Top 10 Best P Mount Cartridges 2023: You Should Not Miss Out

It is usually a struggle when you are looking for the best P mount cartridges to record players, especially among a lot of available options in the market. Some great difficulties you have to face that contribute to a precise decision including the sound quality, the installation and the price.

If you own a record player and it is your very first time to listen to vinyl music quality, you may be surprised with its no fuss music. In all possibility, the sound quality of vinyl records you will get is not all that amazing. It relies on your equipment to reach the perfect sound quality of vinyl records.

Therefore, you will want a new and greater p-mount cartridge for your records. You will never get to hear muted music. With an excellent phono cartridge, the music from vinyl records will splendidly crisp. 

No matter if it comes with a luxurious or a low-priced p-mount cartridge, they are created in diverse sizes and appearances. It is considered as an electromechanical transducer to show records. According to our research, we will give brief but detailed overviews about 10 striking p-mount cartridges to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

P Mount Cartridges Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Best P Mount Cartridges Reviews 2023

Ortofon 2M Blue Moving Magnet Cartridge

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This best p-mount cartridge was placed in a plastic pointed housing with a substitute nude elliptical stylus. It has a standard output (5.5mV) and track strength (1.8g) in order to be well-matched with every turntable and phono preamp. Thanks to its similar form, it can fit the tonearm completely. 

The Ortofon product shows all the vocal’s distinctiveness that is in accord with all melodies and basses. The sound is comprehensive, however the treble is quite severe. The adjustment of an extreme thorough anti-skating helps to prevent buzzing on left and right networks.

Almost all of phono mount cartridges essentially go with a moving magnet (MM) construction, but that does not mean that all the cartridges provide related audio results. Furthemore, it equips the well-known split pole pins which allow magnet cartridges to get smooth frequency response like a moving coil cartridge.


  • Tracking internal grooves with a small or no IGD
  • Effortless set up within 10 minutes without tricks or patience consuming
  • The special MM structure creates it seem like a moving coil cartridge
  • The bass is more strong, and the highs are much more marked compared to the Red model
  • Better contribution to your album
  • Excellent performance


  • Expensive
  • Quite noisy when operating
  • Need a long time about 20 to 30 hours for breaking

Sumiko – Pearl MM Cartridge

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The Sumiko model is produced to be used on a quality ½ inch mount turntable or headshell. It is suitable for recording players such as Dual, Denon, Sony and so on. 

This is the best p-mount cartridge on producing well detailed and stable sound through the whole spectrum on the initial track, however some alterations are getting more obvious. The product demands to make all the sceneries faultless, comprising alignment, anti-slipping, examining weight, and azimuth. 

The cassette is capable of improving records from LPs with loads of scratches, offering strong vocals and midrange without any sign of sibilance. It also extends the instrument into an immerse soundstage. 

This tool brings rigid bass and crisp highs. It might appear an absence of lows, but they are getting greater with just a playing time of half an hour. Although it is not competent to analyze and unattach bits, this product can be proposed as the finest cartridge below 300 as it presents with a developed channel partition of 30 dB that are higher than others with just 22 dB to create sound imaging precise.


  • Can compatible with diverse record players
  • Producing well detailed and stable sound
  • You will get clear vocals and midrange without any sign of sibilance
  • The diamond stylus is easily replaceable
  • Generous frequency response (12 – 30 kHz) on both the lowest bass to higher treble
  • Anti-skate ensures a smooth listening experience
  • Outstanding channel partition of 30 dB


  • Fairly high price
  • It may not match a headshell with regular length as this cartridge is quite tall

Ortofon 2M Red Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Another best p-mount cartridge from the Ortofon brand. This model is striking for its light red construction and generating perfect sound with the representative midrange, broader soundstage, responsive and warm vocals.

Owing to the amazing instrument partition, the treble and bass are great stable, however, the last notes require more force. You are better not to have any expectation form Hi-Fi level as this product is in a high price range, but every record sounds extremely soft.

This p-mount cartridge is really simple to align and regulate to prevent inside groove deformations. The Ortofon Red model is quite heavy with a tracking force of 1.8 grams, but it is still standard for budget tools.

It is a brilliant moving magnet phono cartridge that you should invest in, but metal cupola stuff’s damping is typical creating several great-frequency harmonics reverberate. However, it can be removed when reducing high frequencies with a boundary.


  • Light colour for preferences
  • Creating perfect sound with representative midrange, broader soundstage, responsive and warm vocals
  • Great stable treble and bass
  • Regulate and align are not a tricky part, keeping the inside groove from deformation
  • Excellent tracking even on old hardwood grounds


  • The sound up is vanishing at immerse volume that has a significant impact on the detail decrease in the sound
  • High spiral inductance deteriorates phono preamp’s hiss

Audio Technica AT33PTG

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This Audio Technica moving coil cartridge is formulated from great-condition materials and includes a few innovations. It sounds complete and clear as well as is simple to install owing to the uncomplicated 4-prong structure.

