DDJ SR2 Case Reviews – Things You Should Consider For The Best Choice

You’re looking for a DDJ SR2 case, but you don’t know which one to get. There are so many different cases out there and it’s hard to choose the best one.

The DDJ SR2 Case is our favorite because it has a sleek design that looks great with any device, including an iPad Pro or MacBook Air 11 inch model. It also has plenty of storage space for all your accessories like chargers, cables, earbuds, etc., plus room for up to three devices! This case will keep everything organized in style while protecting your investment from scratches.

And if you are reading this DDJ SR2 Case Reviews, then it means you are on your way to finding one. The following paragraphs will provide information about the DDJ SR2 Case and its features so you can make the best decision for yourself or someone else who needs one! Read on!

Things To Consider Before Buying DDJ SR2 Case

There are many factors to consider before buying DDJ SR2 case. Some of these factors include: 

DDJ SR2 Case

Case Design

The first thing to consider is the design of the DDJ SR2 case. A simple search on the Internet will show you that there are many designs of products aimed at transporting your DJ equipment. To name a few, there are flight cases, backpacks, and hard cases.

Before making a purchase it’s important to consider what type of case would suit your needs best in terms of protection and convenience in transport. For example, if you’re the type of DJ that tends to play most of their gigs at home and occasionally travels to perform (e.g. is a hobbyist).

Then it may not be necessary for you to purchase an expensive, heavy-duty flight case as they tend to be quite expensive compared with other types of cases and can also be difficult to carry. In this case, a backpack or soft case may be a good enough option for you.

On the other hand, if you regularly play gigs and need to travel with your equipment regularly then a flight case would be a good investment as they are designed to withstand shock and vibrations during transport. Hard cases also provide great protection but tend to be quite heavy.


The next thing to consider is the color and design of the DDJ SR2 case. This may not be a priority for some but if you are planning on taking your gear to gigs, it’s best to have something that stands out so you can easily pick it out on crowded dance floors. Also, at home when practicing new tracks, it’s helpful to have a DDJ SR2 case that is clearly distinguishable from other cases.

Weight And Portability

In terms of weight and portability, consider the size of the case as well as how easily it can be carried from one place to another by a single person. For example, a flight case may provide additional protection compared to a backpack or soft case but they are often quite large and heavy. So if you need to walk for long periods of time, it may be difficult with a flight case.


The next thing to consider when choosing a case is the size. It’s not a good idea to try and save money by purchasing a larger case than you need, as it will only add weight and be more difficult to carry around. The general rule of thumb is that there need to be about two inches of extra space on all sides of the DDJ SR2 to allow you to carry it safely.


Consider the price of each case, as well as whether or not it is worth it in comparison with other cases. Some cases are cheaper than others but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are of better quality. It’s also important to consider if extra costs will be required (e.g. shipping costs, customs).

DDJ SR2 Case


It is important to make sure that the case you buy is compatible with your DDJ SR2. If you purchase an incorrect case then it will be difficult for you to transport the equipment safely and securely. The most common incompatibility issues are with cases that are too large or too small being purchased by mistake.


The materials used to construct the cases are also important factors because you want a product that is both durable and lightweight if possible. It’s also worth considering whether or not the case has additional compartments for storing accessories such as USB cables and pads.

Ease Of Cleaning

Cases can collect dirt and dust so it’s important to consider how easy it is to clean. If you have a soft case then this factor likely won’t be that big of a deal but if you have a hard-shelled case then it is essential for the product to be able to be cleaned with the right products.

Easy To Carry

You need to consider how easy the case is to carry around in terms of weight and attaching it to your luggage. Some cases come with detachable straps or wheels while others can be carried like backpacks. You also want a case that can attach securely to your DDJ SR2 if you are traveling by car.

Durable Construction

You also want to consider how durable the case is, as this will contribute to the cost of the product. Hard cases tend to be more expensive than soft cases but they are often constructed with stronger materials and can withstand greater shock. Soft cases, on the other hand, are lighter in weight and less bulky but provide less protection.

