A Quick But Detailed Look At The Colorband Pix M

Looking for a strip light that is easy to install and use? The Colorband Pix M is perfect for any space. It can be used in retail spaces, offices, restaurants, bars, and more. This LED strip light has an aluminum housing with a durable finish and comes with mounting hardware so you can easily attach it to the ceiling or wall.

The Pix M also features an adhesive backing which makes installation quick and easy! You don’t need any tools to get this up on your walls or ceilings – just peel off the back of the tape and stick it where you want it. And because there are no cords or plugs needed, this strip light will never get tangled like a rope light.

Worried about the brightness of the Pix M? This LED strip light has a max wattage of 4W and is available in warm, neutral, or cool white. (The 4-foot model emits 800 lumens, while the 8-foot model emits 1600 lumen s). The Colorband Pix M is perfect for adding a splash of color to any space.

Colorband Pix M Reviews 2022

Chauvet DJ Colorband Pix M USB D-Fi Strip Light w/ 12 Tri-color LED's + Remote
  • Chauvet DJ Colorband Pix M USB Moving D-Fi LED Strip light w/ 12 Tri-color LEDs. Moving LED strip light creates dynamic sweeping effects and functions as a pixel mapping effect, blinder or wall-washer. D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control.
  • Angle the light where it's needed using the built-in motors. Create eye-catching animations and video effects with individual LED control. Access dramatic, pre-built automated programs with or without DMX. Wireless, non-DMX operation is available with the optional IRC-6 remote.

The Colorband Pix M is a great light for those who are looking to project on large spaces. The lights are easy to install and can be placed in any position due to their unique built-in motorized feature. We would recommend this light if you need to create animations or video effects because it has individual LED control.

These lights are also made with the option of wireless DMX or non-DMX, depending on your preference. It also comes with an automated show that anyone can use without having to do any programming of their own. It also has the option of using an external timing module for more precise control. These lights are fairly versatile and can be used for many different applications.

We would recommend these lights to anyone looking for a great, modern effect. A fun feature that this light includes is its “color capture” function. The user gets to see what colors work best on the wall they are projecting on. The lights also project a very nice and even pattern, making it look great in any setting.

The Colorband Pix M is an affordable way to get into the world of LED strip lighting for video or animation purposes. This light is very versatile and can be used in many different types of spaces. We would recommend the Pix M if you are looking for a LED strip that is easy to use and can help you create an image of any size.


– Lightweight and wireless

– Fast setup times for custom lighting projects

– Loads of preprogrammed effects with DMX control

– Useful for large scale projects and tight spaces

– Great for outdoor use and video production work


– Only suitable for large spaces

– Not ideal for small venues or basic lighting applications

Use Colorband Pix M In Different Areas

colorband pix m

We know the importance of light in our homes, and we’ve seen many different ways to make it happen. But there are times when you need a little more than just a light switch or a lamp. We have some new tools that will give your space some color and life with just one click of a button.

The Colorband Pix M offers an easy way to add color, ambiance, and energy-saving features to any room in your home without needing any wiring or installation. You can choose from three different lengths: 4 feet long for smaller spaces like bathrooms; 8 feet long for medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms; 16 feet long for larger areas such as dining rooms or living rooms.

Depending on the length you choose, they may be cut to fit any room. Compatible with all HomeKit enabled devices; lights up automatically when an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) is detected in range, allowing control even while the app is closed. With its built-in photo sensors and rechargeable battery, it can remain lit at around 30% brightness for up to 6 hours of continuous use.

Using the App, you can choose from 16 million vibrant colors or even fade between them with the touch of a finger. You will be able to set timers for when you want it on or off at certain times of day along with scheduling it to turn on if/when your iOS device detects you in range.

Colorband Pix M is a wireless color-changing LED strip that’s perfect for accenting any room in your home to suit your mood, all while saving you money on energy bills. It can be placed wherever you need light and stays out of the way with its 3M adhesive backing. Now that we’ve talked about the many ways you can use them let’s look at some ideas and inspiration:

It is a great option for cabinet drawers and cupboard doors that do not receive much light. They provide just enough light to see inside but also bring in color to accent your decor or cabinetry finish. The Colorband Pix Ms is perfect for under cabinet cabinets lighting, especially in kitchens where you have more counter space to work with.

