DT 770 Vs M50x In 2023-What Are The Differences Between These Headphones?

With the constant recurrence rate, workshop blending, and following capacities dt770 vs. m50x can stand firm on a solid foothold on the lookout. 

It is the overhauled adaptation of the most basically adored and well-known earphone m50x. With its stable observing components, m50x is ceaselessly intriguing the top quality commentators just as ace sound specialists. 

Then again, DT 770 is the most favored one among the melody makers and sanctioned subject matter experts. Its impedance variations have formed many, for which DT 770 master’s affair is expanding step by step being a top-of-the-line label. 

Presently the inquiry is, which one is more reasonable for you to consider between m50x vs dt770? We should track this down at the point-by-point audit of dt770 vs m50x. 

DT770 vs M50x: At A Glance

dt770 vs m50x


The DT 770 is the reach’s shut-back form and allows the most extreme adaptability and point-by-point sound that you can depend on.​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

They have placed a reliable foundation for themselves as a strong preference among song producers and are utilized in studios everywhere. 

They reproduce the whole recurrence range with fantastic exactness and even duplicate despicable repetitions in punchy features. 

M50x incorporates a redesigned separable link for accommodation and flexibility, making it a prototype for the workshop, gaming, or when you’re out moving. 

As it is designed to convey an unrivaled sound involvement with a moderate value, the M50x has been generally acclaimed by experts, easygoing audience members, and decorations. 

Pros And Cons



  • It is useful for clients who travel around a ton in light of its more stable fit. 
  • It features pure and fresh mids, settling on it a decent decision for pop, traditional, and other unrecorded musicology habits. 


  • Its link isn’t separable. So, when it becomes harmed, it’s hard to supplant. 
  • The earcups can’t overlay, so it occupies room when it’s not being utilized.  



  • Its string is separable. And in this manner, it can be effortlessly adjusted. 
  • It goes on the head delicately, so it’s simpler to utilize it for extended periods. 
  • It produces more blow in specific bass. 


  • Mids are more diminished, so you can not partake in certain components so much. 
  • For music effectively wealthy on a high-recurrence note, it might appear a bit brutal. 

Similarities And Contrasts 


  • The two earphones have a shut-back plan. 
  • They all have the over-the-ear plan with cowhide cups. 
  • The two earphones feature an extended recurrence range, helpfully reaching out past the ordinary human earshot reach. 
  • All of them are moderate impedance earphones. 


  • M50x owns a separable line but DT770’s rope is non-separable. 
  • While M50x features a bassy and splendid music quality, DT770 produces a more adjusted tone. 
  • DT770 throws a tantrum than M50x 
  • M50x ear cups are foldable so that they can be extended by applying them on their tomahawks. However, DT770 ear cups can’t. 

DT770 Vs M50x: Main Comparisons

Design And Weight

dt770 vs m50x

The M50x comes with a similar workshop plan as the ATH-M40x. They seem a little dull, yet the all-dark pragmatic taste could serve for a few. 

The level elliptical ear cups attach a bit more flash to the general appearance of the earphone with silver pitches throughout the label. 

They seem great; however, you can not captivate everyone dressing these earphones. In any case, there are other accessible shading plans, which are more attractive than the all-dark adaptation checked on. 

The DT 770 essentially resembles a shut variant of the DT990. They feature similar expansive ear cups and a dense metal edge with a detachable pad lash. 

They own a functional allure that may not catch everyone’s eye. Yet, at the same time, it seems adequate to dress outdoors, notwithstanding being marginally massive. 

You don’t have to stress over the weight considering these two earphones are very light in weight. 

You would have to utilize the couple for a couple of hours to begin exploring their loads. M50x hefts about 280 grams while DT770 hefts around 270 grams outwardly the links. 


dt770 vs m50x

The ear cups of the M50x are marginally bigger than other earphones, making them somewhat more agreeable and sufficient. 

The extra expanse effectively obliges bigger ears, and they don’t make you feel too close to your head. 

Shockingly, the cushioning can appear somewhat hardened and noisy, particularly while transferring or modifying the earphone on your head. 

The DT 770 maybe a little too close on your head. They’re fairly agreeable to dress for brief periods and abundantly cushioned. 

The ear cups are overlaid with a delicate microfiber texture that appears decent on your skin’s surface, and they match throughout most audience members’ ears. 

Lamentably, they cinch your head a little, which inevitably makes you feel awkward. The headband might display looser over the long run yet out of the case. 


dt770 vs m50x

These two earphones don’t come with a control conspire. They don’t accompany an extra sound link with an in-line distance like a portion of the other wired plans. 


dt770 vs m50x

The m50x is more puff and breathable than DT770, yet they present your hearings genuinely friendly throughout long-drawn listening meetings. 

They come with a shut-back over-ear plan that forestalls a ton of wind current so that they will not be reasonable for practicing or running out. 

They are ideal for more easygoing tuning. Yet, they still make your hearings feel adequately mild that you might demand to catch a lapse each 60 to 120 minutes. 


dt770 vs m50x

The M50X is on the bigger view of over-ear earphones. They overlay into a more reduced organization. 

They can undoubtedly be conveyed in a rucksack; however, they will be excessively huge for most coat openings. 

The turning ear cups likewise arrange a level that occupies more limited room, yet not however much when they are collapsed. 

