Top 10 Best Blade To Cut Laminate Countertop 2024 You Need To Buy Now

You are interested in furniture and interior design, some kinds of wooden cabinets, wooden shelves, etc. and always want to choose the perfect ones for yourself. However, it seems that the products available on the market can not satisfy you and you want to create your own wooden shelves. At this point, you realize you need to find a kit to create a good shelf, and the most important thing for a perfect edge shelf is the best blade to cut laminate countertop.

The market today is also very pleased with us when we have the same level of saw blades with a variety of types. The blades are of different diameters, different shapes, and different serrations.

In the midst of such a wide variety of shapes, what is the most suitable saw blade for you? To solve this question, Forbidden Broadway with those experienced in cutting laminate countertops have chosen a list of top 10 best blade to cut laminate countertop.

Best Blade To Cut Laminate Countertop Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Blade To Cut Laminate Countertop Reviews 2024

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Festool 495382 Solid Surface/Laminate Blade

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Festool blades are produced on modern production lines by German technology. The serrated teeth of Festool 495382 Solid Surface / Laminate Blade are made from equally high quality materials from Germany, so they are very sharp and durable. 

Festool 495382 wood blade is designed with high quality materials, so it possesses absolute hardness, optimal heat resistance, good resistance, anti-deformation when subjected to strong impact to help you use it for a while for long periods without worrying about common damage problems like other conventional circular cutting blades. 

With this material, the product will be equipped with rust resistance despite frequent contact with wet conditions or any inclement weather, contributing to the best blade to cut laminate countertop in all aspects.

With a serrated structure with these beveled teeth alternating with flat teeth with TC (Triple Chip) shape, the saw blade is completely optimal for its purpose. You can rest assured to create sweet cuts for your laminate countertops.

The blade has a thin blade design, laser cut expansion slots reduce vibration, reduce friction, make cutting more precise and increase durability. Besides, the saw blade also has a scientific structure to reduce noise and heat, processed by advanced laser technology.


  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect quality
  • Sharp-edge cutting
  • Thin Kerf


  • High price

Festool 496309 Solid Surface/Laminate 48-Tooth Saw Blade

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Festool 496309 Solid Surface / Laminate 48-Tooth Saw Blade is another manufactured product from the Festool brand. However, due to the wider teeth, the smoothness of the cut created by this saw blade is not evaluated as sharp as other blades..

The blade is made of high quality, sharp, durable materials, high hardness and wear-resistant, long service time. There is no need to worry about the blade becoming useless over time.

In addition, the saw blade also applies unique welding technology, has good and sharp teeth, is also anti-wear and does not easily fall out during the cutting process. Besides cutting laminate countertops, you can completely rest assured to use this best blade to cut laminate countertop to cut many other hard or soft woods.

The blade also has an anti-vibration design, expansion slot to reduce noise. The saw blade is made of good material so it is very sturdy and the surface is polished for high accuracy.


  • Long lasting
  • Fast cutting
  • Solid surface


  • Not sharp-edge cutting

Amana Tool – 610800C Electro-BLU Carbide Tipped Trim

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Amana Tool – 610800C Electro-BLU Carbide Tipped Trim is made from high quality material for good durability and high efficiency when cutting laminate countertops. The super-hard jag is manufactured by the Amana Tool itself from exceptionally hard carbide particles for high durability.

Besides, there is application specific carbide-tipped protective surface that prevents corrosion, reduces friction and further increases the durability of this best blade to cut laminate countertop.

Anti-vibration slots provide exceptionally smooth cutting and copper plug technology minimizes noise and significantly reduces vibrations. You also don’t have to worry that your sawing process affects the people around you.

This saw blade with 80 teeth and powerful tooth shape is ideal for a wide variety of purposes. Besides, the shape of ATB teeth (alternating inclined top) will give a neat and effective cut.

Amana Tool – 610800C Electro-BLU Carbide Tipped Trim is suitable for use on a variety of saws, suitable for cutting laminate countertops and leaving a super smooth finish when cutting hard or soft woods.


