Samsung A50 Waterproof – Unexpected Breakthrough Features

Samsung a50 waterproof is a new Samsung launched mid-range phone, the product features an updated design and practical features, such as an in-screen fingerprint sensor, Infinity-U screen, etc. These premium functionalities will make your life easier and exciting.

Since it was established, both software and hardware have evolved mobile phones. Mobile devices bring great advantages for users and change much traditional communication, work as well as entertainment methods progressively.

The smartphone is becoming an indispensable multi-function piece of equipment in your life if “full capability” is used in addition to the function call. You only have to take time to learn as well as to study so that your smartphone doesn’t lose its benefits. And if you know which applications to use, your life will certainly be more comfortable, healthier, and happier.

The query of many technical followers is whether Samsung A50 is waterproof. In particular, those who own this excellent mid-size smartphone or intend to choose it.

Samsung A50 came into being with the mission to improve the competitiveness of the Sam family smartphone mid-size line using Chinese smartphones. Therefore, in addition to a trendy design with a nice infinity screen, Samsung naturally favors this phone with many modern characteristics. But many people still wonder whether the Samsung A50 seems to be waterproof. Because this is really an important feature that helps users feel safer when they experience their mobile phones.

However, choosing a smartphone to suit is not easy. If you’ve ever questioned why you need to choose this highest-selling brand. Here are the Samsung a50 waterproof reviews for everything you have to read this piece, which gives you all the details required for this must-have item. Please keep in mind that these recommendations are entirely based on my own personal observations. You can read through these simple reviews first, then do your own homework before deciding on the best purchase.

We will go through these parts in this article

  • Buyer Guide The Best Samsung A50 Waterproof
  • Samsung A50 Waterproof Review
  • Features & Benefits Of Samsung A50 Waterproof
  • Alternative Products Suitable For You
  • Closing Thoughts About Samsung A50 Waterproof

Buyer Guide The Best Samsung A50 Waterproof

You plan to change your new phone, your aim is to use Samsung’s or Galaxy’s own smartphone. See this article before making a decision to get a most of the overview of Galaxy phones!

Who the target audience is, how many Galaxy smartphones are now on the market?

First, you need to know how many Galaxy lines there are and how much do they cost when you want to switch to Samsung’s smartphones?

There are currently 5 Galaxy lines on the Vietnamese market, which include, in particular, the ultra-high-end Z series, M, A, S and Note.

The Galaxy M has always been especially emphasized by Samsung on the service life of ‘super-large’ batteries. As regards the Galaxy A, the camera quality has become a little better than the M series. It provides a more uniform experience. They will usually have a plastic design.

The next two older flagship lines are Galaxy S and Notes, and the price from the 20 million lines is also far higher. The flagship has the advantage both in materials and in processing capacity.

In the earlier days, Samsung used to guide users: if you like slender, beautiful, trendy designs, then go to Team S. And, if you’re a worker who constantly takes notes, Team Note awaits you.

But until now it seems that it is only as tiny as an S-Pen to distinguish between the two Galaxy S & Note lines.

Finally there is the most modern and luxurious series of Samsung’s Galaxy Z, which includes: Z Fold – Horizontal and Z Flip – Vertical folding. These are not the products of the masses with tens of millions prices, like Z Flip 36 million or Z Fold 50 million.

Before buying a phone, determine your purpose.

You must specify what your routine use needs are before you plan to buy a new phone. You select other criteria after identifying your purpose, like the size of the telephone monitor for your work and daily living habits in order to avoid any inconvenience day after day.

It saves you a lot of money from having to spend on stuff you don’t want or need if you fully understand what features as well as capacities you want on your new phone.

Another example of how important it is that you determine your own purpose is to buy phones with proper processor configuration and GPU graphics if you have a need to play games. Good game management.

Select the design to suit your requirements

Several phones with various designs are available on the market, from small to large. One of the major factors that determine your decision is design. Make it your task to find a telephone so you can feel more comfortable in designing the device and easily hold and use it in your daily work. The metal frame design will be luxurious and sleeker to match your style if you are a person that likes being noticed.

For example: you are really a person who travels to work frequently and chooses a phone with a screen of up to six inches for yourself.