The DT 770 are not compact earphones. The ear cups can not crease or arrange level. 

Even though they own a moderately reduced form for an open over-ear form, they’re yet excessively massive and awkward to dress on your ears without a sack. 


dt770 vs m50x

M50x earphones accompany a delicate pocket that can shield them from scars while you put them in your sack. Yet, it won’t shield these earphones from drops. 

DT770 accompanies a straightforward pocket that will secure the earphones against marks and insignificant water openness. Be that as it may, it can not safeguard them from falls or influences. 

Construct Quality 

Because of the separable link, we propose the M50x’s construct quality record because it advances them more solid. 

The M50x is all-around assembled earphones. They seem tough and solid given the solid synthetic utilized for the headband and ear cups. They can also endure a couple of dashes absent a lot of harm. 

Be that as it may, the joints are flimsy places where these earphones might be defenseless to shattering. The element casing utilized to support the headband is more solid than others. 

The DT770 are tough and solid earphones. They feature a strong element casing, and the ear cups are sufficiently solid to deal with droplets without getting harmed. 

Notwithstanding, the ear cup nooks appear a bit synthetic, particularly when contrasted with the superior form and quality of other earphones’ ear cups. 


dt770 vs m50x

These M50x earphones are not intended for the game, and it dispenses in whereby steady they seem once on your head. 

They will effectively sneak off your hearings when you’re doing focused energy exercises like jogging or bouncing. 

Luckily, they are adequately steadfast when easygoing utilize regardless of whether you’re regularly shifting your head. 

The separable link is likewise not great when you don’t secure them in your ear cups while progressing. 

The DT770 is adequately close on your head that they will not befall throughout easygoing listening meetings, except if the non-separable link becomes snared on something. 

In any case, they’re too massive for you to go with easily. The huge ear cups will glide off your hearings under high active work, so they will not be excellent to catch to the exercise center. 


dt770 vs m50x

The more the form nature of an item, the more sturdy it is. Additionally, both these earphones are comprised of excellent elements and synthetic. So you can envision how long-drawn they can serve! 

The cushioning of DT 770 earphones is exceptionally solid, and it doesn’t get removed without any problem. So when you utilize it appropriately and deal with it, it will keep going for a prolonged period. 

Discussing M50x, they are produced using solid synthetic, which will shield them from harm like their sturdiness. 

Another significant distinction in the plan is in the links. DT770 owns a non-separable link, and M50x comes with a separable one. 

Earphones with separable links commonly serve more. It is because they supply you the choice of effectively supplanting the rope, which is generally the most delicate piece of the earphones. 

For a non-separable line like the DT770, any harm to the line ordinarily implies that you will need to purchase the enhanced one. 

DT770 accompanies a quite impressive rope, even though it would have a ton of effect when it is separable. 


dt770 vs m50x

The DT 770 is characterized by its ideal equilibrium and detachment, while the M50X is portrayed by its pounding bass and puncture powerful recurrences. 


The DT 770’s lows are not even close as articulated as M50X ones. Without a doubt, the M50X owns a lot further and more underlined bass. 

The DT 770’s bass is very sharp and, to some degree, temperate, while the M50X’s bass reverberates a small in the examination. 

With the two earphones, the partition between the lows and the remainder of the blend is extraordinary. Yet, for EDM, pop music, and hip-bounce, the M50X is the most high-grade earphone. 


The DT 770’s mids are impeccably adjusted; however, they subsist. The M50X, in the examination, produces extremely shoveled-out mids, and the higher mids are more accentuated. 

Accordingly, the M50X creates some cruelty. The DT 770’s mids are very definite and isolated. It isn’t the situation on the M50X. Along these lines, with pop and rock, the DT 770 is a vastly improved decision. 


The DT 770’s highs are more constant and definite. When you pay attention to a great deal of old-style and jazz, the DT 770 earphone is the more exemplary decision. 


The soundstage is comparable in width and profundity on these two earphones. They all hold an incredible soundstage at the cost. 


Which One Is Great For Classical Music?

Performing jazz and old-style in Beyerdynamic DT 770 is more fluid, more perceptible, and itemized. Furthermore, when you want to play it on M50x, the song may appear to be excessively puncturing. So, DT 770 would be an optimal decision. 

Is M50x For Mixing? 

M50x can be utilized for mixing music and following also. 

Is M50x Agreeable For Quite A While Dressing? 

It is very close-fitting, so it may make you appear off-kilter following a specific time of wearing. 

DT770 Vs M50x: The Winner 

Allow us to declare the champ in the M50x vs DT770 fight. 

On the off chance that you’ve followed our decisions under every class, you more likely than not discerned that we picked the ATM50x more occasions. 

Nonetheless, for our general decision, we’ll pick DT770. It is essential because we determine music quality over any remaining components in an earphone. 

Admirers of bass-substantial music like hip bounce, EDM, trap, and others will discover the ATM50x preferable for them over DT770 headphones

Additionally, in case you lean toward gentler musicology techniques like jazz and traditional, DT770 will create that load of sweet intermediate rates as you would prefer. 


We have referenced before that options change through the craving of each user. So, choosing suitable earphones will depend on you. 

In this article, we have given you our DT770 vs M50x reviews in 2021. So, we hope you can choose the most suitable one for your needs after reviewing our article.

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