificing comfort.

It is built from polyurethane material, which is one of its strongest advantages. This work shoe from Birkenstock also boasts of a footbed, which perfectly molds in accordance to your feet’s natural shape. In addition, there is a certified slip-resistant outsole, making it secure.

I also like the impressive arch support proven to be provided by the shoe. Furthermore, it is shock and impact absorbent, which ensures that it eliminates possible discomfort from standing the entire day.

Another quality that I particularly like about this shoe is the fact that it is shaped in such a way that it allows the even distribution of my body weight to both feet. Such gets rid of any discomfort while providing the maximum level of support.

One possible downside of the shoe is that it does not have enough airflow, triggering some moisture at times.

[amazon box=”B00GAXZQ9Q”]

  • The sizes mentioned on the bottom of the sole with M and L represent Men and Ladies
  • Certified Anti-slip outsole
  • Item is dishwasher safe (can be washed in the dishwasher after removing the insole)

Things We Liked

  • Promotes ease in putting on and taking off the shoe
  • Sturdy shoes without compromising comfort and stability
  • Featured footbed naturally molds your feet’s shape
  • Comes with a secure and anti-slip outsole
  • Excellent arch support
  • Promotes even body weight distribution

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks airflow

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Anti-resistant Work Shoe is still one of the best non slip shoes for restaurant. It can surely keep you satisfied with its stability, functionality, durability, and security.

KEEN Utility PTC Slip-on Work Shoe  –  OUR PICK

[amazon box=”B003Z4KQ8O”]

I also recommend the KEEN Utility PTC Slip-on Work Shoe if you want to keep yourself safe from the risks and threats to your feet linked to working in a restaurant. What I find attractive in this footwear is that it boasts of a slip-on design, making it easy to wear, lightweight in nature, and stylish.

Because it is lightweight, I can assure you that it’s a good choice for long shifts. It’s also comfortable to use on hard surfaces because of its EVA midsole. You’ll also feel satisfied with the shoe’s removable polyurethane insole and memory foam.

Furthermore, the shoe comes with uppers constructed out of breathable leather with some cushion on its collar. The water-resistant materials and slip-resistant outsole of the shoe also improve its stability while promoting ease in cleaning it up.

With the plush footbed of the footwear, there’s also a guarantee that it can offer all-day comfort as it can comfortably cradle your feet. Perfect fit and maximum comfort can also be provided by the footwear’s medial side gore.

It lacks proper insulation, though, which is one of its downsides. Additional support might also be needed, so it might be necessary for you to buy soft sole inserts.

[amazon box=”B003Z4KQ8O”]

  • Rubber sole
  • Platform measures approximately 3/4″
  • SAFETY FIRST: Features a soft toe built to work in tough conditions and KEEN Patented Toe Protection, where the shoe…

Things We Liked

  • Slip-on design, which is an appealing feature as it ensures that you can easily wear it
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Upper constructed out of breathable leather material
  • Comes with water-resistant materials and slip-resistant outsole
  • Overall construction offers optimal comfort

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Requires more insulation
  • Need to buy soft sole inserts for more support

KEEN Utility PTC Slip-on Work Shoe is indeed a sturdy and comfy shoe, which functionality can’t be denied when worn by restaurant workers.

Skechers for Work Gozard Slip-resistant Work Shoe

[amazon box=”B00YHHDL4O”]

If you want a footwear with a cool and sporty style while still providing you the highest level of comfort, then I highly suggest wearing the Skechers for Work Gozard Slip-resistant Work Shoe. It takes pride of its smooth nubuck leather construction, as well as a mesh fabric upper.

It boasts of a slip-on and sporty casual style, which is fashionable enough that you’ll feel confident and proud wearing it at work. Furthermore, it is known for being slip-resistant. I also like the stitches as well as the overlay accents featured in the shoe, as such improve its stylish design and security.

Another reason why I consider it as one of the best shoes for restaurant servers is that it boasts of an anti-resistant traction outsole, as well as boasts of a high Electric Hazard rating. Its sole is even capable of handling slippery and wet surfaces, thereby guaranteeing your safety.

The shoe is also known for its breathability – thanks to its diamond-patterned mesh fabric panels. It also has reinforced stitched seams, soft fabric lining, as well as a padded collar.

As for the downsides, you may instantly notice that the shoe is quite tight at first. However, successfully breaking it in will soften and stretch it a bit, making it comfortable eventually.

[amazon box=”B00YHHD6HG”]

  • Relax fit
  • Slip resistant
  • Memory foam

Things We Liked

  • Smooth nubuck leather construction, promoting its durability
  • Fashionable – thanks to its slip-on and sporty casual style
  • Comes with a slip-resistant feature, overlay accents, and reinforced stitches, ensuring users’ safety
  • Breathable with the aid of its diamond-patterned mesh fabric panels
  • Comfortable with its padded collar and soft fabric lining

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Quite tight initially, making it necessary to break it in

With the highly durable and comfortable construction of Skechers for Work Gozard Slip-resistant Work Shoe, I can really say that it can perform its function of being your best buddy if you’re a worker in a restaurant.

