How Much Is An Air Hockey Table

How much is an air hockey table remains one of the questions on the lips of the newest players to the game. After playing it for the first time and getting caught up in the excitement, most people just can’t wait to get a table of their own – this points to just how great a game it is.

Just like most of the other products on the market, air hockey tables come in different grades, sizes, and several other features, all of which contribute to determining the final price of the table. Air hockey table prices vary based on certain specifications they either possess or lack.

Why You Need to Know How Much is an Air Hockey Table

How Much is an Air Hockey Table

More often than not, air hockey lovers prefer to have their own tables in their houses or places where they can easily access them. Air hockey tables usually come at a very wide range of prices, and each table has a different set of specifications from some others. When it comes to air hockey tables, only a very few numbers of them are outstanding. However, some pretty good ones would be worth the money spent on them.

Knowledge of the prices of air hockey tables would help you budget the exact amount you want to spend and know the table’s specifications. Similarly, knowing how much an air hockey table would give you knowledge of how much to put aside, especially if you plan to save up.

Factors That Affect How Much an Air Hockey Table Would Cost


How Much is an Air Hockey Table

When you are purchasing an air hockey table, you would have to consider the size of the table. Is you intend to purchase a small table for personal use only, then you wouldn’t be spending as much as you would if you want to buy a commercial-sized table.

These kinds of tables are about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide and can mainly be found in various establishments or in use for hosting tournaments. If you are not doing any of these, you can go for a table about 4 -7.5 feet long, which would help you cut down on cost and easily for into your home space.

Large Puck or Small Puck

Basically, puck size effectively affects the overall price of hockey tables. Usually, tables that are designed for small pucks usually come with a fan that provides just enough pressure to lift the puck off the table. This kind of table is suitable for use by children or teenagers. Also, since these takes are pretty casual, they usually go for less than larger tables would cost.

Big puck air hockey takes, which are mainly used in establishments, are designed to last longer than the smaller and casual air hockey table and usually cost a lot more too. They also have a more powerful motor for lifting the balls, making it all the more expensive.

Digital or Manual Scoring

Some particular tables usually come with a digital scoring that monitors and tracks every goal scored and keeps a record of it. For such a table like this, it is bound to be much more expensive than tables that come with manual scoring tools such as a whiteboard or abacus. If you intend to cut costs, then the manual table is the way to go.

However, if you intend to enjoy the ease of play, you should use the digital scoring option. This is, of course, a lot more expensive than the manual option and offers more excitement.

Pricing of Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables come in very simple forms that are perfect for Christmas or birthday presents and in luxury, high-end forms too. Tables these days are designed to be affordable to a very wide range of people – this is the main reason why there are so many air hockey tables on the market. They are also suited to various skill levels, budgets, and ages.

For instance, you can get a small tabletop hockey unit for about $20 during a sale. The only issue with tables like this is that they do not last very long and are not as durable as some other tables. If you want to get a good quality table, you should be ready to pay between $150 – $800.

This is for a range of tables with lengths of 4 – 6 feet. If you are targeting a 6+ foot table, you could incur a cost of several thousand dollars.


How Much is an Air Hockey Table

Since this article serves to answer the question of how much is an air hockey table, you should be able to decipher by now exactly how much cost you would incur when you purchase a particular table. Similarly, the factors that lead to the pricing that are few but essential are also included. With this, you are on your way to making the best decision for your next air hockey table.

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