Top 15 Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

The pain and inflammation often caused by having Achilles tendonitis​​​​ can be very devastating. It even has the tendency of preventing you from attaining your full potential. If you are a runner, for instance, then the pain that you experience in your Achilles tendon might derail you from your daily running sessions.

Achilles tendonitis often arises from the sudden increase in your mileage, not stretching your calves, excessive running on hills, and running on certain surfaces, such as sand and mud. Aside from that, the wrong pair of shoe might also cause the problem, especially if what you are wearing is poorly constructed and inflexible.

With the right shoes  you can finally say goodbye to the negative effects of having Achilles tendonitis or at least minimize its uncomfortable symptoms. Also, note that the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis can help you speed up your recovery if you have already been treated for it and prevent it from reoccurring.

best shoes for achilles tendonitis

It should be noted that your footwear and Achilles tendon injuries actually have a strong connection. Suffering from the injury even often indicates that you should start making some changes in your footwear. Fortunately, it is now possible for you to handle Achilles tendonitis with the right footwear.

You can now find plenty of shoes on the market designed to prevent and heal the problem. The best one is that, which often fits properly, thereby preventing your tendons from getting more injured. A good fit does not only mean having the perfect width and size.

It also indicates that the shoe has the right arch, heel height, firmness, and cushioning. It should also be flexible enough. If the shoes have the mentioned qualities, then you can finally get rid of the pain and inflammation caused by Achilles tendonitis and go back to your regular activities.

For those who are suffering from the problem, we have compiled 15 high-quality shoes that have all the qualities required for a footwear designed for Achilles tendonitis sufferers.

Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Jogging and running involve tendons. It is mainly because they work based on the principles linked to twisting, pushing, and lifting your body parts. That said, it’s really a must to invest in the best running shoes for Achilles tendonitis. Wearing the wrong one while running for too long might damage your tendons that will cause flare-ups.

With the pain linked to the condition, having the best shoes that you can use for running is indeed a wise move to stop you from experiencing its unwanted symptoms. When choosing the right shoes for your condition, note that the first thing to do is to identify the correct size of your arch.

Note that it is necessary for you to find a pair of shoes that perfectly fit the type of feet you have. Look for one that fits your arch and feet perfectly so there is a guarantee of a smooth and comfortable running experience, even with Achilles tendonitis. Here are some running shoes guaranteed to make your life easier even with the condition:

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe  –  BUDGET PICK

[amazon box=”B01N9H2LN7″ ]

If you are diagnosed of Achilles tendonitis but you do not want to give up your regular running activity, then I highly recommend wearing the best running shoes for the condition, which comes in the form of the ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe. The good thing about this shoe is that it is available in two versions – for men and women.

Both the men and women’s ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running shoes boast of their sturdy and comfortable sole made of rubber. The two are also beneficial in the sense that they feature a rear foot gel cushioning system, which, I think, does a pretty good job of attenuating shock caused by impact.

The system also promotes a smooth transition into mid-stance. I like the removable sock liner of the shoes, too, considering the fact that it can deal perfectly with a medical orthotic. There are also reversed lugs built in – all of which can supply an excellent downhill and uphill traction regardless of the terrain.

The only difference between the two is in the color. The shoes are also lightweight while also being designed in a way that they can fit the feet of users perfectly. In addition, the shoes make use of a sturdy synthetic material, making it last longer.

The stitched-downed toe bumper integrated into the shoes guarantee an excellent fit, comfort, and protection, too. 

One possible downside you might encounter, though, is the need to break it in for a while.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight and comfortable to use while also fitting well
  • Comes with a sturdy and comfortable sole constructed from rubber
  • Equipped with a gel cushioning system, which absorbs shocks and impact
  • Built-in reversed lugs that provided good traction regardless of terrain
  • Made of sturdy and synthetic material

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Break-in period required

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe for Men and Women can meet the demands of those who are suffering from Achilles tendonitis so it is definitely one of the top choices in this category.

New Balance 990V4 Running Shoe  –  UPGRADE PICK

[amazon box=”B01MXNXMEG” ]

I would also like to recommend the New Balance 990V4 Running shoe for men and women with Achilles tendonitis. Just like the previously reviewed running shoe, this one from New Balance is also equipped with a rubber sole.

It makes use of the ENCAP midsole technology as a means of maximizing the durability of the shoe while also making it more supportive. One feature I find so impressive in this shoe is the lace keeper. It is designed in a way that it can secure the shoe’s laces while also keeping its tongue in place.

