Top 15 Best DJ Earplugs For Protecting Your Hearing (Updated 2021)

To every DJ, the ears are their career. Without good hearing, you can not be a DJ who makes the fantastic mix and impulse everyone in the nightclubs to the highest tone of emotion. That is why it is very important to protect a DJ’s hearing as most carefully as possible. And with the best DJ Earplugs, your hearing protection will be completely ensured.

As a DJ, your ears have to always have to access many types of sounds with high volume. Without the earplugs, it’s all a matter of time that your ears will suffer bad side effects including severe health issues, and in the worst case, you will face up to hearing defects.

However, over last year, there are more than hundreds of options of DJ Earplugs emerged that can confuse you. So, below, we’ve taken a detailed look at the pros and cons of Top 15 Best DJ Earplugs, hopefully, this helps you make up your mind when making your purchase amongst many options.

Best DJ Earplugs Comparison 2024

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Top 15 DJ Earplugs Reviews 2024

Caldwell E-Max Shadows 23 NRR $150

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This Caldwell Shadows 23 NRR has a beautiful black cover that is easy to keep clean. Caldwell Shadows 23 NRR will lead you to the best experience with high-quality stereo sound. On the other hand, it works well in protecting your hearing with the 23 noise reduction rating.

Moreover, Caldwell Shadows 23 NRR is very easy to use while constantly repress sound to a safe level for your ears, but does not need to clip sound. It also can be easily connected to your mobile device with Bluetooth so you can both listen to music and shoot at the same time.

Having 6 sizes of foam tips, they will provide you with a comfortable fit size for your ear to assure eliminate the annoying sound in order to protect your hearing.

If you do not use it, these Caldwell E-Max Shadows automatically switch off after 4 hours and are displayed on the on/off illumination.


  • They have a fantastic ability of hearing protection;
  • They have good amplification;
  • They are easy to control through capacitive touch.


  • They have to be charged. And the battery life does not last for a whole day.

DBud High-Fidelity Ear Plugs $59

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These DBud earplugs have two volume settings. You can easily control it with a simple slide button. The level of noise can be reduced to -11 dB or -24 dB. There are 3 sizes of foam tips S, M & L, and XS is not available.

These DBud earplugs are designed for musicians with the ability to turn down the volume of the sound without damaging the sound quality. Their Closed Setting attenuates very slightly across the whole frequency spectrum. And The Open Setting reduces outside noise more than the normal frequencies of voices. Therefore, DBud earplugs ensure to protect your hearing from loud sounds, while you can still hear and talk well.

These are not electronic. DBud earplugs only use mechanical tech. So these do not need charging.

There are magnets integrated and a leash that you can wear around your neck, in order to always keep your earplugs in reach. And there is a pocket-sized case included.


  • They are very easy and convenient to use with the neck lanyard magnet;
  • They work well in hearing protection, especially for concerts;
  • Users can still listen and talk to each other.


  • They do not have a suitable size for someone with small ears;

Hifiez High Fidelity Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs $50 

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These Hifiez earplugs have the ability to protect your ears from loudly harmful noise levels by eliminating excess sounds. Designed with an advanced sound filter, these earplugs can ensure a clean, clear hearing, and provide users with a comfortable experience without muffling.

These earplugs equip 2 volume settings for you to choose relied on the particular environment. These are easy to use by simply moving the slider to switch between a lower and higher level of the filter. Ideal to be used at concerts, but you can use these for road trips and shooting sport.

These are not batteries needed, and be able to reuse The ergonomic memory foam tips can be worn discreetly into the ear. And there are 3 sizes of ear tips: S, M, L.

Furthermore, there is a detachable string for you to wear around your neck, and a waterproof compact case to keep the earplugs in, and a squeeze open pouch to put in your bag if you want to.


  • They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time;
  • They allow users to adjust the volume of noise reduction so they can still talk to other people;
  • They come with a connecting pack that prevents them from getting lost.


  • They do not completely eliminate the unpleasant noise.

Earasers Hi-Fi High Fidelity Earplugs $40

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These Earasers earplugs do not plug up your ears like typical earplugs, but instead, attenuate 19db of harmful high-frequency peaks. Their attenuation is incredibly transparent.

Moreover, they are equipped with Smart Seal technology in order to ensure the perfect fit through a long time of wearing. They are made of soft medical-grade silicone that can provide users with an extremely comfortable experience. 

There are diverse numbers of sizes which is suitable for all male, female, and kid.

Furthermore, the case is included in various colors.


  • Do perfectly in protecting users ears from the direct noisy sound;
  • They sounded crisp and clear, not muffled;
  • They are comfortable to wear for a couple of hours.


  • The tiny plastic and tenant can be broken after months of use.
  • Do not have a string to keep them from being lost.

