How To Make A Diy Dj Facade

Have you ever heard of a DJ facade? It is a booth that can adjust to the music. Have you ever thought you could create it? Today, we find ways to make it together. 

Creating a DIY Dj Facade can help you with the excellent lighting appropriate to attend your music. A DIY Dj Facade can convert your congregation’s choice and present you as competent. 

For us directly, a DIY Dj Facade can bury everything such as speakers, electronics,… behind a facade. That makes your space feel better.

A DIY DJ Facade

A DIY DJ facade is a front line of the table to wrap your DJ table. A DIY DJ facade is similar to a standard DJ facade. It is also two-part: the frame and the covering.  Besides that, A DIY DJ facade is made from various materials. It depends on your creation. Only if you have an idea, can you make it come true. 

In addition, you can add accessories for your DIY DJ. The specific accessory is a lighting setup. You can add a lightning system to the Dj facade more brilliantly. There are many lightening systems you can choose from. We will talk in more detail below. Or you can equip an additional shockproof bag to preserve your DIY DJ for longer. Or you can invest more background behind to create a miniature stage for yourself. That way, you will look like an artist.

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Prepare Tools To Use

diy dj facade

The tools needed to make DIY Dj Facade are actually very simple. You just need to prepare the right tools for the material of the Dj facade you make:

For PVC material, you need to prepare to fix ties, pins, or double-sided stickers to fix the covering. You also need more paint to be able to paint your favorite colors for your Dj Facade. And of course, an indispensable part is the PVC pipes and covers made from your favorite material.

For lumber, you need to prepare a framing hammer so that you can drive nails into the wood, to create sturdy Dj facades. Besides, you need to prepare sandpaper, polishing glue, nails, hinges to be able to handle the wooden slats you use. Don’t forget to paint, paint cans contain your favorite color. Might make you touch the diy dj facade in your lap.

In addition, you can use supporting devices, whether or not, such as paint sprayers, rulers to be able to align more accurately.

Make Each Frame Diy Dj Facade

The frame of the Dj Facade is a part that allows you to temporarily hide bulky technical equipment, making your space look more professional. A good Dj Facade framework must meet the following criteria:

The frame must cover all the bulky equipment behind. As such, this will ensure that the Dj facade looks better. Besides, the frame must be really solid so that nothing will happen when you perform. A loose frame will make your performance turn out to be pathetic. What’s worse than when you’re engrossed in performance when the frame comes loose, or breaks? They can even have worse consequences. It is to hurt you and those around you. Be very careful when making a frame.

The first thing you are going to make an ideal DIY Dj Facade is making frames. You can choose different materials to do it. Below that, we recommend you use two materials: Pvc and lumber.

Pvc Material

diy dj facade

If you choose this material, you can find 12 pipelines. Each line has one meter. And there are twelve “joint combines” You can reuse it from old-pile or buy new. 

You can choose any color you want. However, we advise you should choose a white pipeline. It seems vintage and beautiful. 

Then, you use to combine four pipelines and 4 “joint combines” into one frame. Have done step 1!

Lumber Material

diy dj facade

If you choose this material, you can find 12 boards with 45-degree corner cuts on a particular side of one board. 

Then, you use nails and a hammering frame to create a lumber frame. Be careful, when you’re nailing it!

Assemble Frame Diy Dj Facade

Assembling the frame is an important job in the whole process of making a Dj Facade. With a frame made of Pvc material, assembling will be a little easier. Because Pvc is a lightweight material, it is easy to move and repair. However, a Pvc frame looks a bit weaker. So when you fix the Pvc frameset, please keep this point in mind. Look for ways to make your Pvc set more solid by joining cement joints, for example. Cement is a solid binder that gives a solid feel. Please try it this way. In contrast, a frame made of lumber feels more solid. However, the reworking process is more complicated, requiring meticulousness and patience. Remember, always follow the guidelines carefully. Avoiding the situation that doing it wrong is having to remove the whole frame, it’s a waste. Be very careful with this ingredient. Without saying much more, let’s start with the fixed frame.

The second thing is to combine each frame made in step 1. 

Pvc Material

diy dj facade

Combine all of the made-frame from pipelines into a facade. You’ll use 3 PVC frames and arrange these on the line. Then, to tie three that by adopting the zip. After that, you will have a folding/accordion architecture. 

Lumber Material

diy dj facade

Combine all of the made-frame from lumber into a facade. First, you use lumber glue to cover the corner of these frames. Do like this. It will create a form of the elbow. 

You should certainly nail rightly in 4 corners. Then, you should create the frame belt or connect and take it down each fabric and çoncur the strap down through it adequately efforts the fabric to perfectly square up at 4 elbows. 