  • Near-flawless lines
  • Perfect quality
  • Quieter cutting


  • Small size

Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEST Steel Cutting Saw Blade

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Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEST Steel Cutting Saw Blade is designed with mild steel and specially machined for strong performance, creating firmness, sharpness and absolute durability for the product. This will definitely be a powerful support tool to serve your work much more effectively.

The special tooth shape ensures easy cutting and a high quality profile. It is suitable for almost all wood cutting machines on the market with fast, neat, and precise cuts.

The blade is produced on an advanced technology line, using high-grade alloys, high heat resistance and high wear resistance. The saw blade has a high sharpness so it is easy to cut laminate countertops without effort and to produce a beautiful product as desired.


  • Best design
  • Perfect material
  • Sharp lines


  • A little bit noisy

Freud 10″ x 80T Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade

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Freud is a brand known for its quality saw blades. Freud 10 “x 80T Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade with light weight, is constructed from multi-angle abrasion-resistant hard alloy for high work efficiency smooth sawing.

This series of Freud saw blade versions have more rigidity and blade thickness than the regular version so you can rest assured about its durability.

This is the most popular blade on the market best suited for sawing with handing wood cutters. The High Alternate Top Bevel (HiATB) tooth-shaped saw blade produces the sweetest cut and the highest smoothness.Because the saw blade has a spiral blade design and a heat outlet groove, it greatly reduces the noise and increases the working life of the best blade to cut laminate countertop


  • In favor of many woodworkers
  • Best quality
  • Best cutting edge
  • Thin Kerf


  • None

Makita A-93550 MakBlade 10-Inch 70 Tooth ATB Blade

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Makita A-93550 MakBlade 10-Inch 70 Tooth ATB Blade is made of high quality Carbide material and specially processed. You can rest assured with the sharpness and durability of this saw blade thanks to its premium materials. And with its tooth form, it ensures easy cutting and high quality cross section. Not only that, it also ensures your cutting process creates too much sawdust and ensures noise is kept to a minimum.

This is one of Makita’s most appreciated saw blades. If you want to create clean and precise cuts don’t hesitate to buy this saw blade.


  • Quieter cutting
  • Best quality
  • Affordable price


  • None

DEWALT 12-Inch Mitter Saw Blade

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DEWALT 12-Inch Mitter Saw Blade is made from high quality materials with superb abrasion resistance and long service life. Due to the materials that make it up, this saw blade has a hardness that is absolutely not inferior to any saw on the market. Under high speed, you will see its super strong fracture resistance.

Besides, the cutting performance of this machine is very powerful. This saw blade is perfect for cutting laminate countertops and some other woods. If you always have a genuine saw blade at a cheap price then this saw blade is perfect for you.


  • Sharp blade
  • Good quality


  • Rough edges

Bosch DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch 72-Tooth Blade

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This is an equally excellent product from the Bosch brand. Talking about the Bosch brand, there is no doubt about the quality of its saw blades. This 72-tooth saw blade is a specialized alloy blade for laminate countertops, an indispensable equipment in construction, furniture, carpentry. This saw blade is perfectly suited for most wood saws on the market and you can create perfect laminate countertop cuts.

Bosch DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch 72-Tooth Blade with steel alloy blade with the highest hardness and corrosion resistance, 100% automatic welding process, using alloy welding according to welding technology copper powder. With the emphasis on dynamic balance control, the Bosch DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch 72-Tooth Blade ensures users’ machining quality with high precision and beautiful aesthetics.


  • High quality 
  • Long lasting
  • Good edge


  • Not smooth cutting

Freud D1296L Diablo Wood Saw Blade

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Freud D1296L Diablo Wood Saw Blade is designed with high-quality carbide with tungsten carbide content and specially machined for a strong performance to create solid, sharp, and absolute durability for the product. This will definitely be a powerful support tool to serve your work much more effectively.

The special tooth shape ensures easy cutting and high-quality cutting edge. The product is suitable for almost all wood cutting machines on the market. In addition to this best blade to cut laminate countertop, Diablo is also famous for other types of blades, so you can rest assured to choose the right blade for your laminate countertop cutter. But this is the blade that I find the best of Bosch.

