Top 15 Best Turntable For Scratching Of 2021

A turntable is a crucial piece of equipment for individuals who desire to become professional DJs in the future. Even though many alternative devices may replace it like CDJs or DJ mixers, and so on, turntables are still widely utilized by DJs. This is the primary reason why an increasing number of individuals are looking for the best turntable for scratching as well. 

However, obtaining a turntable suited for your demand and skill might be a difficult problem for you if you are a novice who has only recently begun playing music especially.

You should prioritize quality over appearance because a decent turntable can help you improve your techniques as an experienced DJ. 

These days, every turntable has its set of benefits and drawbacks. As a result, before making a decision, you should conduct an extensive study. Our post below will provide a full evaluation of some of the top turntables and some recommendations on how to choose that device. Let’s have a look at it now.

Best Turntable For Scratching Comparison 2023

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Top 15 Turntable For Scratching Reviews 2023

Rane Twelve   

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Rane has saved the best till last, releasing the Twelve, a computerized turntable. The Twelve is the world’s first motorized digital turntables that also function as a Serato DJ controller. Twelve is extremely well-made and long-lasting, thanks to its steel case and aluminum platter. 

Because the Twelve is digital, it avoids the chance of the tonearm or needle becoming broken, as well as unpleasant audio feedback, allowing you to use sub frequencies in your mixes without having to worry about your vinyl skipping. The platter features perfect resolution for smooth transitions during the performance, and its structure will feel extremely familiar to any DJ who has previously played on a turntable.

The Twelve has eight hot cues and tracks, finding functionality and buttonless multi-touch for a fluid experience that makes it incredibly easy to change it up during a song without screwing up. While it is digital, it has a direct quartz drive with such a high torque and an electronic brake system. This can connect to the server through USB to rip vinyl. 

If you want to seamlessly scratch or spin records while having more versatility than you could ever dream of, the Twelve will help you reach that with its dual purpose as a Serato DJ console.


  • All digital turntables and MIDI controllers included 
  • Track finding and hot cues 
  • System of electronic brakes. 
  • No battery and powered by a wall adapter


  • The platter need to be tweaked to fit your requirements

Reloop RP-8000 Mk2

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Although it performs admirably as a standard tape deck, the RP-8000 was primarily intended for DVS users — DJs who utilize a ‘digital vinyl’ technology that allows them to operate DJ software with a physical turntable. 

The RP-8000 is a cross between a regular vinyl turntable as well as a MIDI controller. Its direct-drive engine, extendable torque, pitch faders, and Technics-inspired design put it in line with several other 1200-inspired decks mostly on the market. Still, by integrating a slew of rubber knobs, it could also be used to perform various digital tricks like hot cueing, slicing, looping, and triggering samples. The RP-8000 has many things going for that as a partner to Serato DJ and Traktor, and the pricing is also enticing. This is a terrific alternative for DJs who wish to combine modern accents into their conventional vinyl setup.


  • Combines modern tools and traditional features  
  • Adjustable torque
  • Well-priced 


  • On-deck MIDI control may cause unwanted sounds

Audio-Technica LP120  Direct-Drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog)

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Audio Technica device is a great modern scratching turntable at a fair price that everybody should own. People are drawn to the classy designs from the exterior, with silver or black hue covering the entire turntable, making it appropriate for family or music lovers. It also has a headshell and cartridge component for safeguarding the turntable inside. 

It has the technical designations 16-pole, 3-phase, and asynchronous DC motor, and it can work at 3 speeds while producing high torque of more than 4.5 That helps accelerate the process startup, increase stability, and make work run more smoothly. This is specifically built for some professional DJs to use in large venues such as clubs and concert halls.

Furthermore, this gadget is quite modern, as it understands the historical context and wired communication technology. It can, for instance, link to USB ports to record audio. 

Its built-in audio interface allows access to numerous different types of receivers, as well as an S-shaped tonearm that allows you to change the anti-skid or tracking force. 


