Top Best Standalone Dj Controllers: Best For Sound!

Figuring out how to DJ includes figuring out how to coordinate your melodic tendencies and articulations with those of the crowd. It requires innovativeness, sympathy, and extraordinary observational abilities. As a removed onlooker, notwithstanding, you may feel that deejaying is a simple occupation where you can rapidly lock-in. Contrariwise, it requires hustle, time, and work.

You will require distinctive DJ programming just as a DJ regulator. With regards to picking a DJ regulator, you don't have to break your bank. You just need to realize where to purchase your DJ regulator and which one to purchase. You don't have to have an extravagant arrangement to keep you on target to turn into a star DJ. All you require is to pick the best standalone DJ controllers regulator within reach.

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Top Best Standalone Dj Controllers Reviews 2021

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The Denon DJ Prime 4 is a four-deck independent DJ framework with a coordinated 10" touchscreen, intended for proficient DJs wishing to perform without a PC. 

The multicore processor fueled Prime 4 makes your whole music assortment accessible, straightforwardly interfacing you to your exhibition with cutting edge highlights including 13 DJ impacts, clear and channel impacts, and 8 execution trigger cushions for every deck, which permits you to live remix entire tracks and beat shuffle with super-responsive hot-sign control, just as part bars and beats with quantize-bolted moves, slicer and progressed circling. 

The rough supper fenced in area is worked to deal with the afflictions of out and about mileage. Two responsive touch-capacitive run wheels highlight the DJ brand logo or playing track craftsmanship, and the customizable, 10-inch touchscreen permits you to proceed as an independent. 

The Prime 4 gives four USB inputs, a solitary SD input, and an under-board 2.5" worked in SATA drive narrows for snappy and simple library and track choice. Additionally, any source can be utilized to record a full set. 

With USB Keyboard upheld for streamlined track perusing and playback offices for uncompressed sound organizations (FLAC, ALAC, WAV), Prime 4 permits you to call up your whole music assortment using the network that ensures prompt, bother free admittance to your library. 

The backboard incorporates a large number of information sources and yields including RCA line-level contributions for every one of the four decks. Sources of info three and four-element phono switch contributions with ground carry for turntable help. 

Each channel on the blender offers to acquire control and a committed 3-band EQ in addition to impact 1 and 2 selectors. For yields, the Prime 4 gives adjusted XLR and lopsided RCA ace L/R. 

Corner yields are adjusted XLR just as the Zone yield, which permits you to send your presentation or a different blend to an alternate stay with devoted increase and EQ control. Also, there are two superior combo amplifier inputs, each with committed addition, 3-band EQ, and reverberation impacts. 

Utilize Prime 4's StagelinQ association to effectively make significant, outwardly powerful lighting and video scenes using Denon DJ's organizations with Soundswitch, Timecode, and Resolume. 


  • Four-deck independent Engine Prime DJ framework 
  • No PC required
  • 10" HD multitouch show with material multi-motion control
  • Select tracks
  • View waveforms


  • Costly

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Made with a plastic case, the XDJ-RX2 unit has a similar plan and materials as the leader Nexus 2 players. It's a weighty gadget. Tipping the scales at 9kg and being 73cm wide it's positively less convenient than a regulator. All things considered, the weight and size of the unit help cause it to feel nearer to the CDJ players, which is an enormous advantage for those needing to look more expert. 

Inside that enormous frame, we discover two-deck territories and a focal blender. It's obvious all through the form that the RX2 shares parts from more costly independent models. For instance, the impact bank looks much the same as those found in the DJM450 blender. 

The touchscreen and peruse controls are additionally indistinguishable from those found on the CDJ2000 Nexus range. It's all exceptionally natural to Pioneer clients and lifts the top-notch sensation of the RX2. 

The touch screen considers quicker looking tracks on account of the on screen QWERTY console. Joined with the fabulous alternate way fastens, enormous peruse handle and needle search includes, the RX2 is exceptionally adaptable. It permits DJs to stack tracks, change settings and perform a lot quicker than the past RX unit. 

The two-deck segments of the XDJ-RX2 share a similar focal showcase and play media from the two USB A ports found on the privilege of the unit. Styled on the more costly CDJ players, a large number of the controls are in similar areas, including the devoted circle controls, memory sign fastens, and transport controls. 

Lamentably even though outwardly they look mechanical, the run wheels are capacitive units taken from the SX regulator range. With no change on their opposition, the run wheels break the fantasy of the "club feel" which is a disgrace. All things considered, they are responsive, smooth, and tackle their work competently. 

Each deck likewise includes eight kaleidoscopic execution cushions. These cushions permit admittance to Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Beat Loop, and Slip Loops. The unpretentious styling of these cushions with simply the huge edges demonstrating again helps the RX2 look more expert than the splendid, brilliant DDJ regulator range. 

Sat just beneath the screen is the blender area for the XDJ-RX2. Including numerous highlights from the independent scope of DJM blenders, the XDJ-RX2 gives proficient availability and impacts. The two channels on the RX2 can be assigned to control either the locally available decks, line-level info (CDJ, iPod), or phono level information (turntables). 

Notwithstanding the principle of two channels, a third assistant channel is accessible for associating outer gadgets through RCA. Constrained by a solitary volume handle, it includes no EQ or impacts. 