Find details before purchasing a telephone

The processor is at the heart of a phone. Your phone will be strong if the heart is healthy enough, and it will help you solve all your needs. The processor comprises the RAM chip, CPU and GPU, delivers the computer power needed to perform a number of tasks and has a major impact on the device’s overall performance.

In CPU, the details to be considered are clock, followed by a number of cores – the most important indicators for evaluating processor power. The faster the app, the more cores, the greater the clock speed, the greater the multitasking.

You should decide whether to have a phone with a large amount of RAM of at least 3GB or more and if you have to check mail, you should work with your phone (such as the Snapdragon 801). All of the phone cases to help you handle it.

Select a smartphone that meets your needs

The screen is your phone’s part that directly interacts with your experience. Therefore, 2 questions are important: the size and quality of the screen:

The screen sizes are 3 common:

Small screen size (under 4 inches): it is suitable for users who require more than entertainment convenience and mobility.

Medium screen size (4 to 5 inches): a screen size that balances entertainment and ease for more use and less battery usage.

Large-screen size: is the size considered oversized, nearest to a tablet, usually suitable for the entertainment users, watching movies and not watching a too big emphasis on movement. Large-screen size (5.2-6 inches).

The quality of the display depends on the features of each screen producer type used. The advantage of conventional LCD screen color and resolution balance, but with weak viewing angles and contrast, when strong light sources are discovered, are flouted. You should therefore select these screen types. Has a minimum HD resolution for entertainment and work balance.

Select the camera to fit your requirements

The image quality obtained after shooting depends on many conditions, ranging from objective to subjective like light, lens and sensor, and the number of dots on a phone camera is not the only way to assess (the number of megapixels). The phone’s camera usually has about 5-8 megapixels which is sufficient to give more attention to lens type with a large aperture (the parameter is f, the smaller the better), helping to increase the number of people involved. The sensor gets more light and enhances the output imaging quality.

The battery has become one of the key factors

In terms of battery health, consider the life of the battery to suit your requirements. In the range of 2000mAh and 4000mAh Smartphone batteries are usually used. The manufacturer will at the same time allow the machine to use it for tasks like voice, entertainment and wait. In order to avoid an important work “collapse” you should consider using a phony with a slightly higher battery life comfort for a day.

Mobile network-compatible bands

Band seems to be the frequency of electromagnetic waves used for receiving and transmitting wireless technological communication signals between devices. In particular, a technology used for mobile communication networks is the global mobile communication system (GSM for brief).

Mobile GSM networks run on four bands. Most are used in bands of 900 MHz and 1800 MHz – Europe, Asia, certain countries in the Americas have bands of 850 MHz and 1900 MHz.

The screen is large and sharp enough

You’re going to spend many hours examining it, so make sure your phone screen is of good size and high resolution for your work. For Smartphones – Smartphones, Full HD, 1920×1080 pixels or possibly 2160×1080 pixels should be the minimum resolution recommended when a new 18:9 aspect ratio phone is used. Every 1080p or higher monitor will be sufficiently sharp.

OLED screens are better off than LCD screens in terms of underlying technology.

Keyboard of the phone

Virtual keyboard smartphone – smartphone

Smartphone – Virtual keyboard smartphone

Today, smartphones – smartphones use virtual claves, in addition to basic phones still using hardware keyboards. This means that this keyboard appears on the screen and is used automatically by touching your icons on the screen, if necessary.

Fast speed of processing

The processor – CPU & memory – RAM determines this. The most important thing is the processor and the newer ones are usually better in both speed and power efficiency.

RAM is system memory other than internal/external memory – user storage. There is much controversy over how much RAM you need on your smartphone, but the best we can do is learn how much RAM your applications really have to run smoothly. Naturally, the better RAM, but the cost of the telephone has also increased.

OS version

Select the latest version of the operating system for a smartphone. If you purchase a new iPhone, the latest version of the iOS will be available, but that’s not the case with Android-based phones, since producers often adopt user interfaces. It may take some time on their own on the Android platform to receive updates and, if the manufacturer decides not to upgrade, you may not receive future Android versions when they are released – or perhaps not.

Capacity for storage

The phone user, usually referred to as Gigabyte or GB, will receive this memory. It tells you how many files you can hold photography, video, apps, etc. The amount of storage space that is required before you select a phone is significantly influenced by smartphone prices.

