Smell Good From Head To Toe After Getting How To Wash Allbirds Insoles?

Are you shoe lovers? You have a vast collection of kinds of shoes such as shoes for longboarding, shoes for rowing machines, and of course, great Allbirds shoes can not be away from your eyes as well. However, you feel exhausted to keep them clean and fresh or how to wash Allbirds insoles as well.

Do you own unclean Allbirds footwear at home that you’d like to get cleaned and reconditioned to appear as good as new? Don’t panic; we will love to tell you in a detailed manner how to wash Allbirds insoles and everything else you’d like to understand in this post, along with:

  • What Are Allbirds?
  • How To Wash AllBirds Shoes
  • How To Wash Allbirds Insoles
  • Tips And Tricks To Maintain Smell And Comfortable When Wearing Insoles
  • You Can Replace Your Insoles To Some Best Insoles
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

What Are Allbirds? 

Allbirds was created by Tim Brown, a professional New Zealand football star searching for pleasant, uncomplicated footwear without any of the brandings. In 2015, he started a company as well as sold out many of the footwear he’d created in just five days.  When he realized he wanted some support, he linked up with commercial architect Joey Zwillinger. This corporation’s footwear with a latex, cushion foundation, and Merino fiber soles was a big hit.

Famous people who wear them include Leonardo Dicaprio as one of the people who has funded the company and Jennifer Garner, to mention only some. Those sneakers are indeed popular around Silicon Valley as well as among regular individuals like us.

This business’s philosophy is to manufacture things out of ecological components.  The soles of their Wool Runners collection are Merino cotton that has been woven into a textured thread. The Tree Runners collection is made from Eucalyptus plant fabric.

How To Wash AllBirds Shoes? 

Before coming to the guide on how to wash Allbirds Insoles, you have to know how to wash your Allbirds shoes first. The most convenient method to clean your Allbirds shoes will be putting them into your washing machine. We have gathered the guidelines below so you can follow them point by point.

Step 1: Unfasten Your Footwear As Well As Remove The Laces From Every Shoe 

Adhere to the principles of footwear as well as pull a single knot of your shoes out of the holes till you reach the ground. Continue with either the opposite side of the shoelaces, pushing the head out of another upper notch as well as making your way around. Remove the laces altogether from the lowest knot.  To loosen the strings, continue the technique for every shoe.

Step 2: Remove The Insoles From Each Pair Of Shoes 

Raise your initial shoe’s heel back and aside from its outsole. Push gently on the sneaker’s two sides to expand out the center a tiny bit. Go underneath the insole below its heels as well as the ankle using the point of your prominent pointer finger. Gently remove the whole portion out of another footwear after pulling the rear of both the insoles upward a tiny bit. Continue the method with another footwear.

Step 3: Take Away Hardened Dust From The Outside Of Every Shoe Using A Gentle Brush 

Insert your disadvantaged hand into some shoe to reinforce and stabilize it from within. Eliminate unwanted hardened mud, dirt, as well as particles from the footwear with nothing but a soft brush as well as back-and-forth motions. This should increase the efficiency of the cleaning process. Continue the method on two very different footwear for every area.

Step 4: Stains Should Be Cleaned With A Gentle Cloth As Well As Cooling Water 

Prior to actually washing, choose a gentle cloth to remove unwanted stains from the material. Squeeze out a cloth in a bathtub after running it all underneath freezing water.  Spot wipe every unclean surface using a moist cloth, scrubbing in a clockwise direction until all the mass of every stain has been gone.

  • Even though you wouldn’t completely remove all the stains, you will significantly lessen it and enable the clothes washer to be more successful.
  • While doing this, you should not use kitchen soap.

Step 5: Whether You Possess One, Put Your Footwear In A Nylon Knit Fabrics Bag

Although not required, putting your footwear in such a fragile handbag might keep the woolen from becoming caught on anything. Tighten the zipper as well as a clasp to seal the nylon cover and place all sneakers within.

