Top 12 Best Sector 9 Longboard Reviews In 2024

Sector 9 is one of the biggest American skateboard manufacturers and when people think about high-quality boards, they’ll instantly relate them to this brand.

Founded in 1993, over the past 27 years, Sector knows how to not just create a good longboard but also make it outstanding to survive in this tough industry. Their products receive lots of good reviews from longboarding enthusiasts and experts.

If you want to buy the best Sector 9 longboard for your riding styles, skills, and budget, let an 8-year experienced rider – also me – help you.

Top 12 Best Sector 9 Longboard Reviews In 2024

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard

[amazon box=”B007SDJJFO”]

The Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard earns my Editor’s Choice Award with its decent versatility.

The drop-through deck which is crafted 100% from high-quality laminated bamboo is key to give you a good flex and responsive performance for different riding styles. Such as downhill riding, carving, and cruising.

The wide wheelbase keeps it relatively stable while the wheels on it are very soft, giving a super comfortable bounce and smooth ride for max control.

The trucks are great and the wheels are better than expected. A compliment for its perfect W concave and super strong grip tape.

It’s also forgiving and lets you ease back into the groove with no fear of outgrowing it over time.

The design on the bottom of the board was a clincher


  • Give a good flex and responsive riding – drop-through laminated bamboo deck
  • Stable and smooth ride with good control – wide wheelbase & soft wheels
  • Cool design


  • The top side is rough, which is prone to scratch your skin

Product Specs

Deck5 ply vertically laminated Bamboo
Wheels74mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels
TrucksGullwing Sidewinder Trucks
BearingsPDP Abec 5 bearings
Weight8.6 pounds
Highlight featuresdrop-through laminated bamboo longboard deck; wide wheelbase & soft wheels; perfect W concave and super strong grip tape

Sector 9 Nicaragua Longboard

[amazon box=”B0026SC4ZI”]

A cool profile, high-quality materials and constructions, and excellent riding performance earn the Sector 9 Nicaragua Longboard high overall scores.

While being constructed from the most renewable wood source for the best flex and responsive riding experience, the clear, high-quality grip tape shows off its breath-taking grain, letting the world know that you’re riding in style.

The 9-ball wheels are another big bonus for their ultra-large, soft design to keep the longboard roll smoother over pebbles, small cracks, and rocks.

Meanwhile, they still remain at a good, fast speed when riding down a slope or carving.

Unlike other cheap brands, Sector 9 always goes first for its excellent Gullwing truck technology which doesn’t feel stiff or hard to ride. Instead, it gives you perfect stability so that even a beginner can ride it with ease.

That said, it doesn’t sacrifice carve.


  • Allow you to ride in style – clear, high-quality grip tape
  • Roll smoother over small obstacles while remaining a good speed – ultra-large, soft 9-ball wheels
  • Offer extra stability – Gullwing truck technology


  • No various in color or graphics options
  • A bit heavy

Product Specs

Deck5-ply laminated bamboo
TrucksGullwing truck technology
BearingsABEC 7 bearings
Weight10 pounds
Highlight featuresclear, high-quality grip tape; ultra-large, soft 9-ball wheels; Gullwing truck technology

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard

[amazon box=”B0044FOI28″]

Giving the greatest of ease when wrapping around corners, the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard puts everything of yours into perspective.

Its drop-through deck combined with the double-kingpin Gullwing Sidewinder trucks directly puts a high amount of response underneath your feet. In addition to the unique, character graphics, it’s not hard to create some camera-worthy turns and slides.

One notable thing is the 36-inch length. Seem that this Sector 9 Aperture really knows how to use its length as a big advantage.

It holds you stable phenomenally well at fast riding, like downhills and slopes, whereas not sacrificing the speed.

Great wheels for the length of the board too. They are 69mm diameter with an 80A durometer which rolls fast with great control – I definitely, recommend it if you’re looking for your first longboard.


