Gemini MDJ-900 – The Best DJ Player For Beginners

DJing is a fun hobby, but it can be hard to find the right gear. Gemini MDJ-900 is a powerful and easy-to-use DJ media player that lets you play your favorite songs like a pro. It’s perfect for beginners who want to learn how to become great DJs, but it also has features that will satisfy more experienced DJs too.

You can create professional sounding mixes in minutes with this intuitive software. The interface is designed so anyone can quickly pick up and start mixing without any previous experience or training. And if you do have some experience, there are plenty of advanced features available as well.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Dj Media Player

There are so many DJ media players on the market to choose from. You have to determine what kind of DJ you are, what kind of songs you want to play, and the features that suit your needs. Here are some things to consider before making a purchase:

What Music Style Do You Dj With?

Gemini Mdj-900

Are you into hip hop, techno, or dubstep? There’s a different media player for each style.

If you want to DJ with modern electronic music, then you will need a DJ media player that can mix using digital audio files and sampling. If you only DJ mainstream pop music, then all you will need is a standard DJ media player because it has the Serato software and plug-and-play compatibility with CDJs and turntables.

Do You Want To Dj Using Vinyl Or Cdjs?

If you are serious about DJing, then eventually you will need two devices: one for analog turntables and another for digital media players like CDJs. So you might as well get a DJ media player now that can be used for both because it has two input jacks for each type of medium.

What Features Do You Need?

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a player that is easy to use and has a lot of tutorials online. If you’re advanced, look for players with more features like loops or touch screens. Also, consider if the media player will work with your DJM mixer.

How Durable Is It?

If you are looking for a DJ media player, then you should consider how durable it is. You don’t want to buy a player that will break down in the middle of your performance. If you travel a lot or are very hard on gear, get a shock-resistant media player. Look for things like built-in sound cards, jog wheels, slip pads, and LED screens. These parts are all vital because they interact with the software to control playback.

Do You Want To Dj Live Or Off Of A Laptop?

If you want to DJ-live, then you need to buy a DJ media player that is compatible with your laptop. If you prefer to use your laptop, then it is best to buy a DJ media player that is compatible with both types of equipment.

If you want DJ-live then you will need something that is wireless and has mic input as well as audio input.

Can The Software For This Player Be Updated Easily?

A media player is a device used to play music and video files. There are 2 types of media players: disc players and digital media players.

Many people own a disc player because it’s an affordable alternative to a digital media player, but in order to use a disc player, you must have CD or DVDs that the player can read in order to play the music or video on them. However, when it comes to digital media players, these devices come preloaded with many files including everything from mp3’s and videos to movies. In addition, most digital media players can be updated with new software easily which is something that you’ll need if buying one of these higher-end devices.

The software is usually one of the most important aspects for DJs. Check if it can be updated for a fresh new interface, sound quality, and effects.

Presenting the Gemini MDJ-900

Gemini Mdj-900

The Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player offers a complete entertainment package that is specifically designed for DJs and producers. The Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player makes promises of total mobility, ease of use, and the ability to create realistic mixes with the touch of a button.

This is just scratching the surface of what Gemini has to offer its customers. This media player comes equipped with a dual CD deck, four-channel mixer, and input ports for digital devices. It also features a USB connection which allows any song from your library to be played instantly on this device. This stand-alone media player comes with all the necessary cables and features necessary for easy playback of music at any venue.

The Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player is a high-resolution media player that will provide high-quality playback of any file type. This powerful stand-alone media player allows you to mix, transition, and add effects with ease using the new ‘Gemini’ software. The included hard drive gives you the ability to load different playlists on stage for seamless mixing between songs.

Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player is a top-of-the-line product in the market with its sleek and clean design, high-quality sound system, and advanced features.

The newest version of Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player comes loaded with an array of new features that will surely be loved by customers such as an improved audio engine to provide even more clarity in music playback; support for up to 4K video output; redesigned interface. This combination makes it stand out from previous versions and surpasses industry standards set by competitors.


  • Dual CD Deck
  • 4 Channel Mixer
  • Portable and easy to use for any DJ or Producer
  • Comes with all necessary cables and features
  • Works with any DJ software or mixing software on the market today


  • Not very user friendly

Gemini MDJ-900 Overview

Gemini Sound MDJ-900 Professional Audio DJ Media Player with 4.3" Inch Full Color Display Screen, 8" Inch Jog Wheel, and Programmable Hot Cues, MIDI Controller Mixer Turntable
  • SYNC UP, LINK UP, AND SHARE THE FUN: The MDJ-900 Player Features SYNC Mode, Which Allows You To Quickly Match Tempos Across Units and Play More with The 4 Hot Cues, 8 Auto Loops, Slip and Scratch. The Device Also Features A LINK Function That Allows For Up To 4 Independent Players To Connect Via LAN or Ethernet To Get Everyone In On The Music Playing
  • A MODERN MIDI MARVEL: MIDI Mode On The MDJ-900 Gives You The Ability To Control Your Favorite Audio Mixing Software Directly Through The Unit, Routing Your Audio Through Its 24-bit/192kHz Soundcard

The Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player is a compact, portable media player that’s easy to use. It functions as both a music player and an MP3 CD/DVD recorder with a built-in USB port for connecting your digital camera or another USB device. 