Decibullz Custom-Molded High Fidelity Earplugs

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These Decibullz earplugs have a simple EZ Shape system featured that makes they be easily and quickly fitted to your ear. They provide users with a superior noise filter. They can also be reusable without charging needed.

These Decibullz High Fidelity Earplugs protect your hearing without trashing sound quality. So they are suitable for a concert, nightclub or even sporting event.

They provide accurate noise reduction by using a passive sound filter that forms optimal linear attenuation. They Lower sound volume but not the quality resorting to the help of the advanced membrane adjusted to keep natural sound clear

The set has three S, M, L sizes of foam tips, and a small carrying case.


  • Users can hear outside conversations while the loud music is protected.
  • The molding process seems easy.


  • Need to heat it up in hot water.
  • Without carefulness, they can be fell off and get lost.

Eargasm Smaller Ears Earplugs

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These Eargasm Earplugs will protect your hearing from loud and harmful noise. They work in a way of cutting out overbalance sound from your concerts, shooting matches, or daily activities.

Besides protecting your hearing, they also maintain the music quality with progressive attenuation filters. They reduce noise volume evenly so that can preserve the full spectrum of sound without muffling the sound.

They are suitable for ones who have small ears but are still equipped with two sets of bigger-sized tips to provide users with the perfect fit. These Eargasm Earplugs are really easy and convenient to use, you just need to install the included set of attenuation filters into the cover.

Their silicon covers are benign and comfortable for a long time of wearing. Furthermore, a non-stick design will ensure that the earplugs are always easily taken off.


  • They are small so people will find it hard to know you are wearing earplugs.
  • They can reduce the intense cacophony from speakers in the concerts, while users still can join private conservation.
  • They are easy to take in and off.


  • They can be wiggled out of your ear over a period of use.

Loop Experience Pro Earplugs

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The Loop Reusable Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are really benign that suitable for sensitive hearing. They can reduce harmful decibel levels without trashing the sound quality. Besides, they still let you hear and emerge in private conservation.

These Loop Noise Reduction Ear Plugs are equipped with a creative filter to lower noise by 18 decibels. Furthermore, Loop has foam ear tips in order to provide users with comfort. And Loop Mute Setting allows users to switch the noise reduction by 5dB if needed.

These earplugs include 8 floppy silicone tips with 4 sizes from XS to L and 6 foam ear tips in S, M & L to make users be comfortable for a long day. 

These Loop earplugs have a unique design with a round shape.


  • Easy to install and use because the instructions are clear.
  • They do their good work at protecting users’ hearing from loud noise, but still, allow them to hear and talk to other people.


  • The case is not really firm then earplugs might be fall out and get lost.

EarPeace Concert Earplugs

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These EarPeace Concert Earplugs have patented attenuation filter technology that allows accurate acceptable sound access to the ear while blocking out damaging outside noise. With these earplugs, users can deeply enjoy the concert without concern about hearing damage. EarPeace provides users with sharp, pure sound without corrupting the sound quality.

Featured with a dual flange design, these DJ earplugs will provide you with comfort during a long time of wearing.

They are small, discreet, and hard to be found out by others. A set comes with 3 silicone earplugs and 3 filter sets that allow users to adjust the protection level. Moreover, there is a firm aluminum case included that can be clipped to your keychain.


  • They ensure that users can hear the sound at the concert clearly without concern about ears ringing.
  • Hard to be fallen out of your ears.


  • There is no string to wear your earplugs around your neck;
  • They require a little bit of annoyance when inserting.

AXIL XP Series Defender Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

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These AXIL XP Defender Earplugs come with: 2 pairs of XP Defender Earplugs, 1 Neoprene Carrying Case, 1 pair Medium & 1 pair Large tips.

These earplugs use the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System that can protect your hearing well. The Dual Mode setting allows users to turn simply between Open and Closed Mode in order to communicate and hear protect at the same time. Otherwise, users can choose to turn off all sounds for absolute hearing protection.

They are made from medical and hypoallergenic materials, so they are benign and safe for your ears. Moreover, these earplugs are pretty small that you can bring them anywhere with you.

They are washable and reusable. The material is Ultra Soft EVA – very soft and provides users with comfort over a period of wearing.


  • They have the ability to allow users to communicate and hear protect at the same time;
  • They are in a handy size, easy to bring with.


  • Sometimes they can be fallen out.
  • Maybe they do not protect a DJ’s ears enough in a too loud environment.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro High Fidelity Music Ear Plugs

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These Alpine MusicSafe earplugs will provide DJs with a great music experience. They protect your ears without compromising the quality of music. The creative Alpine Acoustic Filters are specially designed to imbue damaging noise while maintaining high clearly sound quality.

They have a string that lets you hang the earplugs around your neck. Moreover, they can be easily switched the filters in different modes, quiet rehearsal or concert.

