Helpful Facts You Need To Know About Global Truss St 157

Global Truss is a leading manufacturer of truss and stage equipment for the entertainment industry. They design, engineer, and manufacture all their products in-house to ensure that they meet or exceed the needs of their customers, and this Global Truss St 157 is also not an exception.

Their product line includes everything from lightweight aluminum truss systems to heavy-duty steel pipe and cable trusses, as well as modular staging systems with interchangeable components. Whatever your event may be, they have a solution for you! And with over 20 years of experience, Global Truss is a name you can trust.

Global Truss St 157 Reviews 2022

Global Truss ST-157 Medium Duty Crank Stand
  • ST-157 Unit Weight: 63kg/139lb
  • Max. Load Capacity: 150kg/330lb Max. Height: 4.8m/15ft 7in Min. Height: 1.95m/6ft 4in

We’re really happy with the quality of this product; it is nice to know that it will be able to hold our weight without any issues. We like that it is well made, durable, and easy to use. The product was also delivered quickly and for a fair price. We would recommend this item to others. It is very well constructed and lightweight, much better than other products that we’ve used in the past.

It also includes all necessary hardware for set up which was much appreciated as it saved us quite a bit of money in the installation process. We were also impressed with the customer service that we received, even after our purchase was complete they responded quickly and professionally to our needs. They know what is needed for all types of installations and products.

They are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


– It is great for big people because it can hold up to 330lbs.

– The base is also wide, which allows us to use the product in many different spots.

– The product is very sturdy.


– It takes a while to unfold the entire product each time we want to use it.

Global Truss St157: The Basics

A lot of people are amazed by what they see when they first see the Global Truss St157 crank stand. This is because it is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s not just for cranking up scaffolding, though this is one use for which it excels.

The Global Truss St157 also makes a great base for aerial lifts and cherry pickers, as well as work platforms like scissor lifts or mechanized staging systems. It’s easy to set up and take down in only minutes with no tools required except the Allen wrench that comes included with purchase. And since it weighs less than 45 pounds, you can carry or wheel it around with ease.

global truss st 157

The St157 comes with the versatility of being able to handle loads up to 500 pounds, so it can be used for a wide range of applications. The minimum height is 9′ 10″, and the maximum is 21′ 1″. This cranking stand will let you use your scissor lift or aerial lift in ways you never imagined.

The Global Truss St157, one of the company’s most versatile products, is a great choice for anyone in need of a quality cranking stand at an affordable price point. It can handle pretty much anything you put it up against and will keep working for many years to come.

Global Truss St157: What They’re Known For

Global Truss is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of structural steel. The company has perfected its craft over many years, building up a team of skilled professionals who are experts in the industry. Global Truss strives to provide clients with high-quality products at competitive prices.

They’ve grown from being an engineering firm with one branch to having twenty branches all across North America, giving them incredible reach and expertise in supplying quality products for projects all over the continent. Their headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas where they were founded back in 1979 by John McCarty Sr., Ed McCarty Jr., and Gary Cooper Sr.

After thirty years of success, these three industry veterans retired leaving their sons to take charge: John McCarty Jr. serves as President & CEO, Steve McCarty is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Chris Cooper is the Director of Engineering.

Global Truss has many different products that are used in all types of commercial structures including warehouses, stadiums, assembly lines, manufacturing plants, and many other specialty structures.

One of the most recognized products to come out of Global Truss is a truss called St157, which has been famously used in both the Beijing National Stadium and the Olympic Aquatics Centre for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The company has become a staple in large-scale international building projects due to its incredible strength, durability, and easiness of assembling.

It has been one of the top products for Global Truss since 2008 and their client list continues to grow with more stadiums continuing to use St157 in construction. Eventually, the company would like to become an even bigger market player and continue producing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Global Truss St 157: Who Uses Them

global truss st 157

The Global Truss St 157 is a truss system that has been designed for heavy-duty applications. It can be used in the construction of industrial buildings and warehouses, as well as agricultural storage facilities. This is because it provides a level of strength and durability not found with other types of systems. It is important to note that Global Truss St 157 can be used in many different ways.

Some of the more common uses are:

– Industrial buildings

– Warehouses

– Agricultural storage facilities

These truss systems are designed to handle large loads and provide an excellent level of support. On top of this, they can be easily installed as well as removed when they are not needed anymore. Because of the durability associated with products manufactured by Global Truss, they can be extremely beneficial with regards to reducing costs.

Global Truss St 157 Benefits

If you’ve ever had a ladder that wobbles or one that doesn’t adjust high enough to reach the top of your house, you know how frustrating it can be. No matter what type of job you need to do in your home or where in the world you live, Global Truss St 157 is perfect for any type of project and will make your life infinitely easier.