Advanced features include recording from the radio, CD, DVD players, and even TV; time-lapse recording (to record up to three hours on a single disc); auto sync of audio and video playback; instant dubbing between two discs or CDs; live sound mixing using the microphone input jack for making recordings without any post-processing software. The MDJ-900 has many more features than we have space here!

It offers the same features as other models, but at an affordable price. It also has some specific benefits that make it worth considering over others on the market. The first of these is its size and weight; it’s small enough to fit in your laptop bag, lightweight enough to carry around with you wherever you go without worrying about losing your strength or breaking something else by accident. 

This model also offers touch-sensitive platters and 16 velocity-sensitive drum pads for Serato DJ Intro so you will be able to quickly find the next track on which you want to play and use the pads to trigger samples using 16 different effects.

Last but not least, this model comes with a free download card from Serato DJ Intro, which is one of the best software packages for DJs on the market today. This allows you to begin playing right away without any need to spend more money.

The Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player is a good choice for DJs.

Features & Benefits

Gemini Mdj-900

In this article, we’ll take a look at some key aspects that make this player stand out above others on the market today.


The device also comes with two built-in USB ports on the side of the device which allows multiple media players to be connected through a single computer, allowing more songs to be added or other files to be accessed quickly and easily. These ports are compatible with a variety of flash drives but also come with a USB printer port that can be used to connect and share music from a smartphone or tablet without the need for an additional cable. 

Another major feature of this device is its playback compatibility – it is compatible with all standard audio formats including WAV, MP3, AIFF, AAC/M4A, and CD Audio allowing customers to listen and enjoy their favorite tracks in any format.

Sound Controlling

The sound quality on this model remains excellent even at high. The sound system on Gemini has more depth and higher clarity without being distorted at any point during use. The beats on Gemini are always perfectly aligned without any additional adjustments required. It also has a very powerful audio system that can reproduce sound even at low volumes so it can be used for both loud party events as well as small home listening sessions without damage to equipment or speakers from being overworked.

Great Accessories

Gemini Mdj-900

The top-facing JOG wheel used for track navigation allows customers to move through songs quickly and easily without having to look at their computer screen. It also features “smart loop” functionality which automatically detects the loop length so bpm becomes unnecessary when setting loops. Other popular features include automatic beat sync between media players that keep beats perfectly matched even if they are not synchronized initially.

Straightforward And Simple Layout For Easy Navigation

The Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player includes a straightforward layout for easy navigation. It allows you to make various sorting adjustments. You can set up music playlists in order. For example, store your favorite songs at the top of the list, while moving any cheesy songs to the bottom of the playlist. It has an LCD that displays what’s playing on the device.

This device is really user-friendly and easy to use. It’s an all-around great choice if you’re looking for a DJ Media Player that has everything you need in one package.

Nice Design And Color Scheme

In addition to all of this impressive functionality, it also features an attractive design with blue LED lights on the top panel as well as some sleek side panels in a black matte finish around the buttons and knob controls.

The LCD screen displays all the information you need about what’s playing plus advanced features like an equalizer that lets you choose how much bass or treble you want. Plus there are four hotkeys on the side so you don’t have to go through menus to change tracks or adjust volume – just press one button and you’re there.

The design and color scheme of this device is nice.

Gemini MDJ-900 Alternatives

PIONEER Professional DJ Multi Player

Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Media Player
  • DJ Media Player with 9" Multicol Touchscreen
  • Complete rekdbox Integration - Black

I found that this was an excellent buy because it can be used with computers and other mobile devices. The PIONEER Professional DJ Multi Player has all of the features you would want in a good quality product and it is easy to connect to different audio sources!

Great sound and loads of features! The PIONEER Professional DJ Multi Player has all the options you need for professional mixing and scratching, plus more! A few of the built-in effects such as reverb/echo are cool to play with, but most of my work is with timecoded vinyl so you just use it without the effects feature. Also, there are many different ways to adjust everything from tempo fader curves to midi mappings meaning that you can tweak just about anything how you like.

This device is a DJ media player with a 9″ touchscreen. It is complete with rekdbox integration. It also includes a USB Port and SD/Micro SD card slot to play files from an external drive. The Pioneer Professional DJPEX1X09 is a quality product for any professional DJ who values quality, durability, and sleek design.

It’s a great choice for any DJ that wants a stylish and high-quality controller for their set-up. The touchscreen interface is perfect for playing around with your tracks during soundcheck to get an idea of what will work best before you start your show – it’s so convenient, especially if you need to tweak one of your songs or switch up your transitions. The platters and speakers work well, and I like the extra hardware features such as the looping system.

