Top 15 Best Fireflies Laser Light in 2024: Review and FAQs

You’re looking for the best fireflies laser light amongst millions of them floating on the market, aren’t you? Don’t need to bother about that! I’ll help you have the perfect answer.

Let’s have a brief discussion about the background of this kind of light. These fireflies laser light inspired by the firefly, which can light up the whole dark night by its light production under the abdomen. Typically, their color varied from yellow, light red and green.

When Christmas or Halloween occurred, fireflies’ laser light is probably the most crucial part to liven the atmosphere with colorful and different patterns in most families. Moreover, it can be taken advantage of to decorate your own bedroom to be more aesthetic!

After some research and study, we picked out the top 15 best fireflies laser light, which is worth investing to possess. Let’s dig in and find out about it:

Best Fireflies Laser Light Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Fireflies Laser Light Reviews 2024

Sparkle Magic Green Commercial Grade Laser Light, Landscape Laser Lights, Christmas Laser Lights

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Sparkle Magic Green Laser Light features the simple and easy to use the feature: you just need to unbox the light, secure the base and stem, plug and move to the area you want to display, It’s SUPER easy, isn’t it?

 It can utilize many different surfaces with vivid and colorful light. Did you know the fact that this latest product is trusted by numerous commercial illumination perform, such as San Antonio, LA Zoo Lights, Butchart Gardens, Austin Trail of Lights and many more.

With its stability and the ability to endure severe conditions, it will have a long life expectancy. Plus, it can work at the highest capacity that covers most of North America. The power includes a landscape lighting affiliation kit and a basic two-prong power adapter, allowing you the flexibility to plug into any outlets and splice into low-energy landscape lines.

The fancy thing about this one is you can regulate the light pattern to the exact area you desire by the telescope. It’s a great idea to illuminate the pool, bush, objects,… The focus cap is manufactured to remove overspray of the laser sprinkle launched onto things around your craving target. Focus cap is innovated specifically for garden lighting, though.

Last but not least, as for mounting options, it included 5-inch Metal Stake and Metal Base. 

In case you want to mount it on the tree or the wall, make sure to buy an additional adjustable clamp and wall mount bracket as well.


  • High technology
  • Ease of use
  • 3 color options are available: blue, red and green
  • Versatile power choices
  • Focus cap to eliminate the possible overspray laser light
  • Weather-resistant


  • Extra fee for mounting on a tree or flat surface

LedMAll Motion Snow Fall Full Spectrum Star Effects

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This decorative light is very SPECTACULAR to set up the features and the particular time to display. The plug-n-play feature can give you the chance to build it immediately without much complication.

Feature Timer setting ranging from 2, 4, 6 to 8 hours continuation with moving and speed controls. This is also flexible with both indoor and outdoor use, along with an indoor Base stage and outdoor stake extension.

There’s a total of 7 colors, namely yellow, white, teal, pink, blue, red, and green which can cover a wide range of distances (up to 1500 square feet). Also, by utilizing the brand new Optical systems and control the accurate proportion to locate the star shape properly.

The rainfall motion mode includes Chasing, Fading, Twinkle, and Starry. The static effect one advanced for outdoor holiday decoration, events decoration,… that you can control the speed, flash and static up to your favor.

As a cutting-edge laser with outstanding holographic technology, providing a chilling and appealing effect, which can spice up the house or lawn instantly! It is also an environmentally-friendly item that just needs a part of energy or a landscape illuminator. 

The strong design is another plus point for this one from LEDMAll. It can be stable in harsh conditions as well as perfect for outdoor purposes. So what’re you waiting for?  Enjoy your colorful light show parties RIGHT NOW!


  • Robust and strong design
  • Up to 7 colors
  • Ideal both for indoor and outdoor
  • Powerful locking location
  • Feature remote control and timer
  • 4 distinguish motion mode
  • Diversity effects


  • Don’t have a suitable plug adapter for the US

 Cheriee Laser Christmas Lights 7 Colors

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I’ve got an interesting idea! Imagine you’re floating in a broad galaxy and milky way with 7 different colors of stars. That would be a relaxing and romantic experience! Along with the remote, you can adjust the motion speed from low, medium, and fast of the light easily. Don’t worry about the signal interference, it can cover up to 800 square feet.