  • Versatile – able to cruise, carve, downhill, and glide
  • Fast yet stable – 36” drop-through deck and 69MM 80A 9-BALLS Wheels
  • Good response – double-kingpin Gullwing Sidewinder trucks


  • Emit some squeaky noise at the beginning

Product Specs

Deck36” Aperture Drop Through Deck
TrucksGullwing Sidewinder Trucks
Wheels69MM 80A 9-BALLS Wheels
BearingsSector 9 Abec 5 Bearings
Weight6.9 pounds
Highlight features36” drop-through deck and 69MM 80A 9-BALLS Wheels; double-kingpin Gullwing Sidewinder trucks

Sector 9 Rocker Longboard

[amazon box=”B00HDQ0J6E”]

The Sector 9 Rocker Longboard comes in 35.5” long and a width of 9.5” with beautiful, stylish graphics. It is made with three plies of Canadian maple sandwiched between four layers of fiberglass, which keeps the board really strong and stiff.

It features ½” thick throughout the board that keeps a little bit of pressure off your knees as well as keeps you locked into it during a ride at high speed.

It also has Sector 9 Football concave which adds a comfortable pocket from tip to tail for your feet. Since the board has a rocker in it, it actually features the truck mounting, making the geometry of your trucks stay true with this longboard.

Overall, considering its superbly good performance at high speed as well as the capability to handle pretty much anything you throw it, I suggest the Sector 9 Rocker Longboard for downhill and freeride riding.


  • Strong and stiff – the deck is made of 3-ply Canadian maple wood and 4-ply fiberglass
  • Give a comfortable pocket from tip to tail for your feet – Sector 9 Football concave
  • Good performance at high speed with stability – good trucks, wheels, and bearings


  • Lack of information on Amazon
  • Not suitable for tricks
  • Heavy

Product Specs

Deck35.5” 3 Ply Maple 4-ply fiberglass deck
TrucksGullwingCharge II
Wheels70mm,80a Butterball Slide Formula
BearingsAbec 5 PDP Bearings
Weight9.25 pounds
Highlight features35.5” 3 PlysMaple 4-ply fiberglass deck; Sector 9 Football concave

Sector 9 Faultline Longboard

[amazon box=”B015X0GMPS”]

The Sector 9 Faultline Longboard is going to be your ultimate free-riding machine that allows for sliding, drifting, and a little bit of hand carving. It is also able to handle some downhill speeds as well.

The cool thing lies in its ultra-thick deck design which is really responsive and very stiff. It’s got a 5/8” drop so from your mounting area, it pops down for some little pockets and concave to keep your feet securely lock-in.

So when riding, they won’t be sliding around, just grip to the board and offer all the control that you need.

The trucks in this model are Gullwing charger II with 10” wide so they’re stable enough to handle high speeds and carve phenomenally well.

I do appreciate the perfect combination of Formula wheels and ABEC 5 PDP bearings as no matter where you’re riding, you can effortlessly cruise longer than all of your friends, which is fun.


  • Versatile – able to freeride, slide, drift, and a bit hard carve
  • Keep your feet securely lock in & give full of control – ultra-thick deck design & a 5/8” drop
  • Stable – 10” Gullwing charger II trucks
  • Cruise fast and effortlessly – Formula wheels and ABEC 5 PDP bearings


  • Trucks come in the wrong color

Product Specs

Deck39.5” 9 ply’s of cold-pressed Maple deck
Trucks10.0-inch Gullwing charger II trucks
Wheels73mm 78A center set race Formula wheels
BearingsABEC 5 PDP bearings
Weight9.5 pounds
Highlight featuresultra-thick deck design & a 5/8” drop; 10” Gullwing charger II trucks; Formula wheels and ABEC 5 PDP bearings

Sector 9 Lookout 41 Inch Longboard

[amazon box=”B071RT1YZ4″]

The Sector 9 Lookout 41 Inch Longboard is a bamboo longboard with pretty cool, clear grit graphics.

It used to be the Punto Lobos but now, the deck has slightly longer and wider dimensions, which is about 41.125” long and 9.6” wide. Therefore, this longboard gives you lots of space to stand on when riding downhill or sliding.

For big feet or heavy guys, it will be a good choice, too.

The drop-through deck design keeps you a bit lower center of gravity so it’s not stable when pushing.

But for downhill freestyling, this longboard might not be appropriate or you will have to change some components for the most satisfying performance.

