[Top 4] Best Water Flosser For Braces in 2024

The Best Water Flosser For Braces is used in addition to a toothbrush. Sending powerful jets of Water through interdental spaces, this trendy device eliminates debris, plaque and bacteria. It thus increases the effectiveness of brushing. But which model to choose and for which teeth? To answer this, we have made a comparison of the best water flossers.

We’ve spent 38 hours comparing 40 water flossers, 26 speciality sites, and 498 user reviews to help you choose the best water flosser for your needs and budget.

best water flosser for braces

If you just want to know which is the Best Water Flosser For Braces in 2024, you will find our comparison directly below. On the other hand, if you want to know more before you decide, you will find all the information you need to make the right choice in the second part of this buying guide.

What is The Best Water Flosser For Braces

Waterpik WP-662 Water Flosser

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The Oral-B PRO 700 kit consists of a rechargeable toothbrush and a water flosser. As for the toothbrush, it makes a noise. It is also very powerful and vibrates enormously in the mouth. Guaranteed cleaning! But what interests us most is this water flosser. At the level of the jet, its results will amaze you. It easily replaces interdental brushes.

The use is simple. Just put a plug of mouthwash in the lukewarm water tank, adjust the power and send the jet. It pickles hard, so we recommend setting the power to 3. Jets at Power 4 can cause bleeding. Ultimately, the water flosser in this kit is very effective at cleaning teeth.


  • Kit consisting of a toothbrush and a water flosser of very good quality


  • The jet makes a lot of noise, ditto for brushing.

Water Flosser Cordless, CREMAX Dental Oral Irrigator with 3 Modes 4 Jets

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Do you often travel and want to take care of your oral hygiene? Go for this model. Retractable, this oral jet can accompany you everywhere. A product of Panasonic, it demonstrates reliability and efficiency. It comes with a spare cannula and a storage compartment for it. Its transparent water tank has a capacity of 130 mL for an autonomy of about 40 seconds. Fortunately, thanks to the good power of the jet, you don’t have to recharge it during the cleaning session.

It has two pressure levels to meet the needs of its user. Another asset? It is compatible with mouthwash solutions. This oral jet is also appreciated for its tightness. It is also washable under Water. Its last asset is its compactness.


  • 2 pressure levels


  • Small tank

ORAL-B Aquacare Waterflosser with Oxyjet Technology

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After brushing, does food debris still get stuck in your teeth? This Oral-B oral spray is the solution. It removes food residues that are inaccessible by a toothbrush. With its two water jet options, monojet and multijet, it guarantees you a real feeling of freshness. Indeed, the single-jet function makes it possible to clean every corner of the mouth, especially difficult access points. The multijet, meanwhile, provides general cleaning of the mouth while gently massaging the gums.

Equipped with OxyStream technology consisting of injecting purified microbubbles into the Water, it guarantees white teeth without bad breath. This Oral-B oral jet comes with a large 600 ml reservoir as well as a storage compartment for its 4 cannulas. For more efficiency, it is possible to adjust the water pressure from 1 to 5 bars using a dial. However, it can only be used for a maximum of 15 minutes continuously. And it requires 2 hours to cool down. It is therefore not suitable for large families. It is especially recommended for people with dentures and the elderly.


  • Large tank


  • The limited time of use

Waterpik CC-01 Complete Care 9.0 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Dental jet enthusiasts know the Waterpik brand. To put it simply, there are no real equivalents to its water flossers on the market, not even Oral-B. Obviously, this efficiency is expensive, but the game is worth the effort. For this year, we are bringing you the Sonic Toothbrush and Water Flosser combo in the same device.

The dental jet part is perfect, with no less than 5 tips, practical for family use or to last over time. You can adjust the power, and that’s best. The ergonomics contribute to the ease of use of the Waterpik – CC-01 – Complete Care 9.0. Finally, the electric toothbrush part offers 3 brushing modes, but Oral-B does better in this area.


