Top 15 Best Laser Party Lights For A Vibrant Atmosphere – Reviews and Buying Guides 2021

Laser party lights are used to decorate and create beautiful effects for the stage. They are light support devices, mixing light colors with many beams, 3D effects, animations, patterns, etc. extremely attractive. The stage space becomes blurred and attracts more people’s attention thanks to these laser lights.

Nowadays, laser lights are used a lot for professional shows, music stages, discos, bars, etc. In addition, if you want to make your party space at home become more professional and vibrant, you can also equip laser lights right at your home.

In this article, we will find out the Top 15 laser party lights that are being loved and chosen by most people. The necessary information to be able to buy the best laser guitars will be introduced later in the article.

Best Laser Party Lights Comparison 2023

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Top 15 Laser Party Lights Reviews 2023

U`King 4 Beam Effect Laser Lights

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The design of U`King 4 Beam Effect Laser Lights is in a minimalist style, does not take up much space, and is suitable for all spaces in bars. Despite its compact size, the light has up to 4 lenses, 4 beams, 4-color LEDs, more than 100 types of patterns, more than 300 different types of graphics and effects depending on the time and purpose of use.

Besides, the light also has 4 control modes including master-sub, sound control, DMX, and automatic mode. These are lights that will suit both professional DJs and novice DJs, these different modes will suit everyone.

With a fan-shaped design, the lights have the ability to illuminate every corner of the bars, especially they are very suitable for discos with a slightly large area.

Due to the good quality that comes with a lot of convenient features, these laser party lights are priced slightly higher than other lights. However, with the benefits that it brings, do not hesitate and hurry to own them!


  • These laser party lights put out a really cool array of several patterns and colors.
  • These things are fine to work.
  • They have good quality.
  • They are a great product for the price.


  • The instructions are a little hard to understand.

U`King Mini Dj Lights

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The external structure of U`King Mini Dj Lights is manufactured from aluminum alloy material. They are resistant to strong impacts and dirt. It has a very sophisticated design with the main color being black. The frames of the lights are designed to be simple and compact, but they have a lot of functions.

Also in the high-end segment of U`King manufacturer, U`King Mini Dj Lights is capable of distributing light within a range in family meeting rooms, bars, KTV, etc. However, one thing that should be remembered is that these lights should only be used indoors and avoid letting the lights shine directly into your eyes.

Since they feature 4 lenses, 4 beams, over 100 light patterns, and over 300 graphics and effects, you can change the effect and intensity of the light at each level to suit the moment and mood. Besides, the light also has a sound-activated mode that will make your party livelier without having to spend a lot of time adjusting. If your music turns off, it will also turn off after 8 seconds.


  • The instructions are quite easy to understand.
  • They have a really long and good quality power cord.
  • These things are bright.
  • The options on the back are easy to control and understand.


  • The machine makes a loud annoying noise.

U`King DJ Disco Laser Party Lights

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U`King DJ Disco Laser is a line of laser lights that can create interesting animated graphics, hundreds of different color laser beams, and many other lighting effects. Animated graphics will make your bars or clubs interesting or also make the kids excited if you have a party at home.

Also, the lights are integrated with many modes such as automatic, sound-activated, remote control, etc. These modes will bring your party space to life without making a novice DJ as you work too hard. Besides, if they are working properly and without any problems, U`King DJ Disco Laser Party Lights can have a lifespan of 5000 to 10000 hours.

Last but not least, it is the creation of sharp cartoon graphics that make this laser party lights special, but when using them, you must note a few things. First, you should pay attention to install the lights in a position so that it does not shine directly into anyone’s eyes. Finally, you must not open the laser case even if it is damaged because the laser radiation will be dangerous to you.


  • These things have a hookup that allows you to connect to a DJ board.
  • They have a really good automatic mode.
  • They do enough to fill your room with dynamic effects.
  • They have solid construction.


  • The instructions aren’t easy to understand.

Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Indoor Stage Lights

[amazon box=”B07GJHX9W8″ ]

Let’s take a look at laser party lights with slightly safer beams and a little more affordable price. Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Indoor Stage Lights to have sophisticated looks and state-of-the-art lighting technology.

These laser party lights include three colors, blue, green, and red. You can choose to run all these colors or combine them randomly to make your party space even livelier.

Like the laser party lights above, Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Indoor Stage Lights also has many different control modes including remote control, AUTO, sound-activated, and DMX512 control. These modes will make it easy to create a lively atmosphere without having to worry about changing and controlling the laser lights all the time.

Although it seems safer than the one above, you must be careful to choose the right location to place these lights. You should not let the light shine directly into people’s eyes to avoid damage to the eyes.

The rope is really a great product, isn’t it? Buy it quickly to have fun partying moments with your family and friends!


  • They have really good instructions.
  • The laser emitters are all reasonably bright and are very visible.
  • There are a lot of DMX control/customization options.


  • They are quite limited with only a few colors.

Sumger 9-Lens Professional Indoor RGB DMX Stage Light

[amazon box=”B08YJVL8LJ” ]

A special feature of this product is the unique 9-lens design. This 9 lens design makes the beam reach every corner of your family meeting room, in your bars and clubs, etc. It makes the party atmosphere more attractive and vibrant.

This beam also has different control modes such as Dmx 512, remote, sound-activated, automatic, and master/slave mode. These modes are absolutely very easy to control for first-timers like you. Besides, it is integrated with a lot of lighting effects that allow you to choose effects or combine all effects to make your party space more fun.

Actually, there is one part of these laser party lights that we haven’t mentioned until now, which is the radiator fan. The Sumger 9-Lens Professional Indoor RGB DMX Stage Light product, like other products, is equipped with a built-in cooling fan to help the machine last longer and help the machine have better durability.


  • They have great quality.
  • The lights are amazing.
  • All functions are perfect.


  • They haven’t had good remote control.

Chims DJ Party Laser Lights

[amazon box=”B07195BNXF” ]

This is a product from a brand that we have not mentioned until now, which is Chims. Chims DJ Party Laser Lights belongs to the top laser party lights products that are bought by most people on e-commerce platforms.

The reason it is chosen by many people is that it has high quality but is quite affordable. It is installed and set to create 128 different shapes combined with 23 light patterns. They are essential items that make your party space livelier than ever.

Furthermore, they feature a sturdy aluminum alloy housing combined with a powerful cooling system. Therefore, you can use it for many hours without worrying about the lights being damaged or burned. At the same time, with a compact and quite delicate design, you can place it in any position for convenient use without worrying about it losing the aesthetic of bars, clubs, or family gathering rooms.

Although it has a safety certificate from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, you should also be careful placing it somewhere so that the light does not shine directly into people’s eyes. Also, you should not let children use this product on their own to avoid endangering them.


  • The lasers do fill up an entire large room.
  • They have a good price.
  • They are portable.
  • The manufacturer has good customer service.


  • Music sensitivity isn’t working properly.

SUNY Stage Party Lights

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If you want to choose unique laser party lights, create accents for your space, and even hang them, SUNY Stage Party Lights will be the perfect choice for you. Despite its extremely compact size, the light can reach every nook and cranny in the largest space of 250~300 square feet when hung at a height of 4 meters above the ground.

It is designed with an outer shell made of aluminum alloy, so it is quite light in weight. You can safely hang it on high without fear of its weight causing it to fall. Besides, the powerful cooling fan system operating inside it will help reduce the machine’s temperature significantly and help prolong the machine’s use time.

SUNY Stage Party Lights includes 5 different lenses to create 128 images combined with 32 light patterns in different laser lights. Besides, it is also equipped with many adjustment modes including sound-activated mode. All these functions are easily controlled by the IR remote control which allows party owners like you to create the most vibrant space.

SUNY Stage Party Lights are packed with functions but at an affordable price, so get them quickly to have a fun party space!


