RCF Evox 5 Sound Reinforcement System Review – What to Expect

You’re looking for a sound reinforcement system to improve your live music performances, but you don’t know what to expect. The RCF Evox 5 is the perfect solution for musicians who need an affordable and versatile sound reinforcement system that can be used in any setting.

RCF Evox 5 is a sound reinforcement system with an amp in the speaker box. This means that it can be used in conjunction with any PA system or amplifier. It’s perfect for venues where they need to pump up the volume but don’t have space for additional speakers, amps, and cabling. Technically, you could buy one RCF Evox 5 per band member! They are very versatile because of their size and portability which makes them easy to set up anywhere on any stage.

The above are just a few things about RCF Evox 5, keep reading the article to know more about it!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Compact Sound Reinforcement System

rcf evox 5

Choosing a sound system for your needs can be tough. There are many options on the market, and you need to consider more than just price when making that decision.

Active Or Passive

The first step is figuring out which type of system best suits your needs: active or passive? Active systems have power amplifiers built-in, while passive ones don’t. If you plan on using the speakers outdoors, an active speaker will do better at handling wind noise because it has its own amplifier to work with instead of relying on what comes from the mixer or PA system. Passive speakers are cheaper but they also require more volume coming from the other equipment so they might not be ideal if you’re trying to get low-volume music across a large area.

Balanced Versus Unbalanced Inputs

Also, the system you pick must be driven by one of these types of inputs: XLR or 1/4”. An XLR input is balanced and requires more cables than a 1/4” (unbalanced) does. The former type also uses male plugs while the latter has female ones. It basically comes down to how many places you want to connect and whether or not you’ll be using balanced lines.

Choosing The Right Speaker Configuration

There are a few other things you need to consider as well, such as the speaker configuration (mono, stereo, 3-way) and frequency range of the speakers. A mono speaker only has one speaker in it, so it won’t offer stereo separation or much of a stereo image. Monopoles are good for saving space and avoiding clutter, but they tend to be less efficient than other speakers.

Stereo speakers have two separate components at opposite ends of the enclosure whereas 3-way ones have three (woofer, midrange speaker, and a tweeter). 3-way speakers are more versatile, but they’re also more expensive.

The frequency range of the speaker matters because it should match the sound you want to produce. The wider the range (in Hz), the better because it will make sure you can hear all sounds in your mix properly without having to compensate with a sound booth.

The Power Of The Speakers

One last thing to consider is the power of your speakers or amps at each speaker. You should have enough power coming from your mixer so that it doesn’t clip and damage the signal, but you don’t want to underpower your equipment either because this will result in a loss of volume and the speakers won’t be able to do their job properly.

You should consider these when looking for the right speaker system for yourself because they can be used in almost any situation when you need to set up a lot of speakers quickly. If this style is what you want, then there are plenty of options out there for your needs.

Presenting the RCF Evox 5

rcf evox 5

The RCF Evox 5 Sound Reinforcement System is a high-quality sound system that provides excellent coverage for any venue, indoors or outdoors. It delivers a clean clear sound with the ability to get up to 125dB SPL. The Evox 5 comes with a 10″ subwoofer and five 2.0″ speakers. You also receive cables and more!

The RCF EVOX 5 offers simplicity in its design so you can focus on your event instead of worrying about your equipment. This sleek black speaker has the power to be heard over crowds of people whether they are indoors or outside. You get so much more when you purchase the RCF Evox 5. The high-quality design ensures durability so you can rely on it not to break down during your event.

You can effortlessly project your sound further. The 10″ woofer delivers deep, clean bass while five 2″ drivers help deliver crisp vocals and instrumentals. Customize your favorite settings with the 3 band EQ system on board or connect via Bluetooth to play music from your phone or tablet!

RCF Evox 5 is a sound reinforcement system with a compact and lightweight design that can be taken anywhere. It has been designed to offer maximum versatility for the most discerning touring professionals.

It can be used in front of the stage for vocals, backline instruments, and other acoustic sources or as an overhead line array PA system. The RCF Evox 5 is designed for both live performance applications as well as fixed installations.

The RCF EVOX series has been developed to offer maximum flexibility while maintaining quality sound production at all times. The EVOX5 offers five different speaker configurations that are easily interchangeable thanks to its intuitive design features that make set up fast and easy with every configuration delivering the same high-end performance capabilities.

This product also comes with many user-friendly features such as its remote control capability which allows you to adjust EQ settings from the front of the stage. The RCF EVOX5 is a professional sound reinforcement system with high-quality components that offers outstanding performance at all times.

The RCF Evox 5 offers 600 watts of peak power like its predecessor, the RCF Evox 4. Considering that these two speakers are almost equally powerful while having similar dimensions, however, you can still expect excellent sound quality without spending too much money.