In addition, it also sports a great combination of stability and premium cushioning. This further results in utmost comfort while also ensuring that your foot lands smoothly on various terrains. Another impressive feature that you can see in this shoe is the dual-density collar foam.

It boasts of a traction, which tends to hold up nicely while also performing well when used on groomed trails. Also, it is known very well for its durability and its ability to meet the needs of runners with unique requirements, like those with narrow or wide feet or those suffering from certain conditions, like Achilles tendonitis.

One downside is that while this shoe is known for its versatility, it also tends to be a bit bulkier than the others causing a slight stiffness in some movements at times.

Things We Liked

  • Highly durable and supportive, thanks to the use of ENCAP midsole technology
  • Sports a lace keeper, which secures the shoe’s laces
  • Combines stability and high-quality cushioning
  • Boasts of its good traction
  • Helpful for runners with unique needs, like those who have narrow or wide feet

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit bulky, causing slight stiffness at times

Still, you will never go wrong with New Balance 990V4 Running Shoe as it is designed to meet all the requirements of men and women runners as far as their shoes are concerned.

Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe  –  ALSO GREAT

[amazon box=”B01MS00U99″ ]

Another running shoe with versions for both men and women is the Saucony Cohesion 10. It is mainly designed as a neutral footwear, which appeals to runners who have a neutral pronation, moderate arch, or Achilles tendonitis. It has a moderate cushioning, which is more than enough to give you support for your daily runs.

It is not also excessively plush. The shoe is also made of a combination of materials designed to make its platform more flexible and durable. It utilizes the soft IBR+ rubber as a means of covering its mid-foot and forefront, which provides not only flexibility but also good traction.

It also makes use of XT-900, its carbon rubber, on the other parts of the outsole that are prone to wear. I also find it impressive with its ability to deal well with abrasive elements that are usually present in the roads. Another quality of the shoe that I specifically like is its breathability.

I find it highly breathable, which can be attributed to the fact that the upper of the shoe is made of mesh material. Such fabric comes with holes that make it possible for air to penetrate your shoe, thereby maintaining the dryness and coolness of your feet.

There is a downside, though, and that is its inability to perform that well when used on wet conditions.

Things We Liked

  • Provides a moderate cushioning, which supports the needs of your daily runs
  • Made of materials designed to make the shoe durable and flexible
  • Highly breathable, thanks to its mesh upper
  • Can resist abrasive elements
  • Provides good traction

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Does not work that well in wet conditions

Despite that flaw, no one can deny the fact that this Saucony men and women’s shoe can deliver a good performance for runners, especially because it is stable, flexible, durable, and supportive with the aid of its moderate cushioning.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe  –  OUR PICK

[amazon box=”B00YB2ALPW” ]

I can also say that the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18 works well as a running shoe for those with Achilles tendonitis. I like the fact that it comes in a couple of versions designed for both men and women. It is a great choice for those who are in search of a premium-cushioned footwear, which is not only durable but also stable.

It is equipped with an additional cushioning from the heel to toe as well as a soft padding for the upper. Such ensures that both men and women can use the shoe without complaining about comfort. In its outsole is the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR), which is known as the brand’s proprietary material.

Such makes it possible for the shoe to be not only highly durable but flexible, too. I love the FluidRide midsole impressive, as well, since it combines cushioning and bounce back properties with absolute durability and minimal weight.

The GEL cushioning system that it uses at the forefoot and rearfoot also absorb shock and impact while also ensuring that you can move on various planes. I also like its seamless construction, which reduces the risk of friction and irritation.

The heel clutching system technology used in a shoe is also a big advantage as it improves the ability of the shoe to offer support while also creating a better fit for the heel.

It is a bit heavier than other running shoes, though, which some find as a drawback.

Things We Liked

  • Ideal for those searching for premium-cushioned, durable, and stable running footwear
  • Features an additional cushioning and soft padding, offering more comfort
  • Highly flexible and durable, thanks to the High Abrasion Rubber used in the outsole
  • Seamless construction, minimizing friction and irritation
  • Supportive while also offering a great fit for the heel

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Heavier than other running shoes

Overall, ASICS Gel-Nimbus Achilles tendonitis Shoe continues to satisfy its wearers with its numerous features and its great performance as a running shoe.

Brooks Ghost 10 Running Shoe  –  RUNNER UP

[amazon box=”B08QV1ZF5G” ]

You can also find a great running shoe in the Brooks Ghost 10 Neutral High-cushion Shoe. Available with versions for both men and women, I think, this shoe definitely deserves a spot in any product review tackling the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis 2017. It is designed to be a sturdy daily neutral trainer, which can handle too much beating.