The fader bends and EQ settings can be changed in the installed settings and copy those found on the DJM900 Nexus 2 blender. The two channels additionally include four sound tones and eight beat impacts again taken from the leader blender. Permitting DJ's playing at home to practice and reproduce schedules that would then be able to be taken to the club utilizing similar sounds. 

Setting up the XDJ-RX2 at home or in the club is made simple with both adjusted and lopsided yields found on the back. The expert yield can include a couple of adjusted XLR and uneven RCA associations. 

The corner is yielded by offset jack associations with 1/8inch and 1/4inch earphone ports found on the front. Add to this the two combo XLR contributions for receivers that sudden spike in demand for their different channels and the XDJ-RX2 is amazing to go about as the fundamental blender whenever required. 

Flanked down the left-hand side of the RX2's touch screen are the info controls. The RX2 highlights two USB contributions on the top board and either port can take care of the two decks simultaneously. 

The USB port found on the right-hand side can likewise record a DJ set with devoted track mark catches to isolate the blend into singular tracks. You must require a second USB stick to record onto as you can't play and record from one stick simultaneously. 

The music on the USB adheres should be arranged and traded by Rekordbox programming to exploit the RX2's presentation highlights. Then again, you can plug the Rekordbox programming straight into the RX2 with the USB B port. The product can interface to. 

Right off the bat in Performance mode, the RX2 utilizes MIDI mode to associate. This empowers the RX2 to act like a regulator, assuming responsibility for the virtual decks inside the product. Rekordbox 6 Performance mode opens for nothing out of pocket when the XDJ-RX2 is associated. 

On the other hand, the XDJ-RX2 can get to trade mode through the committed Rekordbox button. This model empowers the RX2 to peruse and get to the PC’s Rekordbox library, playing tracks from the PC's library as though it was a bigger USB connected to the unit. In contrast to Performance mode, the RX2 handles playing the track in fare mode. Ideal for clients with low spec PCs. 

The XDJ-RX2 is an eminent item that combines the perfect measure of expert highlights into a room well-disposed structure factor. Back at its dispatch in 2018, the RX2 remained solitary in being a dependable answer for DJs requiring that club feeling comfortable. The fabulous blender, club-standard format, and capacity to play Rekordbox USBs directed to the RX2 getting perhaps the most well-known DJ results of the decade. 

Since the dispatch of the RX2, new items have come to advertise which straightforwardly contends with it. Pioneer DJ has as of late delivered a much bigger XDJ-XZ, while rivals Denon DJ have delivered three new across-the-board units. These incorporate the comparably valued Prime 4, the remarkable battery-controlled Prime GO, and the less expensive adversary, Prime 2. 

The RX2 stands its ground against the expanded rivalry for DJs searching for the sensation of leader club gear. It is anything but a modest unit, however considering the cost of a comparative specced XDJ-700 and DJM-450 independent arrangement, the XDJ-RX2 is an unmistakable champ, being more reasonable and amazing.


  • Affordable
  • Powerful


  • Not found yet

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That changed with the arrival of rekordbox DJ, an extended form of the library application that added player, blending, and execution apparatuses to straightforwardly equal any semblance of Traktor and Serato. 

Delivered close by a scope of programming explicit regulators, the move changed rekordbox into a completely incorporated advanced DJing stage, which plans to overcome any issues between the PC and the CDJ. 

As the leader model of the dispatch range, the DDJ-RZ is charged as a complete speed regulator joining two CDJ-style track regulators, a four-channel blender, 16 execution cushions, and an implicit Osc Sampler. 

Initial introductions after unpacking are that - as is by and large the case with Pioneer DJ gear - you get what you pay for as far as quality. 

Albeit the unit feels somewhat more lightweight than you may expect, given its size, it's unmistakably worked to withstand ordinary club use, and the different rotaries and controls feel tough and solid. 

Truth be told, numerous components of the RZ have been imported straightforwardly from Pioneer's Nexus range, most prominently the run wheels, which are indistinguishable from those found on the CDJ-2000NXS and, thusly, are right away the absolute best-feeling run wheels we've utilized on any DJ regulator. 

They're caused by durable aluminum and feel extremely responsive, and highlight similar Jog Adjust controls as their CDJ partners, which means they can undoubtedly be adjusted to suit both able scratch DJs and more ham-fisted blenders. 

The RZ's 'genius' accreditations are additionally established by a wide scope of club-accommodating associations. Around the back, the blender has six simple data sources and two expert outs (both XLR and RCA), two mic inputs, and a corner out. 

There are two earphone yields along the front edge as well, quarter-inch and smaller than normal jack - a gift for those of us with a propensity for consistently losing earphone connectors! 

The blender part of the RZ can work independently, so the unit can go about as a center for up to four CDJs or turntables in any event, when not snared to a PC. 

It works in DVS as well, so it's conceivable to add two extra channels of rekordbox DJ control. The blender's most favorable to agreeable element, in any case, is its double USB ports, which permits simple changeovers between two PC DJs without the need to stop the music. 

Being used to the RZ is agreeably instinctive. Once rekordbox DJ and the proper drivers are introduced on your PC, it's a fitting-and-play undertaking, offering moment admittance to every component of the product. 

Together, the product and regulator are equipped for a great deal - an excessive amount to go into in this survey. As you'd anticipate, all your fundamental perusing, transport, and blending usefulness are inside simple reach, and all works flawlessly. 

