Missha Waterproof Sun Milk Reviews: Amazing Sunscreen That You Should Not Miss

Looking for a review about Missha waterproof sun milk before deciding to buy this product? This review is totally for you as right now we will offer the significant information, specific review, key factors to consider before buying it. 

Missha waterproof sun milk is a kind of sunscreen that is widely loved on the market at the present time due to its amazing effect. After many testing and surveys, we have found the essential factors that make up this product. They are also the important things that you need to take into account before buying.

If you are looking for this kind of article, do not miss this review as well as the significant information below. Read it carefully and we believe that it will help you a lot in buying any sunscreen products.

Things to consider before buying Missha Waterproof Sun Milk

missha waterproof sun milk

Start SPF 30, go up to 50

UVA and UVB rays are susceptible to skin cancer and the UVA rays are associated with wrinkles and signs of aging, and UVB rays are responsible for sunburn. A minimum of SPF 30, which protects against 97 percent sun UVB rays, is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Higher SPFs are better for fair skinned people or burners, but remember that improvements are minimal—SPF 15 provides 93% coverage, which means 30 is “twice” as effective. For the fair skinned or burning people SPF 50 is recommended by AAD, but don’t press to max your SPF out. Why does this happen? According to the Academy, “No sunscreen can block 100% of the rays,” Why does this happen? According to the Académie, “No sunscreen can block 100% of sun rays,” and there is no evidence that SPFs above 50 protect better.

Know the key components of your Sunscreen

A quick look at the ingredients list can help ensure that you have the necessary quality and coverage. So look for the term “breakfast” in the label, so you want to ensure both UVA and UVB protection. Mineral (or physical) sunscreen works to reflect sun rays from your skin with the use of natural minerals zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, use chemicals that offer broad-spectrum protection, such as bemotrizinol, avobenzone and biscotizole.

It is also possible that you want to prevent certain ingredients such as oxybenzone, which can cause allergic skin responses and interrupt hormones according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The methylisothiazolinone preservative can also lead to problems.


missha waterproof sun milk

The FDA regulates in sunscreens what ingredients are permitted. The following list underlines some of the key ingredients, including those which critics of the FDA are concerned about:


As the chemical has caused damage to coral reefs worldwide, sunscreens containing this ingredient have been banned by some nations and the State of Hawaii. Oxybenzone is highly effective against UVB and widely applied in sun screens and has also attracted the attention of health scientists who have found trace amounts in the U.S. blood samples. The oxybenzone in sunscreens is limited by most countries, including the United States.


This chemical sunscreen additive is also prohibited for reasons of coral health in Hawaii.

(Note: Certain sunscreens are designated as freef-safe or unlimited. These terms have no definitions agreed upon and are not subject to the FDA’s regulations or are operated by a standard establishment. The sunscreens which do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate are usually used in these terms. There are also suspected effects on coral health, however, other sunscreen ingredients and various environmental factors. The decline of the coral reefs has led to climate change and a lot of other variables, and so the most important factors can hardly be analyzed.)

Nano Particles

missha waterproof sun milk

These incredibly small particles are relatively new in capacity and their characteristics are not entirely understood yet. For example, they can easily pass through cell membranes that may be useful for certain but also relevant purposes. There was no risk of nano-particles in the sunscreen, but the sunscreens might indicate that they were “nano-free” or “nano-free.” There is no FDA approved definition for this term, however, in Europe and Australia there are approved definitions, which are used for the production of their products by some brands.

Sunscreen ingredients mineral block UV and UVB rays. Zino oxide and titanium dioxide In contrast to sunscreens, products that contain those mineral ingredients that rely on synthetic chemicals to obstruct rays sometimes market itself as “natural” or “grey-safe” products. Nano particles are used in part by many sunscreens that contain such minerals for a smoother, clearer application.


