Top 10 Best Smart Wifi Thermostat Reviews 2023

Peak summer months can be expensive — energy bills can skyrocket 200-300% if you have a full HVAC system. To cut down costs, a $100-200 best smart wifi thermostat can save you more than you think.

Best Smart Wifi Thermostats Reviews

Mysa Smart Thermostat

Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard Heaters and In-wall Heaters | Connects with Smart Devices, Control Remotely with Phone or Tablet, Pairs with Wifi, Easy Connection and Setup, Energy Saving
  • For High/Line Voltage Systems — Mysa works with 120-240V electric baseboards and electric fan-forced heaters and requires one neutral or second live wire.
  • Save 26% on Your Energy Bill — Mysa helps you save money by using home energy more efficiently.
  • Smart Integrations — Mysa works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Stay cozy and connected.
  • Sleek, Minimalist Design — Mysa’s premium look subtly enhances your home’s style. Goodbye, boring beige!
  • Quick Install — Mysa installs easily in 15 minutes or less with step-by-step online guides and videos.

The Mysa thermostat is a little less-known, but don’t let that fool you. It’s an affordable, smart thermostat w/ top buyer reviews on Amazon. Buyers say it’s easy to install — one buyer said they installed in “about 5 minutes”. They suggest watching a Youtube video for the newest methods.

Mobile app is also easy to operate:

  • Realtime room temps
  • Easily create temp schedule
  • View energy usage charts
  • Group rooms in “zones”
  • Sync for voice control

It’s great for saving energy, especially during summer when AC systems constantly run. Mysa thermostat also has a modern, sleek design which won’t be an eye-sore on your wall. Lots of happy buyer reviews!

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat

Honeywell Home RTH9585WF Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat, 7 Day Programmable, Touch Screen, Energy Star, Alexa Ready, C-Wire Required, Not Compatible with Line Volt Heating
  • COMFORT COMES IN YOUR COLOR. Personalize your Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat to fit your décor. The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat does have an auto changeover feature in which the thermostat automatically selects heating or cooling depending on the indoor temperature. Heat and cool settings must be at least 3 degrees apart. The thermostat will automatically adjust settings to maintain this 3-degree separation.
  • SAVE ENERGY AND GET REWARDED by checking with your energy provider about available rebates. Plus, eligible customers can enroll in their local Utility's "DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM" which can reward you for allowing the utility to slightly adjust your AC or furnace temperature settings when there is high energy demand.
  • YOUR SCHEDULE. YOUR WAY. Flexible programming options for your schedule or utility company’s peak rate pricing.
  • EASY OPERATION AND INTUITIVE. Bright, easy-to-read touchscreen makes for simple operation.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Forced air (gas, oil or electric), hot water and steam, and heat pumps with electric backup. Does NOT work with electric baseboard heat (120-240V). C-Wire required.

The Honeywell WiFi smart thermostat (RTH9585WF1004) is easy to control and program. You can control your home’s temperature using the LED touchscreen or through Honeywell’s mobile app. One of the few WiFi thermostat that’s Energy Star Certified — helps conserve energy at peak times (saving money on our bill).

FYI: “off-peak” is 8:00pm ~ 7:00am (depending geo)

You can program it w/ voice command + manually. Another cool feature – it’ll send you alerts if there’s an outage or disruption — Overall it’s very easy maintenance (confirmed by buyers). Honeywell WiFi Thermostat has a medium price + lots of positive reviews.

Nest 3rd Generation

Google Nest Learning Thermostat - 3rd Generation - Smart Thermostat - Pro Version - Works With Alexa
  • This specific product is intended for Professional Installers only and not to be sold direct to consumers. Please see other consumer facing listing for more color options

The Nest 3rd Gen. Thermostat is the lessons learned from Nest 1 and 2. It’s programmed to remember your setting preferences + adjusts temperature accordingly. Using the Nest Mobile App you control room temp from anywhere remotely. (Excellent for nurseries or children’s rooms!). One thing I really love are the built-in sensors.

Scenario: If no one is there, Nest will auto switch to “Eco Temperature” mode — saves you a lot money on electricity costs!