Their material is hypoallergenic, durable, and has no silicone added; so they are safe for your ears.


  • The noise cutting down is fantastic;
  • Music quality is still good when wearing them;
  • They provide users with comfort over a long time of wearing.


  • They make the sound quite muffled.

Mumba High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

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These Mumba Earplugs help reduce noise up to 24dB in an even way that ensures to preserve the full spectrum of sound while protecting hearing. Mumba concert earplugs provide sharp, clear sound at a benign volume for your ears. Besides, they will not muffle the sound or trash the sound quality. 

They are born for Concerts, Musicians, Drummer, Percussion, DJs. The design allows users to be comfortable when they are making music. These earplugs are soft, hypoallergenic, and totally safe for your ears and health. 

Mumba high-fidelity earplugs are small enough to be invisible in your ear when wearing them. They come with a pair of standard-sized earplugs and a pair of small-sized shells that let users get a perfect fit. Furthermore, they are easy to take off. And these musicians’ earplugs come with an aluminum cover and a carabiner that you can hang on your keychain and bring it around with you wherever you go.


  • They reduce dB volume without breaking the character/timbre of the sound;
  • They are very comfortable and not easily noticeable;


  • The sound going in is a bit muffled;
  • Users have to push really hard to set it deep enough to get the noise reduction but it puts a little bit of pressure on the ear canal.

LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Plugs

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These LiveMus!c HearSafe Earplugs are able to protect your hearing. These noise-eliminating earplugs are made with the safest and benign quality soft silicone, being totally hypoallergenic and safe for your health and ears. The triple flange design and the cone-shaped tip will provide you with comfort over a long time of wearing. They fit perfectly your ear canal and allow you to wear them all day.

They can lower high-frequency background noise but still preserve music and voice quality.

They come with two sets of earplugs with different noise reduction levels, an aluminum case with a cord so that you can hang it around your neck. They are so ideal for travel and safe storage.


  • They are easy to carry in the user’s pocket daily;
  • They allow users to hear outside conversation clearly when blocking the harmful noise;
  • They provide users with easy insertion.


  • They are a little hard to keep in users’ ears.
  • They are a little hard to be removed.

Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs

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These Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs are very easy to use. Users can quickly get it fit their shape of ears and whichever shapes. Their design is created to never hurt your ears, they are soft and firm, and provides incredible noise reduction.

They are not hard to use. You just need to sink down the Decibullz thermoplastic molds in hot water, let them out for a while until they get cooler, then put them to your ears. Moreover, they are re-moldable in case that you can let them fit your ears.

The Decibullz earplugs are born for DJs to use at their concerts, but they can be used in the shooting, traveling, and many other activities in life.

When you buy it, you will get two Decibullz earplugs molds, three couples of tips in triple flange shape from S to L size, one soft Foam Tips in M size, and a carrying cover with the logo of  Decibullz outside. 

To reuse them, simply reheat and remold these earpieces whenever you need to.


  • They are easy to mold to anyone’s ears;
  • They are pretty easy to re-engineer;


  • The sound is still audible, it just no more jarring;
  • They are more suitable for daily activities than for a concert.

Loop Experience Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

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This loop experience noise reduction earplugs play a good role in noise reduction. They are suitable for people with sensitive hearing. You can reduce harmful decibel levels without compromising sound quality. This means you can still maintain a clear sound and easily listen and communicate. 

This loop noise reduction earplug is equipped with a state-of-the-art filter that reduces noise by 18 decibels. They are one of the humble professional acoustic musicians’ earplugs that maintain sound clarity while protecting dangerous volumes from hurting your eardrums. 

These noise-reducing earplugs contain 8 ultra-soft silicone tips in 4 sizes XS, S, M, and L for all-day comfort. 

These loop noise reduction earplugs feature a fashionable round shape and are specialized to filter out and attenuate harmful noise. The Loop Trial Set includes 2 loop earplugs, 8 silicone ear tips and 1 keychain carrying case.


  • They can prevent the jarring noise from hurting your ears while users still can join in others conservations.
  • They are quite invisible and look snazzy handsfree.
  • They come with foam/rubber earbuds in varying sizes.


  • Users can still hear noise when standing in a too-loud environment.
  • Sometimes they are hard to be removed from your ears.

Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs

[amazon box=”B018WPOQSG” ]

These Vibes Reusable High Fidelity Earplugs can reduce harmful decibel levels in order to protect your ears in noisy environments such as a concert without compromising sound quality. These noise-canceling earplugs are featured with progressive attenuating filters that reduce volume via filter-specific frequencies vs outright noise cancellation. These filtered sound reduction earplugs can also ensure a sharp and clear music experience.

Equipped with clear cover shells and form-fitting low-profile silicone earplugs each noise-eliminating earplug is hard to be found out.