DDJ SR2 Case Review

ProX LED Flight Case for Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Digital Controller With Laptop Shelf and Bonus LED Kit - Black on Red Design-XS-DDJSR2LTRB
  • TO FIT: Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Controller
  • MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL: This Hard Case is made with the highest quality material and workmanship to give you the ultimate security for your DJ system.
  • CONSTRUCTED WITH RUGGED SIGNATURE: This DJ Controller case is constructed with our rugged signature 3/8" Gig-Ready Series Plywood, durable rubber wheels, reinforced steel ball corners, as well as recessed steel padded handles and latches.
  • MADE TO HANDLE ROUGH AND TOUGH EVERYDAY: This ProX ATA 300 Case is manufactured with the Honeycomb Digital laminated surface Design on 3/8" plywood. The Honeycomb Digital design helps prevent minor to mild scratches. This unique design was inspired in 2009 by the design of New York City Street Manhole covers which are made to handle rough and tough everyday punishment.
  • INCLUDES: This DJ Controller flight case includes removable sliding Laptop Shelf, LED Kit. There is additional space for cables and small accessories in the back and underneath the unit for convenience, as well as a removable front panel for you to access front input jacks easily. The front removable panel allows for easy access to the front controls and headphone/mic jacks.

DDJ SR2 case is a heavy-duty case that has enough foam for DDJ SR2, its accessories, and cables. It is not cheap but it will protect your equipment. It has a smooth, black finish and very sturdy handles.

The front of the case has two large doors that provide easy access to the equipment when you are in the club or stage. It also keeps your equipment away from dust and dirt while you’re not using them. The case is almost the same size as the Pioneer DDJ SR.

The case includes a pair of adjustable and removable Velcro dividers that allow you to configure the inside of the case for your needs.

It also has two recessed steel pins on each side for adding caster wheels. If you add caster wheels and pull one set of handles you will be able to roll your equipment after you remove the front doors.

The case is sturdy and it protects very well your DDJ SR2, but don’t expect this case to have the best “looks” in town. It looks pretty basic with its gray matte finish, but that’s not what this type of case is designed for. It’s designed to protect your equipment.

The case is well-constructed, it has high-quality materials and the price is not bad for what you get. The DDJ SR2 fits perfectly inside thanks to its measurements.

It comes with 4 castor wheels so you can smoothly move your equipment around. It is not a flight case and is meant to be carried by hand. It weighs about 25 pounds and the dimensions are 17.5″ x 12″ x 19″. It fits perfectly underneath most DJ turntables but it will not fit DDJ SR2 with its top faceplate installed.

If you need a heavy-duty case that allows easy access to your gear when needed, this DDJ SR2 case is a good choice.

Who Is DDJ SR2 Case For?

DDJ SR2 Case

DDJ SR2 Case is for anyone who wants to find out more about what DDJ is. It’s also for anyone who wants to see the consequences of their reluctance, indecisiveness, or procrastination. And of course, it’s for people who want to be able to easily carry their DJ controller around under the protection of a durable structure.

Pros Of DDJ SR2 Case

The DDJ SR2 case has many advantages, but one of the most important is that it can be taken with you anywhere. A relatively small compact case means that it is very easy to transport the DDJ SR2 controller.

Moreover, the DDJ SR2 controller has a very good ‘feel’ to it. The buttons are all responsive and have a nice click when pressed. The sliders are also smooth and are fairly responsive to being jiggled around. This is perfect for adjusting certain effects in DJ software, such as the level of reverb on a song track. The knobs are also very responsive to being twisted.

Although the DDJ SR2 controller does not have a crossfader, it is still a great option for any beginner who may be looking to take their first steps into DJing. The jog wheels help you get a feel for scratching music and turning the track slightly while adjusting your tempo and pitch.

The jog wheels also provide the option of scratching and beat-juggling, which is an essential part of DJing. It is difficult to master, but it provides a sense of rhythm and helps you work on your skills as a DJ.

Cons Of DDJ SR2 Case

Although the advantages of this controller are many, there are also a few minor problems that have to be pointed out. First of all, the case is very lightweight which allows for easy transportation, but it also makes it feel very ‘cheap’. This can make you feel as though your equipment could be damaged every time you open the case.

Secondly, because this DJ controller is so lightweight and compact, it can make it very difficult to perform a large variety of effects and mixes. Since there are only two decks (decks 1 and 2), it is impossible to blend songs together or create a ‘mashup’ like more expensive models.

Furthermore, the controller only has two channels. This means that you can only play two songs at once that require different fader movements. Although this is not a serious problem for beginner DJs, professionals will likely want more control and power over their music.