The sun depletes the antioxidants in your skin, so you can replace these healthy molecules even better while protecting against sunlight. “ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica, one of my favorite sunscreens, provides a 50-SPF protection against the sunscreen. In addition to photolyase enzymes, which have been scientifically shown to repair UV-induced DNA damage, the potent antioxidant vitamin E helps to protect from environmental damage,” Dr. Robinson says. “It protects and repairs simultaneously, essentially. This is a win.” It’s a win-win.

Patricia Wexler, a dermatologist and owner of the dermatology in New York City, reports that sunscreens with antioxidants are also stabler. But watch for it: “Some SPFs are supplemented with antioxidants such as vitamin A that could increase the risk of sun sensitivity and even skin cancer.”


missha waterproof sun milk

The sun gives off several kinds of UV light, so you have to protect it against them all. “The two most important things to look for on the label are ‘broad spectrum,’ which shows how the sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB and how well it protects against UVB,” says Sejal Shah MD, a dermatologist. “Those are the two most important elements on the label.

Most brands offer several different types of sunscreen so look for the word “wide spectrum” to ensure that you have a worthwhile product. Fayne Frey, MD, a West Nyack dermatologist in New York, says: “The FDA has approved 17 different sunscrest filters, each with a different wavelength,” he says. “The overwhelming majority of sunscreen filters are formulated to cover a wider range of wavelengths with more than one sunscreen filter. I say to my patients that they should use a wide range. It includes both UVB rays and a large part of the UVA spectrum.”

A convenient formula

“So select one that works for you,” says Dr Shah. “Sunscreens come from a range of formulations – from creams, gels, lotions,” “For example, gels are great for oily skin or hairy areas and for dry creams.” Some sunscreens feel sticky or create a movie on your skin that is not very easy to wear every day. Then pick them that you are going to wear regularly, even if you do not spend hours outside.

Adrienne Haughton, MD, Director, Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology, Stony Brook Medical, Commack, New York, explained that “daily SPF is essential.” “UVA is present in the glass of a window on a cloudy day. This is why in the US many people develop skin cancers on the left and right faces of the driver’s side window on the basis of exposure.”

Chemical or physical

missha waterproof sun milk

As a sunscreen or as a sunblock you can receive your sun protection. Everyone works to do the same thing differently. Stanley Kovak, MD, a cosmetic physician and owner of Kovak Cosmetic Center outside Chicago, said a chemical sunscreen restricts sun damage by using a variety of different chemicals. “They work by absorbing UV rays and transform rays into a longer wavelength that is less harmful if ultraviolet rays go into the skin.”

He explains that the skin and light are reflected in physical or mineral sunblocks. It could be good for your skin type with only two kinds of FDA-approved sunscreen – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. “If your skin is more sensitive, it could be better to have a mineral sunscreen as it is less likely to cause skin reactions than chemical sunscreens,” says Dr. Shah. However, there is a drawback: physical sunscreens often cost more than chemical versions and leave the skin sparkling in white. A sunscreen with tinged minerals is a great way to avoid the fantastic look.

Water and Sweat Resistance

“Waterproof” is that the sunscreen performs well, in spite of the presence of moisture or perspiration. The FDA bans the use of “waterproof” or “sweatproof” on product labels because no sun-screen endures indefinitely when you go swimming or sweating.

However, be aware that sunscreen removes towels off your skin. So, whenever you think you have left, you have to apply sunscreen immediately after use of a towel. Whatever your water resistance rating.

Type of skin

missha waterproof sun milk

Many creams are designed to help people, especially those with parched, greasy or delicate skin. Persons with parched skin must find additives for protection against sunscrest spraying or spray gellosis in the form of glycerin.

Ingredients glow or ointment with the best oily skin products, like silica and isododecane. For sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and non-scentuous scents are good bets, such as sunscreens for titanium or zinc oxide. Alcohol and preservatives must also be avoided.