It is weather-resistant and can perform amazingly outdoors, no matter the sun, wind, rain, snow,… Holographic technology plays a crucial role to project these star’s effects on distinctive surfaces. 

No need for ladders or strings, its installation is a piece of cake. You should rather stake in the ground to locate it simply. It is also an energy-saving item, which can save up to 99% energy in comparison to the basic string lights. What a PERFECT item!

Put it in your room with the indoor base and just like that, you would have lived on the spaceship surrounded by flashy stars. Well, whether it is on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, or other events, it can work a really good job, though!


  • Distinctive colors
  • Remote control to adjust the speed
  • Weather-resistant
  • Certificates of FCC, ROHS, FDA and IP65
  • Energy-saving
  • Easy installation


  • Feature the twinkle effect occasionally, but no way to set it for all time

LEDMALL Bluetooth Motion Full Spectrum 7 Color with White Star Effects Laser

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This is another product from LEDMAll, but the special thing about this one is the Bluetooth speaker. The latest and high-quality Bluetooth speaker, enable you to play your favorite music from your devices with the connected Bluetooth while the illuminator displays. This sounds so INTERESTING!

There are 7 full spectrum 7 nature colors, which is white, green, blue, red, teal, yellow, and pink. Also, this one is similar to the LEDMAll Motion Snow Fall Full Spectrum Star Effects about the Timer setting, as well as the remote control. You should keep in mind to readjust light and remote regularly in case it is set up on the automatic mode to prevent the signal obstacle.

As you all know, plug-and-play can provide you with an immediate lighting show without much effort to prepare. This fireflies laser light features only 2 motion modes: fading and chasing. It can be used in and out, which is a great idea to operate in the house or outdoor party decorations. 

To sum up, this one can stimulate the energetic and lively mood for everyone to immerse in the fabulous music and beautiful effects of light. 


  • Say no to difficult set up
  • 7 colors variations
  • Play music with the hi-tech Bluetooth speaker
  • Included the lock kit to ensure the outdoor security
  • Indoor and outdoor usage
  • Sturdy design


  • The remote control is a bit small

Motion Pattern Firefly 3 Models in 1 Continuous 18 Patterns LEDMALL

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There are up to 18 patterns and 3 themes in total. 6 patterns of them are used for some events or seasons decor while the 12 patterns rest are divided equally for Halloween and Christmas holiday. 

This one will include the remote control for the single theme, press the button, and set the Timer for any duration or using the automatic mode. With the permission for 3 colors (green, red, and blue), you can combine it in 2 or 3 colors in the way that you like to create beautiful scenery.

Let it outside and not bother with the heavy rain since it is waterproof. It also comes along with the stage and stake for both indoor and outdoor uses. With such a high brightness and wide coverage (2500 square feet), your house would be the shiniest one in the world!

The memory setting is so useful for you to choose your preferred theme as soon as possible. Do you want to change the theme? Simply push the button to transit into another theme with the speed control, too.

The feature that made me fall in love is the lock kit one as you can keep it safe from many evils out there! 


  • Feature the memory setting
  • Lock kit for the better security
  • Wide range coverage
  • Withstand water
  • FDA certified


  • Not the best for price

Outdoor Lasers Motion 8 Patterns in 1 LEDMALL RGB Garden Laser

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Here is another one from LEDMALL. Featuring all 8 moving patterns in one light with 3 colors red, blue, and green, and combinations. The coverage can be varied up to 4000 square feet. Come with a superior metal case that is long-lasting and stable.

This product is appropriate with the whole year events ranging from Halloween, Thanksgiving,… In addition, it performs great both in and outside thanks to its flexibility. It can even be used for hot and cold weather, though.

Security kit can be a great protection to keep it away from robbers. Moreover, with the advanced RGB laser light, it can heat on the whole block with the picturesque colors moving around. 

The  IP67 waterproof makes it so strong out of the rain and the ABS plastic peripherals bring you to the next level.  The customer service is the excellent part as you would have a 1-year warranty if there are any issues with the light, contact instantly and they will help you as soon as possible.

As the saying goes: “Nothing is perfect”, this product has flaws too. If you’re staying in a small house, then this one is not born for you because of its huge coverage, and it can be a whole troublesome to the neighborhood nearby as well, sadly speaking.


