Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro: A Comparison Reviews 2021

Serato DJ Lite and Serato Pro are two of Serato’s main software offerings. The difference between these two versions is that the DJ Lite version is the free version, while the Pro version is the paid version. So what is the difference between these two versions? Which version is the best? Let’s compare Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro in the article below.

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At a Glance of Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro

What is Serato DJ?

The Serato brand is one of the most popular DJ software brands today, mainly due to their product Serato Scratch Live.

Serato DJ is a music mixing program that uses advanced controllers. Currently, Serato DJ only works with the Pioneer DDJ-SX controller, a true professional controller. Even if you don’t own a controller, you can use Serato DJ with a keyboard and mouse.

Serato DJ has a complete and well-organized interface, every single feature you could want from a program of these characteristics including:

Serato DJ features four mixing decks, an 8-stop cue system, a comprehensive loop system, superfast Auto BPM, a sample player, and impressive quality effects.

The visibility of the audio spectrum for songs is truly remarkable, as they make mixing much easier, as well as full integration with Scratch Live, ITCH, DJ Intro, iTunes, and

History of Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro

The previous version of Serato is called closed Beta, this is the experience version for users. After that, the company released two brand new official versions of Serato DJ software called Serato DJ Pro 2.0 and Serato DJ Lite 1.0 in 2018.

Accordingly, Serato DJ will be called Serato DJ Pro – a professional, easy-to-understand name (paid version) with Serato DJ Lite (formerly Serato DJ Intro). In the new version of Pro, there are some major changes related to the software including additional features that can be used by paid users.

This Pro is also a free update for all previous Serato DJ users, and everything will work the same with the user’s existing hardware and library.

Serato DJ Intro has also been renamed Serato DJ Lite. Rebranding products seems to make them easier to remember as well as more accessible. Serato also favors unlimited features available on Pro such as practice offline version, High-resolution user interface, 64-bit operating system support.

Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro – Which Is Better?

serato dj lite vs pro

Serato DJ Lite is a free, no-cost version, so you can download it to any computer or laptop, then you only need a connector to plug it into the controller. This version is used indefinitely and users will not have to use stealth measures to increase usage time. This is an extremely effective solution for novice DJs or DJs who want to save their budget

For the Pro version of Serato, you will have to spend some money to be able to download and use it. Of course, you will get a bunch of features that only this version brings such as Practice Offline mode, Performance Pad View, high-resolution user interface.

To talk about features, Serato DJ Pro is definitely better because it has more features and meets the needs of musicians. However, for those who are new to using it, you should use Serato DJ Lite to be able to learn more about how to use the software and also to see if this software is right for you. Besides, if you do not have too many requirements about using this software, then you just need to use DJ Lite.

Product Comparison

Below is the comparison for two kinds of Serato Dj software: Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro

The Interface

serato dj lite vs pro

Some of the main functions of the interface are kept the same in both Serato Pro and Serato DJ Lite versions. Serato has brought Retina resolution to this new version which supports Retina, 4K and UHD displays. The user interface has an extremely high resolution, giving the user the feeling of watching a 4K screen. Serato DJ Pro and Serato Lite both share the same interface with good lighting performance.

Serato officially supports 64-bit to help the software run better on operating system platforms. This means that the software will have “virtually no limit on library size”. Both of these versions use 64-bit systems. Basically, 64-bit means more stability, even if you’re using a library with thousands of tunes.

However, in addition to providing a great experience in terms of the interface in both versions. The display on DJ Lite is radically different from DJ Pro. The screen of the DJ lite will have a vertical or horizontal waveform or a library of songs. In fact, this setting makes the DJ lite version cumbersome and difficult to control, especially when you are in the process of making mixes.

Meanwhile, DJ Pro has an interface with separate features placed separately on the screen. This makes mixing sounds much easier and more intuitive. You can view your vertical, horizontal, and song libraries all at once. This is a relatively professional arrangement that makes the work more scientific.

Now if you’re used to software that tends to only work with something that’s visible at all times, this might not be a big deal, but otherwise, you can choose DJ Pro instead of DJ Lite.

Practice Offline

Previously, you could only use Serato DJ when connected to a hardware device. Now you can easily mix, put Loops and Hot Cues for the song… However, this mode does not support EQ or Fader, only a Crossfader. This feature is supported on both versions.