Each deck has a turning to the upper right for looking through the track library, joined by a couple of catches for exploring and stacking. 

A Shift press permits clients to exploit rekordbox's Related Tracks usefulness, which - with a touch of planning - will quickly hurl a choice of tracks with comparable bpm, key, and labeling data. 

Transport insightful, close by each run wheel, the RZ highlights a similar strong Play and Cue catches as Pioneer's CDJ range, alongside a more modest Sync button. 

There's a standard rhythm fader to one side of each run wheel, joined by a catch for setting the expert beat, which is additionally used to change the beat fader range, using a Shift press. 

There's a Needle Search touch strip over each run as well, which takes into consideration brisk looking over tracks. Each deck likewise includes a couple of catches for changing a track's beat lattice, alongside a couple of catches for drawing in and changing Slip mode, which takes into consideration tracks to keep playing out of sight while Slicer or Loop impacts are locked in. 

There's a threesome of FX regulators along with the highest point of each deck as well, for drawing in and changing impacts, alongside a rotating for controlling the rhythm of Beat and Release FX. 

Down the base, each deck highlights eight multi-mode cushions, which are joined by a looper area and transport controls for the rekordbox's underlying sequencer. 

At long last, to the edge of each deck is a deck selector switch for flipping between decks one/two and three/four. One intriguing component here is the capacity to choose the two decks on the double, using Dual Mode, and control two decks simultaneously with every regulator. 

The RZ's blender is marginally managed down contrasted with Pioneer's leader independent contributions, discarding a portion of the implicit impacts and send/return diverts for the exhibition controls in rekordbox DJ. 

Other than that, however, you get all the quality and capacities you'd anticipate from a club-level blender - a responsive three-band EQ, DJ-style channel handles, and rough attractive faders. 

Close by the product impacts from rekordbox DJ, the RZ's blender area additionally includes an inherent Sound Color FX strip, with reverb, stage, pitch, and channel impacts. 

This is joined by the OSC Sample trigger, which can shoot four preset examples: Noise, Sine, Siren, and Horn. This is a cool and very much executed device, even though it's not difficult to see the sounds going downhill rapidly with abuse. 

In all, the RZ is a colossally adaptable regulator, the abilities of which legitimize its top-end cost. Its natural work process implies that, generally, exploring and understanding this huge scope of capacities feels clear and, especially for those used to DJing on other Pioneer gear, there's no lofty expectation to absorb information to break the progression of your DJ sets. 

The 'ace' feel helps through to the RZ's sound as well, which comes from the kind of underlying Wolfson D/A converters that make the RZ effectively extraordinary compared to other sounding DJ regulators we've attempted. The sound has a degree of force and lucidity that, honestly, no other regulator brand can coordinate. 

The one region where the DDJ-RZ misses the mark is in its absence of screens. It does, truth be told, including a couple of presentations on the highest point of its two-run wheels. These, be that as it may, are simply used to show the run wheel mode, and it seems like a monstrous botched chance not utilizing them to show some essential track information (ie. name, BPM, time left to play). 

It's a disgrace because the RZ is so liquid and instinctive being used that it's simply a bit of frustrating being moved back to the PC each time you need to check track information or burden another melody. 

All things considered, in any event, considering, this is effectively a standout amongst other advanced DJ set-ups accessible today. It's supportive of valuable experience that legitimizes its top-end value point. 


  • Strong form quality with ostensibly the best-run wheels of any DJ regulator.


  • The work process is still vigorously dependent on the PC screen.

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The first class DDJ-RZ is the primary expert, the local regulator for rekordbox DJ, giving you the adaptability to set up your tracks in rekordbox and afterward get fitting-and-play execution straightforwardly from your PC. 

The regulator reflects the product's design exactly to empower natural exhibitions. Outfitted with a club-quality attractive crossfader, two USB sound cards, and the new Oscillator Sampler – making it a genuine entertainer for the expert corner. 

The regulator's design reflects the product's GUI, giving you instinctual control of execution highlights including Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Color FX, Beat FX, Beat Jump, and Pad FX. 

You get a free rekordbox DJ permit key packaged with this regulator. Essentially enact your permit key, interface the regulator and begin DJing. You additionally get a free permit key for rekordbox DVSa packaged with this regulator for exceptionally responsive scratch control with music from your rekordbox library.


  • Powerful
  • Modern


  • A little costly

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For DJs that select to beat coordinate physically, the NS6 gives sufficient controls to fine detail tuning. The extra-long pitch faders (100mm) coordinate that of a turntable and offers satiny, focus sans click activity meaning you can undoubtedly brave a blend physically and not overlook anything. While they are not mechanized, the enormous run wheels give great opposition and a strong vibe for scratching. With Serato's Itch, their responsiveness is amazing. 

There is no doubt that the form nature of the Ns6 is more grounded than the S4 and therefore you may be thinking about utilizing the ns6 regulator as an independent midi regulator with a Traktor expert. 

The NS6 underpins midi mode and accompanies an industrial facility planning containing the greater part of the marked capacities on the regulator surface. For essential controls, all that functions admirably, anyway the solitary issue is that in midi-mode, the run wheel goal can't measure up to the local HID association tingle has with the Numark unit straightforwardly. 