  • Various patterns are available for different occasion theme
  • Remote control and Timer setting included
  • Vast coverage (around 3000-400 square feet)
  • Long cable
  • Security kit


  • Not suitable for small houses

Poeland Outdoor Garden Laser Lights

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Let’s have a closer look at this product. First, this one is made from aluminum alloy weather resistance, which means that it can bear even the intense sun, rain, or snow. Also, the wireless remote control providing you many interesting controls of moving fireflies effects that work within 30 feet away at diverse speed control.

Second, Timer is designed with a 2,4, 6, and 8 hours working extent. The range is about 2500 square feet so that it can be OK with the big block or any disco, parties, dance floor and to name but a few. Poeland Outdoor Garden Laser Lights is the basic laser illumination with 3 primary colors: Red, Green, Blue (RGB).

Like others, it has a locking kit to save your light property. With the inspiration from the theme park, this one can be the GAME CHANGER that makes your house stand out from many other neighboring houses. 

Last but not least, Poeland aims to make your decoration become lighter without wasting thousands of time with those messy strings, ladders, and intense weather outside. All the thing you need to do is plug the laser projector in the socket and mount it to any place and ENJOY!


  • Indoor and outdoor work
  • Powerful Timer and Remote control that can adjust the movement and speed
  • 3 basic colors or any favorite combinations
  • Large illumination range
  • Versatile for many distinct events
  • Easy to set up


  • Not the best for brightness

3 Color Motion Laser Christmas Lights Projector 

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This child from SUNYAO is an RGB laser light with 2 or 3 colors combination. You can choose the firefly pattern whether moving or static combined with the Timer (2, 4, 6, 8 hours long).

It is mainly used outdoors, but you can do it indoors either up to your purpose. This landscape lighting is helpful in many holidays or special events in the year that can shine the whole atmosphere.

With the approval of FCC, FDA, ROHS, and IP65 waterproof make it become a reliable and trustworthy item to decorate your house. The Class 2 laser tube is integrated to provide more robustness and brilliance in comparison to another traditional outdoor laser projector.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the plug-n-play feature is about 99% less power consumption than these strings or cords, which can protect our green planet and save your budget simultaneously. How HANDY it is!

It will contain a 12-month warranty and 30-days return with the refund if your purchased product struggles with any possible problems. Or you can contact the seller through email with a detailed status description.

 The only disadvantage of this item is the time needed (around 15 minutes) to warm up the light. When you plug it in the socket, the light might be blurred at first, but after it is being warmed up, it will become radiant. The warm-up time would depend on the temperature around, though. This can be annoying for those who lost patience, like ME!


  • Remote and Timer control 
  • Easy installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weather-resistant
  • User-friendly
  • FCC, ROHS, FDA, IP65 certificate
  • Both indoor and outdoor


  • Waste time to warm up 

Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead

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So let’s discover this one! The major color of this one is green with a bit of red mixed in. There are two modes up to your interest: dancing and static. This one can be flexible with indoor and outdoor uses so you don’t need to worry about rain or snow.

The base can be easily fixed on the floor or stake on the lawn as well. The button control allows you to turn on and turn off the light movement. Furthermore, the lever one helps you to choose the mixed green and red or only green, too.   

The plus point for this product is that the coverage area could go up to 3200 square feet. With such a wide range, you can freely project it on a large yard or garden.


  • Endurance and stability
  • In and out usage
  • Light motion can go from narrow cluster to wider project
  • Cover big surface comfortably
  • Hassle-free set up
  • A good ranking on Amazon


  • Not have the Timer and remote

 Starry Laser Lights Landscape Projector Lights

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This Christmas laser light can save up your time efficiently and you can relax in the cozy house without burnt-out outside using the string light. Anytime and anywhere value with the outdoor plug and indoor base,

You can set the automatic Timer on when it is dusk or dawn. The pairing mode will include the controller and light at once anytime and off 2, 4, 6, 8 hours afterward. The range is 6700 square feet and is used for any celebrations.