How To Use Colorband Pix M

Colorband Pix M is a new and innovative way to strip light. The product’s website states “Colorband PixM strips unwanted color from your world.” It can be used in any situation where you need to reduce the intensity of one or more colors, such as working with the neon-colored film under black lighting.

Colorband Pix M was created by filmmaker Adam Farrar after he had trouble filming an underwater scene because of the green water filter on his camera. The product has been featured in various publications including CNET, Wired Magazine, and Forbes Magazine for its ability to boost creativity and help people sleep better at night. So what else does this handy little device do? Let’s take a closer look!

colorband pix m

The original idea behind Colorband Pix M was to help filmmakers while filming in murky waters. The new and improved product helps reduce the intensity of one or more colors while still maintaining brightness, which allows for better color rendering when filming under black light. Colorband Pix M can be used with any strip light/panel light on the market, especially LED panels.

However, it is also a useful tool for any professional who wants to improve color rendering. Colorband Pix M can be used as a shading instrument, as well as a color correction device. Colorband is also great for photographers as it allows them to shoot in black-lit scenarios without the need for special filters/gels on their lights.

Instead, they can capture the shot as they like, as one would if they were shooting with no backlight. Colorband Pix M is used to reduce the intensity of a specific color or set of colors; it can also be used to change the quality and direction of light beams for better results. It’s easy to use: simply slip Colorband onto your strip light.

Colorband Pix M is a versatile tool used for color rendering, shading, and color correction. It can be used with any type of strip light on the market. Once you get your band of color, give yourself some time to get accustomed to its effects before actually using it in an important production or shoot.

Once you are familiar with how it affects your lights, you’ll never know what you were missing out on before!

Colorband Pix M: Factors To Consider When Choosing Strip Lights

Colorband Pix Ms is one of the most popular options for lighting. They can be used in many different ways, and come with a variety of features to meet your needs. When considering which strip light you want, some factors will help you make a decision. Here is a quick look at some of the most important things to consider.

Customer Reviews

colorband pix m

It’s always a great idea to read some customer reviews before you commit to buying anything. These reviews can help give you an idea of people’s experiences and how they feel about their purchase after using it for a while. This will give you more information than you might pick up from the seller.

Light Quality

One of the most important factors to consider is the quality of light you will be getting. LED strip lighting can come in varying color temperatures, which means some options are cooler and options that are warmer to help with your preference. Sometimes LED lights can offer a “rainbow effect” if not installed correctly, so you should take the time to check this out.


One of the first things to consider is what the strip light will be used for. This will help you determine which features are important, as well as how many lights you should have. Strip lights are often used under cabinets or other fixtures that can be hidden within a room or to provide ample lighting in kitchens and bathrooms. They can also be used in display cases and other places where the light is not easily seen.

Using strip lights underneath displays or counters will allow you to highlight that area with design and color. It’s important to consider how much space you want to illuminate, as well as what style of lighting would look best in your room. There are many options for strip lights, but if you are looking to provide accent lighting for a specific area, then Colorband pix M is the best option.

It comes with three different lenses that are designed specifically to spread light out in a uniform manner and highlight certain features of the room. It also comes with an RF remote control that can adjust the colors of the lights to be warmer or cooler.


It’s important to consider how much space you are trying to light, along with the distance between lights. There are several different sizes and dimensions of strip lights, including:

  • 36-inch tape light
  • 2-foot strips
  • 5-foot strips

For larger areas, such as under cabinets or display cases, it’s best to use a longer strip for optimal lighting. For smaller areas, such as accent lighting or mood lighting, it’s best to use shorter strips for better coverage.

Lightweight Design

colorband pix m

If you are installing the strip lights yourself, it’s important to consider how easy they will be to work with. Colorband pix M lights are lightweight and small enough to be installed anywhere without taking up much space or requiring much effort. They come pre-wired with connectors that take all of the guesswork out of installation.

Number Of Lights

Depending on the dimensions you are looking to cover with strip lighting will determine how many lights are needed. Colorband pix M comes in either a 36-inch tape light or 5-foot strips, so they can be used for any of the above purposes.

For larger areas, such as under cabinets or display cases, you will need multiple lights, so plan on using two 36-inch tape lights or four 5-foot strips that are connected end to end. For smaller areas like accent lighting or mood lighting that is spread out over a large area, you only need one strip light.

