GE Spacemaker XL Microwave – Make Cooking Become Easier

We used to get burned when I took food out of the oven, it was FREAKING hot and my hands were injured. That time was terrible to me since it was so irritating to do everything. Plus, our oven is old and broken. So I had made up my mind to change the oven.

Finally, I found this GE Spacemaker XL Microwave which can function as an oven. At that time, I felt kinda relieved and after using it for over 1 year, it helped me a lot in my cooking interest.

Overall, this item works well and features many traits which can easily be cleaned inside the microwave, which is best for a lazy person like me! From my point of view, it may not be the best one on the market, but it gives me an amazing experience. Move on and let’s smash it!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Microwave

Before deciding to purchase a microwave you should consider some key features carefully so that it can cater to your pleasure while enjoying the cooking process. Now, let’s go and look at 5 things you should keep in mind:


Well, this would be considered since everyone has different purposes for their microwave. If you just want to heat or defrost food, then just buy a basic microwave only (solo microwave).

In case you need to grill something, a grill microwave is your top choice. Or you’re the one who loves mixed things, opt for the combination microwave function: bake, grill, roast the same as an oven and also perform as a basic microwave, too. 

To sum up, it would depend on your need and budget to choose the handy microwave kinds.


It would vary at different prices up to the traits, brands, size,… Generally, it should be around the $70-over $300 range. The more features it has, the more money you will pay.


You should choose it wisely or else you can’t put your plates in the microwave. It is also up to your cooking space, though!


Typically, microwave capacity is adjusted by cubic feet. The rule is the bigger the cubic feet is, the larger the microwave is. You’ll find some microwaves from 0.5 cubic feet to 2 cubic feet or bigger on the market. 

You can identify your microwave capacity by choosing one with a tall and wide door that is able to fit your plates so that you won’t waste money on the wrong one.

Preset cooking modes

Many microwaves are equipped with this function to make sure you won’t burn your house. Just kidding! The happy news is that it would automatically set up the appropriate power level depending on the time you entered and the food you put in due to the sensor’s feature (moistness in the food)

You can also choose the diversity menu: popcorn, pizza, sausage, a potato that has programmed already the time and you just need to press the button. How handy it is!


The microwave should have venting detail so your kitchen won’t have bad smells. The vent system has 2 kinds which are recirculating (filter the air pull out from the microwave) and external (pull the air outside via the ductwork)


As you know, microwaves with a turntable rotate 3600 to keep food turning around for side-to-side and proper cooking. It is easy to clean as you can remove it from the microwave. The size of turntables will come along with your plates so make a thoughtful pick. 


So this one can increase the food you can cook at once. If you’re lucky, you can get the one with the rack. 


Most models come with a 1-year guarantee, which is long enough to request any possible problems. This should be checked in case you will struggle with many unexpected events.

Want to know more about it? Check out the YouTube video here:

Reviews Of The Product

GE Spacemaker XL Microwave is a child of the GE brand – one of the most renowned in the microwave field.  It will help your cooking become lighter and easier with many functions included, allowing you to cook your favorite dishes.

This would be ideal for the one who used it for heating and defrosting food, if you want to grill, you should better choose other alternatives. Moreover, when you decide to purchase it, it will come along with the side filler panel kit and charcoal filter for recirculating venting. It is so wonderful!


  • Have sensor cooking controls
  • The unit has 1100 watts of cooking power 
  • Feature settings for potatoes, popcorn, and so on
  • A recessed turntable that can contain large cookware and be removed for cleaning 
  • External venting system to pull the smoke outside


  • The weight is not the best
  • Too big for small cook’s room
  • The price range is quite expensive
  • Not powerful in comparison with microwaves at the same price

This product is a basic microwave that functions to warm and melt frozen food with the sensor modes to auto-modify a certain period and the power level to make the food turn out golden-brown and yummy.

It is also not complicated to use it properly since it’s quite simple so you don’t have to worry about the setting up issue. You can briefly read the instructions and start it right away without much effort.

As the user, my experience is rated 8/10 since it has flaws, though. In comparison to other microwaves, its performance is not outstanding and when used for a long time, noises may occur that annoy your ears. 

