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Bestseller No. 1
Everyday Matcha 100% Japanese Green Tea Powder, Sen Cha naturals,One bag, 12oz
  • 100% Organic matcha green tea powder is perfect for baking, smoothies, lattes and giving a green tea boost to just about any dish
  • Japanese matcha direct from a certified organic family-farm in Shizuoka ensures you get the best quality matcha at un-premium prices.
Bestseller No. 2
Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Green Tea Leaves, 100 T...
  • Sencha green tea with matcha blend! Great Taste - noticeable sweeter than other brands!
  • Nylon filter bag for optimum water flow during brewing!
Bestseller No. 3
Ujido Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder - Ceremonial Blend (12 Ounce)
  • Traditional Japanese Matcha from 183 year old Uji City Manufacturer *** NOT MADE IN CHINA, NO HEAVY METALS ***
  • Highest Antioxidants - 10 times higher than Goji berries.Counteracts the effects of free radicals from pollution, UV rays, radiation, chemicals, and can help prevent DNA damage. That's why many experts are naming matcha a vital part of an excellent daily drink to help restore your body's well being and balance.
Bestseller No. 4
Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend (Green Tea), 100% Japanese Green Tea Leaves, Box of 100 Tea Bags (Pack of 2 Boxes)
  • Sencha green tea with matcha blend! Great Taste - noticeable sweeter than other brands!
  • Nylon filter bag for optimum water flow during brewing!
Bestseller No. 5
Ito En Matcha Green Tea, Japanese Matcha Powder, Unsweetened, 12 Oz
  • Our tea is high in Vitamin C and rich in l-theanine, an amino acid and element of green tea found predominantly in matcha that is shown to support mental clarity and wakeful relaxation; theanine helps relieve the jittery effect that caffeine can produce
  • Easy to prepare, cold or hot.
SaleBestseller No. 6
BambooWorx Japanese Tea Set, Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Traditional Scoop (Chashaku), Tea Spoon, The Perfect Set to Prepare a Traditional Cup of Matcha.
  • ☕ HEIGHTEN YOUR MATCHA TEA EXPERIENCE Whisk up a delicious cup of frothy lump-free matcha with our Matcha Tea set and enjoy the authentic ceremonial Matcha tea experience. The HAND CRAFTED PRONGED WHISK produces the best crema and froth. The SCOOP measures the perfect amount of powder. The SPOON is for stirring your Matcha when it settles.
  • 🍵 MATCHA TEA AT ITS BEST! Taste the difference! Conventional metal whisks leave you with bitter tasting tea. Comparatively, our bamboo whisk provides a much better, more delicious flavored tea. Our pronged whisk is engineered to create optimal agitation and it’s crafted in the perfect shape to effectively whisk up a frothy cup of tea.
Bestseller No. 8
Ippodo Matcha - Rich - Sayaka-no-mukashi (40g)
  • This smooth variety is the perfect starting point for first-time matcha drinkers
  • Umami with a soft aftertaste; a delicate aroma
SaleBestseller No. 9
Ujido Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder (16 oz) Culinary Smoothie Booster
  • JAPANESE HERITAGE - sourced and packed in Uji, Japan - supplied from Tune-emon Takizo’s family farm where Matcha has been produced for almost 200 years
  • MEDIUM CULINARY GRADE – Smoothie Booster is 3rd or 4th harvest, grown under SHADE, HAND picked, and STONE ground. This is perfect for cooking, baking, and smoothies, not a Ceremonial Grade matcha
SaleBestseller No. 10
Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement, Matcha Green Tea Powder, 12oz, Original Flavored
  • Matcha Collagen ---- It's a blend of culinary-grade matcha green tea paired with 10 grams of our Collagen Peptides. Sourced from high-quality Japanese matcha green tea and grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide.
  • Key Nutritionals (per serving) ---- 10g collagen peptides, 2-4g sugar, 50mg caffeine, 20mg L-theanine.

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