  • Direct-drive, high-torque 
  • Operate at three speeds for speed stability and quick startup
  • Technology for wired connectivity 
  • Software for recording 
  • Tonearm with force adjustment 


  • RCA inconvenient
  • No need for a headshell or cartridge

Pioneer DJ Direct Drive DJ Turntable, Black (PLX1000)

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If you don’t want to skip out on vital equipment on your journey to becoming a professional DJ, We believe the Pioneer PLX 1000 is the greatest turntable for scratching that you should get. This is essentially a less expensive version of the Technics SL1200MK5. As a result, if you are on a low budget and want to possess a turntable like this, you should purchase this Pioneer device. 

Your machine will run smoothly due to the direct drive engine and torque with effectiveness. It rotates steadily and has an exceptional control system. This turntable enables you to change the tempo; you could increase or decrease the tempo by 8% or 16%. To maintain sound quality, you also can connect and swap voice tapes and USB cords. 


  • Direct drive motor with high torque 
  • Heavy-mass resistance to vibrations and resonance
  • Rotational stability and superior control 
  • Excellent audio design 
  • Control over many tempos 
  • Adaptable connectivity 


  • Some current turntable features are missing.

Pioneer PLX-500-K, Black (PLX500K)

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Pioneer is a respectable company that manufactures turntables and has earned the trust of its consumers. It has heavier components and will last for many years. 

Because of these great capabilities, it may perform better than some other types of turntables and provide wonderful benefits such as reducing vibration and producing a perfect soundscape. 

All of the components combined to make this device perform quickly with its high-torque deck, making it easier for DJs to use. That is most likely the reason for being the finest turntable for scratching.

The electronically controlled display of this allows users to modify the speed. Simply push its button to sync it with the audio rhythm playback at three different speeds ranging from 3 to about 78 RPM.


  • Outstanding sound design 
  • Connecting to personal devices via USB allows for simple digital recording
  • Digital files can be played and performed
  • Deck with high torque 
  • Reduce vibration and provide a more precise soundtrack 
  • Colors vary 


  • Heavier in weight than other turntables

Crosley C200 Direct-Drive Turntable with S-Shaped Tone Arm

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Crosley C200 Turntable is the first direct spindle motor and has become increasingly popular with many people, particularly those who enjoy strong rhythms. It evolved from the belt-driven turntable, which can produce an accurate soundtrack while reducing outside noise. 

This turntable is fantastic since it comes with an Audio-Technica cartridge, the ideal gadget for the best sound. You can have complete faith in this technology because it has been proven with powerful music genres such as a deep house, ambient, rock, and trap. You must be incredible in terms of sound quality, with no distortions.

This device also includes an anti-skating controversy in the shape of an S. It can be difficult with other turntables since they must be set up to level the controversy, but this will be built first with Crosley. 

Furthermore, the adjustable pitch control allows expert DJs to change the music to match the audience’s needs. 


  • System of direct drive 
  • Faster playback and more accurate sound 
  • Turntable mechanism powered by a high-torque motor 
  • Manual operating with control over start and stop 
  • S-shaped tonearm that is well-balanced 


  • The RCA cables are too short. 
  • Pre-amplifier of poor quality

Reloop RP-2000 MK2 Professional Direct Drive – USB Turntable System

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Another excellent turntable for scratching that We projected increases is the Reloop RP-2000 MK2. It is clad in black metallic, has a robust construction, and has an outer metal frame. This turntable is ideal for you if you’re a beginner because of its variety and adequate performance. 

This item is quartz-driven, featuring a direct drive motor and a built-in phono preamp. It also introduced various upgrades and is often a product with the most based on the maximum and resulting in extreme buttons to provide the users with the most pleasant sensation.

Furthermore, the Reloop turntable has a USB connector for digitizing your vinyl. You can also effortlessly capture high-resolution audio over the USB connection. The setup rate is simpler, and no external driver is required to link to your audio files. 

Another fantastic feature is that this machine has various buttons to help with the beginning or halting operation and two-speed settings of 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. 


  • High-resolution USB connection 
  • Metallic buttons for the usage procedure, as well as changeable speed 
  • Pitch precision with adjustable ranges 
  • S-shaped tonearm that is well-balanced 
  • The outside appearance is appealing due to the use of all black and a metal frame.