The adjustable telescoping legs allow this model to extend from 3-feet up to 10-feet with just a few quick adjustments. This means no more ladders that are too short or too long! And since they lock into place at each height, they won’t slip out after extended usage like other models often does.

The cross braces lock in place in the middle to give you excellent support no matter what type of project you’re working on. Whether it’s painting your entire house, hanging shelves, or replacing a light fixture, this ladder has you covered! And with 6 extra-large steps, standing up there for hours will never be a problem.

And of course, with all the high-quality aluminum and steel construction you’ll be hard-pressed to ever find a ladder that is as sturdy and durable as this one. If it ever does start to show signs of wear or corrosion (which is nearly impossible), it comes with a 5-year warranty to keep you covered! To sum up, the Global Truss St 157’s pros are as below:

global truss st 157

• Secure and durable ladder that extends from 3-10 feet

• Cross braces for additional support while working on a variety of jobs

• 6 steps, each 13 inches wide to ensure you will always be comfortable when wearing your boots.

• Excellent all-aluminum construction will ensure this ladder is sturdy and dependable

• 5-year warranty to keep you covered if signs of wear or corrosion begin to show.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Global Truss St 157

Easy Set-Up

If you are looking for a good crank stand to buy, one of the important things that you need to consider is how easy it will be to set up. The Global Truss St 157 has an open-ended design which means that once you have chosen where to put it, there’s no limit on what height or angle you can adjust the arm. This makes it very easy for people who are working in different heights and angles.

The open design also ensures safety while working on a ladder. If you have ever tried to move a typical ladder that has been extended, you know how difficult it can be. You have to try and keep all three sections together so that the ladder doesn’t fall over every time you move it one way or another. With this open-ended design, you can adjust the height in a way that is much easier to manage.


Another factor worth considering when choosing a crank stand is whether or not the device folds down so that it’s easier to store and transport with you if necessary. There are always going to be times when we’re using our bikes at home but want them out of sight while storing them away in storage or during transportation.

For this reason, it’s important to be able to fold your crank stand and store it away until you next need it. The Global Truss St 157 has a folding design which makes storage and transportation very easy. It’s also lightweight and features a carrying handle so that it can be carried around with you for those times when you need it.


global truss st 157

The Global Truss St 157 is also very lightweight so it’s easy for anyone to carry which makes transportation and storage much easier. With a weight of just 16 lbs, you’ll be able to transport your crank stand without too many issues and it’s not going to add too much weight to the back of your car either.

If you are looking for a crank stand that is reliable, strong, and easy to transport then this might be the one for you.


A factor worth considering when choosing your crank stand is how well it’s packaged. Some products have had issues with being damaged in transit due to poor packaging which can affect their performance. For example, a crank stand that has been packaged poorly may have some of the attachment pieces missing or it may be too scuffed up to use as a result of being banged about.

Fortunately, with this design from Global Truss, there were no issues at all with poor packaging so you can expect your crank arm to look as good as new when it arrives. This is one of the best cranks stands that you can buy thanks to its durability, speed, and ease of use. It’s also easy to assemble which will make it an ideal purchase for most people who are looking for a quality crank arm.

Using this universal tool makes any job easier no matter how big or small it is. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, this crank arm is going to make your job easier and more fun. It’s not recommended for people who work with roofing materials because the aluminum construction may cause damage but other than that it can be used on any job site.

Safety Features

With every crank stand, safety is always going to be something that you need to consider. We want to make sure the crank stand we’re using will stay in place and not fall or slip while we’re working on our bikes. With this in mind, the Global Truss St 157 comes with rubber boots which ensure that the stand stays in place.

As well as preventing damage to your bike, it also helps you to avoid falling over which is very dangerous. If the stand slips or falls then there’s a chance that you can be seriously injured. By using rubber boots on each of the four ends, you can rest assured that your crank arm will hold its place and stay in place at all times.

As well as the rubber boots, this crank arm also comes with adjustable swivel chains which are another safety feature designed to make sure that your bike stays in place while you work on it. These chains can be locked into place so they prevent any movement at all which could cause damage to the bike or injury to yourself.


global truss st 157

The last thing worth considering when deciding on the best crank stand for you is how much you’re going to have to pay. This range comes with a friendly price tag which isn’t too expensive and gives you everything you need from a good crank stand. Of course, you may find some cheaper models with fewer “extras” but it’s unlikely that they’ll be as good quality as the Global Truss St 157.

For this reason, we think it’s worth paying a little more for this model than searching around for something that is lower quality and likely to break after just one or two uses. The Global Truss St 157 is great value for money and comes with plenty of features making it an ideal purchase for most people who are looking for a new crank arm.