Sometimes, you should know the way to replace the microwave door as some unwanted issues may occur surprisingly.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel appearance: The design is smooth, sleek, and smart which can lighten up your kitchen
  • Venting system: 300-CFM vortex which can remove the smoke, odors, and steam outside your cooking area through the cooktop with the three-speed feature, giving you a happy and enjoyable moment while preparing food 
  • Recessed turntable: As I’ve mentioned, it would be best to clean the interior with the size 14.25 in. With the porcelain-enamel turntable material, it is convenient for your family to clean out any dirt and food stains as a piece of cake.
  • Surface light: It will light on when you open the door or when your food is in the cooking process to illuminate the inside and neath side.
  • Specifications: With a total 1.8 cubic feet capacity and weight of 60lb. Plus, this item is about 30 inches wide by 15.25 inches deep, and 16.5 inches tall.
  • Control features: It is designed as the Electronic Touch that comes with many traits. You can press the child lock so that naughty kids won’t be able to access the microwave. Or you can preset the auto cooking program and cooking time so your food won’t turn out in dark color. Moreover, after finishing, it will remind you instantly.
  •  Latest technology: Thanks to the heating factor which is associated with a powerful fan to distribute heat evenly to the food for perfect results. 
  • Ease of use: One-touch feature makes everything simple and easy. There are particular buttons, such as frozen vegetables, beverages, popcorn, potato and to name but a few. If you’re not a tech junkie, you will be able to deal with the programs set up already to reheat your leftovers or defrost cold food.
  • Power level: From 1 to 10 that is flexible and versatile in different power and time cook
  • Express cook: It can be switched on from 1 to 6 minutes taking advantage of the whole power. You can adjust the time by touching the desired number on the keypad. If you want to stop the microwave while in the process, press the pause button


BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

[amazon box=”B07HGH1KG6″ ]

This one is the countertop model which differs from many sizes ranging from 0.7 to 1.4 cubic feet. It is 37.5 pounds smaller and saves your cooking space in comparison to GE Spacemaker XL. Thus, the price is more reasonable.

It also has the memory function which is mainly to memorize the dishes that you cook the most.  Because of its ultra-small design, it can’t be used for big dishes, sadly speaking! 

Overall, this one is ideal if you have a tiny kitchen area and want to possess a small one as the GE is bigger and greater.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S with Inverter Technology

[amazon box=”B01DEWZWDU” ]

Panasonic is well-known in home appliances, as well as microwaves. This model has a bigger capacity which is 2.2 cubic feet than GE Spacemaker XL. The power range is 1250 watts but only weighs 37 pounds, which is much lighter than GE, too.

Another difference is the Panasonic Microwave has up to 14 preset cooking modes, making it easy to use. Plus, it can keep the food warm inside the microwave until you put it out. What an amazing feature.

To sum up, this could be a great alternative if you prefer a bigger microwave with many great functions and features. Big families should purchase it, though.

Toshiba EC042A5C-BS Countertop Microwave Oven

[amazon box=”B071ZSCY1P” ]

This microwave from Toshiba is the best price alternative if you just want the cheap one. However, it still features many great traits and characteristics and does not make you broken!

The turntable size is smaller than GE, but it still can fit full-size plates. This product can bake, grill, and roast with a variety of menu settings: fries, muffins, pizza, biscuit, pork, beef, chicken, and more.

Similar to Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S, it can make the food stay warm and ready to serve when you take it out. Plus, this 45 pounds microwave is an environment-friendly design with the Eco mode that can save up to 50% power and reduce the electricity cost as well. 

In general, it is a good alternative with an economical price and the planet protecting thing makes us have a good reason to buy it as soon as possible. 

 Amazon Basics Microwave

[amazon box=”B07894S727″ ]

Well, this is another cheap microwave for only $75. With 21.9 pounds, it would be best if you’re living alone and have a small kitchen. Due to its 10 inches turntable size and 0.7 cubic feet capacity, it won’t fit those big and standard dishes, which is quite annoying sometimes.

An amazing thing about this compact microwave is the Alexa button. By simply press the Ask Alexa button on the keypad and say your wanted cooking time or food you intended to cook. For example, say “popcorn” for “2 minutes” while you press the button. It is the FANCY trait, isn’t it?

Remember to download the Alexa app to your phone to set up any dishes to have good results. 

All in all, this budget-friendly option is worth buying for your kitchen. It has Alexa integration, just ask it through your Echo device and it will set up everything thoroughly and completely. 


Finally, we reach the ending part of this blog. After reviewing the GE Space maker XL and those 4 alternatives, we’ll dive deeper into the summary part.

The GE Spacemaker XL microwave is not hot and burns your hands, it just heats the food inside so the container does not bother your hand. It would adjust everything automatically for you so it comes in handy and is easy for all users. In my viewpoint, the child lock button is so useful in case many kids with curiosity may struggle with unexpected problems. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, it has an external venting system that would be more efficient than the recirculating system as it will redirect the steam and scent out of your kitchen connected to the ductwork. The only thing to consider is ductwork in case your house doesn’t have one.

The plus for this 1100 watts microwave is it is super simple to clean any splits or splatters with the removable turntables. With its easy access and control, you can cook everything from A to Z quickly and conveniently.

You should consider purchasing a microwave shield that can reduce electromagnetic radiation to protect your health.

Last but not least, I hope that after reading, you can have more understanding about this child from GE and opt for your favorite one that can cater to your individual needs. Have a good day!

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