Studies showed that on average, users save 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. Nest’s Thermostat will pay for itself in 2-3 years of use. Buyers say it’s easy to install + very energy efficient

Honeywell RCHT8612WF T5 Plus

Honeywell Home RCHT8612WF T5 Plus Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Thermostat with 7 Day Flexible Programming and Geofencing Technology Black
  • Optional power adapter included - Wi-Fi thermostats typically require extra power via a inchC inch wire. Many homes lack this wire, so this adapter gives you a simple, low-voltage alternative. It's easy to install and fits discreetly near your heating and cooling system. Extra power via a “C inch wire. Many homes lack this wire, so this adapter gives you a simple, low Voltage alternative. It's easy to install and fits discreetly near your heating and cooling system
  • 7-day flexible scheduling or location based temperature control - it’s your choice. 7-day scheduling programs your thermostat. Geofence technology helps make you comfortable by using your smartphone's location to know when you're away and when you return. Programs your thermostat. Geofence technology helps make you comfortable by using your smartphone’s location to know when you’re away and when you return
  • Smart alerts - push notifications remind you to change your filter and warn you of extreme indoor temperatures
  • Auto change from heat to cool - automatically determines If your home needs heating or cooling to provide maximum comfort
  • Fan operation custom Fan settings to circulate more or less air, as needed, to keep air moving throughout your home. Fan control dependent on wiring configuration

The Honeywell Lyric T5 has a sleek look + affordable price. It comes w/ a new GeoFencing feature – adjusts temp by your exact location in a room (uses your phone as the temperature gauge!). You can also program it — if it senses no one there, you can pre-program it to auto shutoff cooling/heating.

Honeywell’s new features save you a lot on monthly bills! Energy Star Certified + doesn’t require a battery to operate. Buyers say it’s very easy to install and price.

Ecobee4 Thermostat

Brilliant Smart Home Control (3-Switch Panel) — Alexa Built-In & Compatible with Ring, Sonos, Hue, Google Nest, Wemo, SmartThings, Apple HomeKit — In-Wall Touchscreen Control for Lights, Music, & More
  • EASY SMART HOME CONTROL FOR EVERYONE: Brilliant touchscreen panels with built-in Alexa make it easy for everyone at home to control popular smart devices, lighting, cameras, locks, thermostats, intercom, scenes and more by simply replacing a light switch.
  • REPLACES A 3-GANG LIGHT SWITCH PANEL & REQUIRES NEUTRAL & GROUND WIRES: This 3-Switch Panel installs in a standard 3-gang electrical box. Includes a 5" LCD touchscreen, a built-in camera with privacy shutter and a built-in motion sensor.
  • SMART LIGHTING: Turn regular lights into smart lights (supports LED, CFL, halogen, incandescent bulbs, dimmable, multiway). Control Hue, LIFX, and Kasa TP-Link smart bulbs. Control lights using touch, voice, built-in motion detection, scenes or an app.
  • IN-WALL SONOS, RING & SMART LOCK CONTROL: Now everyone at home can easily browse and play music with Sonos speakers, see who’s at the door with a Ring Video Doorbell, and unlock the door with a compatible smart lock—all without needing a phone.
  • ELIMINATE VOICE ASSISTANT CLUTTER FROM COUNTERTOPS: Put Amazon Alexa in your walls and enjoy the convenience of built-in clutter-free voice control with audio and visual responses from a touchscreen panel on your wall.

The new Ecobee4 comes with upgraded room sensors. System auto detects if someone is present + adjust the temperature as needed. If a room is empty, ecobee4 will automatically turn-off and notify you via the app. Throughout 1-year, Ecobee claims to decrease electric usage -23%.

FYI: Buyers also have the option of buying additional room sensor

Ecobee4 is also voice activated for Alexa or Google Home — you can ask the temperaturethe time play music! It’s expensive but comes w/ lots of positive buyer reviews.

Honeywell 9000 Thermostat

Honeywell Wireless WiFi Thermostat,7 Programmable
  • Total Connect Comfort app available, remotely monitor/manage your homes comfort and energy use
  • Energy Savings mode, and 7 day easy programming
  • Custom Display, with on screen comfort information
  • Simple programming and Professional installation
  • Five-year limited warranty

The Honeywell RTH9580WF Thermostat can be programmed for 7-days. It’s not as advanced as trendy as Nest or Ecobee, but buyers say it’s easy to install and operate. It’s one of the most affordable wireless thermostats on my list, which makes it an economical entry-level unit.