  • Unpopular with DJs

Numark PT01 Scratch 

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If you’re seeking the greatest turntable for scratching, the Numark 10 is the way to go due to its portability plus lightweight. Since it does not have to be assembled, you might use it right away if you just got it. 

From the outside, it appears to be housed in a hard case. It will keep the turntable safe while you’re on the road. 

It has three speeds: 78, 45, and 33 13 RPM. It may be powered by AC adapters or batteries, allowing you to start your dream job wherever and anytime you desire. With a weight of about 4.3 pounds and the ability to fit into a backpack, now you can simply transport it wherever you go.

This turntable has a long-lasting tone near the highest level. It also features a built-in slide for scratching switch, allowing you to alter and replace it with both right-handed and left-handed turntables. 

Because of its unique design, this turntable can assist you in producing a rich and dramatic sound. You may, for instance, scratch with a PT01 speaker or make it louder with surround sound via the conveniently available RCA outputs. 


  • Lightweight, compact, and portable 
  • There is no need for complicated assembly. 
  • Portable and long-lasting 
  • Including a protective case that keeps things safe. 
  • Allow for freedom when adjusting the buttons. 


  • For a louder sound, an external amplifier is required.

Denon DJ VL12 Prime

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The VL12 Prime is a highly qualified direct-drive turntable with a real quartz lock among the most technically sophisticated turntables on the market today. The VL12 is ideal for usage in any loud, bass-heavy situation, such as clubs or parties, and it’s a joy to play. 

The VL12 Prime includes a programmable light ring around the platter to illuminate and enhance your performance. You may modify the brightness, colors and even turn it off if you like. The platter has a grip and brake, as well as a more transition beveled edge form, giving you even more flexibility over fine-tuning your vinyl mix.

The VL12 Prime has such strong torque that it is regarded the highest in the DJing business, ensuring that your mixing experiences with Prime are always precise and simple. The torque on the VL12 is also adjustable, which is great if you want to tailor it to your particular needs. 


  • Versatile in terms of setup and positioning 
  • The platter used to make extremely fine changes
  • Has a programmable light ring around the plate


  • No dust cover included
  • The outputs are on the side rather than the back.

Jensen JTA-230S 3-speed stereo turntable 

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Jensen JTA-230S is another turntable we’d like to recommend to you. It is belt-driven that comes with three speeds: 33, 45, 78 RPM, and also stereo speakers if you wish to alter the volume. 

This turntable has a pitch controller to change the volume, record speed, and tone controls. 

It also has extra features, including a power indicator, an alarm notification switch, a speck of dust covering, and it is powered by the AC adapters that operate at 120V- 60Hz. As a result, if you are going to purchase it from a foreign country, you need to pay close attention to strategic procurement.

You will be astounded by the Jensen Turntable’s adaptability. The USB port and cable allow you to convert vinyl recordings to digital formats. 

There is software that allows you to edit, record, and convert audio files to an MP3 format. This one not only operates with USBs, but it also has a jack input for plugging in your MP3 player, iPod, or other electronic devices. 


  • 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with Belt Drive 
  • System of stereo speakers 
  • Connectivity options include USB, mp3, headphones, and so on. 
  • Pitch control allows you to change the recording speed. 
  • Power indicator, auto-shutdown switch, and dust cover are all included. 


  • To bring something to a remote location, be cautious of the electricity.

Technics – Turntable SL-1210Mk5

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Many expert DJs cannot overlook the Technics SL-1210Mk5 when it came to the greatest turntable for scratching. Even though most companies no longer produce them, they are effective and valuable for money, which you should get on your way to becoming a fantastic DJ. 

Technics is a well-known and emerging brand that manufactures a variety of turntable chains. It sparked a new trend and drew many people, particularly young people looking to experience something new. 

Its appeal stems from the fact that it includes numerous modern technologies, like strong torque enabling quick startups in 0.07 seconds and a highly sensitive reduced tonearm.

