Chauvet Intimidator 260 Reviews – Perfect Stage Lighting For You To Consider

Lighting is an integral part of any stage production. It can be the difference between a good show and a great one. If you’re looking for lighting that will help bring your performance to life, then take a look at Chauvet Intimidator 260 reviews. These are perfect stage lights for you to consider.

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality LED fixture with plenty of features at a reasonable price point. This unit has been designed specifically for live performance applications and offers some really cool features like DMX control, sound active mode, strobe effects, color macros, dimming curves, and more!

Here are our detailed reviews of Chauvet Intimidator 260 in 2021. Check out!

Things To Consider Before Buying Chauvet Intimidator 260

There are many factors to consider before buying Chauvet Intimidator. Some of these factors include: 

Chauvet Intimidator 260


The first thing you should consider when buying Chauvet Intimidator is where you will be using it and how much space you have to work with. The unit is about 30 inches long, 16.5 inches tall, and 7.5 inches deep.

That’s not compact by any means but it isn’t huge either – just enough room to fit two or three units comfortably on most surfaces with a good bit of elbow room between the units.

It’s plenty big enough for little mobile DJs who are working in small rooms or venues to produce great effects without using all of the unit’s features.


Chauvet Intimidator has a stylish, durable aluminum chassis with very sturdy construction. The top of the unit has a soft rubberized coating that gives it a quality feel in your hand.

All of the buttons are well-placed and have a nice tactile “click” when you push them – they may be small but there’s no mistaking when you’ve pressed one or not.

The two knobs are big enough not to worry about them slipping off the adjustments they control and the scroll wheel is large with a nice grip to it. All of these items, plus the LCD screen give Intimidator a sleek look that goes well on any stage.


The Chauvet Intimidator has a ton of features for a unit in this price range. The menus are clearly marked and easily navigated even by those with no experience working in lighting units. Intimidator comes with a set of presets out-of-the-box that DJs can use as is or can be edited to suit their needs.

For example, the DJ could have the unit rotate through presets, fade between each LED color, dim to 50% after the first 2 minutes, and fully shut off at 7. It’s easy enough to program these types of moves using Intimidator’s simple “chase” feature.

Power Consumption

The next thing to consider is power consumption. Chauvet Intimidator only draws 2.6 amps of power which are noticeably less than a lot of other mobile lighting options on the market today.

We recommend a heavy-duty 12 gauge extension cord for those using Chauvet Intimidator in large venues and those hitting the road with it as much as possible to reduce wear and tear on the unit.

Intimidator comes with a 3-pin XLR cable so you’ll have to supply your own power cord – most extension cords are either grounded or ungrounded so be sure to double-check your cord before plugging it in. A properly grounded cord is safer for everyone involved plus will extend unit life by preventing surges to the unit.

Chauvet Intimidator 260

Beam Angle

You should also consider beam angle. Beam angle tells the user how wide the lights will be projected on a given surface. For Intimidator, the beam angle is about 19 degrees.

This isn’t super-wide by any means but it’s not too narrow either and just right for most mobile DJ applications that don’t require “wall-wash” style lighting effects. Chauvet offers a variety of lenses to change up beam angles as well as “zoom” (narrow the unit’s optics) and “focus” (bring more or less of the elements into focus) those optics.

Color Palettes

Additionally, Chauvet Intimidator comes with four different color palettes: white, black-red, black-green, and black-blue. This gives the user total control over what to use depending on the mood they are trying to set or enhance with lighting effects.

These four colors can be used together in any number of combinations thanks to Chauvet Intimidator’s “jewel” effect which uses all four colors at the same time.

The Intimidator can also be programmed to display “pre-mixed” color palettes for those who just want to use the unit as a standalone fixture but still have great lighting effects.

For example, if you are using an automated DJ software that has its own library of sound-activated colors Intimidator can be programmed to use those color combinations.