  • Plug and play
  • Remote can use 60 feet far away
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Simple to use
  • Good customer service


  • Lose 5-10 mins to heat up

Lunmore Laser Projector Lights Christmas Garden Lights for Home Garden

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Lunmore is another light brand that is reasonable and high quality. Lunmore Laser Projector Lights feature red, green, and blue with star effects, letting you discover the mythical and legendary land.  That would be a feeling on top of the world certainly!

Easy installation so that you don’t need to waste your precious time looking for the way to operate it, just need to plug in and play! The package will include the stake and mounting plate for both indoor and outdoor use.

The RF remote control gives you the ability to choose an abundance of effects, like delicate twinkle, dynamic flash, or static. The grade IP65 waterproof makes your experience much more excellent even in the snow or rain.

The same as those illuminations, Lunmore can be shining in many different celebrations and holidays around the year with huge coverage. In my viewpoint, it would be perfect for kids since the cheerful star has a strong connection with the fairy tale world.

Now, let’s briefly catch on to the note part. You should let it work for 4 hours and take a rest for a half-hour in the summertime and work for 6 hours with 30 minutes in the wintertime to extend the long-lasting. Since lasers can damage our eyes, you need to avoid contact.


  • Vivid illumination with star pattern
  • Easy to build in
  • Come with remote control
  • AWESOME light show
  • Weatherproof
  • Indoor base and outdoor stand included


  • No Timer built-in
  • Not the best for persistent

Eva Logik Premium Christmas Outdoor Waterproof Laser Projector Light

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Another RGB laser light in the list today. Indoor and outdoor uses that can be SPECTACULAR for home theaters, ceiling, or any rooms in the house. Combine with 7 colors and about 20 patterns that bring you many options. It features the STUNNING circling and snowflake effects.

A total of 3-speed control from slow to fast gives the flexibility to adjust the light movement. Moreover, it can against extreme elements like -150F to 900F  and can withstand water as well.

Being approved by UL, FDA, FCC for its safety and user-friendly, adding the PC material that is stable and hard to be damaged. With the integrated automatic heating equipment, it can save you time and not waiting for the light to warm up, even if it is in cold condition. 

The camo cover is a nice idea of Eva Logik, too! It won’t catch others’ attention like those bright cases. The coverage is estimated to be about 900 square feet.


  • Large patterns choices
  • Durability that can against cold, breaking, and severe weather
  • RF controller and Timer setting
  • Certified by FDA, FCC, UL
  • Speed control modes


  • The range of cable is not the best

BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector

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BlissLights have the experience of creating light for many theme parks that are famous around the world with the mission of economical price, power-saving, and simple usage for everyone. Also, this is on the top for the best seller item on Amazon with many positive customer reviews. Let’s go and find out the details of this one. 

This one can makeover and transform your area with a diode laser, rigor class optics, and holographic technology, making the space more vivid and unique. Blue LED nebula will cover your whole room just like in the galaxy.

Inviting your friends to visit your home, I’m sure that they would be captivated with such a ROMANTIC and ROUSING ambiance and let their hair down after a tiring working day. It would be a nice idea to place this light in your battle station and play fun games while enjoying the marvelous light.

I love the calming dawn and aurora effects the most because they have the sense of chill out that can relieve your stress or pressure of the hustle and bustle world out there. Sky Lite also features the button control to switch to your favorite light patterns, regulate the brilliance or adjust the rotating movement.

Because of these specific characteristics, Sky Lite cannot be used outdoors so you only decorate it in the rooms in the house.


  • Vivid color (blue neon)
  • Button for transforming effects
  • Great customer reaction
  • Ideal gift for everyone
  • Energy efficient
  • Create a chilling atmosphere
  • Easy-to-use


  • Only for indoor

COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights Projector

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Do you need a Christmas life for the coming winter? You’re in the right place. COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights project red and green dots patterns that warm up your Christmas holiday instantly. 

Those cords or strings light need ladders to hang on the roof so it will need a lot of effort. By using this one, you just need to stake it on the ground, connect the power and it would create sparkles across 600 square feet light show at your home.

This one uses the IP65 waterproof, which means that it can only cope with normal rain. Also, this one can reduce your electricity bill with the energy-saver factor. Next time, use it as a budget alternative for your holiday decorations. It can auto-rotate thanks to the integrated Timer.

The downside part of this product is the time taken to warm up in case the temperature outside is CHILLY and FREEZING. Plus, you need to connect the built-in timer for the first time as the light is controlled by it.


