Top 8 Best Tower Fan Reviews

Tower fans are a nice way to supplement cooling in your home or office. 

Super energy efficient, whisper-quiet, and include louvers for targeted delivery — many of the best tower fans include a remote control for convenience.

Prices range from $69 – $179.

best tower fans

Best Tower Fan Reviews 2024

Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan

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The Lasko Wind Curve Fan is an affordable model that’s perfect for mid-size rooms. 

Comes with three-speed settings, all of which are very quiet — great if you’re a light sleeper!

  • Fan Height: 43 inches
  • Unit Weight: 12.1 pounds
  • Settings: 3 Speeds

Includes all the basic functions you want in a tower fan: oscillating, fixed position, easy carry handle, and auto-shutoff

There’s also an hourly timer if you want to run at night or during the day.

The Lasko tower fan weighs 12 pounds which makes it fairly easy to carry room-to-room.

Affordable price w/ lots of positive reviews.

Honeywell HYF290B Review

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The Honeywell Tower Fan offers a slim design and multiple speeds.

Using the remote control, you can select from eight-speed settings — you can also dim the light for night use.

  • Settings: 8 speeds
  • Lighting: 5 dimming levels

For sound level, the lower 4 speeds offer whisper-quiet operation, which makes it great for light sleepers.

Buyers say the light is a nice add-on — for children, it creates a nice ambiance and can act as a nightlight.

The Honeywell Tower fan is one of the best sellers online.

Seville UltraSlimLine Tower Fan

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Anyone looking for a bargain will be happy with the Seville UltraSlimline Tower Fan Combo Pack.

With purchase, you get not one, but two fans!

  • UltraSlimLine Fan: 40 inches tall
  • Small Tower Fan: 17 inches tall

The tall one is perfect for rooms, while the smaller one works well as a personal fan – obviously very portable throughout the house.

Both have multiple settings, including an option for oscillating.

The fans’ motors are located within the tower structure to help decrease noise. 

For light sleepers, this is the best tower fan for you!

Vornado Tower Fan Review

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Vornado Tower Fan is a stylish, large-room tower fan that can cover a wide distance.

It costs more than typical tower fans, but I think the features outweigh the cost.

  • Speed Settings: 4 fan speeds
  • Tower Fan Height: 41 inches

The first part is its beautiful aesthetic – you won’t need to hide it from guests or cozy it in the corner. I think it actually adds to the decor. 

In terms of performance, there are four-speed settings and full-room oscillation to keep airflow moving. The technology behind the Vornado Tower Fan allows for two control options.

First – a standard oscillating function that will sweep the room with cool air.

Second – high velocity airflow that will cool a large room in no time.

The Vornado tower fan probably won’t replace air conditioning, but it’ll definitely help keep electricity costs lower in the Spring and Fall seasons.

** If I were to buy a fan for my apartment, it would probably be this one. 

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan Review

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The Ozeri 3x is a super quiet tower fan for a bedroom or office.

It uses a new passive noise reduction technology for whisper-quiet performance. The canted fan blades are optimized for less noise and better airflow.

  • Tower Fan Height: 44 inches
  • Levels of Cooling: 9 settings

Buyers love its unique design and quiet operation.

The Ozeri 3x tower fan offers 90 degrees of room cooling and can be set to “oscillation mode” for covering large rooms. It also includes a remote control and timer.

For those who want a modern aesthetic, the Ozeri 3x might be the best tower fan available.

Lots of positive buyer reviews online!

Dyson Cool AM07 Review

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Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan is super high-end.

The best part of the Dyson Tower Fan is that there are no spinning blades (a bladeless fan?). This makes it slightly safer than the biggest reason it’s on our list of best tower fans. Another benefit is how easy it is to keep clean.

  • Speed Settings: 10 fan speeds
  • Tower Fan Height: 39.6 inches

Advanced tech creates a powerful airflow through the tower, allowing it to cool an entire room. Because of its high-quality output, you can turn off the room air conditioner and save on energy costs.

Whisper quiet – ideal as an office fan or bedroom fan (it’s also a very portable fan weighing only 9 pounds)

Buyers love its sleek look, multiple airflow settings, and bladeless design.

The downside is the expensive price tag!

Lasko Xtra Air Tower Fan

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The Lasko Xtra fan is 48 inches tall + offers variable speed adjustments.

As a tower fan, it’s a perfect space-saving solution and has an elegant design.

  • Fan Height: 48 inches
  • Unit Weight: 11 pounds
  • Settings: 3 speeds

Personally, I think it’s great for bedrooms since it’s very quiet.

It also features a 7-hour timer that allows you to preset speed and oscillation.

Lasko Xtra Air is designed to be compact and convenient — It comes w/ a remote control allowing you to regulate the settings from a distance.

Little heavier than expected at 11 pounds (5.8 kgs), but the tower fan handle makes it easier to move around the house.

Westinghouse Tower Fan Review

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The Westinghouse Tower Fan is a durable, cheap fan that will meet the needs of a small room or a warm climate.

Measuring 40 inches high, it’s large enough to cool an average-sized room.

  • Speed Settings: 3 fan speeds
  • Tower Fan Height: 40 inches

The best part – it’s super portable and lightweight ~ only 10 lbs!

Westinghouse tower fan is designed w/ a carry handle allowing you to easily move it from room to room. Some tower fans can be heavy, but not this one!

Includes 3-speed settings and the ability to oscillate 90 degrees.

Reasonably priced and great for anyone who is on a budget.

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