The strip search work has been brought over from the NS7 and functions admirably for supplanting needle drop usefulness in the advanced domain. Run wheels are magnificent for exact bumping yet neglect to give snappy access through the track. For that basic DJ utility, a touch strip is very powerful. For scratching the run wheels function admirably and are attached to Itch in an extremely close manner. 

You will be unable to locate a superior Itch regulator except if genuine knapsack versatility is a necessity. In MIDI mode and when associated with Traktor, the regulator begins to tumble down actually, yet with Itch, we had a consistent attachment-and-play insight. 

It's difficult to envision discovering room in a DJ corner for this regulator, yet on the off chance that you are doing versatile gigs, we think it finds the ideal equilibrium of "genuine" size with DJ-accommodating movability. 

On the off chance that you are a home-centered DJ, this would likewise make a decent interface with its capacity to consolidate simple and advanced sources. We have been not able to discover numerous deficiencies with the actual equipment, demonstrating that Numark has truly ventured up their DJ fabricating game over the most recent three years. 


  • Vigorous and very much constructed: this is an expert looking console.
  • The configuration is firmly attached to a 4 deck from Serato Itch
  • Very much dispersed blender area.
  • Enormous run wheels are not difficult to utilize.
  • Straightforward reasonable design.


  • Poor Traktor planning.
  • Too huge to even consider being truly compact in a knapsack.

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Very heavily crafted, amazingly looking and simple to use, it is suitable for even beginners. The glossy screen changes the experience significantly more seductive, giving the user many advantages. The modular planning product puts all of your # 1 VST modules under direct control from the control panel / control so you can use it with complete peace of mind.


  • Very much fabricated, looks incredible and simple to utilize.
  • Shading screen makes altering a considerably more captivating experience.
  • Module planning puts all your #1 VST modules under direct control from the console/controls.


  • Keybed is excessively firm.

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The main part of the blender contains 4 channels. Each channel offers an entire 3-band EQ. These contact capacitive permitting you to right away murder EQ's when in the right mode. You'll additionally approach acquiring controls per channel. 

A bigger Filter handle is likewise present under each channel. Each channel additionally offers line meters to watch out for your volume levels. Sitting between the 4 channels is a line meter for ace volume. This is a decent spot to have the meters as it keeps you from looking somewhere else on the blender like different regulators do. 

A BPM meter sits over these controls. This goes about as a visual guide while beatmatching. It's intriguing incorporation that is outfitted towards fresher DJs to assist with beatmatching. The further away the white square is from the middle the more noteworthy the distinction between track BPM. 

At the highest point of the blender, you approach an expert addition handle on the right. There are likewise ace FX send A/B fasts here to apply an impact to the expert yield. On the left side, you have a stalled deal with the volume of your corner yield. 

The remainder of the top segment contains library controls. A parchment wheel alongside load catches permits you to channel through your tracklist. You can leap to put away cartons in Serato and it feels natural to utilize. 

Looking through a gigantic chaotic library is a test. Particularly when you factor in the little screen size. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have a decent framework set up as of now you'll have the option to bounce around your library easily. 

Serato DJ accompanies the regulator. Serato is perhaps the best standalone DJ controllers accessible so there are no bad things to say there. Superb incorporation with the product implies you'll have direct admittance to countless center highlights. 

The regulator likewise accompanies additional items. 6 example packs from Prime Loops kick you off with more than 380 excellent circles. An incredible expansion to your sets. It additionally opens up the way to more imaginative on-the-fly remixes. Additionally, you'll likewise gain admittance to Toolroom Artist packs for additional components. 

The Numark NS7III offers long pitch faders that are exact and exact. Beatmatching is likewise made simpler with the BPM meter on the focal blender. You can change the scope of the faders relying upon how granular you need the fader to be. 

Expert beat can likewise be set alongside committed pitch twist controls. This allows you incidentally to change the pitch by holding down the + or – button. The track gets back to typical when delivered. A decent method to add further innovative energy to your blend. 

The following capacity permits admittance to Auto Loop and Loop Roll. Auto Loop sets a foreordained circle length dependent on which cushion you press. You can adjust these settings inside Serato. Circle Roll will initiate a transitory circle. The third capacity is for preset circles. The regulator accompanies a Prime Loops pack to kick you off. A lot of adaptability on the proposal here to deal with and control circles. 

The product FX determination remembered for Serato is incredible and will give you a lot of choices. Each FX has Wet/Dry control with a committed handle. The adaptability to dole out FX to both individual channels or the Mater yield gives full control for DJs. 

Situated close to the FX controls are touch strips. This opens up snappy track skimming. Their position is sensible and you'll probably not be going to coincidentally hit them. Something that is an issue with the contact strip situation on different regulators. 

The plan has additionally improved. Not any more gleaming plastic that would pull in fingerprints. The substantial utilization of red that Numark likes to utilize is as yet present. It's one that adores it or scorns its decisions in the plan. The shaded RGB cushions are a pleasant break from the weighty utilization of red. 

It's a more developed and refined-looking regulator from Numark. One thing significant is the inner fans. A port on the backboard keeps the unit cool yet the fans are not tranquil. Not a serious deal for most but rather worth referencing. 

The NS7III is likewise class consistently. Similarity issues with new working framework discharges are the worst thing about numerous DJs. Frequently you need to hang tight for new equipment drivers before refreshing your PC or PC. With a class-agreeable regulator, you don't have to stress over that. 