In addition, the blade is said by the manufacturer to be manufactured on an advanced technological line, using high-grade alloys, high heat resistance, and high wear resistance. The saw blade has a high sharpness so it is easy to cut laminate countertops without effort and to produce a beautiful product as desired.

Because of its premium materials design and meticulous machining, the Freud D1296L Diablo Wood Saw Blade offers powerful, sharp, and precise operability for cutting wooden objects with ease, fast, and effectiveness with clear, sharp cuts. Surely the product will be a powerful assistant to help you save time and effort as much as possible in all jobs.


  • High quality
  • Sharp-edge cutting
  • Quieter cutting
  • Thin Kerf


  • Low-time cutting

IVY Classic 36340 Laser Carbide 7-1/4-Inch 60 Tooth Blade

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IVY Classic 36340 Laser Carbide 7-1 / 4-Inch 60 Tooth Blade has a diameter of 7.25 inches, the advantage of this product is that it is Designed for chip-free cutting because it is made of high-grade steel alloy so it has hardness and sharpness. 

This saw blade has high stability, for smooth and flat cutting. This blade is often combined with a circular saw for cutting and cutting laminates, Formica, melamine and cross cutting hardwoods. When using this saw blade, we will see less vibration, extremely smooth cuts and less noise. This line of circular saw blades also have a longer service life than traditional blades.

With its standard diameter and thickness design, this saw blade will be compatible with most wood cutters on the market today, giving you the convenience of replacing it. The product has 60 teeth, which contributes to a multifunctional saw blade to better serve your work.


  • Chip-free cutting
  • High quality
  • Affordable price


  • Low-time cutting

Popular Types Of Saw Blades Today

It is important to remember that to perfectly laminate countertop sand, you must choose the right saw blade that can sand the laminate countertop. However, many people around you are being confused about which is the circular saw blade for cutting laminate countertop, which will be suitable for cutting metal, which is created specifically for cutting diamond. To make sure you get the right best blade to cut laminate countertop I have summarized the knowledge. Some popular saw blades and some features to consider before buying a saw blade:


This type of saw blade is suitable for cutting square pieces of wood, wood grain, especially for cutting laminate countertops. The feature of the wooden saw blade is quite a lot of teeth, creating a smooth cut, ensuring high aesthetics. With its powerful cutting and cutting ability, this saw blade is also known as a cutting blade.

Rip Blades

You can easily recognize the rip blade because it has a wide serrated design. This accessory is used for sawing, cutting the piece of wood along the grain. However the cut is not as smooth as a normal saw blade but it does ensure a quick cut through the wood.

Metal saw blade

This type of saw blade is specialized for cutting metal such as aluminum, steel or nail … You will be completely assured when using metal cutting saw blades because it ensures high sharpness and limits damage to hand tools. .

Dry diamond saw blade

The dry diamond saw blade is used to cut materials such as bricks, ceramics … To create this saw blade, people will need a mixture of artificial diamond beads, metal powder and special adhesive.

Tips To Choosing Best Blade To Cut Laminate Countertop

To make it more convenient for you to choose the right best blade to cut laminate countertop, we have gathered the tips below based on practical experience. You should consult for more knowledge and gain some experience to help you buy a saw blade that you will not regret for spending money on it.

Material Of Circular Saw Blade

You should choose a circular saw blade made of a low-rust, low-wear alloy that is resistant to deformation, resistant to high temperatures. The surface is also covered with a friction reduction layer to make the saw lighter and cooler, helping to protect the blade well, less damage and prolong the service life.

Number Of Teeth And Tooth Spacing

The best hand saw blade is also determined by its applicability, for example, for longitudinal sawing you choose a blade with a few teeth. Then the spacing between the teeth will be sparser to help cut faster, easily drain the circuit and go in the right direction, usually the 254mm saw discs have about 24 standard teeth.

In contrast, with cross-sectioning, because the wood surface is smaller and requires a smoother cut without leaving ba-via on the wood cross-section, the saw blade needs more teeth to make the distance between the two teeth smaller. Horizontal blades usually have about 60-80 teeth, each tooth will remove less wood billet. These saw blades also have a slower speed than saw blades.