  • The lights are powerful enough to cover a large room.
  • The patterns are very nice.
  • They are small.


  • The lighting colors are not as vivid as the advertisement.

U`King Party Lights

[amazon box=”B08SM6S4G6″ ]

Going back to U`King’s laser party lights, we have a new product coming out in 2021. This product is both improved in quality compared to its brothers and at the same time priced more affordable. The product we were talking about just now is U`King Party Lights.

The attractive feature of the product is the unique fan-shaped design that comes with 9 lenses to cover a large space. Although the design is quite small and simple, the shell of the product is made of solid aluminum alloy, covered with luxurious black paint, you can be assured of the durability of the product.

Besides, the lights are also equipped with a cooling fan system to help reduce the temperature of the machine significantly to prolong the life of the machine. Also, if there are no problems, the U`King Party Lights have a fairly large lifespan ranging from 5000 to 10000 hours.

The beams emitted by these laser party lights are also very bright which makes them even suitable for outdoor parties. This is a remarkable advantage of U`King Party Lights, if you love to organize outdoor parties, consider this product!


  • They are perfect for small or indoor parties.
  • They have good remote control.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They have many functions.


  • They don’t make so many laser shapes like other laser devices.

Sharelife Mini 4 Lens Aurora Background Projector Light

[amazon box=”B07PW5GMPM” ]

If you are looking for laser party lights capable of creating more artistically mixed colors, this is the right product. Sharelife Mini 4 Lens Aurora Background Projector Light is capable of providing you with a shimmering and fanciful party space.

Like other laser party lights, Sharelife Mini 4 Lens Aurora Background Projector Light has a lot of different modes including a special sound-activated mode. The modes and even the speed of light change will be easily adjusted by the remote control that the manufacturer provides.

Actually, the light effects that this Sharelife Mini 4 Lens Aurora Background Projector Light can create can only be seen most clearly when the party space is dark enough. Therefore, this product can only be used in an indoor party environment and in a small space. Additionally, you also need to consider if your party can be conducted in a slightly dark space before purchasing this product.


  • The rotating colorful aurora effect is very nice.
  • It looks amazing on the ceiling.
  • It’s easy to set up.


  • It is only apparent when used in a dark enough room.

SUNY Mini Portable Cordless Laser Lights

[amazon box=”B07KM41NDY” ]

If you feel that large laser party lights are too expensive, unnecessary, and you also feel affordable mini party lights seem more suitable for you, you should consider this product. This product has an extremely compact size so you can put it in your bag and take it with you to go anywhere.

The special feature of this product is that it has a built-in 5000mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside. Therefore, just fully charge the battery and you will have a great party night with your friends. Besides, because it is a cordless mini laser party light when you decorate it, it is also a lot easier because it is not entangled by the power cord.

Although small, SUNY Mini Portable Cordless Laser Lights is also fully integrated with two modes, voice-activated mode, and intelligent mode. These two modes can be easily adjusted by pressing a button, you can choose each mode to suit your own purposes and space.


  • It’s super bright.
  • It’s cordless.
  • It has a great price.
  • It lasts for quite a while on a single charge.


  • It acts a bit glitchy.

NUÜR Mini Portable Cordless RGB Laser Party Light

[amazon box=”B087RHK6Q3″ ]

With a design as a simple and compact box but no less delicate, NUÜR Mini Portable Cordless RGB Laser Party Light will be a highlight for your party space. The light has a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery quite similar to the product above. However, in order for your fun not to be interrupted midway because the battery runs out, you should plug in an extra power cord while playing it.

Although it looks identical to the mini laser party lights above, this product still has a special feature that you can control with the attached remote control. This remote control will make it easier for you to use it because you don’t always have to stand next to it to adjust it.

In addition, with the ability to create 32 different light display patterns, you can enjoy these in the same vibrant atmosphere with your friends. Besides, the built-in sound-activated function will let everyone get in tune with the music at your party.