Configuration Options

Chauvet Intimidator has a ton of configuration options in the fine-tuning department. For example, there are multiple ways to fade between colors or move between presets: by speed (slow – medium – fast), by time (in seconds, minutes, etc.), using a fade curve (steppable or linear), and by the direction you move the unit (forward, reverse, etc.).

This is incredibly useful for those with a lot of experience working lighting effects. There are also multiple ways to adjust the unit’s speed: using the scroll wheel on top of it or manually adjusting speeds in increments as small as 1%. Intimidator even has a “relative” mode which allows you to create an effect like “smoothly move from color A to B” and then adjust the speed of that transition to your liking.


Brightness is an important consideration when buying any lighting effect. Chauvet Intimidator is very bright with settings at 100% and you can expect to use this unit at anywhere from 15%-40% brightness most of the time.

Running Time

The Chauvet Intimidator can run for about 2.5 hours non-stop on a full charge. This is plenty of time to get your show off the ground but keep in mind that battery life will vary depending on what type of batteries you are using and how many times you have charged them up beforehand.

Chauvet Intimidator 260 Review

Chauvet Intimidator 260

Chauvet Intimidator 260 is a new LED moving head wash light, with a power of 400W. Nowadays, more and more people are talking about it. It is not only because Chauvet Intimidator 260 has a high RGBA color mixing system, but also its stylish design at an affordable price.

With the combination of prism rotation and endless pan & tilt rotation, Chauvet Intimidator 260 adds extra movements to create a more interesting light show.

Chauvet Intimidator 260 is a LED moving head wash light. It has 3 prisms, which can rotate 270° with the amazing visual effect, in addition to the endless pan & tilt rotation.

For instance, when using an electronic dimmer or in DMX mode, Chauvet Intimidator 260 can produce smooth color fading or shuttering effects. It’s worth mentioning that the lenses of Chauvet Intimidator 260 are interchangeable for different applications.

Who Is Chauvet Intimidator 260 For?

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 effect light is designed to be the ultimate self-contained mobile lighting system for DJs, bands, and entertainers. The Intimidator 260 has dual channels, which allow you to control the light’s intensity (and whether it is in sound-activated mode) with each channel.

The Intimidator 260 has built-in programs that sync up with your favorite music for an incredibly immersive experience, and it can be synchronized with other Intimidator lights.

Pros Of Chauvet Intimidator 260

The speed is very fast on the Chauvet Intimidator 260, which is an advantage. The lights are also more efficient at producing light on the ground because they are not constantly moving around like some other lighting systems.

They can produce a strobe effect with the lights and it has a good amount of features for such a small system. The Chauvet Intimidator 260 is also a lot lighter than some other popular lighting systems.

It’s highly durable and will last for quite some time without having to be repaired. There are also no dead spots or dark areas on the Chauvet Intimidator 260. The price of the Chauvet Intimidator 260 is also reasonable and won’t make it the most expensive lighting system on the market.

Cons Of Chauvet Intimidator 260

The Chauvet intimidator 260 only has four channels. So if you want to use more than one light system with your DJ or band, then it may be better for you to purchase another lighting system that is the same type of lights but has more channels. It also does not go very loud, so if you want it to be able to play very loud music then it is not best for you.

Features & Benefits 

Chauvet Intimidator 260


Chauvet Intimidator 260 has a great design. It is very similar to the Intimidator Spot 250 it was replaced but has some new features. This light is a really cool combination of moving head and LED Par with built-in automated programs.

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 has a great range of movement. It is designed with the latest LED technology and includes a stand mount as well as a yoke mount included in the box. The Chauvet Intimidator 260 has a very easy and intuitive menu and comes at a great price too.

The slim new body design is built for durability as well as beauty. It incorporates an improved on/off switch, quick detach lanyard hook, and wireless timer remote control compatible with Dmx fixtures from other manufacturers as well as the Intimidator.

Automated Program Menu

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 includes an automated program menu that lets you control Pan/Tilt or both at different speeds. It is equipped with 20 DMX Channel modes, 4 Operational Modes (DMX, Sound Active, Master/Slave and External), 2 Shutter Angle Settings for the LED Par Can, 200 Full Power Flashes from the LED Par Can, and Electronic Dimming & Strobe Function.