Features & Benefits 

DDJ SR2 Case


DDJ SR2 case has an excellent design. It is a rugged case made of aluminum and ABS plastic. The exterior design has clear lines while the interior is made to give excellent protection. The exterior color options are black or white.

The front part is a hinged lid that can be opened for connections and driver installation. Once the drivers are installed, the size of the laptop should fit into a recess in order to give maximum protection. The other benefit is that it gives easy access to front I/O ports on the MacBook Pro such as USB, headphone jack, and the power button.

On the back, there is a handle below where it says Pioneer DJ. The handle has rubber between for friction so it doesn’t slip off your hands. There are also two well-placed latches that you can latch or unlatch to open the case.

The interior of this case is made for the Pioneer DDJ-S1/2 (not tested for other brands) laptop. Some minor modifications will be required if you choose to use this case for other brand laptops.

The case has three layers of foam padding to protect the laptop. The first layer is attached to the aluminum exterior and it seems like a very durable foil material. Second one is made around the lid where the laptop will rest; third one is for between that first and second layer to give further protection.

This case is designed so that the laptop will be inside the center of the case. The aluminum exterior has enough room to fit cables inside without interfering with the lid. There should be no problem fitting your favorite DJ Headphones, adapters, and other items around it.

The top part where you put in the laptop is made of ABS plastic that connects with the aluminum exterior via screws. It has a semi-gloss finish all around on the top and on the sides of the lid. It gives excellent protection on both sides of this case while keeping it lightweight weighing only 5.5 lbs (with Macbook inside).

Weight & Dimensions

The case is heavy especially if you put it inside the aluminum shell. With a laptop inside, it is only 5.5 lbs which makes this case more of carry-on luggage than an everyday bag. I think this is made for musicians who travel with their laptops (mixer and controller) for gigs or producers on the go.

The dimensions are Width = 17″ , Length = 16.5″, Height = 1.75″ (with laptop inside). We think you can put the case inside small backpacks or any bags with these dimensions.

DDJ SR2 Case


The materials of this case are of top quality. The exterior is made of ABS plastic with a clear coat finish and the interior aluminum shell is painted with black textured powder coating. The aluminum shell is made of two layers – an inner and outer shell attached together via screws. The screws used are the same as those used on car engines (video below).

The result? It means the case is not only built to last, but it is also very easy to disassemble and re-assemble by any tech-savvy person. There are four feet on the bottom of this case that makes it stand on any table or flat surface. It is very sturdy with no sign of tipping over even if the case is fully loaded.


This case is not waterproof. But it gives excellent protection from rain and other weather conditions. It also doesn’t get dirty easily because of the textured black powder coating on the exterior. The ABS plastic will be a bit slippery if your hands are sweaty or wet, but nothing that cannot be handled by gripping both latches at the same time.

Hardware Design

The hardware design of this case is made for the Pioneer DDJ-S1/2 (not tested for other brands). It has cutouts on one side where you can put in USB cables and a power adapter. On the opposite side, there are big enough spaces to fit many types of audio, video, or MIDI connections used in club gigs.

Two USB ports on the left side, headphone jack and microphone input in the front, MIDI I/O port at the back. There are also two holes for attaching a shoulder strap if you want to use it as carry-on luggage instead of a case.

Durable Aluminum Shell

The aluminum shell is the main part of this case that protects your laptop. It has two layers plus exterior padding to serve its purpose. The holes for screws are made so tight, so you don’t have to worry about losing them once they are securely in place. We can honestly say there is no way anything will happen to this case as long as you don’t drop it from a very high place.



Harmony HCDDJSRLT Flight Glide Laptop Stand Tray DJ Custom Case Compatible with Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Controller (V2)
  • 3/8" Black Laminated Plywood construction
  • Spring Loaded Handle and Chrome Finish Hardware
  • Foam Lined Carpeted Interior with Gliding Slide Shelf for Laptop and Removable Front Panel
  • Heavy Ball Corner & Stackable design for added durability and storage convenience
  • Foam Lined Carpeted Interior to protect your equipment from scratches and impacts

Harmony HCDDJSRLT is the only other case that fits the Pioneer DDJ-Sr2 and offers a similar look, but is usually more expensive and doesn’t come with any full faceplates. Harmony also offers their HCDJSR case, which carries the same size and dimensions as the DDJ-Sr2, but isn’t compatible.

