Top 5 Best Commercial Ice Makers

If you own a food establishment, having a dependable ice maker can save you a lot of headaches.

Today’s options offer rapid ice production and top features.

adjustable ice thickness, timer schedules, large storage

You can purchase through a distributor, but from buyer reviews many of the top models are available on Amazon.

Ice machines range, $299 – $1,999.

Here are my picks for best commercial ice maker machine.

1.) hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Maker Machine

2.) Costway Commercial Ice Makers

3.) Manitowoc UDF0140A Neo Ice Machine

4.) Costzon Commercial Ice Maker

5.) Vevor Large Capacity Ice Maker

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Best Commercial Ice Maker

hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Maker Machine

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The Homelabs Ice Maker Machine is the highest-rated commercial ice machine on Amazon.

Buyers like its rapid ice production — it’s able to produce up to 99 pounds of ice per day and offers 29 pounds of storage capacity.

Daily Capacity: 99 pounds of ice

Batch: 45 pieces of ice hourly

Storage: holds 29 pounds

Using the control panel you can adjust the increase/decrease ice production or adjust for ice thickness.

Perfect ice machine option for hosting large parties or commercial use:

restaurants, bars, offices, shops, golf courses, etc.

It’s also a favorite for wedding locations!

Buyers say that it’s super easy to hook-up — simply connect the hose to a water outlet and plug in the power cord.

Additional features include:

water supply hose, ice scoop, connector and drain hose

Lots of positive reviews w/ medium price tag.

Costway Commercial Ice Maker

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The Costway Commercial Ice Maker is one of the most affordable on my list.

It offers user-friendly controls and LCD indicators for easy maintenance.

Daily Capacity: 88 pounds of ice

Batches: 12 – 18 minutes

Storage: holds 8.8 pounds

Like the hOmeLabs commercial ice machine you can adjust the production speed and ice thickness.

Buyers like its ability to make ice quickly in medium size batches — great for parties!

Favorite among party hosts and wedding service providers.

Downside – Costway commercial ice maker has a smaller storage of 8.8 pounds (vs. hOmeLabs commercial ice maker 29 pounds).

Affordable price and lots of positive buyer reviews.

Manitowoc UDF0140A Neo Ice Machine

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The Manitowoc UDF0140A commercial ice machine is designed for rapid production.

It’s offered in three sizes, but the 135 lb model is the most popular online.

Daily Capacity: 135 pounds of ice

Batches: 12 – 18 minutes

Storage: holds 8.8 pounds

Manitowoc UD-0140A is one of the few Energy Star rated commercial ice machines — requires 10-20% less electricity than similar commercial ice machines.

It is large and boasts the ability to make 28 pounds of ice in a day — excellent option for home parties or small company events!

Buyers like the large, forward-sliding storage bin. Its larger ice storage bin makes it a true commercial ice machine that’s perfect for:

restaurants, bars, golf courses, busy concession stands.

Very popular model, but also expensive.

Costzon Commercial Ice Maker

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The Costzon commercial ice machine is a medium-price model.

In terms of production and speed, it’s very similar to the hOmeLabs commercial ice maker.

Daily Capacity: 110 pounds of ice

Batches: 12 – 18 mins

Storage: holds 33 pounds

It’s a favorite option for local restaurants and bars.

Buyers really like its compact size and fast production — you aren’t able to customize the thickness, but it’s very fast and ice cubes are the ideal size for mixed drinks.

Another reason for its popularity is the storage area.

It’s not as large as the Manitowoc, but able to hold 2-3x the ice as similar commercial ice machines.

Users also confirm that set up is super easy!

Good reviews and fair price.

Vevor Commercial Ice Maker

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The Vevor commercial ice machine is the largest on my list.

It’s able to produce a massive amount of ice per day — ideal for businesses servicing 80+ people at once.

Daily Capacity: 400 pounds of ice

Batches: 12 – 18 mins

Storage: holds 350 pounds

Buyers love its ability to store 1-day’s worth of ice!

It’s very durable, made of stainless steel and ABS plastics which insulate the storage compartment.

The operation panel lets you control advanced settings.

ice production speed, ice thickness, storage temperature, auto clean mode

Establishments looking for an ice machine this big usually order through a distributor, but buyers say it’s faster cheaper and delivery through Amazon.

It’s the favorite among busy bars and large commercial offices.


No matter the size or scope of your business, having a reliable commercial ice maker is essential to keeping your customers and staff happy. Whether you’re looking for an economical option, something with more bells and whistles, or an energy-efficient model that won’t break the bank, there are many options available on the market today.

Consider all of these factors when selecting a new commercial ice maker so you can make sure it meets your needs and budget requirements. With careful research into different models and features, you can find one that will keep up with demand without breaking down in the long run.

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