Top 10 Best Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle For Your Efficient work: Reviews 2024

Bluetooth is a decent and modest remote convention to use with the Raspberry Pi. Everything necessary is a little Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle to be associated with the USB port on the RasPi and burden the right driver. 

You may as of now have an old Bluetooth dongle set around so you can utilize it with your Raspberry Pi yet else they are between $ 5-$ 15 dollars. Not all Bluetooth Dongles work, it relies upon the maker and the chipset utilized. since this is the driver scrambled for the Raspberry Pi, and Bluetooth essentially does exclude every one of the dongles out there. 

Here is the viable Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle. Make sure to peruse surveys on Amazon or somewhere else to ensure a gadget accommodates your arrangement.

Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle Comparison 2024

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** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 10 Best Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle Suitable For Every Project: Reviews 2024

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter 

[amazon box=”B009ZIILLI” ]

I at first got this to do some document moves while getting organized on another exceptionally fabricated personal computer. Turned out great for my requirements. 

Later when I attempted to utilize it for sound with bluetooth headphones and earbuds I ran into issues with availability, sound quality, and so forth

Furthermore, after some experimentation and discovering the issue continued in both Win10 and Manjaro Linux with a couple of various arrangements of earphones and earbuds, it was an imperfection in the bluetooth connector. 

Subsequent to posting my experience here I was speedily reached by Plugable, who had clearly focused on the subtleties of my review and called attention to that work area parts without coordinated bluetooth don’t regularly waste time with protecting to forestall obstruction. 

They proposed moving the connector away from different segments, and immediately sent me a M-F USB link to do as such.


  • This connector is not difficult to combine with a cell phone. 
  • Quick and simple charging. 
  • Great reinforcement battery. 
  • Simple to heft around. 


  • It has over the top association inertness for volume control.

Panda Bluetooth 4.0 USB Nano Adapter 

[amazon box=”B00C5PJHNY” ]

Its Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle 80 feet working reach when associated with Bluetooth Smart gadgets and viable with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux. 

There was an issue introducing the driver so you can check first from the individuals who have utilized it previously or from Panda client assistance. Dongle functions admirably. It doesn’t uphold HID intermediaries so on the off chance that you are utilizing Bluetooth you won’t utilize a bootloader. 

Incredible dealer, quick conveyance, item works extraordinary in my Raspberry Pi. The ideal mix for the cash. 

Simply understand what you are doing while designing the gadget for Pi, particularly when you are setting up further developed modes like exceptional organization and passageway since you need to introduce the right drivers and introduce, Guessing your direction will not work by and large. 

A large portion of the issues I see individuals have are their own work and absence of involvement. Exploit the extraordinarily enormous online local area and you’ll get yourself ready to defeat nearly anything. 

Furthermore, in the event that you end up getting a terrible unit, this merchant appears to get things right, give them a possibility. I objected to another request and they fixed them before I scarcely got an opportunity to react.


  • Gives great association speed. 
  • Advantageous to heft around. 
  • Establishment is speedy and simple. 


  • It isn’t helpful for car or home theater frameworks.

 Xmanx® Mini USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter 

[amazon box=”B00BCU4TZE” ]

It has a transmission distance of 20 meters and is easy to use with an appealing Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle. 

This explicitly works with Microsoft’s new Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy support in Windows 8 or more, and doesn’t add Bluetooth Low Energy capacities for renditions of Windows that don’t. 

Different analysts for this connector are right – these folks have extraordinary client support. I chose to feel free to arrange it notwithstanding some negative audits in regards to establishment since I figured I had a 50/50 possibility of things working out positively.

I additionally figured that if the establishment turned out badly and Panda client assistance was half pretty much as great as different commentators said, I’d be alright. 

All things considered, the underlying establishment didn’t work – Windows continued introducing some unacceptable Bluetooth driver. So as opposed to burning through a great deal of time, I reached Panda. Their client care is undoubtedly pretty much as incredible as others have composed. 

It took 3 email trades with John, one of their specialists, and the connector currently is working impeccably. 

On account of Panda for genuinely incredible client care … also, because of the relative multitude of analysts who set aside the effort to expound on it. In the event that they hadn’t, I presumably would have purchased something different, paid much more, and run into establishment issues at any rate. 


  • Simple to use for document move. 
  • You can associate with a wide assortment of gadgets. 
  • It has a versatile and reduced plan. 


  • You can’t utilize it for TVs and vehicle sound systems.

Nano USB Nano AdapterGod Nano USB Nano Adapter 

[amazon box=”B00BCU4TZE” ]

Check for drivers from individuals who have utilized it previously, or from Panda’s client assistance in case you’re experiencing difficulty introducing. 

The Panda device itself is already 5 stars (works great for streaming music to a stereo receiver at my store) , but the number 4 is starting to reflect the Linux troubles I have.

 It took me about an hour to find out and change the bluetooth manager on my computer.

When it didn’t work, I emailed Panda support. While waiting for a response from Panda, I fixed the BT issue from the Linux side. About 10 minutes after I worked, Mark from Panda returned my email and I explained what I did. He thanked me for my information.