Similar to the Pioneer DDJ-Sr2, this case has a total of 9 slots for CDs or DVDs and comes with an aluminum faceplate. Because it doesn’t offer any cover for the front interface, you will probably want to get a pre-made cover or make one yourself.

It’s not 100% clear if the faceplate is made of aluminum, but feels very sturdy and durable just like the Pioneer DDJ-Sr2 case. The case features removable legs that can be adjusted at 3 different heights for quickly converting this case into a standard height DJ table.


MAGMA Carry-Lite XL Plus DJ Case (MGA41101)
  • Fits DDJ-400, DDJ-REV1, DDJ-RR, DDJ-SB / SB2 / SB3 , DDJ-SR / SR2, DJ-202, DJ-707M, DJM-800, MC4000, MC6000, MC6000MK2, MPK25, NS6II, NV, Primo, Traktor Kontrol S3 / S4 / S4 MK3
  • Constructed from laminated MDF and anodized aluminum profiles and butterfly latches (can be secured with a padlock)
  • Fully lined interior of 5 mm EVA foam and a 3 cm thick egg-crate foam on lid
  • Including 2-layer (2, 5 and 3, 5 cm) Pick & pluck foam to create individual compartment and slots for D-controllers, battle-mixers, laptops or smaller accessories
  • Convenient carrying-handle and option to attach a separate shoulder-strap

MAGMA MGA41101 is an officially licensed DJ equipment case for the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 made from a special, ultra-durable nylon blend. The entire exterior is covered in a rubberized coating that makes it extremely scratch-resistant and slip-proof – perfect for at home or on tour!

The inside of the top half is fitted with proper foam padding to perfectly secure and protect your controller while the case is closed. The bottom half of the case features a pouch-like compartment for cables, adapters, CDs/USBs, and other small items that need to be kept handy or stored safely.

A built-in handle makes carrying your equipment easy while its flat, low profile design makes it equally easy to store when not in use. Carrying a DDJ-SR2 has never been easier or safer. Bring your controller with you in style and confidence!

Harmony Cases HC2UED 

Harmony Cases HC2UED Pro DJ Flight 2U FX Effect 16" Depth Road Vertical Case
  • Laminated 3/8" plywood
  • Chrome finish hardware
  • Spring-loaded handles

Harmony Cases HC2UED is designed for the Pioneer DDJ SR2. The exterior is made of high-quality synthetic leather. The interior is lined with protective custom-fitted padding that keeps your Pioneer DDJ SR2 secure at all times.

There are two zippers where the case opens to allow for easy access. An additional outer pocket provides storage space for your cables, accessories, and laptop, making this case very practical.

Harmony Cases HC2UED will allow you to take your Pioneer DDJ SR2 anywhere in confidence. It is lightweight and durable so you can be worry-free. Whether it’s a quick jaunt across town or an around the world trip, this case ensures that your gear arrives safe and secure. Harmony Cases are designed for the traveling DJ.

Harmony Cases HC2UED is designed for the Pioneer DDJ SR2. The exterior is made of high-quality synthetic leather.  The interior is lined with protective custom-fitted padding that keeps your Pioneer DDJ SR2 secure at all times.


Is the DDJ SR2 Case MIDI compatible?

Yes, the DDJ SR2 case is MIDI-compatible. It provides sufficient protection for your controller and will ensure that the materials are safe. It fits controllers like the Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk2 and Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2.

Is the DDJ SR2 Case waterproof?

No, this case is not waterproof. However, it does have a durable exterior to prevent dust from getting in. The interior of the case is made with felt to provide maximum protection for your controller.

Does this case come with its own platters?

No, this does not come with its own platters. This product is designed to fit your DDJ SR2 controller only. Please do not attempt to use it for any other purpose as it will not work correctly. If you are looking for a DDJ SR2 case, this is the best one available.


DDJ SR2 Case is a great case for those who want to keep their devices safe from damage and for those who are looking for an easy-to-use product. It offers improved protection against drops, bumps, scratches, and spills as well as features such as port covers that prevent dust buildup inside the SD card ports.

The overall design of this case makes it very convenient to use with buttons on the backside so you can easily access your camera or charging port without having to take off the phone. This protective cover will help preserve your device’s resale value and protect all the important data you might have stored within it!

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