It is also designed in a way that it gives you a comfortable run each time you use it. The upper of the footwear actually makes use of a seamless engineered mesh, which is a good thing as it promotes flexibility and breathability. You can also expect the upper to hug your feet where needed, thereby making you feel really comfortable.

It also applies a 3D stretch print over the rear foot and the mid-foot, making the shoe really unique. It is well-ventilated, too, as it comes with zones equipped with large pores designed for proper ventilation. I like its ability to provide wearers with a good arch support, too.

With the soft fabric lining integrated into this running shoe, I can also say that it promotes a great inner feeling when you are wearing it. It also boasts of its traditional lace-up closure, which is convenient to use. In addition, there is a segmented crash pad, which can accommodate all forms of landing while also promoting smooth transitions.

One possible downside you will face with this shoe is that it tends to lack grip when used on wet surfaces.

Things We Liked

  • Built to be sturdy, allowing it to handle too much beating
  • Helps you enjoy a comfortable run each time
  • Highly flexible and breathable, thanks to its seamless engineered mesh
  • Well-ventilated and provides good arch support
  • Features a soft fabric lining, providing convenience to wearers

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks grip on wet surfaces

The Brooks Ghost 10 Neutral High-cushion Running Shoe can offer the ultimate form of satisfaction for wearers as it is not only sturdy but also supportive, breathable, and highly comfortable.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B0725GTZ15″ ]

With versions for both men and women, I can also say that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is a great running shoe for different types of users, even those with certain conditions, like Achilles tendonitis. It comes with a more refined upper and a more segmented rubber sole, thereby enhancing its flexibility.

I like the fact that this running shoe from Nike guarantees a fast and responsive ride for all users whether men or women. It also promotes a cushioned and neutral ride capable of withstanding high-mileage daily training and fast-paced running. Such is a proof of how sturdy and well-built this Nike shoe is.

It also takes pride in its Flyknit construction, which does a pretty good job of allowing more than enough movement, breathability, and support. I also noticed that its midsole comes with a zoom air unit, which is helpful in promoting a more responsive and lightweight cushioning.

Another nice feature of this running shoe is its lacing panel, which is known to be reinforced using a transparent laminate. Such works in preventing it from fraying. As for the heel, it makes use of a soft hand-feel fabric, which also has more than enough padding fills within, thereby providing a perfect heel fit.

However, note that this shoe is heavier when compared to its previous Nike versions.

Things We Liked

  • High level of flexibility, thanks to the shoe’s segmented rubber sole
  • Promotes a fast and responsive ride
  • Boasts of a Flyknit construction, which lets you move with ease while also being supportive and breathable
  • Prevents fraying with the help of the lacing panel reinforced using a transparent laminate
  • Guarantees a perfect heel fit

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit heavier when compared to the previous version of this Nike shoe

Still, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 delivers an excellent performance as one of the best running shoes for achilles pain for different types of users, making it really one of those shoes that are worth spending your money on.

Mizuno Wave Rider 21 Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B0145UAPYQ” ]

Designed with two versions for men and women, the Wave Rider 21 Running Shoe from Mizuno is definitely one of those shoes that you should never neglect. I like the fact that it is built as a high-mileage running shoe, which means that it is really a durable footwear designed to withstand a lot of tough abuse.

It takes pride in its rubber sole, which is known for making you feel comfortable once you start using it. I find the Mizuno Wave, which is unique to the brand, helpful, too, as it means that it can offer an exceptional energy return and good cushioning.

It is also capable of providing just the right amount of softness, thereby promoting a smooth and lightweight ride. Another reason to love this running shoe from Mizuno is the soft anatomical sock liner. Such feature is a good thing as it offers additional cushioning and arch support.

I also realized how impressive the fit-in-motion upper of the shoe is when I noticed how effective it is in providing a more flexible support. The engineered mesh upper is also beneficial as it means that the shoe will be able to provide a more breathable fit.

Furthermore, it comes with laces that work well in locking your feet without putting a lot of pressure on top.

One downside is that it is a bit narrow at the toe box but expect to solve that issue once you finished breaking in the shoe.

Things We Liked

  • High-mileage running shoe, making it really durable while withstanding tough abuse
  • Provides an exceptional energy return and good cushioning
  • Additional cushioning and arch support provided by its soft anatomical sock liner
  • Breathable, thanks to its engineered mesh upper
  • Flexible and protective

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly narrow at the toe box

Considering the fact that this shoe from Mizuno is dependable, lightweight, and designed to log long miles on the road, I can say that it definitely deserves a spot in any review of the best women’s running shoes for Achilles tendonitis 2017.