Skechers for Work Sure Track Trickel Slip-resistant Shoe  –  ALSO GREAT

[amazon box=”B00F57H1JQ”]

Skechers for Work Sure Track Trickel Slip-resistant Shoe also lived up to the reputation of the brand that it can produce excellently performing work shoe. This Skechers shoe is created from solid yet smooth leather while also boasting of its easy to use lace-up and casual design.

It also takes pride of its rugged construction, which means that it is capable of withstanding harsh conditions that you might face in the workplace. I find the mini-perforated panels that you can find on the side of the shoe helpful as it boasts of its cooling effect.

I also fell in love with the flexible, shock-absorbent and lightweight midsoles featured in the shoe as it keeps it comfortable and highly durable. When talking about comfort, this shoe is also guaranteed to offer that – thanks to its memory foam, which is topped with cushioned comfort insoles. It’s also possible to remove such insoles.

With the electrical hazard rating, slip-resistant rubber traction and sole, and reinforced stitching accents of the shoe, it is also safe to say that it is highly secure. In addition, it’s comfortable with its padded tongue and collar, relaxed fit, and lightweight midsole.

It does not have variations in color, though, which is one of its drawbacks.

[amazon box=”B01H5G1KYQ”]

  • Genuine Leather Construction
  • Lace-up casual work shoe design
  • EH Safe rated ASTM F2413-05

Things We Liked

  • Solid yet smooth leather construction
  • Easy to use because of its lace-up style
  • Rugged, which lets it withstand harsh and demanding work conditions
  • Features a cooling effect, thanks to its mini-perforated panels
  • Highly secure with its EH rating, slip-resistant traction and sole, and reinforced stitches

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks color variations

That issue is just minor, though, compared to what the Skechers for Work Women’s Non Slip Restaurant Shoes can do. It’s among the best-performing footwear in this list, making it a really viable choice.

Restaurant Work Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to avoid the risk of making the wrong decision when searching for the best footwear that you can use in the restaurant? Then consider these points before making your final choice and decision from the products presented in this article.

Is it slip-resistant? 

best shoes for restaurant workers

One thing that you’ll have to check out is whether or not the shoe is slip-resistant. Being a restaurant worker can make you prone to slips and falls from any slip and fall hazards, leaking fridge, newly mopped floors, spilled drinks, condiments, and soups, and others.

By ensuring that your chosen shoe is anti-slip, you can reduce such risk significantly. You’ll know that you’re getting a good slip-resistant shoe if it can protect your feet from slips and falls. It should come with a tread specifically designed to grip grease.

It also needs to have oil-slicked surfaces plus be capable of handling other workplace hazards. Such does not only offer an assurance that the shoe is slip-resistant but also comes with an impressive traction.

Fit and comfort 

Other valuable factors to check and assess are fit and comfort. The shoe should fit you well in the sense that it comes with a toe box that does not pinch. It shouldn’t slip on your heel, too, as it might trigger the development of blisters.

The level of comfort should also be considered. While the comfort level of your chosen shoe is a bit linked to its fit, note that the overall construction also influences it. You’ll know that the shoe is comfortable if it has some vital features, including memory foam insoles and interior padding.

Comfort can also be provided by a well-contoured shoe design, additional cushion, a bit higher heel, adequate arch support, removable footbed, thick platforms, and moisture-wicking and antibacterial lining.


One sign that you’re getting the right shoe is if it’s known for its durability. It is worthwhile to invest on a restaurant worker shoe with a highly durable construction. In addition, it should be capable of handling 8-12 hours of daily wear in harsh conditions.

best shoes for restaurant workers


You can also fully protect yourself with a restaurant shoe with plenty of security features. Ensure that it has features designed to promote a safe work performance. If possible, go for one with electrical hazard rating, as well as shock and impact absorption features.

It should also protect your feet from falling or hot and wet items in the kitchen or restaurant. You’ll also know that it’s safer than usual if it comes with a thick sole and well-cushioned insoles.

Aside from the mentioned factors, it would also be best to find a comfortable shoe, which is also safe to use even on hard surfaces and floors. It should have additional arch support, preventing foot pain, as well as a removable footbed. Ease when it comes to cleaning and maintenance is also a must.


The factors to assess and check out in your search for the best restaurant work shoes might be numerous but rest assured that if you take most, if not all of them into consideration, then you’re chances of picking the best one are higher.

You also have several products to choose from, so you really need to figure out which will deliver the best performance when used in the restaurant you’re presently working in.

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