They provide users with comfort and are a snug fit for all ear types. The adjustable silicone earplugs with sound blocking tips in diverse sizes (S, M & L). That is the reason they are perfect for men, women, kids, and adults to wear for a whole day.

These expertly acoustic earplugs allow users to live in quiet noisy environments while eliminating and filtering sound clearly. They come with a hard portable case for travel.


  • They are discreet and comfortable.
  • They work great in isolating annoying noise.
  • They block out just the right amount of background noise, so users can still hear well enough to communicate with other people.


  • The sounds heard are a little bit muffled.
  • At the higher register, treble, and mid-ranges, the sound is a little bit compromised.

A Guide To Choose Your Best DJ Earplugs

Hereafter, there are some useful tips for you to choose the most proper earplugs.

Focus on the NRR

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is the measurement in decibels that show us the level that hearing protector reduces noise. This metric is determined by the Environmental Protection Agency. In principle, the higher the NRR ratios are, the more effective the noise reduction. While wearing earplugs your access to noise is estimated by the whole noise level minus the NRR that the earplugs provided. That is why it is very important to look at the NRR number in the packaging of the earplugs before deciding to purchase them.

Different Between Simple And Dual Earplugs

DJ Earplugs

If you use dual Earplugs, the merged NRR provides nearly 5 – 10 decibels more than the higher-rated of the two single earplugs. So, in huge loud environments such as a concert, the dual earplugs are better in protecting your hearing.

Electronic Or Passive Earplugs

In general talking, the electronic earplugs provide users with more effective in reducing harmful sounds and clearing quiet sounds. But without electronic earplugs, the passive earplugs are still able to protect your hearing well. Because the electronics in the earplugs are not born to protect your hearing. So if you can not afford the electronic earplugs, your ears can still be pushed under safe with passive earplugs.

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The amplifiers used in electronic earplugs include the “smart” features of earplugs. In older (and cheaper) models, this technology was a simple “stop gate” technology. This earplug amplifies low-level sound, and when the level of sound captured by an external microphone reaches a dangerous level, the amplifier simply disappears and the user has the passive protection provided by the earplug. Let me. An amplifier that eliminates dangerous sounds amplifies the environmental sounds. The speed at which the amplifier can be turned off and on is called the “attack time”. The faster the attack time, the less the user can hear what is happening around them. 

The more expensive high-end models usually have the latest amplifier technology called “sound compression”. This technology allows you to still hear all the sounds of your environment, but it is compressed into an essentially continuous, low-volume sound stream without the on-off sounds you would get with stop-gate technology. With sound compression, you may hear more than you would hear without earplugs, but at all safe volume levels. Older (and many cheaper) models include only one or two microphones. If you choose these earplugs, you can hear low-level sounds because they are being amplified, but the small number of microphones makes it difficult to determine the direction of the sound. 

DJ Earplugs

The more expensive electronic earplugs usually have two microphones on the outside and two speakers inside each earplug, so users get a great sense of direction. Directional sensitivity is very important in hunting and military/police tactical situations, and virtually every other application is a very good feature.

However, for the best music experience, the electronic earplugs allow you to still hear what is going on around you, and you can easily hear and talk to other people.

Identify The Volume Of Noise Around You

This is very important to us to know whether you were pushing under the considered excessive noise. The level of noise access can be defined through diverse testing devices. Excessive noise is known as 85-90 decibels or lasting continuously over an 8 hour period.

For example, these kinds of activities will come with a high level of excessive noise: Electronic Dance Music Concerts at Peak, Shooting matches, Air-Raid Siren, Jet Engine. On the other side, sound from these activities is considered as just loud: Alarm Clock, Busy Street, Conversation…

DJ Earplugs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Earplugs Are Essential For Protect DJs’ Hearing

After a long period of time exposing loud sounds from concerts, many musicians and DJs have ringing/tinnitus in their ears. And it is just about the time that they can get deafness or some signs of hearing loss. That is why it is so important for DJs to protect their ears before harmful noise. Without your ears, your career left nothing.

Will this drown out the sound of a helicopter?

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It depends. Each earplug has its own different effect of reducing harmful sound. But, in general, it is very hard to completely isolate the sound of a helicopter. If you are a pilot, try the professional hearing protection that is created for only pilots.

How to improve the sound quality heard when wearing earplugs?

There is a useful tip for using earplugs. When you go to a gig, or a club, or a concert, simply install the earplugs in your ears before entering the noisy environment. In this way, your ears can get used to the sound outside with the earplugs in. Therefore, when the jarring sound or music starts, it will be heard more sharply and clearly. 

With these tips, maybe you can even forget that you are wearing earplugs. Hence, this will provide you with the best music experience.

Conclude: Our Pick For Best DJ Earplugs 2021

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