How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit

 But with advanced techniques, you can print the t-shirts in your home. There are many DIY methods to print t-shirts, which is great fun and enjoyable. 

Moreover, t-shirt printing is a popular way to earn nowadays. People get fun working with t-shirts and have the platform to practice their talents which helps in enhancing their skills. They can use their creative ideas and make unique designs that increase the fun. 

How to print t-shirt for fun and profit? Different techniques are involved in creating innovative designs and then setting them on t-shirts permanently. Let’s talk about those processes through a step-by-step guide.

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit

With some simple steps, you can make gorgeous and bold designs on your t-shirt. When you produce t-shirts in bulk, you can grow your business from home. If you plan to do your own business and create unique designs on t-shirts, following the steps below will do your job. 

Success depends on your action plan, designs, budget, and labor. You should be careful in every step to make it possible when it is about a business. Be wise to decide on the budget, printing method choice, and design selection. 

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit

Step 1: Make the Design

First of all, create the design of the t-shirts. If you are a professional, then you know the needful. But a beginner has a low concept of it. 

  • Make a design that fits well for your brand. The design should showcase your brand’s name. Then decide what to show or tell in your design. It can be a slogan, a message, a logo of your brand, an illustration, or a combination of more than one item. 
  • Make a design that fits nicely on the t-shirt’s size keeping all the design items clean and clear.
  • Select the color of the design carefully. If your t-shirts are dark, the design should not have mostly dark colors. Ark blue or black color s not perfect for dark background. You have to select a light color. For the light color background, the dark color will be correct. Make that the design also matches the color selection.

Many applications or websites give innovative ideas to make a unique design. You can learn from those applications. These platforms will guide you to correctly select the right imagery, style, colors, and typography.  That is why it is wise to take suggestions from these websites even after making the draft of your design. 

You also can take suggestions from a professional designer. It will be helpful to have an expert designer as your business partner. It will guarantee to some extent that your t-shirt design will be the right choice to attract customers. 

Step 2: Make a Plan and Budget

A well-arranged plan can reduce the hassle to a great extent. So, make a plan and create your budget. 

  • First, decide about the printing quantity for t-shirts. If you order many shirts from the manufacturers, the cost per shirt will be below. So, it is wise to order extensive, especially when you are selling the designed t-shirts yourself. 
  • Decide the size of the t-shirt. Remember the design you have already made and choose sizes for t-shirts that match the design well. But before that, gather knowledge about this. Some standard t-shirt sizes cost less, and some cost more. Depending on this matter, choose the size of your t-shirts.
  • You have to decide the printing method for your business. It is an important step. Some printing method is suitable for a small project of t-shirts design, and some are for a big project. The printing method also depends on the ink color. What color you will put on your t-shirts, dark or light, is a fact for choosing the printing method. Besides, the number of colors used is also a matter. So, choose wisely so that you can get a good amount of profit out of sold products. 
  • At last, count the price of sold products and costs. In general, if you print a single shirt, it costs $15 to $30, depending on the printing method. If you print t-shirts in bulk, the cost will be low, and it will be $5 to $10 per shirt. The price of your products also depends on the quality and quantity of total t-shirts production. Then you can make a price range for each t-shirt for selling. You can create an expectation profit range from this calculation.

After doing all your plans, begin your printing job.

Step 3: Select Printing Method

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit

When it is about t-shirt printing for fun and profit, the best methods are screen printing, vinyl graphics, and direct-to-garment printing method. The choice of printing method determines the appearance, cost, necessary materials, and production time. It is an important fact, and you should be careful in choosing the printing method. Keep in mind your budget and the number of t-shirts and then decide. 

So, let’s know about those three methods and decide what will be the suited printing method for your printing job. 

Screen Printing Method

The screen printing method is the traditional method that is popular even in the present. You can screen print the t-shirts in hand or use the screen printer machine. It is an excellent printing method to print on t-shirts. For t-shirts printing, this method is widely used. If you can use your printer for screen printing, you can make more profit. The printer will make the necessary screen and print in bulk numbers.

Merit: The screen printing method produces high-quality and affordable printouts. It is reliable for large orders. It works well for bright colors on darker fabric. 

Demerits: You have to make a new screen for each of the colors of one design. So, it is a time-consuming and laborious method. For the small printing project, it is not profitable. 