There is a tiny little bit of nose and tail, which is ideal for popping up and doing some tricks on it.


  • Give more space to stand on when riding – 41.125” long and 9.6” wide deck
  • Stable and controllable when pushing – drop-through deck design
  • Able to do some tricks or popups – nose and tail


  • Not ideal for downhill freestyling
  • Big and bulky

Product Specs

Deck41.125-inch, 5-ply laminated bamboo deck
Trucks10-inch Gullwing Charger Trucks
Wheels74mm 78a Top Shelf wheels
BearingsABEC 5 Greaseball bearings
Weight7.6 pounds
Highlight features41.125” long and 9.6” wide deck; drop-through deck design;  nose and tail

Sector 9 Pinnacle Lookout Complete Longboard

[amazon box=”B00JSNU8D4″]

The Sector 9 Pinnacle Lookout is a fantastic beginner board.

Measured by 42 x 5 x 11 inches and made of 5-ply laminated bamboo, it is long and thick yet very springy and lightweight that you can’t control it. The bamboo material, on the other hand, makes it super absorb acne of cracks and bumps

Fans of this longboard are also praised for its high-quality grip tape.

It doesn’t chip off as easily as other brands while being rough enough to keep your feet secure and blocked in place during the ride.

The long-wheelbase pairing with 74mm 78A wheels and ABEC-5 bearings allows the board to be stable, smooth but still pick up enough speed on small hills.

You can say it, this is a wonderful blend of rigidity and flex, making it nice for throwing out slides and speed checks with ease. It’s also a great choice for anyone looking to get into longboarding!


  • Easy to control – 42 x 5 x 11 inches and made of 5-ply laminated bamboo, which is long and thick but lightweight and springy
  • Ride smoothly – wide, soft wheels, ABEC-5 bearings, and a thick deck
  • Keep your feet secure on the board while riding – good grip tape


  • The clear grip tape it gets dirty very fast

Product Specs

Deck5 ply vertically laminated Taco Mold Bamboo deck
Trucks10″ Gullwing trucks
Wheels74mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels
BearingsPDP Abec 5 bearings
Weight9 pounds
Highlight features42 x 5 x 11 inches and made of 5-ply laminated bamboo; wide, soft wheels, ABEC-5 bearings; good grip tape

Sector 9 Fractal Longboard

[amazon box=”B009PM0L9Y”]

This is the 2013 Fractal measured by 41.3 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches.

As you can see, it comes in a great length as any other longboards would feature but the special thing is this model can also allow you to do some tight turns and carves.

That’s a big thank you to the CNC drop-through mounting deck design blending with 8 plies of high-grade maple deck and ultra-long wheelbase.

In other words, it’s good for straight roads and at the same time, has no problem when riding down a small hill or slopes. If it turns too easily the wheels can be adjusted to make them stiffer.

Just take note of its sidewinder trucks.

They are designed to be fairly loose with unstable nature, meaning that it won’t be safe to take on any sizable hill.


  • Great for cruising but still able to easily turn –  measured by 41.3 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches, CNC drop through mounting deck design, and ultra-long wheelbase
  • Able to handle small hills and slopes – PDP Abec 5 bearings and 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels


  • Not ideal for sizable hills

Product Specs

Deck8 ply maple with CNC drop-through deck
Trucks9″ Gullwing Sidewinder II trucks
Wheels69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels
BearingsPDP Abec 5 bearings
Weight7 pounds
Highlight featuresCNC drop through mounting deck design, ultra-long wheelbase; PDP Abec 5 bearings and 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels

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Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Longboard

[amazon box=”B014RYWJ76″]

If you’re looking for a commuting longboard, I assure you there’ll be no better options than the Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout.

With complete pre-assembly, it is able to be used right out of the box with highlighting on the lightweight bamboo drop-through deck.

For cruising, this material is a big plus as it gives you a nice dampening flex for a responsive riding experience. Yet, the drop-through design lowers your center of gravity for easier pushing with extra stability.

For souped-up smooth and controllable performance, it has four 74mm wheels with ABEC-5 bearings and clear grip tape. The experience is so silky that some customers thought they were gliding like an angle over pavements.