It also has many other features, such as a pitch reset, a non-click control of pitch, a customizable electronic brake system, plus a LED light. As a result, in case you have a considerable budget then you should invest in this turntable. 


  • Motor with a high torque 
  • Tonearm with high sensitivity and minimal mass
  • An adjustable stop-break 
  • A pitch button for reset 
  • Longevity of a decade and more 


  • Extremely rare since they no longer produce
  • Quite pricey

Teac TN-300 SE-MB  Rotary Table Matte Black

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The Teac TN-300 turntable is among the greatest. It has many vital tasks, lightning-fast speeds, and numerous communication options through RCA and USB. It also comes in several colors so that you can choose your favorite. 

This DJ turntable is encased in a platter of aluminum die-cast powered by a high-torque DC engine to ensure reliable spinning. It also contains a reliable Audio Technica cartridge that provides exceptionally accurate readings. It only takes a few minutes to configure the TN-300 so that you can enjoy high-quality music with detail and clarity.

The connectivity depends on the constructed USB headphone signal and analog image output, allowing you to transfer or digitize your music through the USB to any laptop. The straight tonearm anti-skating mechanism ensures the precision of your records. This DJ turntable also came with a dust cover and good rubber feet, which made it appealing to customers at first glance. 


  • Perfect timing 
  • Connection via USB or RCA 
  • With five various hues, it has an appealing appearance. 
  • DC motor with high torque 
  • A tonearm that is straight for maximum accurate tracking 


  •  Pricey

Stanton T.62 MKII Professional Direct Drive 

[amazon box=”B06XHFQSRT” ]

The Stanton T.62 MKII is one of the best turntables that have a straight tonearm and a good weight that allows scratch DJs to provide exceptional tracking capability. 

This turntable features a direct-drive mechanism and a high-torque motor with two speeds: 33 and 45 RPM. Those characteristics will result in precise sound and speedy speed at a minimal cost. 

They can use a light platter with a sliding mat to distort unwanted noise and sound from outside. This also comes with one ground cable ensuring sound quality.

This one gives elegance and sophistication to any family and entertainment space. It also has two start-stop switches to mix fight settings dependent on the user’s mood. 

Aside from that, the Stanton Turntable has a slider pitch control with around 10% adjustment, allowing DJs to personalize or compose his tune. 


  • Direct-drive turntable 
  • There are two playback speeds available 
  • Straight tonearm tracking plus scratching 
  • Two start/stop switches  
  • Slider pitch control using a fader 
  •  Excellent 300 cartridge 
  • Unwanted noise should be masked. 


  • Inability to connect through USB 
  • Two speeds available

Roland TT-99

[amazon box=”B01M0TUXT9″ ]

The TT-99 909 is a direct-drive turntable with strong torque and maximum rotation and spinning stability. It includes three different rotation speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM), a fantastic built-in phono amp, and a one-of-a-kind edition 909 slip pad to match the other aesthetics. It includes a dust cover that can be hinged on or removed from the top when the turntable operates. 

The full-size platter is made of die-cast aluminum and feels great to spin and scratch on when combined with the high torque motor.

The direct-drive motor is so quiet and reliable that there is just 0.15 percent or less wow and flutter emanating from it, which is negligible. The tonearm has an anti-skating mechanism and is shaped like an S. 

The pitch fader has a range of plus or minus 0 to 10%, which isn’t as large as other turntables but is still useful; sadly, no pitch reset button is provided. The TT-99 909 is a true vintage turntable in both appearance and functioning. 


  • The built-in phono equalizer is amazing. 
  • The look and feel are vintage. 
  • The dust cover has a hinged design. 


  • There isn’t a button to reset the pitch. 
  • The pitch range is somewhat narrow.

Stanton STR8.150 M2

[amazon box=”B06XH2T5GL” ]

Stanton is an older turntable brand that prefers analog over digital when launching new gear, but that doesn’t mean their goods aren’t of high quality. The Stanton STR8.150 M2 is a technologically upgraded and modified version of the original STR8.150, a straight arm, skip-proof tonearm turntable. 