Light Color

This is another important factor that should be taken into consideration. LED strip lights come in varying color temperatures, with options ranging from warm to cool. If you are looking to provide accent lighting or mood lighting, then it’s best to go with RGB colors like the pix M light offers. It comes with three different lenses and can be controlled with a wireless remote.

Color Temperature Chart

There are many factors to consider when deciding which LED strip light is best for you, but one of the most important is color temperature. This refers to how cool or warm the lighting from the strip is. Color temperature can range from 2700K up to 6500K.

  • 2700K is red/yellow
  • 3500K is yellow
  • 4300K is white
  • 5000K is blue-white
  • 6500K is blue


Strip lights are available in a variety of wattages, so it’s important to consider which one will work best for your lighting needs. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light output will be. Strip lights can have anywhere from 5 watts to 20 watts per foot. It’s best to consult a professional electrician if you are looking to choose the right wattage for your lighting needs.

Style Of Lighting

colorband pix m

Strip lights can provide most of the same benefits as other types of lighting, but they have their unique style and look that provides a variety of options when it comes to lighting. Strip lights come in a variety of styles that can help enhance your room style and provide the perfect lighting for whatever purpose you are using them.

Colorband Pix Ms come in different lengths with varied wattages, so they can be used to cover any size space for a specific purpose or design. It’s important to consider how much power you need, along with how long of a strip will be needed to cover the area you need to illuminate.

The higher the wattage, the brighter and more powerful light output that can provide optimal lighting for your design and features. Colorband Pix M comes in different lengths and wattages, so they can be used to highlight specific areas or objects through both color and light.

Colorband Pix M: Some Other Alternatives

You may be thinking that the Colorband Pix M is a one-of-a-kind solution. It’s not. There are many other options to explore and we’ll look at some of them in this part. The Pix M light isn’t necessarily a great option for what you need to do – it’s just another one of many possible options!

Betopper DJ Lights

BETOPPER Spider Moving Head DJ Light, 8x10W LEDs Beam Stage Lights RGBW, Sound Activated/DMX-512 Control for Party, Church, Event, Concert Club Event Lighting (1 Pack)
  • ♫ [Large Range Spider Beam] XY axis angle: 540 degrees, Y1: 120 degrees, Y2: 120 degrees, 8 magic beams, each beam can not only create the effect of chasing light, but also continue to convert the swing. LED light ensures bright large project range. With the stage smoke/fog effect, the beams effect is more prominent.
  • ♫[Light Source] This light has 8 powerful LED light beads with RGBW 4 in 1 red, green, blue and white, the color could be freely changed and combined to bring gorgeous visual effects. It can works well with speaker to create awesome stage lighting effect.

The first alternative we’ll talk about is the Betopper DJ Lights. It has a higher RRP than the Colorband Pix M but it’s currently available for almost half of that. Not only does it has similar features, but the light quality is also very good. You can move it around and it easily attaches to stands or truss for out-of-the-box compatibility with existing stage setups.

We have to say that it’s one of the best alternatives to the Pix M light. It has a slightly different design but it does similar things. However, for this type of product, there’s no such thing as an exact replacement and you should consider whether or not the Betopper DJ Lights will be good enough for your needs before making a purchase.

DragonX 4 Bar DJ Lighting

DragonX 4 Bar Gigbar DJ Lights Booth Stage Lighting Wash Packages DMX LED Mobile DJ Light System Equipment Par Can Kits Spotlight with Stand Sound Activated Strobe Party Wedding Church Band
  • [USAGE] This portable stage lightings is suited for stage presentation, gig band lighting system, concerts stage lighting, theaters, wedding ceremonies or large parties. It can be floor mounted for additional uplighting effects to showcase the right emotion to portray.
  • [COMPLETE PACKAGE] This dragonx 4 bar LED stage lights with comes 4 LED Par Cans, Tripod Lighting Stand to maneuver, Foot-Switch Controller for better control, Power Cord, and Stand Bag for protection and portability.

The DragonX 4 Bar DJ Lighting is the perfect solution for lighting up any stage, gig band, concert, or theater. It can be used to uplight a stage for more dramatic effects and it’s easily movable with its 3-foot stand that also includes a footswitch controller.