It is estimated that 16GB will hold some 10,000 photos and 4,000 songs, and remember that all the apps which you downloaded should also be included in your memory.

Type of SIM card

SIM mobile telephone card types Mobile telephone SIM card types

This parameter indicates how many SIM cards the phone supports and which SIM cards. Most smartphones use smaller types of SIM cards, Micromic and Nano SIM, although the basic phones that use SIM are usually Mini SIM. Future telephones are probably using an electronic SIM that is even smaller, called an eSIM.

Ports of connection

Although this phone also contains other wireless connection ports commonly used to charge batteries and headphones, such as WI-FI, Bluetooth and other wireless connections. Please note that different ports and plugs can be fitted to each type of phone.

Functions for security

Some smartphones are equipped with a freeze and face recognition. Fingerprints are also available. Precision and speed of the recognition process is also a problem that needs attention if you do not find this feature frustrating.

Resistant to dust and water

A phone that has water resistance can also be considered, if you check the IP rating on the phone, which indicates the first digit being X for the strength of dust and Y the second digit for the resistance of water. Against the entrance of water. The greater the number, the greater the dust and water resistance.

All telephone manufacturers are advised not to water your telephone. The waterproof measures they use to make a telephone precautionary and avoid instances when we drop the telephone into the water accidentally or get wet in the rain.


Make a survey of your smartphone company if possible. Apple, Samsung, and LG are quite safe and well-known brands. These marks will not bet on small defects or imperfect products to their reputation.

Supplied accessories

The manual, headset and battery charger form the basic accessory, which is usually included with the phone.

Samsung A50 Waterproof Review

Samsung is indeed a famous Korean brand, which has a high quality as well as reasonable price for many users. Then Samsung phones are or are they not really good? The answer is in the article below.

Samsung is a multi-country company based in South Korea, Seoul. This group, founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938, has until now created several miracles and won numerous prestigious prizes worldwide.

Samsung has remained in the telephone sector in Vietnam for almost 23 years since 1996 and is committed to bringing the best consumer goods to users at reasonable prices.

Samsung’s many products are known as tablets, TVs, coolers, machines for washing, air conditioners and so on as well as phones.

Samsung telephones with the international Korean standard technology can totally capture Vietnamese users with their long-lasting and advanced technologies used by the company. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Samsung is currently selling Galaxy A, Galaxy J, Galaxy C and Galaxy M recently. But the high-end Galaxy S10 products and Galaxy Note ultra products are still the most prominent. Not too long ago, 10 was introduced.

Brilliant screen technology Super AMOLED

Developed exclusively by Samsung, this display has vibrant, lively colors with transparent sunlight and a significant reduction in battery consumption in comparison to conventional displays. Frequently.

Design of breakthrough

The high-end products of Samsung a50 waterproof are mostly made from a metal frame which really combines two sides of solid, tempered glass. Moreover, Samsung’s design features are the screen overflows curved to its sides.

Improved safety with iris sensor

Iris safety is nowadays a high-end safety method that improves your smartphone’s safety. This feature is available on the smartphones of the company.

The Galaxy A50 appears like it can compete throughout the tough mid-range market at a very attractive price.

It also has some unexpected features, such as a three-fold back camera and an embedded fingerprint scanner. Some great core specs are also present.

But there is much more to be tested in the real world, so stay tuned besides our Samsung a50 waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Water Resistance Standard

A50, which means that it is not waterproof, has no IP68 certification in the Galaxy A50. But to what extent the resistance to water is, please check out the 2 videos below.

Galaxy A50’s current submarine test video:

Note: Smartphones sometimes don’t die immediately. The potential for corrosion is extremely high since water can penetrate the inner components of the smartphone. For an indefinite period, this can damage your smartphone.

One user feedbacks the Samsung a50 waterproof that: 

“A50 does not have waterproofing of IP68.  It means that water can be brought into the phone but it can still withstand water damage.

This is my experience in real-time. It happened that my A50 went into a water bowl and washed in 5-10 minutes, definitely not really for experimentation, but because of the playful activity of the little child. When I heard a long sound of water running, it hurried and we found our telephone taking our shower out of the washroom.  Inside all the cameras, I could even see water, and mobile devices were switched off and not turned on.

She tried her best to shake the water off the telephone and put the telephone in a rice bag for three days to see hardly anything worked.