Best Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendoniti

Achilles tendonitis can make you feel really terrible. Even the simple act of walking slowly can be taxing for you. Having Achilles tendonitis can even hamper your physical activities considering the fact that it causes throbbing pain and discomfort in the affected area up to your legs.

If you are feeling terrible because of your Achilles tendonitis, then note that one effective solution for it is to find the best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis. You know that you are wearing the best walking shoes designed for the disorder if you are able to walk comfortably with less pain and discomfort.

It should never hamper your movements while also supporting each step you take. In addition, it should be durable and should have more than enough cushion and padding inside to ensure your comfort with each step. Among the most suitable walking shoes for those with Achilles tendonitis are the following:

New Balance 928v3 Walking Shoe –  UPGRADE PICK

[amazon box=”B01NB9K3XO” ]

If you are presently looking for a walking shoe, which will never worsen your Achilles tendonitis, then the New Balance 928v3 designed for both men and women is definitely a great product to check out. It comes in two versions for both men and women that are known to be a hundred percent similar in terms of the elements used in their overall construction.

The only difference is the slightly shorter and thicker toe box used in the women’s shoe, which works in giving it a more feminine design. Among the most impressive qualities of the shoe is their guaranteed comfort and stability that can be attributed to its ROLLBAR support and ABZORB cushioning.

The ABZORB material used in the cushioning for the mid-foot is beneficial as it disperses force in case of impact while also minimizing shock. Stability can also be expected from the ROLLBAR element as it prevents unwanted movements in the rear foot.

With that, expect it to work well for those with various foot conditions, like Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. It has a leather upper, which is known for its sturdiness. It also makes use of a synthetic material for the collar while integrating a layer of cushion for comfort.

You can also use custom orthotics in this shoe, if necessary, as it has a removable PU footbed.

It is a bit heavy, though, considering the fact that it makes use of leather on the upper.

Things We Liked

  • Uses ABZORB material in mid-foot cushioning, which disperses force and reduces shock during impact
  • Guaranteed stability, thanks to the ROLLBAR support provided by the shoe
  • Ideal for those with foot conditions, like Achilles tendonitis
  • Sturdy leather used for the upper
  • Features a removable PU footbed, allowing you to utilize custom orthotics when necessary

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit heavy

Overall, New Balance 928v3 for men and women is a great walking shoe that can offer you more than enough support when walking while also keeping you comfortable.

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoe  –  OUR PICK

[amazon box=”B0012IJRVW” ]

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoe designed for men and women is also one of those walking shoes for different types of users. I find it impressive with its ability to offer all-day support. It is also protective considering its slip-resistant nature. I can also say that it offers the feel and fit that make a walking shoe really comfortable.

One more impressive fact about this walking shoe is that it is known for its motion control quality. Such makes it possible for it to offer good support for correcting severe over-pronation. I like its excellent arch support for those who have flat feet, too. Such support makes it useful for appropriate bends and arches.

I noticed that this walking shoe from Brook is highly durable, too. In fact, it seems to be able to handle the daily wear and tear well, making it last longer. The fact that it uses full-grain leather on its upper further enhances its durability while also making the shoe comfortable.

In addition, it has a forefoot MC Pod construction, which ensures that your feet will be set in a stable, balanced, and efficient position. It also boasts of a roomy toe box, making it more comfortable to wear as you can wiggle your toes.

Such additional room is a good thing for those who experience pain and discomfort from certain conditions, like bunions and Achilles tendonitis.

Some complained about the poor quality stitching of the shoe, though.

Things We Liked

  • Versatile that it can meet the needs of different users
  • Offers all-day support and comfort
  • Non-slip, making it safe and protective
  • Highly durable as it can handle the daily wear and tear while also being made of full-grain leather
  • Roomy toe box, making it more comfortable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Poor quality stitching

The ability of this shoe to offer all-day support and comfort for different kinds of users still makes it a great footwear to wear in different situations.

RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe  –  BUDGET PICK

[amazon box=”B01A63CK6W” ]

Another walking shoe, which, I think, is worthwhile of checking out is the RYKA Sky Walking Shoe. It is primarily designed for women, especially those who want to wear a comfortable walking shoe, even if they are dealing with certain foot conditions. I find it lightweight and comfortable, making it really suitable for walking.

Made of leather and mesh, I am quite sure that this shoe is capable of standing the test of time. It is tough without compromising its ability to provide wearers with a high level of comfort. The lace-up design and attractive color of this footwear are also really nice to watch. It suits women perfectly.

