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FNX 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews Specifications

FN America announced that the famous FNX-45 Tactical would be available with the Vortex Venom 6 MOA micro red dot sight for quite a limited period. The pistol would come with the optic already attached for the convenience of usage right out of the box. This FNX-45 Tactical has a SA/DA hammer-fired design and is optics-ready. 

The pistol is capable of installing optics and chambers to the .45 ACP cartridge. It is available with a 10-round magazine or a 15-round one. Each gun has one threaded barrel with night sights that are suppressor-height. 

The Vortex Venom red dot, on the other hand, is a low-profile, durable red dot with a 6-MOA reticle, big viewing window, with 150 hours battery. This FNX-45 tactical platform provides a duty-style bundle with several capabilities sought by professionals. It has a barrel of 5.3 inches, an overall length of 7.9 inches, and a total weight of 33.3 ounces. 

The FNX-45 was designed to withstand severe handling. The FNX-45 Tactical Vortex Venom pack is offered in FDE and black with state-compliant and standard capacity for a limited amount of time.

  • 45. ACP caliber
  • Barrel length: 5.3 inches
  • 7.9 inches in length overall.
  • 33.3 ounces total weight (empty).
  • Polymer grip.
  • Sights: Vortex Venom, three-dot night.
  • DA/SA for action
  • Flat Dark Earth, Black finish.
  • 10+1, 15+1 total capacity.
  • TALON Grips are a US patented single piece wrap around adhesive grip custom designed for an OEM quality fit and finish on each firearm
  • Create a functional and positive interface between the operator and the firearm

The FNXTM-45 Tactical is born and raised for combat, building on the FNPTM-45 Tactical, created for the US Joint Combat Pistol Project. Like its famed FN forebears, this combat pistol was made not just to survive but to triumph on the battlefield. 

It’s the pinnacle of handgun engineering innovation, with .45 ACP performance including several unique features, which no other pistol can equal. The 15-round magazine was designed to automatically drop to the prone position and roll up towards the target. 

Its checkered polymer body offers a low-bore core for decreased felt recoil, improved operator control, as well as an unparalleled natural aim grip angle point. To rapidly alter the grip sensation, four interchangeable backstraps are included. For the convenience of use, all operational controls are completely ambidextrous. 

The threaded muzzle of the 5.3′′ cool stainless steel hammer-forged barrel accepts compensators, sound suppressors, and other attachments. Its stainless-steel slide features high-profile battle night sights with two mounting bases to accommodate various red-dot electronics sights.

Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

It takes a great deal to impress us these days, and we’ve grown accustomed to Tokyo Marui’s constant development in recent years. Even their earlier pistols, it’s safe to say, seem more than able to hold their own. The newest models have improved functionality by including dockers with ambidextrous controls when applicable.

Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

This FNX was planned to participate in the Joint Combat Pistol project in 2006, one ill-fated effort to locate an alternative for the Beretta M9, however with the stipulation which the pistol be .45ACP and suppressible. It may have been ill-fated, owing to the ever-changing requirements of those in control, but it did lead to the production of this gun. 

That, in and of itself, could be the project’s one saving grace. This FNX 45 is indeed a handgun concept that has been chiefly seen in games like ARMA 3 or Day Z. A 15-round double-stack magazine was fed. A 45acp pistol can mount a laser, suppressor, or light through a built-in rail from the factory. An optic mounted on a slide.

All of it in a style that combines the most significant features of Beretta, Colt, and Sig Sauer. A combination that may be considered one of the world’s top all-around handguns. The FNX 45 seems to be an imposing weapon designed to be something more than a sidearm. 

It may potentially serve someone as well as a carbine during an offensive circumstance, much the same as the Mk23 did many years ago. The main issue with the H&K attempt was that the Mk23 was judged far too massive and cumbersome, with SEALs from a particular outfit (ahem, DEVGRU) reportedly opting for its smaller cousin, the HK45CT.

It’s possible that if the FNX had been released at the same time as the H&K in the GWOT height, the FNX would have been spotted in operators’ holsters instead of the H&K. But, returning to the Marui, how are they four years behind Cybergun-licensed/VFC-manufactured FNX, which did so well upon this initial release? 

Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

Who can say? Most of Marui’s selections are made without explanation; they start building what attracts them at that time. The fan base becomes dedicated enough to assure revenue in their items nearly. We’ve had a lot of hands-on time with the Cybergun FNX, as a close family friend had had one when they were first released.

Some think it’s a nice gun, but the majority think it’s ugly. In a world of bespoke Glocks featuring threaded barrels, ambidextrous controls, RMR cut slides, and viciously stippled lowers, the pistol comes with all of those characteristics right out of the box.

What’s Inside The Box Of Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

When you open the box, you are met with the classic Marui pistol form, housed inside a card overlay polystyrene cutout that sits higher than the box’s bottom but is tight enough to avoid damage. 