In a nutshell, this is a perfect commuting longboard for long distances or your local stomping grounds.


  • Ideal for commuting and cruising in long distances – lightweight bamboo deck and drop-through design
  • Ride smoothly over small cracks, rocks, and pavements – four 74mm wheels with ABEC-5 bearings
  • User-friendly – 100% pre-assembled


  • Wheel colors are randomly picked
  • The grip tape easily gets dirty

Product Specs

Deck41” Vertically Laminated Bamboo drop-through deck
Trucks10.0in Gullwing Charger Trucks
Wheels74mm 78a Offset TS Wheels.
BearingsAbec 5 PDP Bearings
Weight8.7 pounds
Highlight featuresBamboo drop-through deck; 74mm wheels with ABEC-5 bearings; 100% pre-assembled

Sector 9 Ireland 38″ Longboard

[amazon box=”B00GBBRV8G”]

For doing tricks, like Irish jigs and Riverdance, you can’t go wrong with the Sector 9 Ireland 38″ Longboard.

It highlights a smooth swallowtail, mellow W concave, and a 38” bamboo deck to give more rooms for your feet to stand comfortably on as well as your heels clicking.

The 5 plies of bamboo material give a good rebound and flex to make the board nicely springy. Therefore, you can easily ride through those rough cobblestone patches or pump in/out of busy foot traffic.

The longboard is easy to learn to ride with comfort as well, all thanks to the notch tail design and high-quality grip tape. It might require some adjustments on the trucks for easy turns and controls but that task is very simple.

The artwork is also beautiful that surely, you’ll get a bunch of compliments on it.


  • Good for doing tricks – smooth swallowtail, mellow W concave, and a 38” bamboo deck
  • Ride smoothly and dampen shocks effectively during the ride – 65mm 78a Soy Biothane Nineball wheels
  • Easy for beginners to learn to ride – notch tail design and high-quality grip tape


  • The graphics could be higher in quality
  • A little bit squeaky upon arrival
  • The wheels are slightly smaller than some

Product Specs

Deck38” 5-ply bamboo deck
TrucksGullwing 9″ Charger trucks
WheelsSector 9 65mm 78a Soy Biothane Nineball wheels
BearingsAbec 5 PDP bearings
Weight 9.7 pounds
Highlight featuressmooth swallowtail, mellow W concave, and a 38” bamboo deck; 65mm 78a Soy Biothane Nineball wheels; notch tail design

Sector 9 Highline Longboard

[amazon box=”B01CKKCIN4″]

If you’re an entry-level carving rider, bring this longboard home.

Its dimensions are 34.5″ length x 8.0″ width x 23.5″ wheel-base with only 4 pounds in weight. Such lightness in combination with the mellow concave design allows the board to turn more easily without overreacting when you shift in body gestures.

With good quality bearings, it is also able to cruise giving a smooth ride even over bumpy roads.

Particularly, it can go long distances with less effort as well as being fast enough to get you there in a hurry if need be.

If you’re a beginner, it might be a bit less stable than other entry-level cruisers but that’s no big deal. In turn, the ultra-thick 7-ply maple wood keeps it durable against beginning abuse to last for years come.


  • Ideal for entry-level carving – 34.5″ length x 8.0″ width x 23.5″ wheel-base and 4 pounds in weight
  • Good for cruising and commuting – lightweight and the mellow concave design
  • Durable and stiff – 7-ply maple wood


  • Not ideal for downhill riding because bearings are a bit slow

Product Specs

Deck7 ply Maple, taco mold, top mount deck
Trucks8.0″ Gullwing Mission trucks,
Wheels64mm 78A Nine-ball wheels
BearingsABEC 5 grease ball bearings,
Weight4 pounds
Highlight features34.5″ length x 8.0″ width x 23.5″ wheel-base; 4 pounds in weight; the mellow concave design; 7-ply maple wood

Sector 9 G-Land 9.75×44 Longboard

[amazon box=”B002J1YSBK”]

Another classic Sector 9 pintail with an emphasis on the classic 44” bamboo deck shape, 70mm wheels, and 10” Gullwing Trucks.