In addition, the upper is made of mesh, which is a popular material due to its excellent breathability. Such upper is also equipped with really supportive overlays made of leather. The outsole of this walking shoe from RYKA is also constructed out of rubber, which is known to be a material with an impressive traction and durability.

With the memory foam sock liner integrated into this footwear, you will definitely not feel any discomfort when you are wearing it. It also boasts of its sleek and lightweight midsole, which is also guaranteed to give you adequate support once you start using it for walking.

However, I find the toe box of this shoe very narrow, which is one of its downsides.

Things We Liked

  • Suitable for walking considering the fact that it is lightweight and comfortable
  • Tough while maintaining comfort, thanks to its leather and mesh construction
  • Features a lace-up design and attractive color
  • Highly breathable with the help of its mesh upper
  • Highly durable while providing good traction – that is made possible with the shoe’s rubber outsole

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Narrow toe box

Despite the narrowness of the toe box, a lot of users still say that it really performs well as a walking shoe so buying it is really a wise decision.

Best Tennis Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis tends to affect those athletes who intensified the duration and force of their regular physical activities. Aside from excessive exercise or walking, playing certain sports too much, like tennis, can also trigger the development of the disorder.

However, with the right tennis shoes primarily designed for Achilles tendonitis sufferers, it is possible for you to alleviate the pain, discomfort, irritation, and other symptoms linked to the condition. It can also reduce inflammation that might also happen due to your damaged tendon.

In addition, finding the best tennis shoes for Achilles tendonitis can prevent the damage and deterioration from getting worse. It is mainly because the right shoe comes with a perfect arch, good cushion and firmness, excellent heel height, and high comfort level.

Look for a tennis shoe with all the mentioned qualities while also fitting you well and promoting ease when you are playing your favorite sport, tennis. Here are just some tennis shoes that meet all the mentioned criteria.

K-Swiss ST329 CMF Tennis Shoe  –  OUR PICK

[amazon box=”B00RBA7PB4″ ]

If what you are searching for is a tennis shoe, which can support your needs as an Achilles tendonitis sufferers, then I can say that you will never go wrong by choosing the ST329 CMF Training Shoe offered by K-Swiss for men and women. The ST329 will never disappoint as it is built in a way that it will definitely last.

Some of the features that showcase how durable this shoe is are the highly durable rubber outsole and tread. Both guarantee that you will be able to enjoy this tennis training shoe for a long time. You can also expect the K-EVA cushioned midsole integrated into the shoe to give you utmost comfort.

Add to that the full-length memory foam footbed and you will surely be enjoying the nice and comfortable feel that this footwear is capable of giving you. There is also a shock spring technology applied at the shoe’s insole, making it safe and protective. In addition, it takes pride in its comfy padded collar and tongue.

It is also a stylish shoe guaranteed to fit wearers well. The bottom of the footwear is also designed in such a way that it can provide a nice and good grip.

I noticed that it is a bit lacking in terms of breathability, though.

Things We Liked

  • Built in a way that it will last for a long time
  • Utmost comfort provided by the K-EVA cushioned insole and the full-length memory foam footbed
  • Makes use of shock spring technology on the outsole
  • Provides a nice and good grip
  • Equipped with comfy padded collar and tongue

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Sort of lacking in terms of breathability

Still, this tennis training shoe is one of your ultimate choices considering the fact that it is made with durability and the safety and comfort of wearers in mind.

Adidas Performance Barricade Club Tennis Shoe  –  RUNNER UP

[amazon box=”B0719JYSN7″ ]

I would also like to recommend the Performance Barricade Club Tennis Shoe from Adidas. This specific shoe has separate versions for men and women, although most of the features integrated into them are similar. With the help of this shoe, it is possible for you to dominate the tennis court even if you have a foot condition.

It is lightweight and comfortable while still ensuring that wearers can receive the highest level of support. I specifically like the torsion system in the mid-foot as I noticed how effective it is in offering more than enough support as I take each lunge. Extra cushioning beneath the heel is also noticeable.

The upper is constructed from lightweight mesh, which is not only known for its comfort but also for its guaranteed breathability. You will also notice the integrated forefoot straps built into the shoe, making it even more supportive. It should be noted that the women’s shoe differs with the men’s version as the former has a lace-up design.

Such is actually a good thing as it makes the tennis shoe suitable for women. It also boasts of its additional ankle support, which is known to be helpful if you want to prevent injuries, especially during long matches.