On the 3rd night only after the incident, we took this one to the mobile store, removed the outside cover, and completely dried it. This was a medical miracle… Yes, the mobile has again started to work…It therefore clearly demonstrates that A50 can indeed work, but it certainly won’t take the telephone in the pool.”

So Samsung products have the world’s highest standards in the dust as well as water resistance, but generally only high-end and above-ground equipment. A mid-range device called Samsung Galaxy A50 is ranked in the mid-range segment, but still has moderate water resistance but does not work as well on the market. Without problems, flagships can be immersed in water.

The demand for water and dirt-resistant phones is on the rise, a trend for future phones. However, not all phones possess this high-end capability and it’s still harder when there are only “playable” classes for the number of users accessing water and dirt-resistant phones.

Even though not totally waterproof, the cheap, affordable, and most-consuming Samsung a50 waterproof really deserves to be bought because it has the necessary as well as superior characteristics. Accessible. Accessible.

In summary, the answer is not like other high-end gadgets, there seems to be no IP68 dust and water-resistant standard yet the phone may be safely sprinkled or dropped by water, but after that, the device has to be dry immediately.

Therefore do not ignore several tricks to improve your gadget safer in high water exposure cases besides responding to the question of whether your Samsung a50 telephone is water-proof:

Douching or exposure to rain should not take the Galaxy A50

Don’t take your phone or put it into the pool when you’re at the beach. You need a waterproof bag to safeguard your phone if you want to take pictures and videos.

Cloud backup should be enabled for important data like documents, photos or videos. Keep in mind that contact with water might damage the device.

If the phone is dropped accidentally into a water bath, remove the battery immediately, dry and then place it for 12 hours in a rice bin to absorb moisture.

Use a case or a bag to protect your phone.

It is not officially assessed that the Samsung a50 waterproof is waterproof to the IP68 standard, but the product can indeed to a certain extent be waterproof. If water is poured into the system for approximately 30 seconds, for example, the device can be repaired quickly and properly and it still works normally.

Moreover, even if not water-resistant, thanks to many of its superior characteristics and affordable prices that are suitable for many consumers, the A50 is still a worthwhile device to buy from Samsung. Take options into account.

Features & Benefits Of Samsung A50 Waterproof

Camera quality 5.0/5.0

Battery life 4.2/5.0

Currency value 4.2/5.0

Face recognition 4.0/5.0

Fingerprint reader 3.7/5.0

There’s a function called ‘digital wellbeing’ on the Galaxy A50 as well as other Samsung new-generation smartphones which may record how long a user has spent every application in a single day so that we adapt. to be fair. This feature enables me to enable rest mode, turn the black and white panels as well as block notifications to make this situation with the smartphone easier when I go to bed.

Take pictures of 25MP quality

Although it features a 25MP camera, the Galaxy A50 pictures are still saved at 12MP by default. However, by going to the camera app you can easily switch -> towards the aspect ratio button -> 3:4H. This ensures that all photos on the Galaxy A50 are taken as well as saved in 25MP quality.

Save HEIF/HEVC space

Users can consider storing photos in HEIF and recording videos utilizing HEVC on the Galaxy A50 if they take lots of photos and videos. This saves plenty of room. However, some older mobile and PC model models do not support HEIF/HEVC files. However, you could perhaps note that

Mode of the Night

Samsung is equipped with a wide and lovely Super AMOLED screen. When the AMOLED screen displays dark or black contents, it saves the most energy.

Samsung offers night mode – a system-wide dark mode with one UI interface. Android lacks a dark mode itself, but Samsung’s UX has integrated them.

Night mode saves battery life on AMOLED displays. Furthermore, this function also works for the eyes. You can switch to the night mode via the Settings -> Display -> Night mode option (Night Mode).

Modify font

One of Samsung’s benefits is its easy modification of its new user interface. You can also change to another font on the Samsung a50 waterproof if you don’t like or just bother with the default system font.

Users must go into Settings (Settings) -> Display -> Size -> font styles to modify the system font on the Galaxy A50 phone (Font size and style).

