Top 10 License Plate Camera Blocker In 2024: Choose The Best One For Your Phone

Recently, people use license plate camera blocker to protect their phones.  The movement of gluing tempered glass for smartphones has developed strongly. With a slightly more expensive price than conventional stickers, the benefit of the tempered glass panel is to help phone users display better images, better protect the phone screen, and better scratch resistance. 

Most phone generations use display screens with the best technology, which can be considered as the most valuable thing of a smartphone. Like the screen size is expanding, so it is inevitable that the touch screen is affected by strong forces, especially with the screen of the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 7 Plus.

However, if you are considering how to choose the license plate camera block for your phone with many types of that product in the markets. Let us guide you to get the answers. 

License Plate Camera Blocker Comparison 2024

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Top 10 License Plate Camera Blocker Reviews 2024

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Black Electric Hidden License Plate Kit, Ignition Operated

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When the glass is broken, the impact force on the tempered glass panel will be spread evenly and crack as shown below. With the impact forces like normal phone drop, it is almost impossible to break the original screen of the machine, all of the impact forces are received and dispersed by the tempered glass.

It can be added that the tempered glass sticker for the iPhone also has the function of limiting water permeability, oil absorption, and no fingerprints, giving users comfort during operation. Moreover, the tempered glass does not reduce image quality, providing a comfortable feeling to the user.


  • High quality
  • Easy to byt


  • High price

WeatherTech Billet License Plate Frame – Clear Bright Silver

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You often have the option of sticking tough screens to your phone products when you first buy it to protect the screen from scratches or rubbing on the keys when pocketing causing the screen to crack. However, on the market there will be stickers labeled tempered glass with cheap prices

In terms of price, tempered glass panels are more expensive than conventional stickers, also known as plastic stickers. The price tag also varies depending on the materials used with the special coatings (such as oil resistant coatings). The tempered glass laminated sheet has a much higher durability than conventional laminated sheets, and its thickness ranges from 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm (plastic laminate is only about 0.1 mm).


  • High quality
  • Durable


  • High price

Elimoons Ultra-Thin Webcam Cover Slide Metal Laptop Camera Cover

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There is no concept of tempered glass or specific definition, simply the name of the user can imagine this is a type of glass with good bearing capacity. Besides, when falling, the impact force on the glass will be dispersed, so this prevents the glass from breaking easily.

In addition to the usual material layers as above, depending on the manufacturer and each product, the tempered glass panels can be removed or added with other layers of materials such as anti-slip layers or material layers. treated with chemicals to help display better images. 


  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • None

Tech Candy Bad Guy Blocker Removable Webcam Cover Camera Curtain for Web Security

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Film-based protective sheets are usually made up of one or two plastic sheets. The advantage of this type of patch is that it is cheap and meets the basic needs of users. These patches only support well if they are rubbed with keys, coins, but cannot prevent the friction of microscopic grains and strong impact, falling.

Because it is made up of many different layers of materials, supporting each other, the protective ability of tempered glass is better than ordinary laminate. Good tempered glass panels usually have a layer of glue in the middle. 

This adhesive layer does not have the effect of attaching the glass to the screen of the machine, nor does it have the effect of bonding between the different material layers of this curtain. The job of the glue layer is to prevent the upper glass layers from crumbling under strong impacts. This formula is similar to the tempered glass commonly used on the front glass of cars, reducing the danger of broken glass to the driver.


  • Flexible design
  • Good quality


  • Not too durable

Surf Secure Webcam Cover (7 Pack) – Silicone MicroSuction Reusable Web Camera Blocker

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When it comes to silicone, people often think of a substance used exclusively in the beauty and beauty industry. Silicone is a mixture that is not naturally occurring, has good heat resistance and is actually a silicone rubber. However, thanks to its properties: soft, tough, firm, does not react to external agents, is heat resistant and safe to human health … It is also used to produce household items for food preservation.