Slip Mode

A relatively important feature that is rarely known is the slip mode. This is a feature that only appears in DJ Pro. With this paid version, you will find the software equipped with an extremely user-friendly and smooth slide mode for DJs who want quick sound control. Slide mode is extremely popular with music players, especially Trap or EDM genres. You will also find this feature in the music player software of the DJs in clubs and bars.

Currently, most DJ software has added slip mode to increase the user experience to the maximum. This feature allows you to diversify the way you control your music without ever running out of times or phrases. You can better memorize content, use loops, cue points, and more.

Slide mode is a great feature because it can mix parts together to create an energetic track. However, for songs with a slow tempo, you should limit this, especially in the first time when you get used to this feature. In fact, for slow-tempo mixes, this feature is not necessary, so if you are a DJ who specializes in mixing slow tracks, you probably just need to use DJ Lite.

Slide mode is definitely an extremely impressive and necessary function for experienced DJs or DJs who tend to mix music fast. However, if you do not want and do not need the other features exclusive to Serato DJ Pro, or you are a beginner DJ then obviously DJ Lite is a reasonable choice for you.


The next difference is that Serato DJ Lite does not have a playlist and does not allow creating playlists, but DJ Pro does. This is one of the extremely important features and it makes users want to use DJ Pro more than DJ Lite. Obviously, you don’t want to find a song in the middle of a library with rows of data with no arrangement whatsoever.

The feature of creating playlists is one of the essential features and supports users a lot. Without this feature, you will have to struggle to find your songs very hard because they do not have any regular arrangement. However, this playlist feature allows you to organize your music by genre, harmony keys, vocals, track length, and tons of other rules.

Music classification is what DJs need to do to get faster music manipulation. Therefore, Serato DJ Pro is more appreciated than its pro version at this point

Cue Points

serato dj lite vs pro

For DJ Pro, you are allowed to use 8 points instead of only 4 cue points like in the DJ Lite version. In fact, there are many DJs who only work with 4 cue points without any problems. As a result, this feature is not required. However, this is still an upgraded feature that allows users to increase the limit of making music.

So if you are deciding between two versions of Serato, then you should consider whether you want to use 4 cue points or 8 cue points. In fact, experienced DJs will prioritize software with many cue points so they have more manipulation. Of course, depending on the ability of each person to use, you can use 4 cue points or 8 cue points

Performance Pad View

Cue points are placed in 2 rows with 4 keys each. This creates familiarity on hardware devices that support Serato DJ and is easier to control.

Built-in key analysis software

One major difference between DJ Lite and Pro is that the latter comes with built-in key analysis software, while this is not the case with DJ Lite. If you don’t already know, key analyzer software is a kind of feature that lets you know what the key of a song is or the songs being played, helping you find songs that go together.

This is something I talked about in another article, but analytics software is one of the most useful tools a DJ can have in his arsenal. This software not only helps to create good mixes but also makes finding the right songs very easy.

It’s definitely one of those features that I simply couldn’t do without, and if that’s the case for you, I recommend DJ Pro over Lite. Also known as key management software, key analysis software also tends to come with a number of other nifty, cool features that are useful to anyone who is a DJ.

Serato’s proprietary key analysis software is pretty good but not as good as other options on the market, like Mixed In Key or Beatport. 

So if you tend to use a lot of these features and want something more precise than what Serato DJ Pro has to offer, it might be wise to just use DJ Lite and purchase a separate key analysis software. especially if you’re not interested in other software. features found on DJ Pro.


The Lite version is completely free, you can completely download them whether on the main website or anywhere on the internet. This version has basic features, suitable for beginners and amateurs or those who want to experience products from Serato before deciding to buy the paid version.

Meanwhile, the Pro version will have more features, they help people improve the experience and create more music with different materials in a better way. If you are an experienced DJ then you should buy the DJ Pro version.

Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro: The Winner

This software brings you amazing features along with an easy-to-see interface, beautiful with great brightness. However, you will have to spend some money to be able to use this version. Therefore, if you want to experience first to decide whether to buy this version, you can choose the DJ Lite version. 

In fact, this free version still ensures basic features, so you can still mix tracks to create your own mix. Of course, it won’t have extra special features like playlists, an easy-to-operate interface or many cue points. But this is still the free version, I think it’s pretty good, so you should try it out

Above is all information about the Serato DJ Lite Vs Pro that readers can refer to. If you want more information about other DJ products, you can refer to the top best Dj controller below 500 or the best cheap Dj controller. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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