Light Color & Beam Angle

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 has a white and color temperature of 5600-6500K & 2600 – 3200K at 1% increments. The beam angle is 25 degrees. The fixture includes a built-in LED power supply and has a power draw of 64 watts.

DMX Signal Protocol

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 uses the DMX-512 protocol with a 3 pin XLR connection. The light includes 16 built-in shows and has the capability to store 96 scenes in 4 separate banks.

It can control Pan/Tilt movements automatically with adjustable speeds, Rotating head moves 360 degrees continuously, Microprocessor-controlled stepper motors, and Ultra bright output for larger stages.

Chauvet Intimidator 260

Light Source & Bulb Type

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 uses a 1 – 160W LED power supply with a built-in LED Par64 can. The light source is also dimmable from 0-100%.

The LED Par64 can have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The LED array is rated for 100,000 hours of run time.

Drive Method & Startup Time

The Intimidator 260 uses a 1-channel drive method to control the color mixing and effects on the unit. It also boasts instant on/off with no warm-up time.


The Chauvet Intimidator 260 includes an AC power input (90-240V), 2 – 4 pin XLR DMX In/Out, and a 5-pin XLR for the control of up to 3 groups. The light fixture weighs 15 lbs with dimensions of 24 x 11.4 x 11.4 inches.

Durable Materials

The Intimidator 260 is a dual-laser scanner with red/green beams that cover a wide 160-degree field of view. Its sleek new design incorporates an improved on/off switch, quick detach lanyard hook, and wireless timer remote control compatible with Dmx fixtures from other manufacturers as well as the Intimidator.

The rugged, all-metal housing stands up to rigorous use and it’s in a class by itself when compared with competing scanners in terms of durability. The Intimidator 260 ships with a wireless timer remote control that attaches directly to the scanner for easy access, quick programming changes, or instant transport from one position to another. Power linking features make setup fast and easy.

Wireless Remote Control

The Intimidator 260 comes supplied with a wireless remote control that can be used to control its functions without the need for a DMX controller. This includes selecting and switching between solid colors, fast and slow color-chasing modes.


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Beam angle can be finely adjusted to focus light where it is needed. It can also create a very narrow beam of light for special effects. Intimidator Moving Head Light has a fast focus system for easy to set the size of beams in seconds. It is highly recommended for both starters and experienced pros.

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We would certainly recommend this product, especially if you enjoy having an edge over other people in terms of lighting at your events. Make sure to get one today or tomorrow before they are sold out!


Chauvet Intimidator 260

What is the power of the Chauvet intimidator 260?

The Chauvet Intimidator 260 has control of up to 6,000 lumens of color choices that can be done in DMX or variable sound active modes. The power of the Chauvet intimidator 260 is that it best suits applications where a controlled level of constant light and pattern effects are required.

Is the Chauvet intimidator 260 battery powered?

The Chauvet intimidator 260 is battery-powered, but the battery life for this light is not as long as you might expect. The Chauvet intimidator 260 uses a cord to plug into any standard outlet.

How many beams are there in the Chauvet intimidator 260?

There are only two beams in the Chauvet Intimidator 260. The Chauvet Intimidator 260 is best suited for more controlled venues such as nightclubs, theaters where there are no strobes or heavy color gels.


The Chauvet Intimidator 260 is a powerful LED DJ fixture with all the features you need to produce stunning effects. The unit produces 30000 lumens of output, which means that it can be used in daylight or outdoors for maximum impact.

It also has an impressive beam angle of 38 degrees and offers up to 16 DMX channels per mode, making this piece versatile enough for any application. With its rugged design and easy set-up process, the Chauvet Intimidator 260 is perfect for mobile DJs who are on the go!

This product will make your next event unforgettable! Contact us now to learn more about Chauvet Intimidator 260 today!

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