  • Sonic toothbrush and water flosser in the same device


  • High price

How to Choose the Best Water Flosser For Braces

The model

best water flosser for braces

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different types of water flossers. Generally, we distinguish the classic models, particularly effective for ensuring daily oral hygiene and removing food debris that remains stuck between the teeth. Their great advantage is that they allow you to have fresh breath and prevent the appearance of dental plaques.

There are also dental microjets powered by cells or batteries. Equipped with a small reservoir, this model is ideal for people with a rather fragile gum that bleeds with each brushing.


Oral water jets do not have the same technologies. Some are equipped with a Waterjet, ideal for supplementing daily brushing with a powerful water jet that removes all food remains. Thus, by using the water flosser with Waterjet technology, your teeth will be clean, without any food debris, but also the blood circulation in your mouth will be greatly improved.

Other models are designed with Oxyjet. These devices project a combination of Water and air that will transform into microbubbles, which are very effective in getting rid of dental plaques. Oxyjet is the best-performing technology. However, water flossers equipped with it are quite expensive.

Tank size

It is better to opt for a water flosser with a reservoir rather than a model that does not have one. Simpler to use, the oral jets with reservoir do not need to be connected to a sink. If you opt for this type of device, you will have to pay special attention to the size of the tank. Thus, for personal use, a 300 mL reservoir is more than sufficient; on the other hand, if it is for family use, then opt for the device that has a large enough reservoir, i.e. 600 mL or more.

best water flosser for braces

Cleaning speed

The power of a water flosser refers to the power of the jets of Water sent into the mouth. Most devices on the market have a power of 1000 beats/min; however, for optimal cleaning that leaves no food debris between the teeth, it is better to choose a model with more power.

In addition, for a person with fragile gum, it is preferable to choose a water spray with a lower power than the average to avoid bleeding after each use.

The power source

Some water flossers are mainly powered, while others run on batteries. These are less bulky. However, their autonomy is quite limited, which makes them more suitable for individual use. For family use, an electric model would be more suitable because it offers greater autonomy.

Why buy a Best Water Flosser For Braces

To remove food residues between the teeth

In some people, especially those who have too tight teeth, the toothbrush is not at all enough to ensure perfect oral hygiene. Even after brushing, food residues can get stuck in the interdental spaces. The water spray solves this problem, allowing the cleaning to be completed.

To eliminate bacteria from the mouth

The mouth is the place in our body where bacteria find all the conditions to develop. Also, poor oral hygiene can be very dangerous to health. The water spray eliminates the various bacteria in the mouth and ensures optimal oral cleanliness.

best water flosser for braces

To avoid dental plaques

Thanks to the regular use of an oral water-flosser jet, the risk of seeing dental plaque developing is considerably reduced. Indeed, it allows to clean of the most advanced corners of the mouth to prevent the appearance of plaques.

To avoid certain dental pathologies

The dental water flosser effectively limits the risk of certain dental pathologies such as cavities or bad breath. More effective than dental floss, it is a very simple preventive solution, but also a perfect alternative for people with too fragile teeth or gums.

Very handy, this device can be used by everyone, that is to say, by adults as well as by children. Its use is particularly recommended for people who have undergone dental surgery because it allows them to have impeccable dental hygiene and thus limit the risk of infection, but also, it is a perfect solution for those who wear orthodontic appliances. Or dentures.

For its practicality

Certain models of dental water jets make it possible to regulate the pressure of the water jets according to the sensitivity of the teeth and the gum of the user, but also, they are often accompanied by different interchangeable tips adapted to different needs. In addition, most of the time, these devices have a sterilization compartment, which is very practical for properly maintaining the tips.

Honourable mentions

The products below have many qualities. They just miss our podium, but they can be a great choice depending on your needs and the price you can find them for.

