How To Clean Air Hockey Table

This post on how to clean air hockey table is really for the game’s devoted fans. The air hockey game offers enough fun, just like the most popular sports games. Back then, in the 1970s, when it was created, an ice hockey fan, Bob Lemieux, was one of the major advocates.

Unlike ice hockey and other sports games like basketball or football, it is a game of skill that doesn’t really demand physical activity. With little or no hazard risks and easy-to-follow rules, basically, anyone can play, from children to adults. However, as a devoted fan of this game, you should have a table in your home.

Since the game cannot be played alone, it is a social activity and a great option for shy people who need to socialize more. Furthermore, having a table of your own and playing the game has several advantages, including a great source of entertainment. Consequently, air hockey helps to improve reflexes and reaction times as it is fast-paced.

Why You Need To Know How To Clean Air Hockey Table

How To Clean Air Hockey Table

So you have taken the step and bought yourself an air hockey table; there is a high probability that you spent a good amount of money on the table, which means you want to take care of it.

With the right maintenance tips, you can make your newly purchased table last a while and enjoy it for many years to come. Therefore, as a newbie or professional in the game, you need to know to maintain your air hockey table slide better.

Therefore, you shouldn’t keep a dirty air hockey table surface. The following are the reasons why you should learn to keep your table as clean as possible;

  • A dusty table caused drag, which means the puck doesn’t glide in the right manner. Consequently, this causes the game to become slower and not as much fun as it should be.
  • A dirty surface blocks air holes, preventing the puck from sliding across the table’s surface correctly. Furthermore, this results in dead spots, which cause the puck to stop.
  • The puck begins to bump, jump or even fly off the table due to a dirty playing surface.

Undoubtedly, these reasons kill the fun in the game when they occur frequently. Therefore, you must learn to keep a clean table surface and holes.

How To Clean Air Hockey Table Surface and Holes

How To Clean Air Hockey Table

Ideally, you should clean your air hockey table weekly to prevent dust build-up.  Although this varies depending on the nature of your environment, once a week remains a good rule. Furthermore, you need to inspect your pucks and mallets as they may need leveling via sanding to prevent things from slowing down.

The table cleaning process will be classified as you need to clean the table surface and holes in the table. To kick off the cleaning process, run your household vacuum over the entire top surface of the table. When you need to clean the air holes, you will need to spend extra time to ensure that all of the dirt/dust particles are removed.

Also, run the vacuum down the lower areas of the table, majorly the legs of the table, to remove cobwebs/dust. After completing the vacuum actions, you can scrub the table surface. With a soft dry cloth, wipe the table down to remove any remaining dust/dirt particles.

After that, take some rubbing alcohol, dampen the cloth and scrub the tabletop with the rubbing alcohol. You need to do this efficiently to remove any food particles, fingerprints, or other marks left on the table.

Remember to use a soft dry cloth and not an abrasive cloth, so you do not end up scratching the table. With the use of dishwashing detergent and warm water, you can wipe down the legs and sides of your table. Do not use soapy water on the playing surface or clean the inside rails.

If you still have dust or dirt in the table holes, you need to use pipe cleaners, toothpicks, or cotton swabs to clean the dustout. You need to do this gently. Otherwise, the holes will become clogged, and the air will not be able to flow out freely.

However, frequent cleaning actions shouldn’t require deep cleaning all the time. To give the table a fine glossy finish after cleaning, you’ll want to polish it. If you have a wooden table, you can use furniture polish. To do this, do not spray the table directly; rather, spray a cloth and wipe it over the table’s surface.

The importance of the polish is that it will give your table a smooth coating. Furthermore, it will allow the puck to slide smoothly.


There exist many benefits attached to owning an air hockey table. However, it requires some maintenance, so if you do not know how to clean air hockey table, you won’t keep enjoying it. Fortunately, with these tips in mind, you will keep your table in top condition.

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