In the silicate structure, silicon is one of the main ingredients made in bricks, concrete as well as glass. Silicon is an extremely important material in the modern electronics industry because with its perfect bridge it is an ideal semiconductor for conducting electricity.


  • Good materials
  • High quality


  • None

Security Privacy Camera Cover Blocker Webcam Closure Black X4G Compatible

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We still tend to cherish newly bought smartphones, find ways to protect them by sticking to a layer of plastic, in a holster or some other way. However, there is another important thing on smartphones that you may forget to protect for it, which is the camera. 

When I first bought the camera, the glass outside the camera was new, clear, and the image quality was good. However, after a period of use, the glass was scratched, and greatly affected the quality of the image. In addition, during use, we often accidentally touch the camera and dirty it, which also affects image quality.


  • Good quality
  • Easy to use


  • Not too durable

Laptop Camera Cover Slide,Webcam Cover Slide,Protecting Your Privacy Security

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You may not know, gluing a laptop screen can bring many incredible benefits. Except to protect your screen from scratches due to external influences, it also brings effects that you did not expect.

During use, no matter how careful you try to use it, it is impossible to avoid scratching the computer screen or being affected by foreign objects. Especially with laptops with integrated touch screens, with having to touch the screen, sooner or later your laptop screen will be full of fingerprints on the screen, making users feel uncomfortable. 

Even worse, our fingernails could scratch the screen. Moreover, the dirt on the screen surface will also cause discomfort when using. Therefore, sticking the laptop screen is very necessary.


  • Good for laptop
  • Easy to buy


  • None

Webcam Camera Cover Slide 0.027-Inch Ultra-Thin Metal Camera Cover Protect Your Visual Privacy

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You may not know, screens often have radiation that affects the user’s eyes, so do laptop screens. The laptop screen stickers seem to only protect the laptop screen, but also limit and protect your eyes during use.

If used for a long time, the laptop’s temperature will increase and if it is too hot, it can damage the internal components and shorten the life of the machine, causing the machine to generate many other serious errors. together. With a good laptop screen protector, it will help the machine’s heat dissipation better even when the machine works for a long time.


  • Can use for both Macbook, iPhone and iPad
  • Good design


  • None

Webcam Cover Slide, Sikuer 0.027 inch Ultra Thin Webcam Privacy Protector Camera Blocker

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You can easily replace the laptop screen protector when cleaning the computer with a new one. If you use magnetic stickers, the replacement is even easier. The magnetic patch does not use any adhesive, causing your device to get dirty every time you peel off the old sticker. So just peel off the old sticker, replace it with a new one and your screen will be clean and new as it was.

With the extremely quality laptop screen protector that we recommend to you, your laptop will always be protected as best as possible, even you cannot expect that your device will always be shiny to be like that.


  • Can use for Macbook, iPhone, iPad
  • Cheap


  • Not too durable

Security Privacy Camera Cover Blocker Webcam Closure Black Q3L Compatible with Motorola Moto Z3

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The camera blocker that we recommend to you are all 3-layer magnetic stickers, it also has good protection with super durable scratch-resistant plastic, has good heat resistance as well as less damage. broken even when you use it for a long time.

When you buy yourself a laptop, the cost is a big key, when damaged you will also have to spend a lot of money to repair your device, why don’t you spend a cost Small to better protect your device, worries like the computer screen being scratched when rubbing against hard objects, or when your computer gets dirty and harms the components in the machine will be no more. with a quality screen protector. 

Your device will also stand out from the crowd when it has a shiny new look, for sure the entertainment will be more comfortable than ever.


  • Easy to buy
  • Durable


  • None

Buying The License Plate Camera Blocker Now With Our Details Suggestion 

Using the license plate camera blocker is the best way to protect your phone. When it comes to tempered glass phones, you can not ignore tempered glass for iPhone is almost an indispensable accessory for any user. And the most popular tempered adhesive this year is full screen tempered glass with a pretty high aesthetic beauty compared to the transparent type.