  • It features numerous patterns and colors.
  • It has a good price.
  • It’s cordless.


  • The laser is weak outside.
  • The remote is confusing and barely changes anything.

Chims DJ Aurora Lights

[amazon box=”B07R1N6567″ ]

Coming from the Chims brand, Chims DJ Aurora Lights inherits a sophisticated and compact design but is also very powerful. You can control the lights through the remote control that is included with the product by the manufacturer. With 3 light sources, red, green, and blue, they will change and mix together flexibly to create aurora patterns to help you get a fanciful and artistic space.

The built-in lithium-ion battery right inside the movement frees your indoor or outdoor party space from entangled power cords. It keeps the party space more refined and is suitable even for areas without many outlets.

Are you worried that this product will be difficult to mount on the wall? You don’t need to worry anymore because the manufacturer comes with two extra iron pastors that will help you stick the Chims DJ Aurora Lights firmly on the wall. When the battery runs out, just take it out and charge it, then stick it in the iron paster because it has a magnet inside.


  • They are so well built.
  • The regular motion and colors are nice.
  • They create a nice effect on any wall.


  • The music pickup is not very sensitive.

Sharelife Mini Portable RG Hypnotic Aurora Projector Light

[amazon box=”B07QSJC8LC” ]

Sharelife Mini Portable RG Hypnotic Aurora Projector Light owns 3 smart lighting modes including auto, sound, and strobe mode that easily adjust according to time and mood. These modes will be easily changed for each other via the button on the body.

When buying this product, you will be provided with an additional tripod to help it stand firmly in any position. In addition, the Sharelife Mini Portable RG Hypnotic Aurora Projector Light also has a built-in 1200MA rechargeable battery right in the body. This will make your indoor party activities no longer entangled by the power cord or it is also a lot easier if you want to have an outdoor party.

Sharelife Mini Portable RG Hypnotic Aurora Projector Light will help you create shimmering, fanciful, and artistic images in family gatherings, parties, camping, karaoke, etc. This is indeed a small device but contains a great benefit and is also very affordable, so hurry up and get it for your upcoming parties!


  • It comes with magnets for you to hang.
  • It has plenty of random patterns.
  • The sound reactivity is good.
  • It’s really small.


  • There needs to be more control over the speeds.

SPOOBOOLA Party Lights

[amazon box=”B07L4XKS15″ ]

You don’t like mini laser party lights and want to find ordinary party lights that are affordable and high quality, then you can consider these SPOOBOOLA Party Lights. SPOOBOOLA Party Lights has a simple yet sophisticated and classy design to create a vibrant space. You can change the height and lighting area thanks to its installation bracket.

Like other lights, the lights include a lot of adjustment modes and can create a lot of different light patterns. These modes and the resulting colors can be changed using the remote control. Having the included remote control makes it a lot more convenient for you to use it because if you hang it too high, you can’t reach out to press the buttons on the body if it doesn’t have a remote control.

The shell of the product is made of metal, so it is very light, durable, and solid, and you can safely hang it up. It will help you create the right lighting patterns for parties, Christmas parties, discos, etc. Although it is much safer than other laser party lights, you should also avoid looking directly at the light of the SPOOBOOLA Party Lights or its light directly into the eyes.


  • They work well.
  • The lights look fantastic in the dark rooms.
  • They have a great price.


  • They haven’t had good and solid construction.

AKEPO 13W Party Lights

[amazon box=”B08CKXJJQS” ]

Another product that has a similar design to the above product but is more affordable is the AKEPO 13W Party Lights. Not only are they highly appreciated by many customers in terms of quality, but AKEPO 13W Party Lights are also quite compact and lightweight.

AKEPO 13W Party Lights are easily adjustable with many different modes including 3 self-propelled modes and 3 sound-activated modes. These modes will be selected, changed, and adjusted through a remote control that the manufacturer will attach when you buy this product. Therefore, if you hang the product overhead, you can still easily control it.