Rays of UVA

Ultraviolet A rays (UVA) have the longest wavelengths in your derma (middle layers), thus reducing skin elasticity and accelerating visible signs of aging. The signs of aging include wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, discoloration and hyperpigmentation (also known as age spots or sunspots). Skin cancer may also be caused by UVA rays.

Rays of UVB

UVB rays reach the external layers (epidermis) of the skin and can lead to sunburning and can lead to cancer of the skin. An indicator on the sunscreen label expresses how long skin is protected against UVB rays by the SPF, or Sun Protection Factor.


missha waterproof sun milk

If you have pink, but consider it if you are inclined to acne, avoid alcohol.

People who suffer from rosacea or acne may have to take alcohol into account—a common sunscreen component—especially when using other skin treatments. Alternatively, “patients with acne may find gel formulae that normally contain alcohol and are less likely to aggravate acne” should be avoided by the Skin Cancer Foundation, which recommends that people who have rosacea or are allergic.

These can work better than gray, Cream-based sunscreens for acne-prone individuals. Another tip against acne? “Esulizole’s UVB filter is lightweight, less oily than most other chemical sunscreens,” the Foundation states. However, make sure that your skin is listened to. For instance, a light cream can balance the drying effects of acne medication if you are using an acne medication cream or a treatment.

Consider stocking up

In the “outdoor” season consider stocking up, in particular

If you do not apply enough or reapply at the appropriate time, you will not be able to achieve all the protection that your sunscreen can offer. At least every two hours the sunscreen should be used and AAD says that the majority of people have to apply ‘at least one ounce of sunscreen, about the amount in your palm’ to obtain enough coverage. After 2 to 3 years, sunscreen expires, so try planning how much you can use when buying. You might have to buy a larger supply if you spend a lot of time outside.

High SPF

The sun protection factor (sPF) of at least 30 is recommended to most dermatological experts. In general, SPF 30 to 50 protection is 3% more effective—from 95% to 97.5%.

When using a sunscreen the majority of people are not perfect, so that you can start with a higher number for additional coverage. “Any SPF under 30,’ says dean Mraz Robinson, MD, president and co-founder of Modern Dermatology. “It really does not provide you with the level of sun protection you need.’

Makeup routine

Know how to create Sunscreen in the routine of your makeup.An ideal way to stay in a healthy sunscreen is to make it a part of your dawn. SPF’s foundations are numerous, but “just using a foundation as your daily SPF would be the mistake,” according to make-up artist Kim Jundt. She always suggests applying sunscreen in your makeup, with or following the hydrating agent. Her technique: “I apply the thin sunscreen to my face, neck, and ears about a quarter in size. Let the sunscreen soak in and use the remaining tissue. Wash the sunscreen off your hands before using any maquillage.

Missha Waterproof Sun Milk

MISSHA All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF50+/PA+++ (70ml)

Missha is one of South Korea’s leading beauty companies providing a wide selection of products that meet budget awareness and luxury, as well as cheaper dupes and high quality brands like SK-II and Estee Lauder. I also think that Missha is a master of sunscreens in cosmetics.

Missha seems to be involved in a number of sustainable efforts, such as the environmental recycling program, “helping neglected and strangled neighbors.” In order to further clarify the latter, I have followed Missha, who has great customer service and will update one if I have more information.

This Missha waterproof sun milk  is great for the word “Milk,” because in its precision it is almost milky and non-grassy. It’s so easy to spread and mix that implementing this sun cream is pure fun. It leaves no stains, no ‘white skin’ effect or white set at first imposed. It is very clear milk on the skin. I also love the cool but sweet smell of this cream, far from the chemical compounds of many sun-creams. Packaging is extremely practical and strong (it survives in my bag. 

And even with gray or wet hands, opening is very easy. Just a word of warning – this product is very milky so you can pour it in (mainly after shaking) so you do not put it above your favorite black dress.