However, on the market there are many types of full screen powers with many different prices, not to mention the appearance of 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 9D, 10D, 11D, 12D, 21D. But choosing the toughened glass iphone under the wire that we share will definitely help you choose the tempered glass you like the most.

Smartphones provide users with many outstanding features. One of the features that many people are most interested in and most popular is the ability to record movies and take pictures of the phone. To perform this feature well requires the help of the camera behind the phone. The following article we will introduce to you how to protect the phone rear camera simply and effectively so that it does not get blurred, scratched and affect the use of the phone.

The thinness of the protective sheet

On the market today there are many types of screen stickers, but for the classic – a transparent plastic sheet – there are two main types: transparent and translucent. A transparent sticker gives a nice shine, while a translucent sticker offers a touch of elegance and rigidity. 

Using transparent stickers makes users somewhat forget that the screen is being protected, on the contrary, the translucent sticker is very clear, in return this sticker is resistant to fingerprints, sweat marks and anti-glare. good. 

Under light, the transparent sticker after heavy use will become very dirty with fingerprints all over the surface, in addition to the reflectivity also makes it harder to use in strong bright environments. The translucent sticker gets rid of the above disadvantages, but it’s not as shiny. The choice is yours.


With an expensive phone such as the iPhone, even if it is covered with tempered glass can still get scratched and suffer other damage. So in order to avoid complications during use, it is very useful to fabricate it as a screen protector. 

There are many types with prices ranging from a few tens to several hundred thousand dong are sold in the market, but choose to buy correctly, we will provide you with some useful information. sold differently, usually the thicker the glass price, the cheaper the price, the thinner the glass, the more expensive the price. 

You see the image above is clear and feel each level of size. If you go out and hold a glass, you will probably find it difficult to distinguish. Luckily there is a 0.1mm thin glass that feels like a sticker, but break the break if you want to make sure you try it.

Effects of the camera block to camera


Most of the current phone models on the market are equipped with Gorilla Glass made by Corning (some use Dragontrail glass supplied by Asahi Glass). Gorilla glass has quite high hardness, good scratch resistance, 3rd generation (launched in 2013) has a scratch resistance increase of 40% compared to generation Gorilla Glass 2. 

Over the past 5 years, the phones entering the market are almost all equipped with Gorilla Glass, which offers quite good scratch resistance. Layers of Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail or other scratch-resistant glass don’t mean you’ll always have the best screen protection if it doesn’t have the extra protective sticker. They simply help resist scratches and cracks but still aren’t reliable enough.

Certain objects such as sea sand can quickly damage the screen resulting in very expensive repairs. So the protective sticker will help add the protective ability of the aforementioned tempered glass.

To be able to protect the back camera of a mobile phone from scratches, breakages affecting the quality of the camera, we need to regularly clean the camera lens of the device. When cleaning you need to use a soft cloth and gently wipe the camera lens. You can also use lens cleaner, screen specialist to ensure the phone’s camera lens has been completely cleaned.

If you want to avoid scratches, you can also use transparent tape and stick it on the back camera lens of your phone. However, in this process, you absolutely must not let dirt or air bubbles, fingerprints stick to it.


The materials of the camera block

Most of you will see 2 types of screen protectors: heated plastic and glass film. Plastic film is used for a long time. They are like a small plastic sheet and should be used with care because they are easy to bend.

This type of protective sticker is usually quite cheap, falling at a few tens of thousands of dong. That means using a screen protector is not the best option, so it cannot support it in the event of a drop or impact.

They simply avoid scratches to protect the toughened glass. Plastic films come in wet and dry types. Wet gives more resilience but makes it easier to create holes that look pretty bad. Overall, these glasses will be the top priority for protecting tempered glass, but it also means spending a certain amount of money to increase the protection.

If your phone takes a blur photo due to software error then calm down, reboot the phone and go to settings to reinstall all items. If in the process of implementation, you do not understand or have any questions, please seek the help of more qualified people.

