Deadmau5 Masterclass Review: Do You Need It?

If you want to be an Electronic Dance Music producer (EDM) general or a Disc Jockey (DJ), it is necessary to join professional music trains. Deadmau5 Masterclass review was concerned by people who love to be talented musicians. 

Some people said they can learn by themself on the internet at home. However, this is not suitable for beginners because amateurs will not know how to start with this problem. In addition, the music that was taught on the internet can make sure the program is trustworthy.

A studio with a big reputation and experience in training producers for electronic dance music not only saves a lot of time but also may bring to you a chance to collaborate with many famous seniors. 

Deadmau5 Masterclass Preview

What is the Deadmau5 Masterclass?

Joel Zimmerman or  Deadmau5 is a famous electronic dance music producer known as the founder of Deadmau5 Masterclass. Every course is produced with lively programs and high-quality videos that make you feel excited when you join. 

deadmau5 masterclass review

Although he was not training basically, the long experience in electronic dance music can impress you. He also used to play in some famous places like Coachella.

6 years ago, in 2015, Joel had released a digital album named Get Scraped. This album no longer made him become the most popular electronic producer. 

The masterclass is a famous online study platform that brings you various interesting courses from many “masters” in the music area. These teachers often come with great backgrounds in their particular fields. Masterclass wants to add Netflix technology to their online learning industry. 

Joel Zimmerman became famous in electronic dance music communication because of his  Mickey Mouse hat. People usually say that deadmau5 is the master behind the turntables. That is the reason why the debut as an owner of the Deadmau5 masterclass causes a stir among electronic dance music industry fans.

What program does Deadmau5 use in MasterClass?

Joel Zimmerman usually impresses people with their unique music taste and sound. He uses various Digital Audio Workstations ( DAW) for creating his music but in his masterclass, Joel will show people how to use Cubase, Xfer Serum, Ableton Live, or Logic.

In his class, you can learn the method of melodies, mixing, and comprehension to create special sounds that you can not find anywhere on the internet. He also told you how you can make your music but not have to spend millions of dollars. 

Participate in deadmau5’s masterclass, you can receive

  1. 23 videos that last up to 6 hours
  2. 100% restricted content that Joel Zimmerman complicated. This is the first time he has an online course so you can not find these anywhere. 
  3. Workbook and appointment for additional learning
  4. Restricted access in the deadmau5 masterclass community that you can associate with professional teachers, famous electronic dance musicians, or students. 
  5. A library for the old students of the masterclass: The office hour. If you have any problem with the lesson, you can post the question in there and deadmau5 will help you answer it.

In the deadmau5 masterclass, you can learn all about 

  1. Hypothesis and practical behind deadmau5’s progress to make a record.
  2. How to begin a harmony and convert it into musical adaptation.
  3. how to compose standardized units of musical synthesizer.
  4. organization beat and song in electronic dance music 
  5. The way Joel mixture his tracks
  6. How to work in music industries and the way to break into it.
  7. all about the complication deadmau5 shows
deadmau5 masterclass review

The Feature That Makes Deadmau5 Masterclass Different

Work Plan

At the beginning of the video, Deadmau5 said that this course can be used as a foundation for everybody who wants to produce electronic music. He also gives you tip advice while chasing the music industry and some kind of program operation. 

All songs of music dance become famous and commercial because they have the same formula. Joel has a high point of view in creative music but you will not feel that this is an offense. On the other hand, his comment about your music may be helpful and lead you to a new way to develop. 

No matter what your level is, if you are a deadmau5 fan or not, this is a masterclass valuation for any electronic dance musician.

In the second lesson, deadmau5 starts with a bass border and builds a chord form before guiding us with “ the Mr. Potato Head method ” that he named. It is more of a saving place with a filling arrangement in Ableton Live and then he can visit again later whenever. In the chapter on progress melodic structure, he will work in an eight-bar phrase. 

Joel tells us how to pay great attention to the connection between the last loop and the first one when he is working in a close chord. Whenever the last chord does not make him feel 

satisfied, Joel will delete it and make it into the six-bar phrase.

Industrial Tips

Some people say that the Masterclass courses do not meet their needs about the sufficiently technical. They want more knowledge and skill to make real progress in the subject ideal in these courses. Although these kinds of classes have their limited aspect, I’m pretty sure that not many classes in the masterclass platform can bring you the best technical skills like deadmau5.

At the beginning of the whole course, there are some special points that we can learn about deadmau5’s development. Joel never told us the way to do it apart from the beginning to the final but we get a look at all steps of the method in a well-organized way. When I watched the class thoroughly, I realized 2 different experiences.