Vinyl Graphics Printing

The vinyl graphics printing method involves the transfer method. It transfers ink to make creative designs. This method is better for creating intricate designs on t-shirts. The texture output from this method is quite different. This method produces bold printouts. The ink is also durable than the screen-printing method.

Merit: The color output is brighter, which will satisfy your interest. Durability is also higher comparatively. This method works better for printing shapes and text-based designs. It is a good choice for short orders.

Demerit: This method also makes additional costs per color printing like screen-printing as it prints layer by layer. It is not so perfect for making big orders.

Direct to Garment Printing Method

Direct to garment printing method is the most used way for the present time. It involves inkjet printers. You have to buy or collect an inkjet printer that will spray ink into the fabric. So, the printer should support printing on fabric.

Merit: Whatever you did not find in the previous methods, this is possible in the DTG method. You can print intricate designs with high detailing. You also will be able to customize the design as much as you want using lots of colors variants.  

Demerit: This method is not a good choice for the larger t-shirt printing batches. You do not do better work with dark-colored items with this method.

Another DIY printing method is an iron transfer method. It also uses the transfer method. This method is simple and easier. That is why people like to use this method. The iron transfer method needs materials that are cheaper and handy.

Step 4: Choose the Correct Printer

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit

What printer is best suited for your job mainly depends on the printing method you use. Then make a budget plan for the printer and get to find one for you. There are many printers in the market available. You will find printers in the online market too.  Take your time to research and check the details and then choose the printer.

When you go to buy your printer, keep in mind that the finished result is the only proof of how the printer works. You can seek printed shirts by the printer to check the capability. When you search for the printer for your printing project, be careful about some essential facts like-

  • The cost for plain t-shirts and the price for printing using the printer
  • The printing method must match your need
  • Quantities of printed t-shirts within a time interval
  • Printing time per t-shirt

When you choose the printer, make a plan by counting the timeline. Count both the printing time and shipping time. Make a balance so that you can send your customers the final result within time. For more authentic guidelines on printer check out

Step 5: Select the Fabric

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit

When you select the fabric type for your t-shirts, first, think about the comfort. This is the prime importance for the fabric to be comfortable for the customers.

The most popular fabric for a t-shirt is 100% cotton. Cotton is easy to wear and wash. It provides versatility to make designs on it. Another popular option is 50% polyester and 50% cotton blend. This option is softer and breathable. It is also a cheaper option than 100% cotton.

The fabric type should match the printer type. Test printing into your printer if it is the right choice or not. 

After deciding on the fabric, choose the shirt type. Check the parameters that determine the choice and trends of the time. Decide your audience target group and then decide on a suitable shirt type for them.

Step 6: Submit the Design File to the Printer

Send the design files to your printer when everything is ready, and you are prepared to print your t-shirts. Before printing, set all the required settings of the printer. Make sure that you set the proper design format for your t-shirt. Check the specific file types, ink color requirements, and the size of the files. Collect all the necessary supplements and make them ready for printing the desired design. 


How is the t-shirt design format? The design file should be in vector format. It can be in AI, PDF, or EPS file format. These formats are suitable. If you have confusion about the appropriate structure for your printer, you can use the PDF format as almost all the printers are compatible with this format. 

You also have to select the particular colors that you use in t-shirts. Use the Pantone color codes or the CMYK color codes. These color codes are perfect for t-shirt printing.

Step 7: Get and Check the Proof

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit

Before placing a bulk printing order to your printer, you should get the proof. All the printers provide proof before taking a bulk printing order. This proof can come in digital form. It also can be a printing test.

Check the proof deeply, as it is your last chance to make necessary modifications before commanding bulk printing to your printer. Check the design deeply, the words, numbers, colors, and the alignment of the design. 

You can call for a third person to check for you that you are printing right. 

Step 8: Get the Finished Products

You have to print a significant number of t-shirts in one command into your printer. So, you will get all the t-shirts printed in one design at once. After getting them, check if everything is correct.

Now you are ready with your t-shirts to sell and grow your business.


How to print t-shirt for fun and profit? Though many printing methods are used commercially for the DIY process, the method mentioned above is the right choice. If you plan well and make your designed t-shirts in a budget-friendly way, you can make both fun and profit.

Most home businesses grow depending on the screen-printing method. Purchasing a suitable printer and beginning the business turns the fun into profit.

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