  • Compact size and low weight
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Durable design
  • Convenient remote control and Bluetooth capability for different uses


  • Higher price point
  • Not enough clarity when used outdoors in a larger venue

RCF Evox 5 Overview

RCF PA System, Black (EVOX5)
  • Constant horizontal directivity coverage of 120 Degree, offering a perfect listening experience to the audience
  • The vertical array design is progressively shaped to guarantee a correct listening from the first row and to avoid a high frequency beaming typical of straight array

It’s not always necessary to have a concert hall or stadium to get the perfect sound. Sometimes, all you need is a small house. The RCF Evox-5 Sound Reinforcement System can be easily transported and set up in just about any room of your home. And while it may be compact, this system packs a punch that will rival anything you’ll find at an arena!

The RCF EVOX-5 features one 10″ woofers for deep bass and five 2″ full-range speakers that give you all of the sound clarity you need to hear every note! You can even wirelessly stream music from your smart device using Bluetooth technology. If you’re hosting a small party or just jamming out to your favorite album, the RCF Evox 5 sound reinforcement system is sure to be a hit!

This product is a modern version of the classic speaker. It has a clean and sleek design so it can blend in with any minimalist decor. This makes it perfect for those who have an open concept home and do not want big speakers taking up space.

RCF Evox 5 has a built-in class-d amplifier, internal power supply, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is very easy to set up both indoor and outdoor because it’s not that heavy compared to other speaker boxes. Plus, it can be connected to another RCF Evox 5 sound reinforcement system via a wired or wireless connection.

This particular model works great for live music concerts, but they could be used in DJ setups as well, which means more gigs and money saved! It is also great equipment for karaoke, school shows, or any other events.

This speaker box has everything you need in one single package! It doesn’t take much space and offers the same performance as the big guys on stage. You can benefit from all these features without spending too much money.

Features & Benefits

rcf evox 5

Switchable Input

The Evox-5 Sound Reinforcement System is a versatile and reliable system for both live sound reinforcement and recording. It features switchable input which allows the user to switch between mic level, line level, or instrument level inputs depending on their needs. This feature makes it easy to use the same system in multiple scenarios without having to worry about changing out cables or other components.

Instrument level inputs allow the user to easily connect a guitar, bass, keyboard, or another instrument without needing any extra cables. Mic level is most commonly used in sound reinforcement setups and automatically adjusts to a standard signal level that most mixers will recognize. Line level allows you to hook up a large variety of devices with an output at this fixed signal level which is most commonly found on powered speakers and recording equipment. 

The Evox-5 Sound Reinforcement System lets you switch between these input types using the gain knob with an LED indicator. This makes it easy for the performer/engineer to make quick adjustments when needed without losing time in setup or worrying about having the wrong setting.

Space-Saving Design

The Evox-5 Sound Reinforcement System is designed to be as versatile as possible while occupying as little space as possible. It features XLR output that can be linked into two separate stereo pairs, allowing you to mix up your outputs however you like. This allows the user to choose what will sound best for their application and setup instead of being forced down one path or another by an inferior system.

It also features individual signal processing on each channel, giving the user complete control over how they want their final output to sound without requiring any extra gear. Its small footprint allows it to fit onto even crowded stage areas where other large systems would not fit. Clearly, the Evox-5 Sound Reinforcement System has been carefully designed with a variety of needs in mind and does an excellent job adapting to different situations without restricting the user’s freedom.

High Frequencies Attenuation – Clear and Powerful Sound

rcf evox 5

The RCF Evox 5 Sound Reinforcement System is a high-quality speaker system with the ability to deliver clear and powerful sound. The Evox 5 comes in five different configurations, allowing you to pick the perfect setup for your venue.

The RCF EVOX5 PRO is designed for maximum power output with a 10″ woofer and 200 watts of bi-amplified power. These systems are ideal for applications where smaller venue control is necessary but high sound pressure levels must be delivered across the entire room including its back corners, such as small bar venues or restaurants with a stage. The smaller woofer allows you to reach further into the crowd without overdriving at the system and having them hear distorted sounds.

Further Functionality

The Evox-5 Sound Reinforcement System has several features that may not be immediately apparent at first glance. Each input type comes with its own individual gain knob which lets you adjust incoming signal level without affecting the rest of the mix or worrying about clipping issues. 

There are also built-in limiters on every output channel for further protection against overloads, ensuring your speakers won’t be damaged due to an unexpected spike in volume levels even if something like a guitar pedal’s output gets accidentally plugged into the wrong input. The LED level indicators make it easy for performers to see where their signal levels are without needing to check a meter or guess from other clues.