This best p-mount cartridge designs the double moving coil system with the neodymium magnet in among. The magnetic field is improved thanks to the permendur yoke, which offers for the speed signal reading and conversion. The clearness of the sound is also ensured by the pure copper created by the coils, which is extremely lightweight helping them move faster and make sure live vibrants of the music. 

Another great thing contributing to this cartridge special is the short cantilever allowing the greatly correct stylus adjustment along the groove release. This cantilever is produced from the conical boron and is very lightweight, which permits it to respond quickly to the stylus movement. 

The stylus has a square stem and a micro lined diamond construction. This allows it to load the grooves of LPs and 45s without struggle. The sound runs effortlessly and builds a broad deep soundstage with perfect imaging and precise frequency response. The vocals are rich and strong, with the smallest harmonics being good traced.


  • High-condition materials used to make
  • 4-prong structure contributes to a full and clear sound
  • Magnetic field is improved thanks to the permendur yoke
  • Short cantilever allowing the greatly correct stylus adjustment
  • Lightweight helps to respond quickly to the stylus movement
  • The stylus sustainability is assessed at 1000 hours
  • A broad soundstage provides perfect imaging and precise frequency response


  • May cause harsh sound on the stages with the high power
  • The bass can lack the volume in the complicated constructions

Audio Technica AT-VM95E Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge

[amazon box=”B07JXD79Q1″ ]

The transparent sound production is adequate to consider it the best p-mount cartridge. It trails the records with exactness and formulates a comprehensive stereo picture. Nonetheless, the mounting and establishment may be a difficult part for newbie turntable users, since the accurate joining of the wires demands much attention and attempt.

If you get several experiences in cartridge replacement, you will be thankful for the threaded brass system that needs only 2 screws to adjust the cartridge on a tonearm. This p-mount cartridge is designed with the strong aluminum cantilever keeping the elliptical stylus. The second is 0.7 x 0.3 mil size and owns the round stem structure.

It can track the frequencies inside the high range of 20Hz – 22,000Hz simply guaranteeing the correct frequency response and great dynamics. The sound movement effortlessly and is good stability. The soundstage possesses an excellent scope and the imaging is perfect. The channel partition is typical for turntables creating 20 dB.

The product allows inserting the stylus into the hollow correctly, therefore, it does not cause any harm. This cartridge reinforces 6 types of styluses of the identical version and a few other Audio-Technica models in the distinctive shapes. That makes this tool more durable and can be swapped without alternating the entire box.


  • Tracking records accurately
  • Formulating comprehensive stereo picture
  • Strong aluminum cantilever is designed to keep the elliptical stylus
  • A wide range of frequencies helps to guarantee the correct frequency response and great dynamics
  • The polymer housing keeps the performance from distortion, without harsh sound
  • Amazing scope and perfect image


  • Quite difficult to set up, needing much energy and time for preparing
  • The treble is quite bright
  • Regularly ignores on the old records   

Audio Technica AT95E Phonograph Cartridge

[amazon box=”B004NRVUMI” ]

This Audio Technica p-mount cartridge is an inexpensive and excellent performance cartridge that conveys transparent sound, even bass and great stereo separation. The tracking is excellent even if the anti-slipping is not regulated.

It is considered the best p-mount cartridge under 100 for working old records to replicate each single as precisely as possible, however, it may not be suitable for those who wish to improve bass basically. This product enhances midrange best. 

The steadiness among high and low has no problem, and the vibrants are shown everywhere while handling with all musical types. This tool eliminates almost all the external noises from the records. The cartridge is greater to calibrate a fairly high weight up to 1.7 grams to get rid of scraping and drawing sounds.


  • Rhythm gadgets sound just the correct quantity of abruption and belligerent
  • It is suitable for even great-mass tonearms
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent performance, conveying transparent sound, even bass
  • Great stereo separation
  • Can be able to perform old records
  • Well-balanced among high and low notes
  • Improving mid range best


  • Small nuts may stick to the screw ends through the cartridge installation
  • The sound is not as detailed as it should be

Shure M922E Hi-Fi Moving Magnet Cartridge

[amazon box=”B00006I5SA” ]

Sometimes you just wish to sit or lie on the couch with a glass of wine and blow off some steam after a long working day. Place your feet up, close your eyes and hear some great quality audio songs with the turntable. So this best p-mount cartridge from Shure will complete that sweet dream for you with the high quality performance and reasonable price.

This is one of the classic phono cartridges since 1937, it is still doing great jobs now. The price builds it an average product but still provides you with excellent working. Besides, it is also considered as the simplest p-mount cartridge you can install.