Actually, these laser party lights do not have a built-in battery, so you need to connect them to a power source via the power cord that the manufacturer provides you. Although products with wires will be a bit cumbersome in the layout, in return you will not worry about it running out of battery during the party. Therefore, it is very suitable for places like bars, discos, clubs, etc.


  • The colors and the patterns are awesome.
  • They have a good price.
  • These projector beams are strong.


  • It has no battery for the remote.

Experience Choosing Laser Party Lights

Here is what you need to know when choosing laser party lights to contribute to creating a cozy, fun, and comfortable atmosphere for family parties or in bars, clubs, discos, KTV, etc.

The Power Of The Lights Must Match The Area Of ​​the Room

You should choose the lamp with the most suitable wattage depending on the size of the room in your home, bars, KTV, etc. Lights with the right power are enough lights to cover every corner of the room and just enough to create a vibrant atmosphere. This also means that the capacity is neither too big nor too small.

Laser Party Lights

In particular, if you use low-power laser lights for bars with too large an area, it will be very bad and will not create beautiful light patterns as expected. And vice versa, if you use a laser with too much power and use it for a too-small area, it will be superfluous, creating a feeling of eye pain or skin heat when the laser light shines directly on the person. Choosing the right light is also the best way to save money when investing in bars, clubs, etc.

Choose The Most Suitable Type Of Lights

There are many types of laser party lights on the market, you should pay attention to the effect of that laser light. You should see if the effect is beautiful, modern, suitable for your bars or house style. Modern laser party lights can create a variety of lighting effects, but in general, they fall into the following two types of lights.

Laser Party Lights
  • Beam laser lights: Laser beam lights are lights that will create many individual bright beams, these bright beams can be the same or different colors depending on the type of lights. Laser beam lights are usually suitable for places like discos, bars, clubs, or professional stages. This line of beam lights will have many types of power so you can choose to suit the area of ​​your room.
  • Projection laser lights: Projector laser lights are lights capable of creating many different graphic images including cartoon graphics, patterns, aurora, etc. Not only can they create a few images, but these lights are also capable of creating hundreds of different patterns, so these lights are often preferred by customers. These projection lights are often used by many people to decorate rooms in their own homes, in coffee shops, or in KTV, etc. Moreover, these projection lights also have many types of power so you can choose to suit the area of ​​your room.

Actually, people recently often produce a combination of these two lamps together and you can easily change the beams and patterns depending on your use.

Laser Party Lights

Control Modes Of Laser Party Lights

There are many control modes available for laser party lights including Dmx 512, sound-activated, master-slave, automatic mode, etc. These modes contribute to making your party atmosphere much livelier and are often controlled and changed via remote control.

In fact, because not all lights are equipped with remote control, you need to find out carefully whether the lights have a remote control or not, do you need remote control or not and what purpose do you use the lights for. Usually, mini laser party lights are often less equipped with remote control and their control modes are also less than those of larger lights.

Laser Party Lights

Do You Need Wireless Laser Party Lights?

There are some lights that use rechargeable batteries instead of plugging the power cord directly into the power source. These lights offer the benefit of eliminating the hassle of designing a power line and placing it in a convenient location to connect to a power source. Typically, wireless laser party lights are usually mini party lights. However, these lights often do not have enough batteries to work for a long time. Therefore, you should not use wireless lights in large family parties, bars, clubs, and KTV.


Stage laser lights are indispensable in discos, bars, music shows, and family gatherings. Above are the top 15 best laser party lights reviews 2021 and some information about laser party lights, hope that you guys can find yourself the most suitable laser party lights to install in family parties, bars, clubs, etc.

Also, below will be a summary table including 5 products that we consider the best in the top 15. You can rely on the summary table below to choose the most suitable product for your purpose of use.

Last but not least, if you have any questions or want us to review any products, do not hesitate to comment below, we will provide you with the most accurate information. Also, remember to follow our website for the more useful information!

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