Gestures of navigation

It is a pity that you don’t use the Navigation Bar function to hide it to give you the best experience you like. Samsung Galaxy A50 has a border-to-border display with a super slim Infinity-U design.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Navigation Bar -> Full Screen actions to hide the navigation bar. In addition, you can change the order of the keyboard according to your habits. Furthermore, by opening a notifying panel, you can switch the navigation bar fast.

Gestures of Motion

The A50 has a lot to do. Certain gestures are activated by default, while others must be manually activated. Users can use Settings -> Advanced features -> Motion and gestures to enable and disable various motion gestures on the Galaxy A50.

Children’s Mode for children only

In Kids Mode, the Samsung Galaxy A50 children’s mode is designed to better support children’s management and education. There are a number of good applications in this feature: support for recording vocals and switching to different sounds of each drawing character, a painting application, separate child video adjustments only.,…

Children’s mode is one of the great features of the children’s Galaxy A50, operating independent of regular phone modes, giving parents complete tranquility when allowing children to play without interfering. Additional dangerous applications for children are not suitable.

Use short video as a lock display

A short video can be downloaded from your tik tok application and the wallpaper and theme sets can be downloaded. The gallery will then be opened, the downloaded video is chosen as wallpaper. Once the operation is finished, a video that looks very attractive and fancy will appear on the lock screen, giving the user the feeling of not being boring.

Image in Photo

In this way, a website or a youtube page will be visited and a video will be opened and viewed in full-screen mode. Simply swipe the video to the main display and do other work as usual. You can therefore only watch videos while surfing on Facebook or reading journals at the same time.

Keyboard Flexible

You can set up 3 flexible use modes of the keyboard using any interface using a keyboard, including a one-handed left and right keyboard and one floating keyboard. We can personalize flexible positions on the screen very conveniently for the floating keyboard.

Management of application time

This function is good for you to manage your smartphone time. You can check how many hours of every day are used, specify the time for each application to adjust the time reasonably, so that useless things don’t waste too much time.

In order to help you control the time when the device is given to others, it also supports the setting of usability time for each application. If you want to limit the time, you may optionally go to the Timing item for Settings -> Digital utility -> Control Panel.

Sound Adapt

The Galaxy A50 also features the Adapt Sound feature, as the Galaxy A30, a feature that is frequently found on the flagship Samsung.

Users can adjust the sound that is emitted from the headset according to their needs when using this feature. If you own a pair of “true” headphones and are a music-lover this is a great feature. From Settings -> Sound -> Adapt Sound, you can set Adapt Sound to your phone.

Activate Dolby Atmosphere

The Galaxy A50 is supported by Dolby Atmos but is nowhere near the flagship devices of the Samsung company. When you hear music often, watch films via headphones, take advantage of the benefits of Dolby Atmos.

Users need to ensure the sound quality and effects are enabled by settings -> Sound and Vibration. Then you just have to allow Dolby Atmos conversion. The Dolby Atmos setting can also be switched to Auto.

Screen Stories Lock (Lock Screen Stories)

On the Galaxy A50, users can enable/disable the Locking screen. Operations include: Configuration (Settings) –> Lock Screen -> Lock and turn this function off.

Multipurpose Screen mode

You may pick a task icon -> Open in Spread screen view -> Choose the program to open if you want to browse Facebook and look at your Facebook and you want to see your Facebook page simultaneously. They’re going to switch to multitasking screen split.

In addition, you can choose an application’s icon to multitask pop up -> Open in the Pop-up view, then you’ll see the application window pop-up with the thumbnail size, you can select multi-pop-ups, and move them into the appropriate p-figure In addition if you want to use the entire application screen, and yet can do a number of other tasks at the same time.

Pull fast message

To experience the complete Galaxy A50 screen perfectly, the notification panel must be moved to a touch.

Go to Settings -> Show -> Home Screen -> Home Settings Open the report panel quickly. Now you don’t have to touch any point from the message panel, and then drag it down to open the notice panel quickly.

Launching game fashion

Notifications and messages interrupt the causes of discomfort for users during smartphone games. Use the Game Launcher feature immediately if you experience such a situation often.

You decide to go to Settings -> Advanced features -> to select Game Launcher, then go to the screen and choose the Game Launcher.

Finally, you pull down the notification screen and select the Game Tool, notification calling features, blocking gameplay, advanced game features, or video recording…

Fill the picture with WaterMark

Go to the camera -> Check Watermark settings ->. So on the left side of the picture, we have WaterMark.