This product is designed with a common mount, a qualified mount adapter, and mounting hardware. It matches both p-mount and typical tonearms sorts. The tool is equipped with a light-tracking moving magnet construction. It has a low tracking power of 1.25 grams, so it can contribute to reducing harm to your records.

A double-sided diamond tip is featured for hi-fi precision. The cantilever is created from tube-shaped aluminum composite, which supplies the low stylus quantity.


  • Can match with various types of turntables as it can fit p-mount and qualified mount adapter
  • The double-sided diamond tip provides wonderful sound precise
  • There is a stylus protection that keep the stylus from damaging
  • Thanks to the low tracking power, it reduces the wear on your priceless collection
  • Providing a relaxing and comfortable sound
  • A warranty is included


  • Shure announced that it has stopped producing p-mount cartridges, so just left some inventories. If you love this product, you should purchase some of these, so you can get available replacements. 

Audio Technica AT85EP Turntable Cartridge

[amazon box=”B077QG5QSJ” ]

This cartridge has a dimension of 0.3 x 0.7 mil that is especially designed to suit linear structure p-mount turntables. The stylus has an elliptical shape. It comes with Audio Technique’s exceptional double moving magnet manufacture. 

This is the best p-mount cartridge with an outstanding sonic transparency which is ensured by the pare-toroidal coil structure. It is equipped with traits discovered from the more classy Audio Technica cartridge.

The founders of Technics, Hitachi, Pioneer as well as linear tracking turntables with a T4P plug connectors are allowed to appreciate a high reliable sound that only this brand can provide.

The product is simple to set up and sounds really great. It is an extremely affordable catch. Being one of the excellent products of Audio Technica, which is the mentor in the manufacture and structure of innovative audio models, this tool conveys what is supposed of it.


  • Affordable price
  • Fit for most of turntables
  • Using Audio Technica’s exceptional double moving magnet structure
  • Outstanding sonic transparency is ensured by the pare-toroidal coil structure
  • High reliable sound
  • Simply set up to use
  • Conveys exactly what is supposed of it


  • Some users received a pack without mount

Shure M97xE High-Performance Magnetic Phono Cartridge

[amazon box=”B00006I5SB” ]

This best p-mount cartridge is particularly constructed for music geeks. Its elliptical diamond suits completely aluminum low-quantity cantilevers with slim walls and is simple to replace. The gadget is extraordinary for its firm mounting unit created from light but sturdy aluminum.

There is a damped Dynamic Stabilizer brush that is included to show any record. It also reduces tonearm resonances at small frequencies. This Shure M97xE phono cartridge displays perfect bass and midrange operation. However, the product lacks a great frequency response.

Although both male and female vocals are sonically soft, it still lacks the sense of presence. Compared to other instruments, electric guitars sound expressive and well-stabled. Every type of drums represents lots of details. It achieves highs too soon, but it is not a big deal when owning a changeable phono preamp.


  • The complete package comes with screwdriver, mounting hardware, stylus adjustment instruction, and cleaning brush
  • Steady frequency bend inside the range from 7 to 12Hz
  • Cheap price
  • Perfect for music geeks
  • Simple to replace
  • Light and sturdy die-cast aluminum is used to make a strong mounting unit


  • Cannot offer a stabled presentation over 4000Hz
  • Lack the sense of presence
  • Lack of frequency response

Audio Technica AT3482P

[amazon box=”B002OSWGLW” ]

You will get what you pay for, however, it does not apply on this cheap p-mount cartridge. If you are on a tight budget for a phono cartridge, that does not mean you are restricted to subpar choices. This product is the excellent option for you in that case.

This is another brilliant product from Audio Technica, which is considered to have an extremely strong reputation between audiophiles in the sound and music industry. The AT3482P phono cartridge will show you why their reputation for amazing engineering is so great.

The tool matches 0.7mm stylus products solely. The stylus has a bonded circle shank. Carbon fiber is used to produce the cantilever. The upright tracking power has a variety from 1 to 1.5 grams. 

This model runs as an opening component for beginners, and in this function, it works great. It is really reasonable, so you can purchase it later if you choose a p-mount inexpensive turntable. 


  • Really cheap price
  • The midrange frequencies are marvelous, which is the primary strength of this product
  • The higher frequencies are excellent without being too harsh
  • The low frequencies are acceptable rigid
  • The carbon cantilever does good with curves and other faults


  • A stylus may lead to bigger groove wear
  • Cannot suitable for the tone quality of several costly phone cartridges 

Totally Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best P Mount Cartridges For Your Preferences

There are a wide range of different choices in the market and that will make you be overwhelmed when choosing the best p-mount cartridge. We would say that you probably have a lot of questions in mind while picking a cartridge. We provide you a p-mount cartridge buying instruction, and the information is completely objective and reliable.