You will need to spend some time breaking it in, though, but rest assured that once it loosens up, you will start notice how beneficial this tennis shoe really is.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight and comfortable, making it more convenient to use in the tennis corn
  • More than enough support provided by the torsion system in the mid-foot
  • Additional cushioning integrated into the heel
  • Made of lightweight and breathable mesh upper
  • Attractive lace-up design for the women’s version of this tennis shoe

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Break-in period required

Overall, this Adidas tennis shoe is a great performer in the industry considering the fact that it is a solid, stable, comfortable, supportive, and protective footwear.

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe  –  ALSO GREAT

[amazon box=”B0719JYSN7″ ]

What is so good about ASICS is that it already has an impressive reputation in the footwear industry, so I can safely say that the Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe, with separate versions available for men and women, is made with quality in mind. It is a shoe you can depend on when you decide to play tennis.

I specifically enjoy the forefoot GEL cushioning system used in this footwear as it needs the padding you desperately need, especially if you are dealing with a long match. Such system can perfectly cradle your foot, preventing any discomfort.

It also takes pride of its mid-foot Trusstic system, which is guaranteed to make the shoe really stable and supportive. In addition, it boasts of its flexible upper and sturdy rubber outsole – both of which can work together so you can handle the game regardless of the surface you are playing it in.

Another reason to love this shoe from ASICS is the fact that it has a very responsive cushioning, following your feet’s natural movements. It is also shock-absorbent, especially when you take quick movements. It is highly durable plus provides an excellent traction on all kinds of tennis court surfaces.

However, take note that this tennis shoe from ASICS is a bit tight and narrow at first but breaking it in will solve such issues on tightness and narrowness.

Things We Liked

  • Built with quality and comfort in mind
  • Makes use of GEL cushioning system in the forefoot, which provides more than enough padding designed for long matches
  • Uses mid-foot Trusstic system, improving the stability of the shoe and stimulating its ability to offer support
  • Features a responsive cushioning, which is also shock-absorbent
  • Provides a good traction designed for all tennis court surfaces

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit tight and narrow during first uses

While there is a flaw, I can still say that ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe will never disappoint those who love tennis so much as it has most of the features that make the shoes designed for such sport really dependable.

Best Work Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Your performance and productivity in the workplace do not have to suffer because of your Achilles tendonitis. Just by wearing the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis 2018, you can start lessening the symptoms that the problem causes, including pain, discomfort, inflammation, irritation, and swelling.

There is no need to worry about the pain in your tendon, ligaments, and feet worsening even if your work requires you to stand or move all day if you wear the right shoes. The best footwear that you can wear to work even with Achilles tendonitis is that, which is fully supportive and highly comfortable.

It should let you tackle the arduous tasks and daily operations that are associated with your job. Expect to be able to enjoy such benefits if you invest in any of these work shoes that can meet the demands of those with Achilles tendonitis.

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on Shoe

[amazon box=”B003JJ5BFI” ]

If you have Achilles tendonitis, then, I think, you should start worrying about your condition negatively affecting your overall performance as you can now wear the Encore Gust Slip-on Shoe for men offered by the reputable Merrell brand. With a full-grain leather construction, I can give an assurance regarding its sturdiness.

It features a well-polished, slip-on style, which guarantees ease once you put it on. Such design also allows you to take it off with ease. It comes with a padded collar and supportive sole unit. There is also a guarantee of comfort and stability – thanks to the shoe’s air-cushioned heel and the foot frame, which has a compression molded EVA.

Another remarkable benefit worth highlighting in this slip-on shoe from Merrell is its breathability. Such can be attributed to the mesh lining integrated into the footwear, which aids in wicking your feet dry. It has an Encore sticky rubber outsole and Ortholite footwear, too – both of which make the shoe flexible.

Such can also minimize leg and foot fatigue, which is actually a good thing if you are diagnosed with certain foot ailments, like Achilles tendonitis. It is known to be shock-absorbent while also boasting of its organic odor control feature.

However, note that the topmost part of the shoe tends to feel a bit tight during the first few uses. Such tightness will diminish, though, once you start wearing the shoe more often.

Things We Liked

  • Boasts of its well-polished and easy to use and manage slip-on design
  • Comfort and stability can be expected from its air-cushioned heel and molded EVA foot frame
  • Highly breathable – that’s made possible by the mesh lining built into it
  • Comfortable and flexible enough that it can minimize leg and foot fatigue
  • Shock-absorbent plus capable of controlling odor

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tight during first uses

After you break in the shoe and the tightness disappears, you will start noticing how remarkable this Merrell shoe is when worn at work as it is really comfortable, supportive, and capable of reducing the pain and fatigue that your leg and foot might experience in the workplace.

