How to Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better

Learning how to make your hockey table slide better is essential to ensuring that you continue to enjoy using your table for a very long time. This is mainly because in making the table surface slippery, you’re inadvertently maintaining the table too.

This then results in an increased lifespan of your table and a greater amount of excitement to be derived. Similarly, having a table that isn’t very slippery could lead to the puck-stopping halfway across the table and, generally, not making playing an act to look forward to.

Tips On How To Make Your Hockey Table Slide Better

How to Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better

In order to make your hockey table slide better, there are certain steps you have to take and some provisions you have to make. These include the following:

Clean and Lubricate All Surfaces

The accumulation of dirt from playing for a while could cause friction on the table surface and prevent the puck from sliding freely, resulting in periodic game disruption due to stoppages or slow puck sliding. This situation is exactly why cleaning and waxing all surfaces, including the table surface, the pucks, and the mallets, is essential.

To get the table certifiably clean, you would need to turn on the fan and wipe the table surface using a cloth made of cotton material or a towel manufactured from microfiber. To reduce friction when cleaning, you could dampen the cloth with warm water and add mild dishwashing detergent to get your cleaning done even faster.

Cautious Use of Silicone Spray Lubricant

If you want to enjoy playing better on your air hockey table, especially when you prefer fast-paced games, using a lubricant would effectively make the puck slide even faster all over the table. However, you would need to be very cautious when using it in order not to apply too much lubricant.

Excess application of lubricant could make the table surface too smooth, which would also lead to you not enjoying your game. If you ever want to use lubricant, all you need to do is apply a small portion of the silicone lubricant spray on a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber towel and then apply it on the table surface.

Always Keep the Fan’s Blower Clean

In addition to lubrication keeping surfaces smooth, it is also very important to keep your fan clean at all times. Since air hockey requires a constant infusion of air via the holes in the table, it is easy for the Fan’s blower to get dirty. Cleaning the blower ensures that you get rid of the dirt which could have been trapped by the fan and is lurking around.

This dirt could slow down the fan’s blades’ speed and cause the motor’s dragging. Inspecting the blower regularly and applying bursts of compressed air to dislodge caked dirt is also advisable. This would require that you take apart the air hockey table to an extent which is why you have to be very careful so that you don’t damage or lose anything.

How to Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better

Ensure That Your Hockey Table Remains Covered When Not in Use

Keeping your big hockey table open at all times, even when not at work, could be bad business. This is because such exposure could lead to a number of components that fly around in the atmosphere, settling on it and clogging the holes. To prevent this, you could cover your air hockey table with a tablecloth when not in use.

This tablecloth effectively prevents dust and other unwanted particles from settling on the fan, the surface, and the holes. The tablecloth could be gotten in the same store where you purchased your air hockey table. To make the tablecloth effective, you need to ensure that the length of the cover is exactly the length of your table i.e. it fits perfectly.

Keep the Table Holes Clean

Keeping the table holes clean and free of dust and dirt is one duty to which you must apply large amounts of diligence. The table holes are the most important part of the table since this is where the air blows through. To clean it, you could use a toothpick, a drill bit, or any small object that would fit into the holes.

You would need to get rid of every speck of dust because leaving any fragments would result in gradual damage to the table, there you shortening its lifespan. Similarly, it is not mandated that you clean the table daily. Instead, a thorough monthly cleaning is sufficient.


Knowledge of how to make air hockey table slide better is essential to a great user experience. This involves maintaining the table, which would increase the table’s lifespan greatly. Similarly, this knowledge helps you cut down on the cost of outsourcing or having to repair due to damage incurred over lack onance. With this knowledge, you are guaranteed an exciting game time any day.

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