12338 2

The quality of the camera block

As its name suggests, this is a type made from glass. To make this glass, manufacturers use a thermal method to heat the glass, thereby forming a sheet of glass before it rapidly cools. The result is a sheet of glass that is slightly more durable.

Since the protective glass is cooled, it is very stiff and ensures its shape is kept in use. This hardness makes it easy to fit into the glass on a phone’s display, but you need to carefully arrange it before you let it stick.

Sand has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, so it easily scratches the phone’s glass, even if it’s Gorilla Glass 3. You can use knives, scissors, coins, keys to affect the phone screen with Gorilla Glass 3, but never try with sand.

The price of the camera block


A screen protector is a transparent plastic sheet (it may be glued or not) that is pre-cut to the exact shape and size of the phone’s glass. The popular phone models on the market have their own specially designed screen stickers with speaker holes, front camera, and pre-cut very precise light sensor.

After gluing the screen, the sticker will become a protective shield to help prevent scratches (the sticker is resistant to scratches to a certain degree). The phone screen is still as beautiful as the first day below the sticker, of course you will not be able to enjoy the real use of this glass. After a long period of use, the sticker will become blurred due to many scratches, now need to replace another sticker and the above process is repeated. 

With that said, the current biggest enemy of cell phone screens is sand – which is very common in everyday environments, especially near the ocean. Tiny grains of sand will quickly leave a lot of scratches on the glass, making your phone ugly than ever without the protective layer. 

For people who live near the coast or work frequently in sandy areas, a patch is essential. In this case, the plate camera block will quickly fade because scratches appear quickly, but users are still safe and comfortable to use and replace the other stickers only.

When you put the phone down anywhere, leave it face up to the front camera lens so that they don’t risk getting any dirt or debris. Do not place it on a dirty table or on the ground, because it is easy to get dirt stuck in the lens cover. Of course, this cannot protect the lens from dust particles falling from the air, but it is still better to place it right on top of a pile of dirt.


Select the camera protector from sharp objects

Some rare metals or super rare materials such as diamonds, for example, have a very high hardness, easily scratch other materials. If you wear jewelry containing diamonds or rare metals, stick the screen on to avoid accidentally scratching the glass.

If you are someone who often has sweaty hands, sweat a lot of oil, you should use a translucent screen protector to make it easier to clean, look less dirty and easier to see the content on the screen when using it in time. It’s been a long time.

On the smartphone, the camera cluster is considered the most important part. This is considered as a factor that brings prominence and becomes a highlight for phone users. However, if not properly preserved and handled, scratches are inevitable.

Scratches on the camera surface will make the screen of your phone look unattractive. Not only that, but these defects also cause the image quality to deteriorate. Because when scratches appear, users cannot accurately grasp the subject to capture.

Before changing the protective sheet, you need to use a small cloth for the best cleaning effect. Because the front camera lens will be difficult to clean with large area cloth. Fold one corner of the cloth so it is small enough to wipe the inside of the small indentation. You can place the cloth covering the top of the toothpick to reach the small gaps around the lens cap. However, this should be extremely gentle to avoid scratching the lens.

Select a separate area to place your phone on the go. Do not throw it into a handbag or trouser pocket with other items, like tissue or cash. That way, you will help reduce your phone exposure to a lot of dirt.

Top 5 License Plate Camera Blocker In 2021: Reviews And Comparison 

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Be careful and do not touch the lens part when using the phone, as it will leave stains and oil on the skin. Keep your fingers on the sides and never wipe the lens clean with your fingers (even if you’ve washed your hands). Proper cleaning of the selfie camera is essential to ensure the usable quality and longevity of the phone’s camera.

A phone case with a license plate camera blocker would be a useful solution. They are designed for privacy purposes but also help keep your phone’s front and rear cameras clean. When you want to take a photo, all you have to do is slide the lens cap to the side.

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