You should get a particular bracket for any hem which wasn’t bordering perfectly. Then, you leave it one night to the color you make set to dry. Check it carefully. Then, tie off frame belts. Check your nail to keep in the right position. 

Finally, you can nail the edge of the fabric strongly. Review all the fabric is fitting. 

If you want to paint another color onto the fabric, you can follow this guide. First, you can rub all the fabrics and all the elbows until everything becomes smooth. More smooth more beautiful paintings on the fabric. Then, you cover the color paint you like on the frames. 

Cover To Diy Dj Facade 

In addition to the frame, the covering is an integral part of the Dj facade. A good covering will easily reflect light from the interior lighting system. Therefore, you should choose bright covering material, do not choose too many colorful patterns. Besides, choose materials that are easy to clean. For when you clean your facade. You don’t have to go crazy because you can’t handle the stains on the covering.

A covering should meet two criteria:

Lightly, this is the first and foremost criterion, are you sure you are not going to drag and get stuck in moving the facade to set up the space? Please choose light materials, do not use the whole wood to make the facade. Your hand will be so mad at you, it will hurt all night.

Consider aesthetics. Although each person has their taste, you should choose harmonious colors for your covering. Consider the textures on the covering. With a DIY DJ facade, you’ll likely use it for a variety of occasions. Covers with offensive shapes will hardly shine at important events like weddings or anniversaries (unless you have a special personality, and don’t mind people’s eyes). A white covering is always a safe choice and meets all circumstances.

The next thing is to create a covering for your DIY DJ facade

Pvc Material

diy dj facade

At the moment, you use a cotton cover to the facade with your large brackets. Get white glue to paint on your brackets to hide it if you want. You should hide everything behind the facade. So that, it looks more professional. 

If you don’t want to get brackets, you also use a fixed fixture with stickers. The advantage of using a fixed fixture with stickers is suitable for a one-time event.  You can save a lot of costs. 

If you use a fixed fixture with stickers, you can choose the type with a sticky back. Taking the two faces of the fixed fixture with stickers together into the behind of the face of the DIY DJ facade. 

For a fixed fixture with a sticker on the facade, you should permanently remove both two corners by bandaging two zip wraps around it ( wrapping the corners to the pipeline will not secure). This will afford it does not come unfairly from the pipeline. 

Lumber Material

diy dj facade

Now, we go to the end of the process. Apply the covering on the facade. You can buy it online, market, or anywhere you can see it. You should wait for a flash sale to buy it. That helps you save a bit of money.  

After buying the covering, you only cut it into three square covering to fit each fabric. Now, you can secure this covering into the fabric. You can use a framing hammer or a  staple cannon to do this. Let stretch the covering when you adhere. You can rest half an inch among each predominant. Get secure the covering from a corner of the fabric. While you using staple cannon, you should notice the covering rightly. You again this process until full cover the fabric.

Set Up Lightening

diy dj facade

Lightening is an indispensable part of your DIY Dj Facade. Lightening will make your Dj facade more sparkling, brilliant, and attractive.

Lightening for DIY Dj Facade has many types that you can choose from.

The first is PAR, this is very popular lightning, the light emitted from PAR can make the space shimmer and beautiful. PAR can create super beautiful shapes, hearts, circles, flowers… PAR will be a simple but effective choice for you.

Secondly, you can choose WASH, WASH will brighten up your facade area, WASH will be extremely suitable for dinner parties, award ceremonies, etc. Usually, events need clarity.

The third is DMX, this is the device that connects the LEDs. With just a DMX, you can create your own purposeful lighting themes and stages. Since DMX has the ability to control led lights, DMX can be used for many occasions, styles and events.

Fourth is Spot, Spot will be a suitable lighting if you want to attract people’s attention. Because the Spot will create an outstanding area of ​​light. If you hold a wedding and want to stand out from the bride and groom, this is an optimal choice. Spot’s applicability is also demonstrated in various awards ceremonies or events that highlight individuals.

Here is a video where you can get an overview of the work done and complete a DIY Dj Facade. This video will give you more inspiration to make your DIY Dj Facade. Please enjoy this.


With that, we’ve walked you through the steps of making a DIY DJ facade. Hopefully, with these experiences, it will be easy for you to make a facade however you like.

Please follow the steps. And read and choose carefully to choose what is right for the DIY Dj facade of your dreams. If you have any questions, you can comment below. Or you can share photos of DIY Dj Facade you made. Better yet, you can share about other facade materials that you make so that we and others can know and learn.

If you want to find more accessories for your DIY Dj facade. You can choose the best-powered Dj subwoofer or the best standalone Dj controllers.

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