How To Use A DJ Controller – Easy But Useful Guide

DJs are able to make their job seem so graceful because of the equipment they use, especially the controllers. The controllers, on the other hand, are a frightening sight to see if you’ve ever seen one in person. A large number of buttons, knobs and controllers are included with the machine, which may deter some users from utilizing the equipment. However, for those who are dedicated, the only thing that stands in their way is a lack of knowledge on How To Use A DJ Controller on their PCs. 

The alternative is that they would get one immediately and put it to excellent use. If you are one of the few who are motivated to succeed, this article should provide you with an understanding of what the machine is capable of and how to use DJ controllers to your benefit.

In this article we will go through these contents: 

  • What Does A DJ Controller Do?
  • Some Advantages Of DJ Controllers
  • So How To Use A DJ Controller? 
  • Setting Up A DJ Controller
  • Tip For Music Mix Up
  • Our Verdict About How To Use DJ Controller  

What Does A DJ Controller Do?

how to use a dj controller

You must grasp DJ software before you can fully comprehend a DJ controller. There are a variety of DJ software programs available. Some good ones are Ableton Live, Serato DJ, Atomix VirtualDJ Pro, and more. There are many noteworthy characteristics of this type of software. One of them is that it enables you to mix various songs using the keyboard and mousepad as controllers. 

The keyboard and mouse’s primary purpose is not to operate software, and this is where the DJ controller comes in. There are controls that may be devoted to DJs and configured depending on their own preferences to help DJ software be more intuitive. It’s technically incorrect to say that the audio is mixed. You must let the computer and the DJ software do their jobs. They do, however, provide instructions on how to do this task. Many contemporary affordable DJ controllers include built-in sound cards as a frequent feature. 

The best feature of this unit is that it makes it very simple to preview and mix audio for the audience before sending it out to the main output. Mixing consoles in between two decks was an accepted “deejaying” method. In current DJ equipment, you receive the same basic functions in one unit. Another way to think about it is that conventional processing devices were used to handle the sounds that were combined. Due to current software technologies, the controllers have become smaller than before.

Some Advantages Of DJ Controllers

how to use a dj controller

Improvements to older Deejaying setups, such as controllers, offer a few advantages, as can be seen in the list below. inexpensive Using a more traditional/ancient setup will need at least two decks as well as a mixer. The other thing to consider is that music files are stored on computers now, so you would need to have a computer to keep track of all the songs and noises you mix on a regular basis. Additionally, you have numerous USB flash drives that you utilize to put music into your DJ controllers. Contrast that with the much reduced amount of cash required to purchase a controller and then a laptop, and you discover that DJ controller setups are considerably more affordable. 

As of today, a DJ controller can be purchased for around $300. According to user evaluations, the Numark Party Mix II is an outstanding demonstration of how cheap DJ controllers can be. Besides the low price, customers also receive included with their purchase of Serato DJ Lite software. Portable sound creation and editing are performed by the computer.

 In today’s computers, we have more than enough processing power to have the job done while yet being small. Because it doesn’t need many internal electrical components, the controller does not have many inherent weaknesses. With the advent of new DJ controllers, the entire system has become portable as well. the capacity to adjust to current requirements One such negative effect of the connection with DJ software is that it is causing further hardware issues. 

Also, the software seems to be developed more easily compared to hardware that doesn’t need any raw materials. New and better versions of DJ applications are released often, and this is to be expected because the apps are frequently updated to include new features, features, and functionalities. In exchange, the customers upgrade their older applications so they can make use of the new capabilities on newer hardware. Due to the fact that earlier CDJs, such as the Pioneer CDJ-350, only allow for firmware upgrades that are rare and sometimes unavailable, their flexibility is limited. It’s really simple to use.

 When you first start utilizing a DJ controller, you will find many ways in which it is easy to use. When you have simple access to the music collection, one sample is provided. Your PC’s hard drive is where all of your tracks will be saved. As a result, finding particular songs is as simple as pie. Use the search function in your computer to find what you’re looking for. Besides that, you also have a large screen as well as a mouse to help you sift through everything. 

In addition, you should preview the songs before mixing or remixing them. This is also made simpler because of it. With a CDJ or DDJ, you don’t need to load the songs onto a deck at all. Instead, you use the mouse to load the parts of the songs one song at a time, which you call loading “bits.” Next, your D.J. sessions will be less challenging to record. There is already a built-in recording function in the deejaying applications, and the computer is adequate.

 When you begin, click the “record” button. Final but not least, a plug-and-play capability is one of the last pieces of evidence demonstrating that DJ controllers are simple to use. One reason for this is because the software is integrated with the DJ system. It is just necessary to use a USB connection linking your PC with the controller to enable communication between the two devices.

So How To Use A DJ Controller? 

Although the DJ controller launched in 2004, it has evolved quickly since then.

A sound card with a channel count of six and two inputs (MIDI and SDIF) was usually supplied with the first controllers.

As an addition, they also equipped the interface with controls such as CD-styled buttons, fader-style controls, visualizers, crossfaders, or jogging wheels.

However, the creatively intricate DJ controller for DJing was released in 2007, after the information in this article was published. A DJ mixer emulator with two turntables is possible with this device.