I would recommend this product to anybody who is looking for a DJ player.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Great built-in features such as loops and effects
  • Sleek design
  • Great touch screen

Rane DJ Twelve MKII | 12-Inch Motorized Turntable

RANE DJ Twelve MKII | 12-Inch Motorized Vinyl Like MIDI Turntable with USB MIDI & DVS Control for Traktor, Virtual DJ & Serato DJ (TWELVEMKII)
  • Authentic DJ Turntable Experience – Full 12-inch black acrylic control disc with motorized platter to control four decks of playback; Traditional, familiar turntable layout
  • Multi-Platform Control For Mainstream DJ Software - DVS/USB MIDI Control for Serato DJ Pro, Traktor and Virtual DJ; OLED screen displays BPM and Control Status; RCA output for DVS audio signals

Rane is a well-known brand that has been producing quality DJ equipment. This DJ turntable is one of the best on the market and provides a more authentic experience than other models. The platter is designed with a traditional layout for those who are used to this type of equipment.

Rane DJ Twelve MKII is a high-quality turntable that has been designed for making excellent quality music. The product guarantees the best sound quality and it lasts for years. It is durable, reliable, and easy to use. This is one of the best products on the market based on feedback from many customers who have used this product before.

This turntable also offers an OLED screen that displays the BPM and status of the device; it also has RCA outputs for those who want to use DVS signals.

There are so many benefits that a customer could get from buying this product right now. One of them is the wide range of features and functions it provides to its customers which ensure their needs are met when using these products for themselves. The product also promises excellent performance which ensures longevity – meaning, it will work well even when used often or for a long time.

In addition to that, there is no need to worry about compatibility as this product will play well with other devices making it easy for you when transferring files from one device without issues too. Another important aspect of this product is that it has a reliable and durable construction which allows customers to use these products for years. 

Rane DJ Twelve MKII | 12-Inch Motorized Turntable also comes with an excellent design that makes it aesthetically appealing and easy to use too without any issues.

The best part about buying the product is that you can enjoy great benefits such as Smooth controls for scratching, high torque motor, high platter resolution, exceptional sound quality, and more!

  • Speedy performance
  • High torque motor
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent design
  • Plenty of useful features

Numark NDX500 | Stand Alone USB / CD Player

Numark NDX500 | Stand Alone USB / CD Player and Software Controller with Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheel, Audio Interface, Long Throw Pitch Controls and Pre-mapped for Deep Integration With Serato DJ
  • Ready for Anything – Standalone media player (CD, MP3 CD and MP3’s from USB thumb drives) and DJ controller with touch-sensitive scratch and search wheel for unprecedented performance-centric control
  • Total Control – Take command of all mainstream DJ software via USB MIDI; a built-in USB computer audio interface lets you play back music from your Mac or PC and a radiant text display is included for quickly and easily navigating media files

The Numark NDX500 is an all-in-one package that offers a great deal of versatility in terms of what you can do. This is the perfect option for any DJ on the go. It can be used at home, in clubs, at weddings, by hobbyists or professionals. It’s more than just a CD player – it’s also a controller for your computer! You don’t have to bring along additional equipment because everything is right here. And though it doesn’t include audio cables or speakers, you can buy them separately if desired. This is truly the best stand-alone interface device on the market and it’s very affordable.

This is a great option for DJs who want something to use in their bedroom or living room as well as those who go out and perform gigs. It doesn’t take up much space and it can be used at almost any time of day! This isn’t just a controller either, you have the ability to play CDs too if desired.

It works with most major DJ software programs so you’ll never have an issue getting started with whatever program you choose. It includes its own anti-shock feature which protects your music from jarring dropouts that could otherwise happen during playback so this is extremely convenient for all sorts of uses. For example, if someone bumps into your turntable while you’re playing a gig, it won’t affect the sound. The Numark NDX500 is a great option that offers freedom and versatility – not to mention ease of use!

The Numark NDX500 is a controller capable of working with both Mac and PCs that allows you to play music files on your computer or record your sets directly onto USB media using the included software. It features easy plug-and-play connectivity via USB ports, allowing you to connect two controllers at once (say for battles). 

With its built-in audio interface, you can connect this unit up with separate speakers or an amplifier for playback of prerecorded MP3 discs without having to purchase additional gear. The CD player features a rubberized platter for scratching and also includes a touch-sensitive scratch wheel for even more functionality.

  • Included USB computer audio interface lets you playback music from your Mac or PC
  • It can be used at almost any time of day
  • The CD player features a rubberized platter for scratching


The Gemini MDJ-900 DJ Media Player is a great product that will help you achieve your goals in the music world. I would recommend this media player to anyone who wants an affordable and durable way of playing their favorite tunes. With its sleek design, it will fit right into any modern home entertainment system with ease! Let us know if you have any questions about DJ products or want to know more about these DJ media players above by leaving a comment below.

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