Global Truss St 157: Some Other Alternatives

The Global Truss ST157 is a cost-effective solution for any company looking to add strength and stability to its structure. It’s no wonder that the ST157 has been one of the best sellers for over 20 years! We know you’ll love this product, too. But it’s not your only option. Here are some other considerations:

Global Truss ST-180

Global Truss ST-180 Heavy-duty Crank Stand with Outriggers
  • LOAD 440Lbs.

We have used the Global Truss ST-180 for several different configurations. We have found them to be very versatile and strong, without being too heavy. They are perfect for cross trussing at an event when you need to span across the length of the room, but not worry about it coming down in the middle of the show.

The brackets that come with them are very sturdy and were easy to set up – even on uneven surfaces like stairs or roofs. Plus they come with all of the bolts you need to assemble them. This bundle also comes with extra parts if anything breaks in transit or during use, which is great because I’ve had this happen before with other brands (they don’t send extra parts!).

We would recommend this product to anyone that needs to cross-truss or set up a light in the middle of a room and doesn’t want it coming down. They’re also great for tall stages when you need to go over speakers and drum risers.


  • You will be able to mount and raise your truss and fixtures by cranking to about 14 Ft high and hold collectively a total of 440 lbs in.
  • Includes two universal T-adapters for each stand to hold metal trusses.

We have to say, this is a pretty darn good product for the price. The stands are very easy to crank up and down and don’t seem to have any problems holding our fixtures. You can also use two of these stands in tandem if you need to go even higher with your trusses.

If we had any complaints, it would be that they’re not designed for heavy metal trusses since they can become unsteady when cranked past a certain point. But if your trusses are on the lighter side (think steel rods) these stands will work fine. We’ve even braced these stands with wood wedges to give extra stability, which you can do just in case your trusses are beginning to feel a little wobbly.

These are very simple to use and the locking pin is a plus! If you’re looking for some great heavy-duty crank-up lighting stands, this is a good option for the price.

Cedarslink 10 Foot Crank Light Stand

(2) DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand & (2) Square Truss T-Bar Adapter
  • Stand Features: Max Height-11ft. 6in. (3.5m). Tubing Leg: 1 3/8" (35mm.). Load Capacity: 165 LB.
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Metal. Perfect For Mobile Use. Extremely Durable.

This is a great light stand for people who are on the go and need a portable setup. It’s very durable and can hold up to 165 pounds. It also has features that will work with any tripod stand with a pole of 35mm-40mm or any crank tripod stand. It’s perfect for mobile setups and will work with all crank and fixed tripod stands.

This is a very high-quality stand that holds its own against the more expensive stands offered by Kupo. We love this stand and can’t recommend it enough!

FAQs About Global Truss St 157

– Does the Global Truss St 157 crank stand need to be weighted down for it to work properly?

No, but if a person is assembling will need to be weighed down with more heavy items like bricks, stones, or weights. If you’re stressing about the safety of your crank stand then recommend adding more weight on top or using their safety strap given in the product or buying a heavier stand so that he/she cannot lean back too much while doing exercise.

The Global Truss St 157 crank stand can hold up to 200lbs without being weighed down so you won’t have any problems with this.

– How many Global Truss St 157 crank stands will I need for my home gym?

We would recommend at least three or four depending on how big your home gym is and one of the most important things that needed to be considered when buying a crank stand is space so if you have enough space for 4 crank stand then we will recommend you to buy 4 crank stands.

– Does the Global Truss St 157 crank stand come with a manual?

Yes, every product comes with a manual and it is good if you read the user’s manual first before doing anything because there is much more helpful information you can get from this user’s manual much.

– Do I need any special equipment to use this product?

No, the crank stand is lightweight and portable which makes it easy to move from one place to another. But if you want additional protection from your crank stands from getting scratched or damaged, we recommend using the protective mat for this product because it will help you save your money since the crank stand is not cheap.

– What is the return policy for the Global Truss St 157 crank stand?

Global Truss has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee which means there are no worries when getting this product, if it’s not perfect in whichever way then customers can choose to get refunded or replace it with another one. You do need to make sure you send it back within 30 days though! If sent after 30 days, it will be considered an exchange, and the customer will have to cover all associated shipping fees.


When it comes to getting a ladder for your home or business, make sure you are investing in the best possible product. And when no other option will do, be sure to get yourself a Global Truss St 157! With 6 extra-large steps and excellent all-aluminum construction, you’ll be surprised at how nice this model is.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have anything else to add, feel free to leave a comment below! Happy training!

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