Like other wireless smart thermostat, this Honeywell 9000 thermostat is designed to work w/ smartphones and tablets (via mobile app) More affordable than others on my list + lots of positive buyer reviews.

The Simple Thermostat

The Simple Thermostat, Energy Star Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat With Mobile App, 7 Day Schedule, Compatible with Alexa (Black With C-Wire)
  • Energy Star Certified: Proven savings from thermostats installed across all U.S. climate zones.
  • Learns from You: your home characteristics and your interactions with the thermostat teach Simple how best to save energy for you while keeping your comfortable. You’ll see a leaf indicator when the thermostat is saving energy.
  • Convenient App Access: Adjust temperature, change schedules, or set the Away mode to boost savings when you’re not home.
  • Amazon Alexa: No need to walk to the thermostat, just tell Alexa to change the temperature or to make the room warmer.

The Simple Thermostat is an Energy Star Certified WiFi thermostat. It’s a true smart thermostat — it analyzes the daily weather and will automatically adjust energy usage to save on your electric bill!

Ex: if it’s a hotter day than usual, it slowly increases air conditioning capacity

The Simple Thermostat also assesses temp on a room-by-room basis.

Ex: rooms with windows facing east are heat faster in the morning because of increased sunlight

Simple Thermostat is a bit newer but already has top ratings from buyers. It’s also a very affordable wireless smart thermostat.

Nest T3007ES WiFi Thermostat

Google Nest Learning Thermostat - Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home - 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat - Works with Alexa - Stainless Steel
  • No more programming: With Auto-Schedule, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat learns from you and programs itself..Product note: You can also check your system’s compatibility before purchasing a Nest thermostat with our online Nest Compatibility Checker on the Google Nest support page
  • Home/Away Assist: don't heat or cool an empty home. Home/Away Assist adjusts the temperature after you leave.
  • Remote control: Control your thermostat from anywhere using the Nest app.
  • Know more, save more Check your Energy History to see how much energy you use and why.
  • Look for the Leaf: The Nest Leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy.

The Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat is the updated version of my top pick. Using the Nest App, you can control the exact temp in every room of your home —  you can also see the realtime temp. Like other Nest smart thermostat models, it’s designed to learn user schedules + adjust temperatures automatically (good choice for people with a consistent daily routine)

Best part – it connects w/ other smart appliances in your home.

Ex: Nest settings can be used to run dishwashers or washing machines during non-peak energy hours

Although more expensive, it offers upgraded features.

Bosch Smart WiFi Thermostat

Bosch BCC100 Connected Control Smart Phone Wi-Fi Thermostat - Works with Alexa - Touch Screen, 5.2 x 3.08 x 1 inches
  • SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY: This Alexa-enabled, internet-connected programmable thermostat simply connects to Wi-Fi to control temperature and settings from your smart phone or tablet (fully functional without Wi-Fi as well)
  • MODERN SLEEK TOUCH SCREEN: The full color, 5-inch display touchscreen allows easy scheduling to provide the most comfortable temperature for your home from anywhere
  • MULTI-USE COMPATIBILITY: Including heat pump (4 Heat, 2 Cool) or conventional (2 Heat, 2 Cool) systems, any 1-wire internally powered humidifier or dehumidifier, and most 24 VAC HVAC equipment on the market. Not compatible with other Bosch Boiler controls, such as the Logamatic
  • NEW COMMERCIAL UPDATES: Updates allow control of both evaporation and steam type external humidifier accessories. Plus, hot gas reheat and cool to dehumidify capabilities. Now Dual Fuel system compatible; may work with HVAC systems that use both gas and electric power (more information on updates in product description)
  • C-WIRE REQUIRED: A C-wire (common wire) is required to power the unit. Two wire systems are not supported. The C-wire is used to provide power to the thermostat and is available on most HVAC systems today that have three or more wires. Third party aftermarket products exist for adding powering options in instances where a C-wire does not exist

The Bosch Smart Thermostat has a phone-like 5 inch touchscreen. Buyers say it’s very user-friendly and being a wireless thermostat, comes with easy instructions and realtime temp reporting. One of the conveniences is that the Bosch smart thermostat can operate without connecting to the WiFI to the Internet. You can switch to manual in case of a power outage.

Users also have the option to control this WiFi thermostat using the app — also compatible w/ voice control (Amazon Alexa and Google Home). Overall, people who have purchased this Bosch smart thermostat found it very easy to set up and use.

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