The package comes with four LED par cans, a tripod light stand for maneuverability, a power cord, and a stand bag to protect your equipment when on the go. This product has compatibility with other brands’ systems as well as a sound-activated control mode ready. The DragonX 4 Bar DJ Lighting is the best possible alternative to the Pix M light.

It has similar features and can also be used in a variety of different settings or applications, making it ideal for any person looking for this type of product.

MARYGEL 8 LEDs Beam Moving Head Stage Lights

DJ Lights,MARYGEL Spider Moving Head Light 8 LEDs Beam RGBW Party Lights Sound Activated DMX Control Club Lights for Party,Bar,Home,Church ,Event, Concert
  • Working Modes: 8 Powerful light beads with RGBW 4 in 1 red, green, blue and white, combined to bring gorgeous visual effects.8 magic beams, each beam can not only create the effect of chasing light, but also continue to convert the swing. LED light ensures bright large project range(For better effect to show, we suggest to buy two.)
  • 4 Modes: 1.Automatic Mode; 2.Sound-controlled Mode (Built-in microphone, lighting style changes automatically with music); 3.DMX512 Mode; 4.Master-Slave Mode(Multiple lights synchronous operation)

How do you feel when you’re listening to a DJ and the lights are blasting in your eyes? The MARYGEL 8 LEDs Beam Moving Head Stage Lights is a perfect solution. It creates a comfortable environment for DJs and audience members. This is another great alternative to the Colorband Pix M, with similar features and benefits.

It has good light coverage at an 8-degree beam angle and the built-in 22 different patterns that include solid colors, strobe effects, dimmer effects, and more than one color of lights. It’s perfect for DJs looking to spice up their show using lights to attract attention. It has a sound control model that works with most audio signals and can also be controlled by remote.

These are just some of the alternatives to the Colorband Pix Ms. There are a ton more so find one that suits your preference and taste. Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below. And if you’re still not sure what color band you should use, check out this article for an easy solution.

FAQs About Colorband Pix M

– Can I control the brightness of my Colorband Pix M?

Yes, you can control the brightness on these by cycling through settings with the button on the back of the plug. You can choose from seven brightness levels with low, medium, and high.

– Is it hard to install Colorband Pix M?

No, installing Colorband Pix M can be accomplished in less than a couple of minutes. All that is needed is to plug the included power adapter into the socket near the desired location for the light and then plug in the other end into an outlet. Next, pop up one of the rubber caps to expose one of the pins and insert it into the box with a matching pin. A gentle push will make contact and your light is on!

colorband pix m

You might need to do some adjusting initially, but you’ll soon get used to finding your perfect lighting. It’s easy to use and can produce a soothing effect, or you can choose from seven brightness levels for just the right amount of light. The best part is that once you find your ideal setting, you can use the memory feature to restore it whenever you need it.

– How long is the power cord on Colorband Pix M?

The power cord of these lights is about three feet long which is just perfect for plugging in your pix strip. If needed, you may want to get an extension cord of the same voltage rating to give you a bit more flexibility.

– How do I turn off the Colorband Pix M?

Don’t worry if you can’t remember where the power button is, because these lights have an automatic shutoff to save energy during sleep or when no one is at home. They also have a memory function that allows them to return to the same brightness level once they are turned on again.

– What can I use Colorband Pix M for?

You can use Colorband Pix Ms for various purposes. You can use them to decorate your living area or you could put them in your bedroom to provide a calming ambiance. These lights are also an excellent mood enhancer by providing you with comfort and energy while improving productivity.

They are perfect for daily stress relief or meditation, enhancing creativity, reading books, drawing, painting, crafting, or just being generally creative. You can use them for parties or as a conversation starter at your next dinner party.


If you’re looking for a lighting solution that can provide both color and light, Colorband Pix M might be a perfect choice. These strip lights come in different lengths with varied wattages to cover any size space and power needs. With seven levels of brightness, these lights are easy to turn on and off while still providing some energy savings during sleep hours or when no one is home.

They also have an automatic shutoff function so they only use the amount of electricity needed for your desired task at hand. The best part? You can choose from all sorts of styles depending on what mood you want to set – from tranquilizing colors for meditation or working creatively, to energizing hues if you need more focus or just feel like celebrating life!

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