Waterpik – WP100 Ultra B0042A80WE

best water flosser for braces

Say goodbye to bad breath with this model from Waterpik! Comes with 7 different tips, and it deep cleans and successfully removes all food debris that gets stuck between your teeth. It is recommended for people with very sensitive gums or those who wear implants or dental appliances. With this oral spray, you will have a lasting sensation of a fresh mouth.

With a neat design, it fits perfectly into your bathroom. Moreover, a special compartment is provided to store all its accessories. With its 10 pressure levels of up to 6.2 bars and its 1400 pulsations per minute, even the most stubborn food residues will be easily expelled from your teeth. In addition, the 600 ml reservoir allows one to two uses without interruption. Although it is very practical and efficient, it cannot be used for the whole family. Indeed, it is not possible to change the main nozzle to be able to share it with family.

Panasonic DJ10-W Cordless Dental Water Flosser B08287TDRJ

Do you often travel and want to take care of your oral hygiene? Go for this model. Retractable, this oral jet can accompany you everywhere. A product of Panasonic, it demonstrates reliability and efficiency. It comes with a spare cannula and a storage compartment for it. Its transparent water tank has a capacity of 165 ml for an autonomy of about 40 seconds. Fortunately, thanks to the good power of the jet, he does not have to recharge it during the cleaning session.

It has two pressure levels to meet the needs of its user. Another asset? It is compatible with mouthwash solutions. This oral jet is also appreciated for its tightness. It is also washable under Water. The only point to improve in this model would be its diameter of 6.8 cm which seems too large for a pleasant grip.


When to use your water flosser?

best water flosser for braces

Use your Water Flosser at least twice a day and as many times as you think you need to. You will thus have excellent oral hygiene.

Dental floss before and after

Using dental floss before using the water flosser will loosen food particles and facilitate plaque removal. It is also recommended that you floss each area again after using the Water Flosser to make sure everything is clean.

Teeth cleaning with myrrh

Myrrh helps relieve toothache. The natural plant extract, which has an astringent effect, helps reduce inflammation. Try using a product that contains myrrh to fight bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

Use baking soda

Baking soda may also be effective in reducing sensitivity and frequent tooth pain, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Do not use it too often, however, as it could damage the dental crown in the long term. Using this product with the Water Flosser can help protect your teeth from bacteria.

best water flosser for braces

Cloves to reduce toothache

The use of cloves to relieve a toothache is based on the unique properties of an antiseptic and pain reliever. This is because cloves contain a substance called eugenol. In its purified extracted form, eugenol is still used today.

Old products to consider

Not everyone can afford the latest products. In this part, you will therefore find products recommended in previous versions of this guide. They can be great choices, especially if you manage to find them on sale.

Braun Oral-B oxyjet ED17, 4 nozzles. B0014RFIC8

This Oral-B oral spray has been clinically proven to remove food particles and bacteria between teeth. If you often go on trips or family vacations, this product is highly recommended. Equipped with a 600 ml reservoir, it is very practical. If you are surrounded by nature, far from a water point, it saves you the comings and goings.

The handle of the brushes offers a pleasant grip. The start button is easily accessible with the thumb. The blue-coloured bristles on the toothbrush fade to let you know it’s time for a change. This model fulfils two important functions: cleaning your teeth and giving a healing massage to your gums. If the pressure is too high, the pulsation stops.

Panasonic Doltz Compact Oral Jet Washer B00346K5FW

This Panasonic dental jet or water flosser is perfect for cleaning teeth before or after brushing. It removes plaque between the teeth and around the gums thanks to its constant and continuous water jet with always convincing results. With a nice design, it blends easily into your bathroom. Its transparent 165 ml water tank is very practical. It makes it easy to check the water level. However, this capacity seems insufficient; it is necessary to charge the tank twice during the cleaning session.

The pressure can be adjusted on two levels: powerful for interdental cleaning and gentle for massaging the gums. Space-saving, you can put it in your bag to accompany you everywhere. Although it comes with a nozzle that has a safety lock, aftermarket nozzles would be desirable.

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