The screen offers three areas, one for each deck and a focal screen. Each deck offers two execution sees. Execution View 1 will show a waveform alongside essential data like BPM, time remaining, and Key. 

Execution View 2 changes to a Serato show mode with a more modest waveform yet with more data. Having this choice to switch between the two gives you admittance to all the data you require. An incredible method to try not to take a gander at your PC. 

The focal screen likewise offers two modes. Library and Waveform. Library mode permits you to explore through your music assortment and afterward load tracks to decks. As referenced before on the off chance that you have a sloppy library it tends to be somewhat lumbering to discover what you are searching for. The waveform sees changes to showing stacked waveforms. Signal focuses and circles are additionally shown. Stacked waveforms are an awesome method to picture where you are in the blend. 


  • Colossal mechanized jog wheels
  • Inventive and clever screen
  • 4 channel regulator
  • Solid scope of cushion modes


  • Massive

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Leading this is a touch to a greater extent a genuine regulator. We figure amateurs can pick up utilizing this regulator, not an issue, indeed it's entirely congenial given the format of the handles, contact cushions, and general controls. 

You must be a Rekordbox aficionado to utilize this regulator, which onto its privilege is incredible and is no holds barred with Serato, a lot of audits on that. The nature of the regulator is brilliant, the rhythm range slider could be more sizable however we've changed the product range inside Rekordbox to represent that. 

The entirety of the data sources is all that could be needed, too simple to attach to a PC or speaker source/sound framework. Platters are fine and feel pleasant. All the circle controls, sync catches, fx, and so forth all help and connection effectively to the product


  • Easy to use
  • Modern


  • Not found yet

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The blender segment contains all that you would anticipate from a decent regulator. 3 band EQ with Gain and Filter for full control of the track you are playing. There are the normal channel faders and crossfaders also. Peruse and burden capacities sit towards the highest point of the regulator for exploring your playlists. 

VU meters are likewise present and can show both expert yield or individual channel yield levels. To see the expert level all you require is for no tracks signaled. Signal the channel to your earphones and it will change to demonstrating that channel level. This permits you to control your levels likewise and set your benefit stage. 

The Denon DJ MC4000 comes packaged with Serato DJ Intro. This is a stripped-back variant of the product so you'll have to move up to open all highlights. There is a coupon code included so you can overhaul the product for marked down. 

This is a decent trade-off to minimize expenses while offering a less expensive update way for those intrigued by the full form programming. 

The MC4000 likewise gets along with another DJ programming. On the off chance that you as of now have a favored DJ programming stage, it isn't difficult to get the regulator working with Traktor or Virtual DJ. Any product which upholds MIDI planning will work however on the off chance that you are another DJ it's ideal to stay with the included programming. 

Another strong element of the MC4000 is the long pitch faders. These 100mm long-toss pitch faders are ideal for beat coordinating. An ability that each new DJ ought to learn.

Different regulators settle on more limited faders which can make it disappointing to learn beat coordinating. This regularly finishes with new DJs abandoning this principle expertise and adhering to just utilizing the Sync button. 

From the start, it seems the Denon MC4000 has 8 execution cushions however looks can be beguiling. The last 4 cushions are transport controls. These handle the play, prompt, sync, and move capacities. 

As a general rule, there are 4 execution cushions. You can utilize these for your prompt focuses, up to 8 however just 4 are open at a time. To get to the others you'll have to actuate the cushion mode button. This is a stage in reverse from other section-level PC-freeThere’sform-ups them section-level regulators and is the most fragile part of the MC4000. 

There are some additional usefulness alternatives for the exhibition cushions. They are a prompt circle and circle move that while usable don't add a lot to the "execution" part of DJing. We’re torn on this front as different regulators offer much more extravagant accessories. Yet, this more conventional oversimplified approach could be better for new DJs. 

Different regulators connect circling capacities into the exhibition cushions. Denon has adopted an alternate strategy. The circling usefulness is over the jog wheels. You can actuate an auto circle dependent on the setting in your product. You can likewise set manual circles on the off chance that you like. 

Expanding and shortening the circle is likewise present. Being used, it will boil down to individual inclination. On the off chance that you are as of now used to utilizing circles lower on the regulator, it might learn about a tad bit of spot. 


  • Huge choice of association choices
  • Phenomenal form quality
  • Proficient plan
  • Long pitch faders


  • A predetermined number of execution cushions
  • Just accompanies introduction programming

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Rekordbox has developed into an enormous and possibly very confounding programming suite. Initially dispatched close by the CDJ-2000 parts in 2013, the program started as a method of arranging and sorting out records, basically a library framework for labeling music, planning sets, and moving documents to USB sticks. 

There's additionally a rekordbox application for iOS and Android, which is a fundamental portable DJing arrangement in its own right. 

For DDJ clients, rekordbox can be viewed as an opponent to any semblance of Serato, Traktor, or VirtualDJ: the product on which the entire stage runs. Despite similitudes in appearance, it's critical to take note that the DDJ regulators just work related to the product, not independent; if you need independent, PC-free activity you'd need to glance at options in the organization's CDJ and XDJ ranges. 