Screens and Flash notifications

Search -> select Flash Notification -> go to Settings Go to Search There are 2 articles here: Flash camera and Flash screen. So when the application is notified, the screen flashes to notify us that we will not miss it.

Switch with Multifunction

Go to Settings -> Assist -> go to Interactions and Signs -> choose Activate menu Support. The multifunction switch will then display on the screen to help turn off your phone as quickly as possible.

Dual messaging – 2 social network accounts support

Go into Advanced Features –> Go to Dual Messager –> Select Facebook. Select Advanced Features. We can therefore use the same phone with 2 Facebook accounts.

AMOLED and Standby feature Always-On

The spotlight of the exterior design is the Galaxy A50’s most stunning element. In the area of the display. The Galaxy A50 utilizes a Super AMOLED FullHD + Panel created by Samsung itself, instead of using an LCD panel as other products from the same price range, with rich colors and great contrast, as it can switch off the pixels completely.

While using the Samsung a50 waterproof at night with a dark background software, the advantage of the Super AMOLED screen is most evident. Due to the ability for dark pixel shots to be switched off, the black components nearly ‘float’ in the palm of the user!

The Super AMOLED screen with the Galaxy A50 also has another great suggestion: the Infinity-U cut can be concealed on the top of the screen. Even though other China mid-range smartphones have a similar design, even with a black backdrop due to the LCD display, this cut appears since the surrounding pixels really have to glitter.

Another convenient point is also provided by the Super AMOLED screen: the standby screen will always be on (always in view). This feature includes both middle-class models such as the Galaxy A30 and high-end models such as the Galaxy S10. The device will still show a little time for the clock as well as certain notifications when the display is off.

Users are often unusual to use a watch, but they often check the time using a smartphone. While using the Galaxy A50, they just take the unit from the pocket or look at it when they leave the unit on the table to see how much time they don’t need. Open the machine one step.

Fingerprint sensor optical

The generations of products from Samsung in 2019 are moving step by step from the fingerprint sensor behind the screen to an integrated fingerprint sensor. Although this function is an optical sensor, the Galaxy A50 has a velocity that is not as speedy as the ultrasonic shape of the Galaxy S10 series but is also adequate for daily application.

When you place the fingerprint sensor on the front of your desk, the device is much easier to use, because you do not have to take your telephone to press the sensor on the back. In addition, this form of the sensor also seems “new,” particularly when the product lines are not yet equipped with the same price range as the Galaxy A50.

Samsung’s A50 has a number of flagship features, including the on-the-fly display, which keeps the AMOLED display on the device but uses less power. The AMOLED screen displays time together with unread notifications in Always On Display Mode.

When you tap on the screen once, the Always-On Display is activated automatically by default. You can, however, always configure this feature.

Now go to Settings -> Screen lock -> Always be on display and always change the display mode.

Handy super wide-angle camera

Galaxy A50 has 3 rear cameras with a standard angle camera with 25MP as well as a depth sensor, but the 8MP ultra wide angle with a focal length similar to 12mm on the smartphone is the best for me. Picture full frame.

This camera allows me to easily capture large buildings, narrow rooms or sometimes create fancy-related photos, entirely separate from traditional cameras. Other series of the machine.

The fact that the firm is still maintaining this functionality on a mid-range device like the Galaxy A50 is also a highly valued feature for local and international critics in its high-end Galaxy S10 product ranges.

Take care of the health of users – digital services

I spend lots of time on computers as well as cell phones for amusement and work, like other enthusiasts of technology. However, sometimes you are passionate enough to forget the time that affects your health and your visual health in particular.

Strong performance, battery buffalo

Galaxy A50 performs strongly with the new Exynos 9610 processor: from basic to high performance, all user needs can be fulfilled. The device’s performance score is equal to the Snapdragon 710, the game experience is very smooth, equal to the Snapdragon660, and extremely cool for titles such as PUBG Mobile.

The Galaxy A50 supports 15 W rapid charging through the USB Type-C port and is also very light or even thin at only 7.7mm. Another big shock is that the unit has a 4000 mAh battery. The fast 10nm chip experience shows long battery life with an AMOLED screen.