This sun cream helps to prevent sunburn and immature signage of ageing when UVA and UVB rays are blocked. It is water resistant and does not leave a white cast and rapidly soaks up into the skin because it is watery. It leaves the skin soft and can be used to make up without being grateful. Feel safe in knowing your skin is protected from the sun at SPF 50 PA+++!

Thanks to their lightweight composition, fast absorption and no white cast Missha’s creams were long favorites of Asian Beauty fans! Tell your goodbye to the thick, stinky creams, which break you down. You need this sun cream.

Use every day after your skin is moisturized. Spend a small quantity of watery fluid in your hands’ palms, smooth and gently in the skin until absorbed, not forgetting the area of your neck.


  • Prevent sunburn and immature signage of ageing
  • Lightweight composition, fast absorption and no white cast
  • Milky and non-grassy
  • Easy to spread and apply
  • Leave the skin soft and can be used to make up


  • None

Missha Waterproof Sun Milk’s Features

missha waterproof sun milk


This is a combination of the UVA and UVB protection chemo physical sunscreen. It is announced to be waterproof and sweatproof. It is intended to sebum control oily or combined skin, so it may dry for certain skin types, but with this product my dry skin has only occasionally experienced problems.

Substitution of routine

This type of product is only suitable for AM routines and is used at the end of a skin care routine. Certain sunscreens, before or after moisturizing, are activated by skin contact and recommended for applying certain chemically-active sunscreen compounds before hydrating is discussed.

My perspective with sunscreen and most skincare is that you are probably better off than having the product on your face if you are not overwhelmed with routine order. So the last to second stage in your routine will either be this sunscreen!


This is a sunscreen for milk, so it’s more liquid than sunscreen for cream, which I normally take. Although the application is fluid, it’s much easier than other sunscreens I’ve tried to control. I think that’s a matte pearl, but I’ve seen some reviews say it’s chalky.


The smell of baby powder is very light. It’s a far cry from the chemical odor of many sunscreens, but I definitely don’t like the product’s odor.


The packaging is functional, the packaging is hard plastic rather than silicone. They only interfere. This is a much more luxurious package than the Missha AASB Essence Sun and the recipe is so fluid that it is released, but hard plastic is very hard to squeeze and may be more of a problem, because there isn’t much left.

The Makeup Test

As I mentioned before, this product has a fairly strong whitecast. It’s a whitesurfing that tends to linger, so I have to either wear the base or just treat myself like Capser the Chalky Ghost for the day. However, the product doesn’t interfere with maquillage, which makes this sunscreen a major advantage.

At the start of summer, I made a huge sunscreen comparison and noticed that the sunscreen that didn’t work with make-up was either creamy sunscreens or lots of silicone. The screen has TONS, but so, at first, I was a little concerned that this was not a matter of fact. This is a matt sunscreen. Even though the whitecaste, the look or feel of my foundation doesn’t affect my problems like La Roche Posay Anthelios XL. It also does not change.

There is a very small problem I encounter when I use the foundation. The second picture, in my base swatch at the top-right corner, seems slightly crusty or at least lighter than the rest of the swatch. This problem is easily fixed by a hide or an additional layer of foundation, but I realized that Sun Milk can be slightly dry without perfect evening application.

Even application is not impossible, but the formulation is so fluid and slightly chalky that requires more effort than an average sunscreen.

If you are looking for the instruction to choose a good sunscreen, the following video will be helpful to you:

If you are looking for the  products to protect your skin, do not hesitate to check out this review.


Benton Mineral Sun Cream SPF50+/PA++++ 50ml

Benton Mineral Sun Cream SPF50+/PA++++ 50ml

Benton tried to think the other way around. “What can we try to do with less harmful ingredients?” We use many different types of esthetics on our face, and the amount of irritating or dangerous ingredients in our skin is critical. When the skin reaches its critical point, it cannot bear the burden and become irritated or burst.