The first time I watched this course, I did not have much experience in producing electronic dance music. I am officially a beginner. So, I do not understand all the things he had told but can have some figure about the general of each lesson.

Joel’s theory is still in my mind even when I do not take much mental foundation. One time later, after spending a lot of time searching about the technical views, I had to connect more with the professional lesson. Now, all the programs in this class are useful for me.

deadmau5 masterclass review

Helpful advice

The most useful advice Deadmau5’s class told me as anyone who wants to start a music career or an experienced musician is that you do not need to spend much money to produce electronic dance music. 

Through the course, Joel always reminds me that excellent electronic dance music not only can be created in a high-quality studio or expensive tools but also can be created on a laptop cheap or free. The support devices are not playing an important role in music production. 

If you do not know about the music foundation or spend time on the process, no modern machine can help you create incredible music. It means a large number of deadmau5’s classes are used to introduce basic modular synths.

The multitask of Joel

Some people say they don’t care about Joel’s philosophy. All they want to know is what deadmau5 can offer for anyone who knows it all. Be patient, the story just begins. Class 18 which is named “Starting Your Producing Career” can help a lot. 

Joel is a special producer that not only makes music but recruitment, training as well as raising the company. This is such hard work that not many producers can do – A great artist and studio manager. 

The useful advice at the final chapter of Deadmau5 masterclass for promising artists relates to professionals and the look of professionals in the music industry. This makes Joel’s class outstanding from the other class on the platform. Students can learn from not only a musician who has successful experience but a studio administrator that always makes particular characteristics.

deadmau5 masterclass review

Music Value

Although some videos do not meet the terms of production rate, they still have a big step forward. Nowadays, many videos available on the internet can be caught at a high-quality level. However, this kind of class still has a signature valuation.

Things that make deadmau5’s class respond to the amazingly aesthetic advantage come from various factors: the light, the sound, and even the beat of frame adjustment. Maybe you come to learn Deadmau5’s music technique but the entertainment, as well as the durability of art, may keep you in. 

Do You Need A Deadmau5 Masterclass?

As I see it, the biggest difference between deadmau5 and other masterclasses is simply that Joel has a funny talking style. If you want to know more about the professional roles and the deep knowledge of music creation, this class may be suitable for you. However, he never told you how to do things from the beginning to the end, DAW is an example. 

Instead of that, I get more ideas about how each factor works. But I have to work hard in research, trial and error to find my feelings, my music style. 

Because Joel has his special personality so deadmau5’s class may make you feel judgmental or sarcastic sometimes, but it is also honest. The awkward and whimsical that some people see just only convert into funny time overall.

I am not the kind of person that stands bored. So I do not like uninterested and rigid music masterclasses. They do have space for me to create my imagination and sound. In the deadmau5 masterclass, you can hear about Joel’s process in electronic dance music production. If you are losing your way in this career, his story can inspire you a lot. 

On the whole, this masterclass may help those who love electronic dance music but do not know the right way for achieving our goal find it very inspirational. They will not tell us step-to-step to be a successful producer. However, they believe that success can be reached in one day.

deadmau5 masterclass review

In addition, one more attraction of this masterclass is that I and the students can talk with Joel comfortably like friends but not an idol with fans. He might not be the best electronic dance music teacher but everyone can feel that he is a true artist.

No matter if you are looking for encouragement, a light to chasing electronic dance music, or maybe a hobby, Joel will certainly inspire you and make your process simpler and approachable than many people think about it. 

The biggest thing that all deadmau5 masterclass’s students realize is DJ is a true artwork. There is no gradual formula to reach a goal. It takes you a long time to make your true music color. You will be affected by the surrounding environment, control innovation then you can create something amazing.

According to research on the internet, the deadmau5 masterclass is loved by many people from a beginner like me to experienced players or anyone else who is not good at music.  That means it works with various student’s foundations.

If you are still confused that deadmau5 can show you the complete arrangement to become excellent in electronic dance music or DJ, I will make sure that no course meets your needs. No guidebook teaches you how to create a masterpiece. As I have said before, making music needs time to develop your feeling and experiment again and again. 

I hope my review can help you choose the best choice. 


After all, we just only want to know what we will receive from the deadmau5 class? Joel Zimmerman is an excellent teacher with creative ability and much knowledge that we can learn from. His clarification of problems in electronic dance music as a Disc Jockey (DJ) is concise, informational, and attractive which can help us a lot.

Joel is not the kind of person with a warm heart and friendly. He seems blunt and candid. This kind of personality may make people feel uncomfortable.

In short, the students will not be disappointed about deadmau5’s lesson.

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