There are no spaces for CDs, USB sticks, SD cards, or some other sort of removable media on the DDJ, however, it goes about as a sound interface, so there could be no other equipment needed aside from your PC and a couple of earphones. 

Out of the container, it's promptly obvious that the form nature of the 800 is respectable, if justifiably not exactly up to the norm of Pioneer's territory beating gear. You can likewise see where highlights have been dropped from the DDJ-1000 to make a more modest, more reasonable unit. 

Most clearly, the run wheels are more modest, less expensive units than the CDJ-2000-spec ones you find on the DDJ-1000. Somewhere else, the blender segment is thinned down, which has the random reward of permitting a couple of inconspicuous changes to the format of different controls, giving somewhat more space to change controls like the earphone signal blend and levels of earphones, expert and corner yields, and sampler. 

Moreover, the crossfader is a less complex sort than the Magvel unit found on the DDJ-1000, while the LED rings have vanished from the signal and play catches. 

Albeit the DDJ-800 can be utilized as an independent blender without being connected to a PC, the blender impacts will not capacity (probably because they're handled in the product as opposed to the actual equipment). 

Generally, the DDJ's format and controls feel fundamentally the same as being used to the business standard CDJs, which is a pivotal point. It's not a particularly serious deal if you plan to adhere to a similar DJ arrangement always, yet actually, most DJs will change sooner or later, regardless of whether it's the point at which they, in the long run, move up to new equipment or playing on another DJ or club's arrangement. 

To express the self-evident, that interaction is much simpler if you don't need to relearn another arrangement of controls. 

The hybrid of control situation and feel is a genuine selling point for Pioneer items, however, it's one that hasn't generally been just about as clear as you'd anticipate. Nonetheless, it has unquestionably got it directly on account of the DDJ: on the off chance that you've gone to the DDJ from CDJs and a DJM blender, you'll feel comfortable, and the other way around. 

There are some significant contrasts, obviously, yet nothing that feels especially bumping by and by. The clearest disparity is the way that CDJs all have a screen over the run wheel for perusing tracks and reviewing waveforms.

It very well may be generally little on the essential CDJ-850 contrasted with the enormous touchscreens on the CDJ-2000NXS2 and CDJ-TOUR1, however, the DDJ-800 just has the little screens in the focal point of the run wheel, which means you're dependent on taking a gander at your PC. 

Then again, the cushions underneath each run wheel are absent on CDJs and do truly enhance the rekordbox experience, permitting you to get too hot prompts, beat hop/circle, beat impacts, trigger examples, etc. It's a consistent deviation from the standard CDJ design and all the better for it. 

The greatest genuine question mark over the DDJ-800 is whether its most grounded rivalry may come from somewhere else in Pioneer DJ's item range. There’s a telling line in the second passage of the official statement for the 800, in which the organization is quick to stretch that the DDJ-1000 has 'procured a solid standing with proficient DJs who perform at weddings, gatherings, and occasions outside the club climate'. 

Eventually, it feels like this is the objective market for the DDJ range: DJs who work out as an independent unit, turning up with all their pack, setting up, playing throughout the night from a library of music on their PC, at that point getting together and heading home. 


  • Presents the best highlights of the more costly DDJ-1000 at a lot quicker value point
  • Options from any semblance of NI are generously less expensive 

  • Independent XDJ choices might be more flexible


  • Not found yet

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Maschine Mk3 addresses the zenith of the arrangement up to this point - viably Maschine Studio pressed into a more modest case, with a sound interface and touch strip came in, and a format advanced for the product in its present structure.


For Maschine Mk2 proprietors, it's an incredible if not fundamental overhaul. The impressive shows resemble 'the future', the Smart Strip is well worth having, and the iterative refinements all through feel like a generous developmental movement. 

You probably won't improve music with it more than you do now with Mk2, however, the interaction will be perceptibly smoother and considerably more eye-satisfying. Eventually, Maschine Mk3 is the best regulator for NI's depression workstation yet. 


  • Maschine Studio shading screens!
  • Remarkably playable cushions
  • All-new sound interface and touch strip
  • Staggering form quality and looks.


  • No back legs for calculating
  • 4D push encoder isn't well disposed of.

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The regulator's most important element is the Merge FX handle. With one handle arranged in the upper right of each deck, clients can send up to four unique impacts at the same time to their tracks. The joined impacts help make emotional form-ups with 41 impacts to browse. 

Whenever you've elevated the strain, press the Merge FX handle for a couple of bars of quietness before your next track drops in. Pioneer DJ promotes this as one of the highlights that can make for smooth progress between kinds. 

DDJ-FLX6's Jog Cutter component allows you to make scratch sounds instantly by moving the run wheel to and fro. Pioneer DJ claims you can scratch tracks "without information on the best way to scratch and contacting the crossfader" – even though it does, in any case, seem like you'll require a touch of training to consummate this component. 

Test Scratch is another element remembered for Rekordbox and allows DJs to stack an example to the deck to scratch and control with Jog Cutter. As the DDJ-FLX6 boasts four channels, you can play tracks on decks 1 and 2 while scratching and sticking on decks 3 and 4. 

Pioneer DJ's most recent contribution has a smooth, dull dim matte completion; the first of any Pioneer DJ unit. The run wheels have an exceptional plan to supplement the new look, alongside a showcase in the middle that can be found on the CDJ-2000. 