Should you chose to add a filled magazine, the Micro Pro sight, and a suppressor to the pistol, the cutout additionally contains perforated sections for these items. Three more back-straps are added to the original gun, in addition to the spare magazine. 

In small and medium sizes, an aggressively smoother or textured line textured back-strap is available. The color, or rather, the colors, are the first place you look. The Marui FNX emulates the actual FNX’s dual FDE tone.

Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

The pistol is a touch different from most others you’ve handled; it combines some lines of SIG with the Glock’s simplicity. Surprisingly, we found it to be quite comparable to the Beretta together in several aspects. 

Maybe the original creators were trying to replace that iconic M9, or perhaps that’s just two persons looking at the same problem in the same manner. The FNX is equipped with a typical three-dot sighting system and suppressor high-mount irons, which are standard on modern tactical pistols. 

The dots were glowing in the darkness, which took us longer than we should realize. While we’ll undoubtedly purchase tritium sights on that, its dark dots glow an outstanding feature at some point! A removable plate just in front of the rearview could be used to fit either Marui’s Micro Pro Red Dot Sight or a variety of actual choices. 

When mounting the Micro Pro Red Dot Sight and its previous cover, there is indeed a handy pictogram illustrating which bolts to be used to avoid damaging the handgun. The tiny venom sight from Vortex has been tested and looks great in the photo given by Wolf Armouries’ technical expert Jon.

The slide’s front and back subtle serrations provide a secure grip regardless of the handgun is cocked. To the barrel, a well-finished thread barrel with something like a knurled thread protector lies within the slide. Because the thread was 16mm clockwise, most suppressors would not fit.

Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

However, an Mk23 or aftermarket suppressor like the Ace 1 Arms Osprey would work if the appropriate adaptor is used. Oh, and there’s the barrel. It’s made of metal! The pistol’s chassis and grip are hefty but in a reasonable manner. 

This FNX 45 just does not have the claustrophobic feel of the Desert Eagle or the Mk23, but it’s also not a conceal and carry pistol.

More Into The Details Of Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

The frame features a significant mold line, which is a legit piece of craftsmanship, considering the original FNX 45 does have a noticeable mold line that runs down the center. Here on its frame, you’ll find a full complement of ambidextrous features, as well as a De-cocker/Safety that’s positioned similarly to 1911 type handguns. 

The gun will be placed in safe mode, preventing the trigger from becoming pulled. Down would put the gun in a prepared “fire” state. The other one down will partly de-cock the handgun to a half-cock. Our decocker isn’t as good as it could be; a forceful press on all levers is required to get it to operate.

A de-cocker was not something we’ll typically use; we keep ours loaded in the games then unloaded outside those, but it has never crashed for seeing functionality reproduced, even though this could work much better. 

Fnx 45 Tactical Red Dot Reviews

Its slide release is located in front of the safety, and it allows the slide to be released once a new magazine has indeed been inserted into the handgun. Its slide release was ambidextrous, and that there’s no noticeable difference in use with any hand. However, it is a touch too far backward for our taste in terms of ergonomics. 

Push inside the button, then rotate its lug to enable the slide to pull forward and be frame-free, which is quite similar to the Beretta locking mechanism. The only distinction is that to disengage its slide, you must have it facing backward. After removing the slide, you can reach the hop unit, which you can modify through the ejection port. 

Marui has had a new infatuation with hops, which you can tune through the ejection port. We can’t think of a good reason why it would be one great idea, but if anything, it could cause harm because you need a little tool like a flat blade driver to fix this kind of hops anyhow.

Here on this FNX 45, we see a glorious return to the classic sort of wheel modification on the gun’s breech, which isn’t necessarily superior but could help prevent a few mishaps while correcting the hop. 

Also, ambidextrous is indeed its magazine release. Instead of using the paddle release like an H&K USP (which we love despite most users’ negative comments), this FNX 45 uses a more classic button release. It catches interacting from the magazine’s front instead of the sides. 

The main difference would be that its button was a bar extending to the side, designed to function on either side. It’s firm enough to avoid magazine drops yet smooth enough just to allow the user to reload quickly if they’ve spent enough time learning. 

While the external hammers on this FNX 45 don’t make much of a difference when it comes to Airsoft terminology (all Airsoft replicas are striker-fired), they do have an impact on its trigger pull. The double-action draw was shorter than the Beretta M9’s, but it’s longer than what you’d expect from a single action only handgun like a striker-fired weapon like such a Glock. 

That trigger is pleasant to grasp (and so is the handgun in general), far superior to the M&P and Glock designs, in our opinion, and unquestionably more attractive.


After reading our Fnx 45 tactical red dot reviews, you now have a better understanding of guns. Of course, if you have any extra gun-related wisdom to give, please do so in the comments area below! You can also look at our top 10 list of the best semi-auto shotgun under 1000 dollars, which we created just for you.

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