  • There are 80 feet range 
  • Get consistent association with your different Bluetooth gadgets 
  • You’ll get high velocity move accelerates to 3Mbps 


  • It doesn’t uphold gadgets like TVs and vehicle sound systems.

Nano USB to Bluetooth Dongle V2.0 

[amazon box=”B009ZIILLI” ]

It is viable with Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle v2.0 and v1.2 and has a red LED inside to show that gadget is working effectively. It has a scope of 20 meters and an image pace of 3 Mbps. 

Bluetooth associations are not difficult to design and are presently steady for quite a long time or almost a month. Helpful as it has an extremely low force utilization. 

They plug into my Ubuntu box. There’s nothing else to do, simply work. Somewhat more troublesome with the Pi 2, (generally missing USB ports!) But once more, no genuine issues. 

Have been utilizing this little gadget for some time presently to associate a couple of BOSE Calm Solace 35 to my PC. 

It simply sits in one of the USB ports on the facade of my PC and takes care of its work immaculately. 

I took a gander at audits of various USB Bluetooth gadgets prior to picking this one and I have not lamented my choice. 

I use it for gaming and tuning in to music and it does the two positions without deficiency. 


  • You can associate numerous gadgets together. 
  • It is viable with every one of the most recent Windows working frameworks. 
  • You can introduce this Bluetooth connector with next to no exertion. 


  • It doesn’t offer more OS similarity choices.

 MIATONE Wireless USB CSR 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle For Raspberry Pi 

[amazon box=”B00M1ATR4C” ]

This  Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle connector worked impeccably while interfacing my PS4 regulator to my PC. 

I had the option to associate both of my regulators and had little dormancy from my sofa. 

I even strolled outside all the while getting a strong sign. 

This gadget is unadulterated attachment and play and needn’t bother with any drivers introduced on Windows 10. 

My solitary con is the blue LED light that squints a ton however a few groups may like this element.


  • Attachment and play Bluetooth gadget doesn’t need driver establishment at the hour of arrangement 
  • Get convenient help. Dynamic and incredible 
  • driver establishment consequently on Windows 10. 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 availability. 


  • Doesn’t uphold aptX sound innovation.

IDEAPRO USB Micro Bluetooth AdapterBluetooth Adapter 

[amazon box=”B00OH09OXS” ]

IDEAPRO USB Micro Bluetooth AdapterIDEAPRO has planned this very small, space-putting thing aside for Raspberry Pi, Linux frameworks and Windows. 

Any of your Bluetooth empowered gadgets like cell phone, tablet, mouse, console, and so forth can be associated with the remote organization consistently with the assistance of this miniature USB connector. Recollect it isn’t viable with Mac frameworks. 

I have attempted a few units of this kind from a couple of fabricates. This one works with no issues. When I stacked the right linux drivers it worked extraordinary. Whenever it has been associated it is recalled by the linux framework regardless of how frequently I reboot the PC and turn my headset now and again.

 Some on amazon surveys said that there was an issue for certain different connectors and 3.0 usb frameworks. They said this one had no issue. It works extraordinarily with USB 3.0 frameworks. I didn’t attempt it with my win7 framework which has fizzled with each other BT connector I have attempted. 

Basically in light of the fact that I am changing to Linux to move away from windows. How the managed win10 was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


  • Simple establishment and attachment and-play. 
  • An incentive for cash items. 
  • Gives great information and moves speed. 


  • It just backings Windows working frameworks. This connector doesn’t work with iOS and Mac.

USB Dongle Bluetooth Adapter for Raspberry Pi from The Pi Hut 

[amazon box=”B009FA2UYK” ]

Bluetooth USB Dongle Adapter for Raspberry Pi from Pi Hut Pi Hut planned this little Bluetooth Dongle Exclusively in market.

Took a risk since it had Linux support and looked very much like the module accessible from Victron. Connected and was quickly perceived and ready to be joined to Wifi organization. Little and will handily fit behind the Color Control GX board. 

I love the little impression of this dongle over others I have bought a while back for my Raspberry Pi(s), and I haven’t seen any contrast between them. It is simpler to lose, so be aware of where you leave it.


  • It has a minimal plan. 
  • This gadget upholds numerous sorts of working frameworks. 
  • You can without much of a stretch interface gadgets with Bluetooth 4.0 network. 
  • Transmission distance 32 feet. 


  • Moderate association speed. 
  • It doesn’t work with TVs, Macs or vehicle sound systems.

Kinivo Btd-400 4.0 USB Raspberry Pi Bluetooth 

[amazon box=”B007Q45EF4″ ]

AdapterKinivo Btd-400 4.0 USB Raspberry Pi You can discuss remotely with gadgets Bluetooth like mouse, console, cell phone, PDA, and so forth with Kinivo BTD-400 Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Dongle. 

Its smaller size makes it profoundly versatile and plugable flawlessly in the Raspberry Pi model without obstructing the encompassing USB ports. 