The regulator is transport controlled by your PC, which is helpful. However, the DDJ-FLX6 just has one contribution for a mic, so can't be utilized as a blender for outer stuff, and just has RCA yields. This makes it an improbable alternative for scene arrangements – which is likely well-suited during a time of lockdowns and live streams.


  • Modern design
  • Affordable


  • Not found yet

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The DDJ-RB has an inherent 24 cycle sound card that will give you clear sound playback. This likewise implies you will not have to purchase any different equipment to get in the blend. 

On the back of the unit, you will discover a USB port that permits a straightforward attachment and play alternative. You should simply connect it to your PC, open Rekordbox and you'll be all set! 

The USB association will likewise give you the alternative of utilizing your PC’s inner/work area speakers. An incredible choice in case you're actually assembling your set-up and don't yet have screens. 

Back up on top, you'll see a decent simple on the eye format. It might look insignificant yet once you begin messing with its highlights it truly wakes up. You'll additionally find that it's a very thoroughly examined and natural plan offering something else under the surface of the eye. 

You'll additionally appreciate the size of the run wheels if you appreciate scratching. The run wheels are more than competent and feel receptive to each development. They're likewise exceptionally touchy to the touch and have no slack when utilized related to Rekordbox. 

Props to Pioneer for including enormous run wheels on a more modest regulator, very few producers do! 

Underneath the run wheels, you'll see 8 execution cushions. This is one of the champion updates from the DDJ-SB2 which just had 4 execution cushions. The other 4 were utilized for play/stop, signal, sync, and move. 

The DDJ-RB will allow you to utilize these 8 cushions to allow up to 8 hot signal focuses, FX, slicer, tests, circles, and beat jump. You'll additionally see the circle enter/leave capacity aside. Furthermore, a bunch of play/interruption, sign, and move catches. 

There's likewise a sync button that will do the beatmatching for you. Ideal for those that like the additional opportunity to play with the regulator’s capacities. Or on the other hand, an incredible choice that will help novices, or individuals that just don't wish to physically beatmatch. 

For those that do require the capacity to physically beatmatch you have pitch control sliders at the top. These are utilized to change the speed of the track you're playing. These are minuscule and make manual beatmatching interesting from the start. 

This could be a major change in case you're coming from a regulator with longer sliders. However, we locate these simply to get the hang of them after a couple of blends. 

In conclusion, you have the impacts board with a boundary change handle. Utilizing Rekordbox you'll have a bank of various impacts that you can use to give your set a bonus. 


  • Light however solid, appropriate for working DJs
  • Basic enough for novice DJs.
  • Comes packaged with programming making set-up simple.
  • Brilliant run wheels, incredible for scratching.
  • Simple on the eye format.


  • Just incorporates one 1/8" earphone attachment. A 1/4" attachment would be pleasant.
  • No capacity to utilize the 2 channels for 4 deck control like the DDJ-SB2 has. All it required was a straightforward switch.

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Early introductions are acceptable. The four-divert G4V unit is in calm dim dark painted metal, with loads of screws showing a strong development, and dark paint behind the blender segment to split the fascia up pleasantly. 

Pull off one of the handle covers and you can see that everything is rushed to the packaging, which is the unrivaled method of joining controls since it puts less strain on the circuit board inside. 

It's a serious enormous regulator (about an inch more extensive than the Reloop Terminal Mix 4, a gadget it imparts a great deal in like manner too, highlights shrewd), and you'd battle to convey it extremely far in a sack, because of its weight as much as whatever else. Having said that, it would be not even close to as hard to ship as the Pioneer DDJ-SX or the humongous Numark NS7II. 

The rhythm faders are long toss which is promising for simple manual beatmatching, and the cushions, while being just on/off switches as opposed to speed touchy, in any case, feel responsive, with an unobtrusive snap-on squeezing. Different catches are hard and have a stronger, hollower click; they're not the best learning about catches there, but rather they're not all that terrible. 


  • Pre-planned for Virtual DJ
  • Mappable for all significant DJ programming suites
  • Adaptable yield conspire
  • Extraordinary material platters
  • Multi-work cushions


  • Not found yet

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The GMX Drive from Gemini is a multi-design media regulator framework for the expert computerized DJ. The framework offers playback from one of the other spaces in CD players or USB memory gadgets and is viable with MP3, WAV, AAC, and AIFF document designs without being associated with a PC. 

At the point when associated with a Mac or PC, the unit functions as a 24-bit, USB 2.0 sound interface and control surface viable with most DJ applications. 

The GMX Drive highlights mechanical and contact delicate run wheels that permit you to scratch, beat shuffle, and discover track focuses with exactness and precision. Each deck offers a 3-band EQ, 8 enormous execution cushions, and progressed devices including hot signs, a circle area with auto and manual circle, invert, and devoted channels. 

The two high difference screens offer movable waveforms shows, while the illuminated capacity catches give a simple route in low light conditions. The GMX Drive incorporates Virtual DJ LE and VCASE music board programming. 


  • High-goal USB/MIDI programming regulator with worked in expert 24-digit PC/Mac sound interface
  • 8 multifunction execution cushions for each deck
  • Progressed instruments including Hot Cues, Auto and Manual loop, Reverse and Filter for each deck
  • Variable pitch control with Master Tempo control and BPM Lock
  • Contact touchy mechanical run wheels


  • Not found yet

[amazon box="B07GY8C9JV" ]

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 is the freshest manifestation of the section level regulator from Native for novices. It has developed significantly more than 3 years, and now it's unquestionably a very much highlighted piece of stuff when contrasted with other section-level offers. 