With our detailed guide on how to choose the right cartridge, you will have a clearer idea before making the ultimate decision on the best p-mount cartridges. Let dive in.

Stylus Shape

p mount cartridge

Picking the precise stylus shape is vital as it has a straight influence on the sound. The popular stylus forms to run into are elliptical, linear and Shibata. The system’s general audio presentation and reproduction rely on the structure of the stylus. Greater sound is created as an outcome of more surface interaction among the record’s stylus tip and grooves.

Spherical tips are the most reasonable as well as the simplest to use. Nevertheless, the performance is not as excellent as elliptical, line or Shibata. There are stylus forms that are more luxurious than the normal ones because they are tricky to construct. They ensure enhanced sound performance.

A thing you should make sure is that the stylus is correctly adjusted on the turntable in order to precisely track the grooves. The narrower the interact radius, the greater the stylus will be capable of tracking alignments in the groove.

Mount Type

There are 4 slim pins in p-mount cartridges. These are straightly plugged into tonearms purposely produced for cartridges. Then, the product is protected with a tonearm with a lone screw. Customers ought to double check prior to purchasing the cartridge whether it is well-matched with their turntable it is bought for.


p mount cartridge

You will get a bunch of different cartridge selections to pick from that are provided by the diverse manufacturers. Nevertheless, you need to set a budget plan in the first place as the best p-mount cartridges can differ in prices. If you are a newbie, we would say you do not want to spend lots of money for your very first turntable.

The important thing is to assess the fee of the cartridge to the remainder of the device. If your turntable is a classic model, you do not have to spend much money on your cartridge.

Having a specific budget, you will not waste your money on a product that does not suit your turntable.


This engineering parameter illustrates how excellent the stylus can track an adjusted record groove. Trackability is examined by recording the greatest amplitude that a stylus can trail earlier the signal is misled. This factor is affected by various issues consisting stylus form, cartridge adjustment and tonearm compatibility. It is usually recorded in micrometers. The greater the trackability engineering parameter, the better.


It is essential that the cantilever be as rigid and light as potential, so that the vibrational power from the stylus tip to the magnet can be efficiently transferred. The material, dimension and structure of the cantilever influence how great a cartridge can replicate a sort of audio frequencies.

The most popular material consumed in cantilevers is aluminum alloy. Besides, carbon, boron and some copper alloys are frequently used.

This video will guide you on how to properly set up you turntable with a p-mount cartridge:

Questions And Answers

Is tracking force essential?

Yes, but it is not the most important thing to consider. Every cartridge works best in a specific range of tonearm tracking powers. It is vital that this limitation is inside the possibilities of your turntable if the best performance is to be reached.

Remember that record wear increases as force on the record surface goes up. Tracking too light can lead to as much harm as tracking too heavily.

Who Ought To Purchase P-Mount Cartridges?

p mount cartridge

They should be purchased by newbies with starter tables. As these cartridges were constructed in a method that makes them simple to use and is recognized for their ease. The installation of cartridges is simplified and gets rid of the requirement for cartridge adjustment. People who are not seeking expensive cartridges but great quality sound should come to p-mount. 

Without the alignment struggle for turntables, p-mount is the solution. But, it can be a drawback for those who have experienced a specific point in their turntable involvement. So, it is solely appropriate for beginners with a minimal budget.

Which One Is Best: Moving Coil Or Moving Magnet?

p mount cartridge

The best p-mount cartridges are dependent on 2 primary technologies, which are moving coils and moving magnets. Many users favor moving coil structures, citing clearness and transparency of tone, greater described transients, accurate stereo imaging and reduced distortion.

  • Moving coil cartridges demand preamps with exceptional compatible inputs. The production level of MC is among 0.2mV to 0.5mV. Therefore, the inputs of moving magnet phono are created for cartridges conveying from 3mV to 5mV cannot contain moving coil cartridges.
  • Moving magnet cartridges are more sturdy. The stylus assemblies are replaceable. It has a magnet linked to the metal cantilever. MM connects with the coil and transfers from magnetic into electrical signal.

Both categories provide excellent sound, but music geeks often choose luxurious moving coil products. A moving magnet cartridge brings further value for home usage.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best P-Mount Cartridges 

Choosing the best p-mount cartridge is not that hard. Just remember to based on our buying guide, you will soon pick your right product. A cartridge is perfect for beginners who do not know how to set up a phono cartridge correctly. With this, there would be least frustration.

We exceedingly suggest our top 5 picks of the best p-mount cartridge rely on our researchers for you:

[amazon table=”2072″]

You can choose p-mount cartridges that have reasonable prices or more luxurious ones with reliable sound quality. Whatever your budget is, at least we ensure you will not be trapped with an awfully sounding turntable.

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