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule –  OUR PICK

[amazon box=”B01HH8WD3E” ]

Finding the best women’s shoes for Achilles tendonitis is also easier with the Dansko Professional Mule around. It is a great work shoe for you, especially if your work requires you to stand on your feet for long hours daily. It is primarily made of the sturdy and high-quality leather.

I think one of its most impressive traits is its excellent arch support. It is supportive enough that it can properly position your feet through the footbed made of breathable foam inside. Such foam is also beneficial with its ability to control temperature, letting your feet breath and ensuring that they stay cool.

I noticed the rocker bottom integrated into this footwear, too. Such is the key to reducing the fatigue that your feet might experience when you are working. It is also shock-absorbent. With the padded instep collar that this professional mule from Dansko has, there is a guarantee of a more secure fit, which won’t rub your feet.

Furthermore, the footwear has a wide synthetic sole and heel, promoting a better heel strike, which is actually a good thing if you want the shoe to offer proper traction and enough stability. It is also comfortable enough with its roomy reinforced toe box, which is also beneficial as far as protection is concerned.

However, the shoe is slightly stiff at first, causing the need for an extended break-in period.

Things We Liked

  • Constructed from sturdy and high-quality leather
  • Excellent arch support provided
  • Provides more than enough breathability, thanks to the breathable foam that effectively controls temperature used in the footbed
  • Rocker bottom, which does not only minimize fatigue but also absorbs shocks
  • A more secure fit provided by the shoe’s padded instep collar

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit stiff at first

Overall, Dansko Women’s Professional Mule does a pretty good job in making the lives of those who are in the workplace, even those suffering from Achilles tendonitis, much easier and more comfortable.

best shoes for achilles tendonitis

Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis Buyer’s Guide

Achilles tendonitis is really painful and those who are suffering from it know exactly how devastating and uncomfortable the pain is most of the time. Buying and wearing the right footwear designed for Achilles tendonitis pain, however, can definitely help in alleviating the pain.

It even promotes the quick recovery process of the injury. The right shoes can prevent its symptoms from worsening, too. However, you may find it tricky to look for the best footwear designed for Achilles tendonitis due to the many available products in this category.

Fortunately, it is possible for you to find the most suitable product for your case with these factors:

Arch Support – Find a shoe with an excellent arch support. Note that those who have flat feet and plantar fasciitis and low and high arches are prone to suffering from the condition. That said, you really have to hunt for a footwear, which specifically matches your feet’s arch. Also, take note that inadequate arch support can worsen the injury.

By investing in the right shoes capable of supporting your arch, you can prevent those issues from happening. It can also speed up the healing process while also keeping yourself engaged in some of your favorite activities.

Flexibility – Another important factor in your search for the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis and Plantar fasciitis is flexibility. You know that a specific shoe is flexible if it is capable of bending to the exact location where your feet bend. Not being able to do so indicates that the shoe is incapable of providing your feet with the right support.

Avoid shoes that are too rigid or have the tendency of bending anywhere else as those situations might only add strain to your tendon and feet. It can also worsen the pain and pressure already experienced by your injured tendon. With a flexible shoe, you can let your tendon properly stretch without having to strain it excessively.

Heel Cushioning – Ensure that you also look for a shoe with the right heel cushioning. If you notice that the heel sinks while also being lower than your toe area, then it is a sign that the cushion is too soft. On the other hand, too little cushion might also add strain to your injured tendon.

What you should look for is a shoe with medium or perfect cushioning.

best shoes for achilles tendonitis

Heel Height – It is also crucial to check the height of the shoe’s heel. In this case, you have to remember that low height for heels is not actually that good for those with Achilles pain. It is because too little heel height might cause your injured tendon to get overly stretched and strained.

Check whether the heel sinks below the forefoot as such might indicate that the heel is too low. Among the footwear with really low heel heights are racing flats, moccasins, flip-flops, and shoes with less than a half inch heel.

While you should avoid low heel heights, it is also crucial to stay away from shoes with an extremely high heel height. Remember that wearing a really high heel might stretch your tendon too much as you take each stride. Also, wearing high heels frequently has the tendency of reducing your Achilles tendon’s length, causing injuries eventually.

What you have to do, therefore, is to look for a shoe with heels that are not too low nor too high. The best choice would be that, which is slightly elevated.

Aside from the mentioned factors, choosing the right shoes for the condition is also possible if you keep in mind the following tips when you are still at the stage of selecting the perfect shoe for you:

Look for a shoe with a built-up heel – Such feature is actually designed in such a way that it can get rid of the tension affecting your injured tension, especially when you are running, performing your physical activities, or walking.