RCF Evox 5 Alternatives

JBL Professional PRX ONE

JBL Professional PRX ONE Powered Loudspeaker Line Array with 7-Channel Mixer and Built-in Effects
  • The PRX One offers primal power at any volume with the 2000W Class-D amplifier that powers the 12” subwoofer and twelve 2.5” high-frequency drivers that combine for a total frequency response from 20 to 35Hz and an SPL output of 130dB
  • The integrated 7-channel digital mixer with dual-operating mode gives the user full access to their input faders as well as channel controls

The sound quality is incredible, and the volume can go so high, but nobody in the area will be disturbed. The highs and lows are so strong that I can feel the music in my bones. This speaker is perfect for DJs, bands, and small clubs. I use my speaker for small parties and house events. I also like how easy it is to connect my music with Bluetooth. The PRX ONE is worth every dollar and the sound clarity is the best!

The JBL PRX One is a great speaker for anyone who wants to amp up their sound. With the Class-D amplifier of 2000 watts, you can feel the deep bass and hear the high-pitched vocals even when the volume is turned up. The seven-channel mixer allows easy access to input faders and channel controls.

The speakers are very durable and easy to set up for rehearsal purposes, which is what I’m using them for. The audio mixer’s dual input mode is an excellent feature that I found to be convenient. One of the best features of this product that I love is how it has Bluetooth capabilities in case you’re in a situation where you need to connect wirelessly and there’s no WiFi available.

The product seems like it’s worth way more than what they charge because of its performance and durability! Overall, this item has good quality sound at a reasonable price! I would recommend this product to anybody looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality speaker.

  • The sound clarity is the best
  • Durable and easy to set up for rehearsal purposes
  • High quality, reasonable price

AKUSTIK Portable Line Array Column Speaker

No products found.

The design allows for easy transport as it can be transported in a carrying bag and dust cover. This is especially convenient as the ports are on the back of the subwoofer, making it difficult to carry with regular suitcases. It also includes a 4-channel mixer that is convenient for playing your music from USBs and SD cards.

Being a professional speaker set, this product allows for a louder and more crisp performance in smaller venues. This is helpful when performing at house parties, street performances, outdoor weddings, and smaller venues so you don’t have to worry about the noise being too much or the sound not being clear enough.

The sound quality of this speaker is clear and crisp. It’s perfect for parties and holidays! The LED light show is easy to use and will be amazing for any lighting show! The speakers are easy to install on three interfaces following the sequence. This speaker set needs very little power which makes it perfect for camping trips or power outages.

It adds great sound without requiring any cords plugged into it- just turn it on and start listening! I highly recommend this item if you need a good quality speaker at a reasonable price!

  • The design allows for easy to transport
  • It includes a 4-channel mixer
  • It allows for a louder and more crisp performance in smaller venues.
  • The sound quality of this speaker is clear and crisp


PRORECK Party 10 Portable 10-Inch 500 Watt Line Array Column Powered DJ/PA System Stage Tower Speaker with Bluetooth/USB/SD Card/Remote Control
  • Portable 10-Inch 500 Watt Column PA System consists of 10 inch subwoofer, 4x 3 inch tweeters, a power cable, a remote control and a user manual. It features mic input, line input, line output and Bluetooth /USB/SD Card Reader functions. 150W RMS, 300W continuous power, 500W P.M.P.O peak power.
  • HUGE COMPATABILITY & VERSATILE CONNECTIONS: The column system set features BLUETOOTH/USB DRIVE/SD CARD functions. Simply insert USB drive/SD CARD to playback songs.

It’s compact yet powerful;  it features Bluetooth, USB, and SD card capabilities which means I can play any music straight from my devices without spending too much money on an expensive set-up. I can’t believe how much sound quality you get for the price! It gives me exactly what I need for my small mobile events like corporate showcases and wedding receptions. It’s also really easy to use. It looks good too; it’s not too big or bulky; the color blends well with any event decor (most important!).

What I like most is that it sounds very loud and clear, with no noises or static. It’s perfect for small gigs like wedding events, birthdays, etc. The volume is automatically controlled too which makes sure that there’s no damage done to the speakers (great safety feature!). As long as you know how to put everything together correctly, you’ll definitely have a blast with this thing!

It’s really good quality for the price! PRORECK PARTY 10 Stage Tower Speaker definitely has all the same features as those big brands; it delivers way more than what you pay for which is great! It’s also very lightweight which means you can bring it anywhere without the hassle of having to move around bulky speakers. This one here is definitely a keeper!

I would definitely recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable portable PA system.

  • This speaker sounds loud and clear
  • It’s really good quality for the price
  • It’s compact yet powerful
  • It features Bluetooth, USB, and SD card capabilities


The RCF Evox 5 sound reinforcement system is the perfect choice for people looking to play and perform with a professional, dry-sounding, and natural sound. This product has been designed to optimize sound quality and performance.

With this sound reinforcement system, you are able to take advantage of many different applications both indoor and outdoor with equal ease. There are no limits with this product which makes your options endless.

Moreover, this product requires minimal maintenance so you can spend your time performing instead of worrying about equipment. The RCF Evox 5 sound reinforcement system is an excellent choice if you are looking for versatility and professional performance.

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