  • Hassle-free operation
  • The two typical Christmas colors: green and red
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Energy efficient
  • 8 hours automatically running
  • Affordable


  • Not the best for coverage
  • Time to warm up in cold condition

 CHINLY Party Lights RGB

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This budget-saving product is from Chinly with the upgraded RGB color and combinations (red and green, green and blue, blue and red) with up to 323 square feet at the 3m peak. There is also a sound function with many light effects: move, appear, disappear, sparkle that gives you the on top experience.

There are 3 working systems: Auto means that the colors will transform automatically, Sound indicates the color will along with the music beat, and Strobe performs appear and disappear colors speedily.

Also, the remote control included can adjust the speed and control those modes. This one also features the high-quality characteristic with aluminum alloy material, settled by the round bottom and placed on the tripod to make it so compact.

The application is uncountable, you can use it at discos, festivals, concerts, skating rinks, and so on. Can you believe that it has up to 6 background LED lights with 36 patterns? That is an INCREDIBLE number!

The sad news is that Chinly Party Light should be working indoors. You have to be equipped with waterproof solutions when using it outdoors.  


  • Cheap
  • Easy to set up
  • Sound with remote control
  • Compact
  • Different modes to choose


  • Does not have Timer
  • Outdoor uses just in case the weather is good

Key Factor To Choose The Best FireFlies Laser Light

Before buying everything, there are some particular things that you need to consider CAREFULLY or else you would end up getting the horrible one. Follow me and dive deeper into these sections:


As a habit, I always put this one on my list. Price should be put in concern unless you want to buy the expensive laser light with broken function. Nah, that sounds CRAZY! Always choose the one that caters to your needs and suits your money pocket as well.

Brand Value

Fireflies Laser Light

Another thing to review is the list. There are so many brands floating in the market that it costs you a lot of time to find out which is the best, and finally, you give up because it is so confusing. The brand value is the mission and the aim of brand value in their manufacture. Each brand would have its own uniqueness. Because of that, you need to look it up before purchase.

There are some well-known and reliable brands for this laser light field, such as LEDMALL, BlissLights, Poeland,… 


Have you ever bought something without looking a bit about the reviews section? That would be so UNBELIEVABLE! Once again, you need to scroll the customer reviews in advance so that you can have a background understanding of the user’s experience and decide whether to buy it or not!


Fireflies Laser Light

This information should be looked up thoroughly in case you may suffer from some unexpected events and you can contact the seller for the refund or the insurance policy. Typically, the major part of laser light includes a 1-year warranty.

Color options

Depending on your interest and purpose, you can choose the color that you want. Maybe it only features one color or more with combinations. Nevertheless, buying the one with numerous color and lighting options is a wise choice!

Fireflies Laser Light


It does not make sense if you want to buy the complicated setup illumination. The easy installation can save up your time and is also not complicated without the manual. This factor would matter a lot in your whole progress and experience so please choose the plug-n-play one.

Coverage range

How long would it cover? If you want to use it in your own bedroom, the small coverage is OK, but for the outdoor decorations, the huge coverage is better. If you ignore this one, you can face up to the chance that your projector won’t light up enough space.


  1. What kind of laser lights can you use for Christmas?

Well, from my perspective, lights with the Christmas color (red and green) are the best choice. It’s up to you to combine colors or use them alone. The firefly laser light can juice up the whole Christmas holiday in your home!

  1. Should I invest in the fireflies’ laser light?

 My answer is YES! It would depend on everybody’s needs, though, However, possessing a beautiful illumination as a decoration in your room can totally lift up your mood and also be a time saver product to set up the event ornament.

  1. How to choose the best mainstay firefly laser light for yourself?
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There are numerous factors that I’ve considered above that you can keep in mind. Generally, every time you want to buy something, ask yourself some questions like: “What do I need it for?” or “Is it suitable for my pocket?” and more to opt for the best firefly laser light in your OWN definition.

  1. What are the significant features to look for in the best mainstay firefly laser light?

Well, this one is the curiosity question of many people. In my opinion, the distance range is the most vital factor since it can make a big decision about the coverage of the light. You should buy the one with the large coverage to have the bigger projecting surfaces.

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