The regulator is made of plastic, however, don't let that fool you. It gives a durable and strong impression, and the runs are genuinely incredible at this cost level. The regulator has 2 x 8 quality execution cushions for each deck and an impact area incorporated into the blender. 

The presentation cushions satisfy a progression of execution capacities and keeping in mind that they ought to be sufficient for any Dj's necessities, don't expect all the decisions you normally get on Serato or Rekordbox DJ regulators. Traktor Pro is a lot of clear and offers two cushion capacities: control your examples or hot signs. 

The S2 MK3 has, as you saw, no impact areas on the deck, yet there is a Mixer FX segment with 4 fastens that quickly enact the ideal impact. You can choose from 8 impacts in the product and dole them out to the catches, and when the catches aren't squeezed, the handles on each channel enact the channel. 

As far as we might be concerned, this is a shrewd method of executing impacts into an amateur DJ regulator. It makes a basic method of enacting and utilizing FX and keeps away from a lot of messiness on the decks. Also, beginning DJs shouldn't be playing a lot with cutting-edge FX choices and rather center around the essentials. 

The remainder of the blender is very straightforward: On top, we discover an additional handle for every channel and the expert volume handle in the center. There are additionally two catches: one to draw in quantize (when connected with the product will snap the track to the beat when you trigger hot prompts) and the other to connect with the amplifier. 

Each channel has a 3 band equalizer within the center. We can discover the sampler volume handle and the blend and volume handle for the earphone input. Each channel has its channel fader that is little however durable and very much weighted, and in the middle of the faders, the S2 MK3 has two VU meters, one for each channel input. 

The Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 has a direct cluster of sources of info and yields: mic contribution with acquiring control, RCA fundamental out, a USB port to be utilized with an associated iPad, the USB contribution to interface your PC, and the force connector. Do take note that there is no force connector remembered for the container, you should purchase this independently. On the splendid side, the unit functions admirably with USB power as it were. 


  • The included Traktor Pro 3 DJ programming is the full form of which all capacities are accessible.
  • This DJ regulator works in a mix with your PC, iPad, or iPhone.


  • The DJ regulator has no shading screen from which you can peruse helpful data.
  • You can not interface record or CD players to the DJ regulator when you need to play with CDs or vinyl.

[amazon box="B00UNPW18Q" ]

ENTTEC's DMXIS is an adaptable, simple to utilize, lighting control bundle, explicitly intended for live entertainers to make energizing live light shows with their Mac OS® or Windows-based PC. 

DMXIS was planned explicitly for live entertainers who need to run a robotized light show while performing in front of an audience. The equipment is unbelievably simple to interface up, and the product very easy to learn and work, while being sufficiently adaptable to control present-day wise light apparatuses. 


  • Simple to utilize Interface
  • Control any DMX-512 installation
  • Runs as an independent application (Windows or Mac) or as a module
  • Lighting Control through Audio
  • Simple to-introduce programming accessible through download


  • Not found yet

Tips For Best Standalone Dj Controllers

There are a few interesting points when looking for the best standalone DJ controllers. The first, and conceivably greatest thought is your decision of programming. If you favor Serato DJ, it's essential to take note that the product is just viable with specific regulators, underlying coordinated effort with Serato – a full rundown of which can be found over at their site. 

Truth be told, most DJ regulators will be planned with a couple of explicit pieces of programming as a primary concern, and many accompany a specific application remembered for the cost – so your decision of regulator is probably going to be particularly impacted by your DJ application inclination, or the other way around.

  • The best PCs for music creation 
  • These are the best studio earphones for music-production 

It's likewise worth thinking about whether you'll require any sound information sources worked in - i.e, the capacity to interface turntables, CDJs, or an instrument to your arrangement - and if you should grow with time-coded vinyl or CDs later on. A few regulators included here additionally fill in as an independent blender, without the need to interface with a PC, which could be another thought. 

At that point, there's size, looks, assembly quality, cost... the rundown goes on. So, it's hard to crown and the slightest bit of unit the most perfect regulator, however, what we can do is available to you with a gathering of our top picks among the alternatives right now accessible to choose the best standalone DJ controllers.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Standalone Dj Controllers

On the off chance that you are new in the Deejaying, you may discover picking stuff somewhat confounding. The expense of a PC alongside a solid DJ regulator can dissuade you back from beginning your vocation as a DJ. Thus, the best standalone DJ controllers regulator comes as a decent other option and an extraordinary choice. All things considered, on the off chance that you are an expert DJ, you will discover pulling your PC to your gigs oppressive. Henceforth, in any event, for experts, the independent DJ regulator is an extraordinary alternative. The previously mentioned alternatives are five of your most ideal choices if at any time you choose to go independent with your DJ regulator.


Best standalone DJ controllers for Overall

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Best standalone DJ controllers for Design

[amazon box="B075NFDQTP" ]


Best standalone DJ controllers for Sound

[amazon box="B06X914KF3" ]


Best standalone DJ controllers for Easy to use

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Best standalone DJ controllers for Price

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  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Standalone Dj Controllers at the comment box below!

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