Additional features

Galaxy A50 also offers a wide range of modern color combinations and even a modern 3D glass back, Black being the most interesting since the device is only really black if the light source directly shines. When you look at the light sources that shine on the side or oblique at the back, the lighting effects on the machine are exceptional. This A50 can also be referred to as a gradient color, and maybe this is the smartphone with either the best single, strange gradient color today.

The most recent operating system for Android 9 Pie and even One UI Many practical characteristics: Split, secure folder… Dual messenger…

There are therefore several good features above which you can undergo if you are a Samsung a50 waterproof owner. Remember to express them in the comment section if you have some other good things!

Alternative Products Suitable For You

If you are still wondering if some samsung a50 waterproof review weaknesses and look for an even more perfect and less disadvantaged smartphone. Here are a few alternatives for  samsung a50 waterproof we recommend for you:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A71


Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Unlocked , 6.7″ AMOLED Screen,128GB of Storage, Long Lasting Battery, Single SIM, 2020 Model, US Version, Black

  • GALAXY 5G FOR EVERYONE: With 5G, your phone now delivers mind-boggling speeds, superior connections and nearly undetectable lag times. (5G speeds vary and require optimal network and connection (factors include frequency, bandwidth, congestion); see carrier for availability)
  • BIGGER. BRIGHTER. BOLDER: See your entertainment in exquisite clarity and dramatic contrast on this massive 6.7″ Super AMOLED+ Infinity Display

TXIhXBHvkVdwWgV IdqYbU3vD4LEmHpWTI5sMCiuAralAIVW bWioWfSdDJU02x2uN5EgVtXR73ujHPZuZ2f88lSB I17RphsOj3Qm0VIBNxMipQAjoOWUqIuPVx1qZve TKfCGk

Discover the features of the Samsung A71 5G that you waited for with amazing 5G velocity. With that kind of quad lens caméra, take superb images and smooth, constant films. Lean back and enjoy a 6.7″ edge-to-edge screen of movie quality.


  • With 5G, your smartphone now offers faster speeds, faster connections, and almost unnoticeable lag periods.
  • See your entertainment on the large 6.7″ Superior AMOLED Infinity Display in excellent clarity and dramatic contrast.
  • Shoot pictures and movies of professional quality with a quad lens A71 5G camera.
  • Scroll, click, and share more for a durable, rapid battery charging


  • Battery for short periods
  1. Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, Factory Unlocked Smartphone, Android Cell Phone, Water Resistant, 64MP Camera, US Version, 128GB, Black

  • Game, Stream & Binge On: Watch your favorite shows, work on your gaming, and keep your playlist blasting with Galaxy A52 5G’s long-lasting battery
  • When you do need a power boost, Super-Fast Charging will have you back up in no time

tzA5vFtBsaEav3NOfAOVu8V9xHT17TbGU95JDW3TSC9TRWVSrAA x2DZ zX3dC4WbRhZlStkB4bhS4pYKpQ1ZHE3f97Uoo3Z3eLAYaGr uktsXW Z c188Q1X21dtYrZOo R2XmZ

We cured and packed a sleek and economical bundle of some of our best Galaxy features. Meet Samsung A52 5G, a ready-to-use mobile phone. A multi-lens multi-camera system for all action capturing? Check it out. Superbly vibrant display for your games, Infinity-O FullHD+?

You have it. You have it. 5G connection, very high processing power, extended battery life, and a striking, waterproof design? Oh yes. Oh yeah. Because it’s great for everyone. Requires 5G connectivity, available in certain markets. Check availability and details with your carrier. 

Download and stream speeds might depend on the supplier of material, server connection, and other variables. IP67 is rated for Galaxy A52 5G. Based on test circumstances in fresh water up to 3 feet for 20 – 30 minutes. Not recommended for use with the beach or swimming pool.