The STR8.150 M2 is constructed of high-quality materials. It features a durable, feedback-resistant design, some of the best and highest torque direct drives in the industry, skip-proof tonearm, a highly stable platter, and a straight with adjustable height.

The platter was damped for precise skipping plus song selection, and it includes a brake with adjustable speed. The braking system is powered by electricity. A pitch fader allows you to adjust the pitch by 8, 25, and 50%. 

The STR8.150 M2 has three speeds: 33 1/3, 45 (with a 45 adaptor), and 78 RPM, but it can also play records backward, something few turntables can. The STR8.150 Mk2 features a removable target light and feet that buffer shock and vibration in bass-heavy conditions, making it perfect for dark and rowdy club environments. 


  • Records can be played in reverse as well as at three different speeds. 
  • Rubber feet reduce bass vibration in the surrounding surroundings. 
  • For more precise movements, use a damped platter. 


  • Not suitable for casual vinyl ripping. 
  • To loud enough and properly work, a preamp is required.

Buying Guide

Because of the wide range of products available today, finding the greatest turntable for scratching will be such a challenging task. A growing number of new companies and producers are producing turntables. Numerous of them include amazing features that can help to improve your DJ skills, but a few don’t. As a result, you’ll need to do a lot of research. 

Here are our useful ideas gained from statistics and client feedback:

Kind Of Turntable 

It is significant since it may influence scratching activities. There are 2 kinds of turntables, each with its unique set of benefits. 

Scratching using a turntable


The Standard belt-drive system is ineffective for this task. When you scratch the belt-drive turntables, the belt rips and wears slowly and easily, eventually breaking. However, some expert DJs are unconcerned with these limitations and, on occasion, opt to demonstrate their abilities by using this sort of turntable.


It is the most recent turntable construction. And it’s become a golden guideline when it comes to choosing the best turntable for your scratching. Direct-drive turntable’s motor produces a lot of torque even when playing records, making it ideal for scratching. In our opinion, this style of turntable is great for novices.

Scratching using a turntable 2


The second crucial aspect to consider is torque. For some, this is also a sensitive topic. They assume that a few milliseconds of variation will have little effect on sound quality; yet, high torque creates the best sound in the quickest amount of time. It can also help to eliminate turntable distortions as well as other vibrations and noises.

Pitch Management   

Pitch control is available on certain turntables but not all. Nevertheless, some expert DJs recommend having this option in your turntables. This element is in charge of matching beats. If you really want to play just for enjoyment, we don’t think it’s a big deal.

best dj turntable for beginner 738x415 2

Listening or DJs for the intended purpose

We offer different turntables for each use. If all you want is a turntable for listening to music at home, seek one to reduce noise while also enhancing tracking capabilities. Professional DJ turntables must be long-lasting and powerful. 

The design is likewise one-of-a-kind. A DJ turntable should have had a direct drive to maintain the sound quality, whereas residential turntables do not.

If you are a newbie, check this video out to learn basic scratching skills:


This one is another important thing to consider when deciding which products to purchase. The cost of each type of turntable varies: 


The entry-level turntables are inexpensive, with prices ranging from about $100. These turntables are generally acceptable for those who aspire to become DJs, but they may lack additional current functions. However, it still serves the primary purpose of your turntable.


Rqfch6h59T6wWbYh6Pic8N 1

The cost of this type of turntable is between $400 and $1000. They provide high-quality sound at an affordable price, as well as some user-friendly features. With that price, you can also get features like distorted protection and customizable speed for your turntable. 


It is the most expensive type of turntable, costing at least $1000. With all of these turntables, you can see the progress and some of the distinctive traits that it contains. It also produces high-quality audio during the recording process.

Final Thought 

Even if you’re a beginner or a seasoned DJ, a turntable is an essential piece of equipment in the DJ arsenal. Turntables offer you the entire control over the music and the ability to perform intricate scratches and audio manipulation in your own hands. And any vinyl fan will say that nothing beats the sensation of scratching record players with a turntable. 

More ideas can be found in our top 5:

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