For multi-purpose saw blades, the space between the two serrated blades is designed to ensure the best harmony between the two purposes of cutting wood and cutting wood grain.

Basically, a saw blade with more teeth always produces a smoother circuit, but the cutting speed will be slower. Conversely, a saw blade with a lower number of teeth results in a coarser cutting circuit, but cuts it faster. Therefore, you need to base on your specific use to choose the wood saw blade with the most suitable number of teeth.

Blade Thinness

Many good saw blades are used by many brothers, in addition to sharp, hard materials, they also have an ideal thinness of 2 – 3mm. Light thin saw blades eliminate less wood, drain quickly and easily achieve high speeds with less engine energy, resulting in a neat and beautiful cut.

Serrated Style

The appearance of the serrated blade will significantly determine the purpose of the saw blade’s use. There are 3 main shapes of serrated: flat top grind (FTG), alternate top bevel (ATB), combination (ATBR), and triple-chip grind (TCG). There are also other serrated types, such as the staggered inclined type but with a larger angle (Hi-ATB). And, this is the specific information about the 4 main types of circular saw blades.

Flat Top Grind (FTG): Used in many sawn blades because of its ability to remove material quickly on the cutting path, good drainage, and requires less motor power.

Alternate Top Bevel (ATB): Used in many saw blades for multi-angle sliding saws, when a smooth cross-section is required or when veneer coated boards need to be cut.

Triple-Chip Grind (TCG) (Teeth arranged alternately between Flat Top Grind and chamfered teeth): Suitable for cutting high-density materials such as MDF, Laminate, plastic, and soft metals.

Interlaced sawtooth with larger angle (Hi-ATB): Suitable for cutting materials such as wood covered with Melamine.

The combination is the serrated tooth being arranged in a complex of many types together (ATBR) (Teeth are usually arranged in a group include of 4 ATB teeth followed by a raker tooth): This kind of saw blades aims for the most versatile purpose and the best balance between sawing and cutting the grain.

Blade Angle

The blade angle is conventional when we look directly at the blade face from front to back. The vertical line perpendicular to the eye view combines with the inclination of the serrated angle to form the jagged angle. The larger this angle, the faster the cutting speed and venting speed, and the smaller the angle, the smoother the cut, but the better the cutting will slow down. As such, sawn blades need a large serrated angle (usually 20 degrees). Meanwhile, the blades used for multi-angle sliding saws (which help to ensure the smoothness of the cutting circuit) need a small tooth angle (usually 5 degrees). And multi-purpose saw blades need to ensure balance between different jobs, so they usually have an angle of 15 degrees.

Protective Coating

On cheap saw blades, the protective coating is merely an exterior paint. However, on expensive blades, a premium coating helps to minimize friction when cutting to make the blade cooler, prevent corrosion and prolong the life of the most effective saw blade.

At this point, I believe that someone will think that it is not the price that determines the quality of the saw blade. But there are also some who believe that saw blades with a higher price will be better and saw blades with a lower price will be worse. And I think that each manufacturer has its own team of experts to calculate the value of a saw blade and give an exact price list. Which blade you choose to choose from depends on your needs and purpose. If you need to create products with sharp and perfect edges, don’t hesitate without choosing the best saw blade. But if you don’t need to create sharp edges because you believe that with your beautiful design it doesn’t matter whether the edges are sharp or not, then you can choose ordinary saw blades. And below is a video depicting the process of making a saw blade. The saw blade at first glance is just an ordinary steel plate, but the making process is not simple at all.


When you have read this far, I firmly believe that everyone has their own assessment and has shaped in the mind which saw blade you need most, right? I hope you can find a saw blade that suits you best in the list of top 10 best blade to cut laminate countertop that I have listed. And I also hope that the information I have provided you will be useful and help you find the best blade to cut laminate countertop for yourself. Here are five saw blades that I consider the best so far. As for what I like about it, I have stated below, you can read, consider and if you see fit, you should also buy one for your own.

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