  • Watch your favorite programs, play and maintain the long-term batteries of your playlist Galaxy A52 5G
  • Super-Fast Charging can have you back up in no time when you need a power boost.
  • Play Hard, work fast
  • Storage Expandable
  • Various camera


  • The glass isn’t really good
  1. Samsung Galaxy A51


Samsung Galaxy A51 A515F 128GB DUOS GSM Unlocked Phone w/Quad Camera 48 MP + 12 MP + 5 MP + 5 MP (International Variant/US Compatible LTE) – Prism Crush Black

  • Display: 6.5 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen w/ Corning Gorilla Glass 3 – Resolution: 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • Main Camera (Quad): 48 MP + 12 MP + 5 MP + 5 MP w/ LED flash, panorama, HDR – Selfie Camera: 32 MP w/ HDR

bEEHk6fWhPzQjPD7VES0gLUgOlDd 8dMwIDvIweYHQjyvL00KhCGT LeSGZHKPfACIpdr4LSax2FPn5TCtWcYM3Or9fuD Tf9pUyFyYeLDMnXifStFmy4M9BJwdzT O 6hiyW9J

Infinity-O Display A51 enhances visual symmetry. Now on a 6.5″ FHD+ widescreen, all driven by super AMOLED technologies, you may play, watch, browse, and multitask without interruption. 

Discover a mobile experience that reduces the bezel and optimizes every inch of the display area. In smooth and beautiful pastel colors, featuring Prism Crush White, Grey, Black, and Pink, a unique rhythmical pattern of the A51 design is provided. 

A high shine finish offers a sleek and slender touch of flair and combines design with comfort in your hands. Take a 48MP Major Cam for extremely high-res for great pictures day and night. The Ultra Wide Cam at 123° 12MP catches greater views.


  • Capacitive touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.4.5 inches Super AMOLED
  • Camera Main
  • Memory: MicroSD – 128GB RAM, up to 512GB


  • It’s not working properly with Bluetooth Buds.
  1. Samsung Galaxy A21S

Samsung Galaxy A21S SM-A217M/DS 4G LTE 64GB + 4GB Ram LTE USA w/Four Cameras (48+8+2+2mp) Android International Version (GSM Only, Not CDMA) (Blue)

  • Display: 6.5 inches PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen, Resolution: 720 x 1600 pixels
  • Memory: 64GB 4GB RAM, MicroSD up to 512GB – Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)

wRiKVFuNxXQNahAmqN4ugrG EfbNz2OAOGikii2xV1PPkZYetLAurIPEYVGc10P9YIDgmKePiHqIFNE41CTm5Mg cJ6wDldaqnlAuzC7WqzrxGHgl FeEIKLSdWOqm7hA2dewmQd

Take a dip in the big 6.5″ Galaxy A21s Infinity-O Display. A large aspect ratio fills up the contents of your screen from rim to rim. On your HD+ display, watch your favorite films, games, and live streaming. Galaxy A21s features an eye-catching brilliant and holographic finish.

The smooth body contours make it possible to hold the screen quickly and securely. Take a 48MP Principal Cam for extremely high-res for great pictures day and night. It protects you from viruses and harmful threats by providing multi-layer safety. You may take pleasure when you acquire a smartphone from Galaxy.


  • View: Capacitive touchscreen with PLS 6.5 inches PLS TFT
  • SIM double (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
  • Memory: 64GB 4GB RAM, up to 512GB MicroSD
  • Fast charging of 15W Non-removable battery Li-Po 5000 mAh


  • It cannot be used on networks G4 & G5.

Closing Thoughts About Samsung A50 Waterproof

It looks as though Samsung has listened more to user views when it is always interested in bringing features that are only available in high-end devices in the bottom segment.

Samsung a50 waterproof, that is to say, is a worthwhile design upgrade, the camera … Galaxy A50, which used to be Samsung’s mid-range “hit” smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A50 is an all-in-one machine with breakthrough technology in the price segment. The A-series always has high-end features, so the A50 is the perfect way of transforming this smartphone. The mid-range segment becomes the most prominent.

In addition to the usual functions, not everyone knows the good features of the Galaxy A50. The Galaxy A sequence is a mid-range phone that’s also loved by many users, and the new version is the Galaxy A50, due to its affordable quality and higher set-up. The product provides a better work and entertainment experience than its predecessor.We always note that maintaining details about the waterproof adhesive up to date is a high priority so we update our websites continuously. Learn more from online sources regarding us. Please let us know promptly when you think that something we have about graphic cards here is obsolete or inaccurate. We’ve seen the best daily waterproof adhesive for you to find at the moment now. You should check our purchasing advice before you make the decision if you’d like to understand more about this option. Don’t forget to explore some other electronic product? We‘ve always been here with you. Please contact us here. Or to see our view, you will learn everything about us.

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