  • A tender handbag is also known as a laundry sack or lingerie sack.
  • If you’re not using a washing bag, you might ignore this stage.

Step 6: Place Your Allbirds Shoes Within Your Washing Machine 

If you’re not carrying a fragile handbag, you shouldn’t put almost any garments in along with your sneakers. If you’ve got a sack, you may toss the footwear in with a regular amount of washing.

  • Nothing else should be placed in the fragile sack with your footwear.

Step 7: Fill Into Your Washing Machine With A Modest Quantity Of Mild Detergent 

Whether you’re cleaning a massive charge, use the usual quantity of detergent, depending on the weight of your current washing machine. Squeeze the lid on your soap package close to the initial centerline, then pour this into the washing machine whether you’re cleaning the shoes by yourself. To clean your footwear, use a moderate washing detergent. 

Step 8: Adjust The Warmth Of The Stream Towards The Extremely Cold Level 

You might not have been able to change the water heat variables for automatic washes, including “wool” or “sensitive,” depending on your washing process. This seems to be good because a programmed operation inside each of the proper classifications will always utilize chilled water. Flip the switch to the harshest level whether you possess adequate command over the stream heat adjustments.

  • When you clean your footwear in hot water, its wool may stretch.

Step 9: To Clean Your Footwear, Use The Wool, Mild, Or Special Treatment 

If you have modern equipment, it could include a wool option. If so, adjust the needle towards this position, then activate your device. If you wouldn’t, change the setting to “soft” or “light.” Activate your equipment and wait for the operation to finish before eliminating your footwear.

  • You may clean your footwear on many occasions to remove stubborn stains if you are using chilled water as well as a soft mode.

Step 10: Allow Your Shoes To The Appropriate Temperature In Such A Well-ventilated Place For Twenty-four Hours 

When your laundry process is finished, place your footwear near a fan, a window, or even on the balcony. Allow them to dry freely. Wear these again after at least twenty-four hours.

  • If possible, protect items out of direct sunlight or high temperatures when things dry.

How To Wash Allbirds Insoles 

Allbirds insoles have been constructed of plant-based cushion with such a Merino outer covering. These cannot be washed in any washing machines and must be washed by hand. This is the best solution when talking about how to wash Allbirds Insoles, after all.

Step 1: Fill A Bowl With Pleasant Temperature Of Water 

Load your sink with enough water as well. Wash and rinse the Allbirds insoles with several glasses of water and maybe only enough water as well.

Step 2: Foam Or Liquefied Detergents Should Be Added 

Fill the glass with water and add a small amount of washing-up liquid. If you’re not using any detergents, you might apply liquid hand soap.

Step 3: Clean The Insoles With A Gentle Brush 

Wash the insoles with a fresh towel as well. Scrub the Allbirds insoles carefully to eliminate debris and dirt.  Dirty spots near the heel as well as feet may require additional treatment. Flip them over again, then continue the cycle on the other side.

  • If somehow the Allbirds insoles have been manufactured of leather, clean them with a towel bathed in soapy water. Avoid getting the Allbirds insoles excessively moist since this may cause their leather to deform.

Step 4: Rinse The Allbirds Insoles Well 

After thoroughly cleaning the Allbirds insoles, choose a moist sponge or similar washcloth to wipe all remaining soap from the Allbirds insoles.

Step 5: Allow The Allbirds Insoles To Air Dry Overnight 

Allow the Allbirds insoles to dry on such a sheet completely. To dry these shoe insoles, place these in either a plate shelf or attach them to something like a clothesline.

  • Once you place your Allbirds back on, please ensure the Allbirds insoles are totally dry.

Tips And Tricks To Maintain Smell And Comfortable When Wearing Insoles 

Maintain Good Smell

Baking soda may be used to eliminate smells and destroy microorganisms. In a big plastic bag, add two to three tablespoons containing baking soda. Afterward, insert the shoe insoles in the package as well as shake it vigorously. Ensure that the current baking soda is evenly distributed throughout the insoles.