This smart combo allows you to turn well.

Meanwhile, it delivers exactly what you need for your quiver, especially the level of durability and the amount of flex to freestyle or does long rolling hills with the highest confidence.

If you’re just a starter rider, don’t fret, it comes with a medium concave and Camber mold kicktail for extra controllability and ease of directing the board.

Just remember to tighten the trucks after your first ride as its bushing will soften up. Regardless, this is a great board for a great price!


  • Good to make tight turns – classic 44” bamboo deck shape, 70mm wheels, and 10” Gullwing Trucks
  • Ideal for freestyle and downhill riding – Durable yet flexy
  • Easy to control – a medium concave and Camber mold kick tail


  • Wheels can’t go over big curbs and rocks

Product Specs

Deck5 Ply Vertically Laminated Bamboo deck
TrucksGullwing reverse pivot 10″ Charger trucks
Wheels70mm 75a Center Set TS Wheels
BearingsAbec 5 PDP Bearings
Weight9 pounds
Highlight featuresclassic 44” bamboo deck shape, 70mm wheels, and 10” Gullwing Trucks; a medium concave and Camber mold kick tail

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Sector 9 Longboard In 2024

sector 9 longboard
Top 12 Best Sector 9 Longboard Reviews In [year] 4

Deck Types & Wheelbase

To capably choose the right deck type, you need to determine your riding style first.

Note that nowadays, there is numerous crossover between each riding style so riders can freely try a wide range of styles of longboarding rides as they want. To find the key features relating to deck type that are vital to you, consult the categories as listed below:

Downhill deck:

Choose those models featuring a directional shape with stiff construction to help you handle sharp turns and high-speed rides better. The wheelbase should be 25 inches as a minimum.

Freeride Deck:

A basic rule of thumb is the smaller the freeride deck, the better the capability to blend downhill slides with street-style grinds and gaps.

Choose a deck with deep concave and symmetrical shapes to keep your feet planted securely on it when slashing driveways. For beginners and intermediate riders, you should go for a drop-through mounting or drop deck design with a 25”-30” wheelbase.

If you’re a pro, choose a top-mounted or micro-drop deck with a 17”-25” wheelbase for extra fun and controls.

Freestyle Deck:

As freestyling is a combination of different riding styles, its deck is versatile as well.

The key features to choosing a good freestyle deck are kicktail on both ends, flexible construction, and symmetrical shape.

Commuting Deck:

This riding style requires extra stability and speed retention on the deck, therefore, you should choose one with a drop-deck or drop-through design to lower your center of gravity.

Besides, a wheelbase with a width of 28” to 30” is perfect.

Cruiser Deck:

You’ll commonly face obstacles on the street while cruising around so the best cruiser deck should come in a small size with a kicktail. The wheelbase, on the other hand, should be 28” to 35”.

Carving Deck:

This type of deck has a variety of size options. The good ones should feature a flexible construction and high-speed retention to allow the rider to snap lively to the carves.


sector 9 longboard
Top 12 Best Sector 9 Longboard Reviews In [year] 5

The two essential things you need to keep in mind when choosing Sector 9 wheels are durometer (hardness) and diameter.

Start off with the durometer.

A basic rule is the softer the wheels, the more grip they have but at the same time, the slower they will be. Those wheels that have a durometer under 78A are very soft while above 88A are very stiff.

For a good balance between slide-ability, roll speed, and grip, I suggest going for 78A to 80A.

Moving on to the wheels’ diameter. This is important because it affects the speed, ease of rolling, and stability. The good ranges are between 64-80mm in diameter and besides, remember this rule:

The smaller the wheels’ diameter, the faster. But this also leads to the harder the rolling over debris and cracks.

For beginners, I recommend choosing a bit larger wheels so you can easily learn how to ride it. Once getting used to the ride and basic techniques, switch to smaller ones.


Picking the best Sector 9 longboard is not a struggling task. The very first step is considering your riding styles or purpose of use. Next, determine your budget and other additional demands, such as colorway, graphics, kicktail, and pintails.

Answering these questions will help you find out the right model faster and simpler. I hope the information provided has been helpful in your search.

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