This was a novel and interesting gadget when it was first released. Following this, numerous modifications occurred. Sound Cards begin with the integration.

This device software control system was created so that we may manage it without relying on a timecode signaling method.

This was feasible due to the advanced technology that made it possible to adjust the controller’s software via HID.

Later, a lot of companies added their unique and interesting ideas to the production process, increasing the process’ appeal.

Our aim was to make the user’s experience as painless as possible. With the assistance of new specs such as performing pads, effects, and LCD displays, today’s gadgets are more efficient and durable.

The tiny microprocessor is built inside the sought-after gadget. This chip is dedicated to the computer-free operation of the software.

There are no restrictions other than the mixing of audio and other signals can’t be done.

Trying to get the Best DJ controller to work when nothing seems to be wrong is much more difficult than just pushing a few buttons.

All a professional DJ has to do is push a few buttons, but it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Follow these five simple steps to learn how to use DJ Controller.

  • Getting a DJ controller setup
  • Enthusiastically pumping up the crowd’s energy
  • Assigning beats to a single song
  • Choosing the right type of music for a certain group
  • Accomplishing the DJ abilities and looks for the seduction of the audience

The controller is not one that can be replaced or ignored while DJing.

A DJ controller has functions for all of its controls, but it is unnecessary to focus on all that it provides.

Most importantly, the initial step is to identify and evaluate decks and volumes.

EQ and other parameters should be left in their default state, and the various settings should be pondered afterward.

In case you are performing two CDs, there seem to be two channels mostly on deck: Channel 1 and Channel 2.

Increase the volume to play the selected CD track on one or one deck.

Next, change the CD or deck settings to CD two or deck two.

Consider, for instance, that disc 1 plays the music, while cd 2 performs the lyrics.

To novice DJs, one of the most perplexing ideas is the auxiliary line. In a few easy sentences, let’s decode it.

An additional input channel is an auxiliary. Let us speculate: Your intention is to play a song on your cell phone or iPod, right?

Plug the wire from the auxiliary input on the rear of the deck into the sockets on the duck’s back. This sets the volume again for auxiliary input.

Because of this, it’s possible for the user to listen to music from not only compact discs or vinyl records, but any other kind of preferred media.

For CDs, turn the CD command to “CD” on the cue gain, and the master volume knobs.

Setting Up A DJ Controller

how to use a dj controller

The DJ controller’s initial intent was to merge two songs to produce a mixed-up track.

As soon as the two are connected up, the computer’s audio signal will be picked up by the DJ control.

By supplying you with the proper interface, the DJ’s movements will be transmitted to the linked computer device, thus allowing them to alter the music.

This machine was designed to analyze the data and carry out the appropriate actions.

Once the signal is returned to the controller, the command is executed. The speakers, amplifier, as well as other output devices that are linked to the setup, are all fed by the sound card that really is integrated into the modules.

To track the audio files, the jog wheels or record players are utilized. It is essential to compromise on the benefits of the jog wheels since they respond more sensitively to turntable operations.

For a great DJ controller, you’ll want a DJ mixer integrated into everything, so you can manipulate various aspects of the signal using the jog wheels.

If you still have some queries check this video to get more ideas of how to set u a DJ system for beginners

When using a DJ controller, here are some important points to remember.

It is critical to keep all of the components of a DJ’s set in mind so as to save valuable time.

A common piece of advice is to avoid expert guidance while dealing with this equipment. As a result, these tools are very costly.

As soon as you start a DJ practice, make sure you do thorough research on the DJ controller owners or those who are in the process of purchasing one. It should answer the following: Does the controller function with the DJ software? And, is it in need of further attention?

Almost all DJ controllers have a constructed sound card. Even if it seems unnecessary, double-check to be sure the item is available in the model you’ve selected.

Smart music formats to bring: taking a USB flash drive loaded with your preferred music is a good option.

It’s a sluggish start as a novice DJ, but you will get the hang of the DJ controller with time. Once you have finished setting up your device, it is crucial to have a clear idea of the equipment’s buttons and their various functions. Once you have a firm grasp of the basic principles, you may begin experimenting with various effects and filters.

Tip For Music Mix Up

how to use a dj controller

Combining music techniques Finally, here are some guidelines to help you get started with mixing. Always make sure your music is loaded into the first two decks. While you can regulate your platter’s movement better with this, the movement of the platter is particularly critical if you have a motorized platter. You can use other software decks to import scratches, loops, and other extraneous sounds. 

As a general rule, be careful while adding effects & scratches. Increase the mixing difficulty step-by-step. Finally, be judicious in your use of sound effects. If you hear them two times per minute, your music will have a worse quality & mix.

Our Verdict About How To Use DJ Controller  

Learning how to use a DJ controller is not something that can be accomplished in a single day. Both familiarizing yourself with the controls and learning how to use them efficiently require some time, as does learning to use them successfully. It takes time and repetition to improve your mixing abilities, and this can only be accomplished via practice. For reference, you may listen to your favorite DJs’ mixes and take notes on how they create transitions, the frequency of FX, and other elements of their mixes that you find appealing or interesting. After that, you attempt to imitate them while also attempting to establish your own identity as a DJ.

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