Allow your insoles to soak in the sack nightly. Next, pull it out of your package, as well as wash off all the residual baking powder on insoles with a dry towel.

Keep Comfortable 

Instant Comfort Tricks And Hacks When You Placing An Insole Into Your Shoes: 

You Can Replace Your Insoles To Some Best Insoles

Superfeet Insoles 

Superfeet Unisex-Adult Carbon Pain Relief Strong and Thin Insoles for Performance Athletic and Tight Casual Shoes, Gray, 9.5-11 Men / 10.5-12 Women

  • FIT PROFILE: Low profile/Low volume insoles; Volume refers to the amount of space these comfortable Superfeet insoles will take up in your shoe, whereas, the Profile is how much shape you can expect to feel under your foot. Full-length Superfeet insoles are supposed to be trimmed to fit in your shoes.
  • CARBON FIBER STABILIZER CAP: The stabilizer cap of these Superfeet shoe sole inserts is reinforced with EVOLYTE, a proprietary carbon fiber & polymer blend, to provide structure and support

The Superfeet Insoles are a minimal, low-profile collection of insoles designed for strict casual wear as well as endurance sports apparel. The ventilated forefoot adds a distinct touch, which improves ventilation while also making those insoles lighter.


  • Carbon composite stabilizer tip that is compact
  • Curved cushion border for an easy fit into narrow footwear


  • Low-cushioning

Spenco Shoe Insoles 


Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles, Women’s 9-10.5/Men’s 8-9.5

  • Spenco insoles with 4-way stretch fabric and Silpure antimicrobial help prevent blisters while controlling odor
  • EVA forefoot cushion provides cushioning and energy return for high impact sports

Spenco insoles are designed specifically for athletes. Suppose you’ve got a problem, which necessitates specialized ankle stability. In that case, the ultralight polyurethane cushion utilized inside this version may not have been the most critical choice because it simply provides moderate ankle backing.


  • Shock-absorption pads for either the forefoot as well as heel
  • Narrow with a lot of padding
  • Cost-effective


  • Extremely adaptable but challenging to put into footwear.

Dr. Scholl’s Insoles 


Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Orthotics, Clinically Proven Relief and Prevention of Plantar Fasciitis Pain (for Men’s 8-13, Also Available for Women’s 6-10)

  • Designed for people who suffer pain from plantar fasciitis in the heel
  • With shock guard technology to provide immediate and all-day relief of pain from plantar fasciitis and can help reduce morning pain from plantar fasciitis

A person suffering from foot problems may want to have more assistance in many of the footwear they are wearing to avoid potential discomfort; however, those insoles seem impossible to balance due to the sizes, weight, and shortage of stiffness.


  • A large cushion for convenience.
  • Trustworthy business


  • Excessive volume

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Clean Allbirds With Regular Clothes? 

This is determined by the elements used in the clothing. Determine if every one of the other goods is sure to damage several of their pigments. Much like you will not launder black clothes with lighter colors, that’s not a good idea to clean any garments with your shoes.

However, if you don’t have a cloth bag, you may put several unused white linens in your washing machine alongside your shoes. It would put a halt to their rattling.

How Long Would It Spend Drying All Allbirds Insoles? 

Allbirds insoles may have to dry everything for up to two days or longer. Given this, that’s a fantastic option to clean them whenever you realize you won’t be wearing them for several days.


You have got everything you want to understand how to wash Allbirds Insoles already. Our tips will help you maintain those Wool Runners, as well as every other Allbirds shoes, clean and odor-free. Moreover, to help your Allbirds in long-lasting use, please don’t forget to wear them with socks

We wish you liked our advice as well as considered it informative and beneficial. You may go ahead and wash your Allbirds insoles right now, so feel free to ask us any questions if needed by posting a comment.

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