The original brand ‘CLEAN BEAUTY.’ Benton has largely excluded harmful ingredients from the planning phases since 2011. Benton Recipes are based on natural ingredients and Ecocert Conservants. Benton products may also be used with the exception of harmful ingredients on sensitive skin.

This sunscreen has been developed to reduce discomfort in sensitive skin with non nano filtration. It provides the highest level of UV protection in Korea, as titanium and zinc oxide. The sun cream is available at a wide range. With its PA+++ rating, it provides extremely high UVA safeguards. The protection against sunscreen lasts approximately 12 hours. It also improves skin lightening and suppleness.

Smelly acidic at 6, the pH of this sunscreen is the same as healthy skin. It is also water resistant, creating a film that protects against UV light. This sun cream helps to reduce oily skin hydration. It begins white, but sinks quickly into the skin without having to leave a whitecast.


  • Reduce discomfort in sensitive skin
  • Non nano filtration
  • Provides extremely high UVA safeguards
  • Improves skin lightening and suppleness


  • None

ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF50+

ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF50+ / PA+++ | Sebum-free, Non-Sticky, Long Lasting Protection, 100% Mineral Based Sunscreen | Kbeauty

This super-smooth sunscreen keeps the skin protected and soothed with centella asiatica extract and aloe vera, especially when it comes to sensitivity to chemical sun blockers. The milky texture does not provide a gray or heavy, soft and smooth satin finish, which makes your skin luminous and cool. Talc free, animal ingredients, oils, dyes.

This is a 100% sunscreen with several advantages for the skin. It offers protection against sunscreen nutrients SPF50+ PA+++ in the form of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, but also supports oil production and enhances the shades of the skin. The Korean sunscreen with its PA+++ rating provides high UVA protection.

The shade is a compact liquid that absorbs without leaving a white cast on your skin, perfect for combining oily skin tones. This mineral sunscreen is also an ideal lightweight matte formula for acne-sensitive skin.

Although the fragrance is free of talc, animal ingredients and minerals and dyes in this sunscreen. It dries into a matt finish and works under maquillage.


  • Offers protection against sunscreen nutrients SPF50+ PA+++
  • Supports oil production
  • Enhances the shades of the skin


  • None

Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun SPF50+/PA++++ 50ml

Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun SPF50+/PA++++ 50ml

The skin is protected by 100% zinc oxide, a hypoallergenic physical sunscreen. The non-sticky lightweight formula prevents harmful UV rays and blue light. Its soft components are ideal for sensitive skin. The Korean sunscreen with its PA+++ rating offers extremely high UVA protection.

This lightweight and very hydrogenating mineral sun cream is on the skin. It not only offers protection against sun and blue light but also contains several ingredients to protect the skin barrier, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.


  • Non-sticky lightweight formula
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Offers extremely high UVA protection


  • None

LabNo Cicaloe Relief Sun Milk SPF50+PA++++ 50 Milliliter

LabNo Cicaloe Relief Sun Milk SPF50+PA++++ 50 Milliliter

LabNo brand story, a cosmetic laboratory that offers you a healthy quality. “0” harmful ingredients are still sought by the brand. The dermatologist’s test and sensitive ingredients test were all carried out in its products. Free of harmful ingredients and 20 types of artificial chemicals, perfume or conservants which may irritate your skin.

This is a thin, liquid sun milk that is a nutrient sunscreen protection called titanium dioxide. With its PA+++ rating, this Korean sunscreen provides unbelievably high UVA protection.

This sensitive sunscreen is packed with relaxing parts which make it ideal for sensitive skin. It works well, leaves no whitcast, and dries the skin like sunscreens.


  • Provides unbelievably high UVA protection.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin


  • None


Choosing a waterproof sunscreen seems simple but it is not easy at all to choose a suitable sunscreen for yourself. We hope that the above information about the Missha waterproof sun milk and sunscreen products will help you a lot in buying this kind of product. If you like to look for more products to protect your skin, do not hesitate to click this article.

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