Ensure that there are additional support and cushion – Find the best sneakers for Achilles pain, which provides additional cushioning and support. Some shoes actually come with gel pad inserts that are helpful as they can offer extra comfort while also absorbing shocks when you are exercising or running.

Find a shoe with a breathable mesh feature – Such is a vital feature to look for, especially if you plan to wear your shoes during your workout sessions. With the help of breathable mesh, you can keep your feet cool while also minimizing the risk of perspiration.

One last tip is to make sure that the footwear is form-fitting. That should be made possible with a padded tongue and a rubber sole, both of which can make you feel a bit comfortable even if your Achilles hurts after running.

best shoes for achilles tendonitis

At-Home Treatments

Now that you have an idea about some of the best shoes designed to help you deal with Achilles tendonitis even better, it is time to get an idea about the possible home treatments that you can apply for your condition. Note that pairing up the wearing of the perfect shoe for the condition with Achilles tendonitis treatment can further help you recover fast.

Apply the RICE treatment – RICE, in this case, actually stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is effective when it comes to treating the injury. What you have to do is to take some rest for a while and prevent yourself from putting too much pressure and weight on the injured tendon.

Do that until you no longer feel the pain. Note that the injury has a higher chance of healing faster if you do not add too much strain to it. You should also pair your rest with ice therapy. What you should do is wrap some ice in a clean cloth. Put it on the injured spot and let it stay there for a minimum of 15 minutes.

It can apply enough cold to the area, which can minimize swelling and inflammation. Compressing the injury should also come next. It is possible by using a bandage or an athletic tape – both of which can also help reduce the swelling. Just avoid compressing the area too tightly as it might affect the normal circulation of blood.

best shoes for achilles tendonitis

Then you have to elevate the affected foot, too. What you have to do is to lie down then use a pillow to elevate such foot. This elevation technique is a huge help in letting the blood move back to your heart and prevent the area from swelling.

Perform the right exercise – Having Achilles problems do not necessarily mean that you can no longer perform any form of exercise. In fact, your doctor might recommend some exercises as part of your rehabilitation program. One of the best exercises that an Achilles tendonitis sufferer can perform is eccentric calf raise.

What you should do is to position at the edge of an elevated object. The goal is to hang the back parts of your both your heels over the object’s edge. Just make sure that it is not too far from the ground to prevent more injuries. Move up on tiptoes while raising one leg back behind you.

Use the remaining foot to lower yourself slowly until you notice that your heel’s back is more than parallel with your forefoot.

Wear night splints or braces – Both these items are actually helpful in healing the painful condition. Once you strap your feet into the night splints or achilles sleeves and braces, you can expect them to be held upwards, thereby stretching your tendon and ensuring that it does not contract.

It is actually possible to alter the angle through which you hold your feet either by your doctor or yourself. You can choose an angle or position, which you or your doctor thinks is optimal for recovery.

Modify some of your activities – For instance, you should avoid exercises that involve too much stretching and strength. Look for activities that will assist the recovery of your tendon.

best shoes for achilles tendonitis

Ensure that you constantly wear your protective footwear – This article indicated how important it is to find a protective and high-quality footwear if you have Achilles tendonitis. Go for one, which supports your affected foot’s arch and cushions your heel.

Such will increase the chance of your injured tendon to heel. You can also wear silicone heel pads. Such pads can actually minimize the pressure added to your tendon.

In terms of recovery, remember that Achilles tendonitis will most likely go away after a few days. Ensure, however, that you take proper rest and you adhere to some effective tips on treating the condition at home, like the RICE technique. Remember that it will most likely take longer for you to recover if you constantly add pressure to your tendon.

The recovery period might also be long if you do not change your habits in terms of exercises. You have to really start taking care of your body and health from now on to prevent the tendon from rupturing or from incurring another injury.

Note that if your tendon ruptures, then you may need to undergo a surgical procedure or take a long-term treatment. That is something you do not want to happen. If you undergo a surgery, it often takes several weeks to months to achieve full recovery.

If that is your case, then just make sure that you stick to the instructions of your doctor so you can at least speed up your healing process.


You need such shoe to ensure that you treat Achilles tendonitis and start enjoying an active lifestyle once again. Pair the right shoe with the home treatments also mentioned in this article and you will surely notice yourself being on the road to recovery soon enough.

Achilles tendonitis actually refers to a condition, which is often linked to excessive stress affecting your tendon. It could be because of wearing an uncomfortable shoe. In that case, you really have to figure out what is the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

Fortunately, this buying guide has helped you learn how to make your choice of footwear. Your footwear if you have the problem should be that which can make you feel comfortable while also offering you the right level of support as well as a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

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