I need to compose this audit however for a basic explanation. Fundamentally this gadget actually like some other bluetooth usb connector will experience the ill effects of impedance from USB3 gadgets. I had no clue this was conceivable or existed yet it does. Google the subject and you will get affirmation. It required some investment to work this out and there isn’t that much information regarding this matter it appears so I thought it’s truly worth affirming this here for other people. 

This means in the event that you plug this connector into the front of your PC and close to it have a usb3 attachment and afterward at times plug something into that which works at usb3 speed (say simply a basic usb streak memory stick) you will most likely find that your gadgets fueled by this usb bluetooth connector out of nowhere debase hugely in execution. 

I utilize my connector exclusively now for a quality MS mouse and it works 100% of the time until I plug a usb3 streak stick in nearby to it. This issue is most noticeably terrible when the usb3 gadget is extremely near the source transmitter of your bluetooth signal (ie this gadget). On the off chance that you have a couple of ports on the facade of a PC case or close to one another on a PC obviously the issue is really more awful as the gadgets are directly close to one another. 

To get around the issue and to continue utilizing my quick usb3 streak stick without making my mouse inoperable I bought a usb expansion link and now plug my bluetooth connector into the finish of that, about a meter away from the area on the facade of the PC take cover behind my screen where it used to live.


  • Great sound quality. 
  • Fitting and playing, so it’s not difficult to utilize. 
  • Gives quicker association speed. 
  • It gives a codec to both discussion and music to work simultaneously. 


  • You can’t interface Bluetooth mouse and console.

Satechi USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter for Raspberry Pi 

[amazon box=”B008BC1U4O” ]

Satechi USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter for Raspberry Pi Satechi USB Bluetooth Adapter will permit you to associate the Raspberry PC Pi with Bluetooth viable different gadgets, for example, cell phones, tablets, printers, headsets, and so forth remote. It utilizes Broadcom BCM20702 chipset to receive the most recent and progressed Bluetooth innovation. 

We bought the Satechi Bluetooth 4.0 USB connector since it got excellent audits here, and on the grounds that it is promoted as working under Windows 8, something not all such gadgets as of now do. Shockingly, when we previously introduced the connector, it controlled up yet was not perceived by Windows 8. Nothing in the bundle gave any sign with regards to what we ought to do. Obviously under prior working frameworks the gadget is plug and play. 

Prior to surrendering in any case, we did a cycle of web looking and discovered that the hidden chipset that runs the gadget is from Broadcom, which is uplifting news since it is an all around respected bluetooth chipset, and on the grounds that we at that point realized where to discover our driver. Subsequent to visiting Broadcom’s site and downloading and introducing the driver, the connector became animated and worked faultlessly. It has performed well from that point forward.


  • It changes any sort of PC in a Bluetooth empowered PC 
  • Amazingly conservative size so you can utilize it to get perpetual Bluetooth similarity at home or office 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 USB form 2 gives you excessively quick remote accelerate to 3Mbps 
  • It has a scope of 100 meters, enough for use at home or office 


  • You can’t utilize it on Mac, Linux and Chromebook.

Some Announcement For Your Purchase Of Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle

With the goal for Bluetooth to work with Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle, the right driver should be downloaded for the Dongle. It relies upon what the Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle is being utilized for and the product that runs the driver may as of now be introduced or should be introduced. 

Here are the significant factors each purchaser ought to consider.


raspberry pi bluetooth dongle

When purchasing another item, the primary thing you search for is the look and the plan without a doubt. As referenced previously, Bluetooth connectors come in various tones, plans and plans. So make a point to pick the best Bluetooth connector plan that suits your inclination. 


Regardless of whether you’re utilizing Vista, Windows, or Mac as your working framework, you should be mindful when buying a Bluetooth connector. Try to pick a connector viable with the working framework or gadget you are presently utilizing. 


raspberry pi bluetooth dongle

Prior to purchasing Bluetooth, make a point to watch that the connector you have chosen upholds the gadget you are utilizing. These gadgets can go from earphones, speakers, tablets, and printers. 

Picking a Bluetooth connector that utilizes 4.0 innovation 

Another significant thing that each purchaser should consider is if the Bluetooth connector is furnished with 4.0 innovation. Just on the grounds that the innovation offers more reach, it implies you can interface with a specific gadget in any event, when you’re nowhere to be found. Then again, it burns-through less energy. 

Be that as it may, Bluetooth is turning out to be an ever increasing number of famous, which means individuals would now be able to supplant their wired associations with simple and free availability choices. 

Here is a short show video of the Raspberry Pi PC running the RetroPie Emulationstation:

Conclusion: Top 5 Pick Of Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongle

Here are the 5 Best Raspberry PI Bluetooth Dongles you ought to gauge Buying Prompt:

[amazon table=”2073″]

Getting Bluetooth to work with the Raspberry Pi can be simple or a cerebral pain contingent upon the Dongle utilized and the product utilized. 

When buying a Dongle for RasPi, read through the remarks on Amazon or gatherings to perceive how it functions with the product you intend to utilize. 

In case you’re having issues, simply recall the specific drivers for the Dongle should be stacked and Bluetooth should be empowered in the product you’re utilizing.

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