Silveronyx Air Purifier Reviews: Increase The Air Quality Of Your House

This is a review of the product Silveronyx air purifier. This article is totally for you if you are finding an air purifier with excellent features, operating performance and functions. Just keep reading as this silveronyx air purifier reviews will not let you down! 

It is not easy at all to find and buy a suitable air purifier for your home as there are many brands and models popping up on the market at the present time. I have tried many air purifiers and most of them did not meet my expectations. My worrying about how to successfully buy the best air purifier has stopped when I started to use Siveronyx Air Purifier. I found it to be the air purifier with the best performance among all the air purifiers that I have ever used.

This silveronyx air purifier reviews will show you the overall information about Silveronyx air purifier, its important features and benefits, and things that you need to consider before buying it. Below we also offer you some alternatives that also have the amazing functions to give you more choices when choosing a great air purifier.

Things to consider before buying Silveronyx Air Purifier

silveronyx air purifier reviews

Design and Size

Buying a device this cheap usually entails a few compromises, primarily in terms of design. Those who make the investment should normally expect quality materials, if not for a steel housing (plastic housing is common even in high-end air purifiers), then for a system that can stand firm with a large fan inside.

Against this, SilverOnyx really comes across to the GermGuardian AC55250PT, GermGuardian AC5350B or even the Honeywell AirGenius 3 as an instrument which tried to change, not the traditional tower design. But it isn’t the kind of Levoit LV-PUR131 or Oransi OV200. It also is portable. The SilverOnyx, instead, is much more like a Levoit LV-H132 and a Levoit LV-H133.

Yes, in fact, this is the cylindrical design of the air purifier that is also the most common idea since the Levoit era of Amazon air purifiers. The SilverOnyx has an altitude of 13 inches, less than the Levoit LV-H132. This is the reasonable size for a cleaner and you can place SilverOnyx in your home on any side table. This form is also great for creating a strong footprint for an air purifier, which is really important when you have children.

The SilverOnyx is only 4 lb, so large it can even be collected and discarded by the kids. Thus, you had to try avoiding the reach of your kids with this air purifier.


silveronyx air purifier reviews

Usually, the existence of filtration systems marks a device at just around this relatively low price. However, the SilverOnyx gives more than sufficient consideration The SilverOnyx 5-stroke air purification device is somehow astonishing because the air filtering mechanism is the most critical element in determining the efficiency of a SilverOnyx

Pre-filters – A pre-filter mesh is used to collect larger particles such as hair and pet dander. You can’t wash it by attaching it to the filter HEPA.

True HEPA filter – The True HEPA filter is used by SilverOnyx to eliminate 99.97% of the debris and toxins up to a size of 0.3 microns.

Carbon filter accessed: this filtration layer is required to counteract the smell and smoke of the household.

Ionizer – ionizer vital kills allergens that are toxic to airborne. Can be on/off turned on.

Ultra violet filter – With the aid of this UV-C bulb and photocatalytic, SilverOnyx can remove pollutants like molds and bacteria.

Yes, the SilverOnyx air cleaner blends all 4 major types of air filters on the cleaner air market. This is an effective combination, since each air filter has its very own advantages, and you optimize the efficiency of each air filter by combining them all.

The SilverOnyx uses a True HEPA H13 class filter which is also used on the market for the most common True HEPA. The region is 60% larger than the flat air purifier filters, and the HEPA filter can clean much better with more filter media.

Another way to efficiently trap airborne particles is through the negative ion generator. This SilverOnyx can electrolyte contaminants (which are positive loading ions) into the physical True HEPA filter by emitting negative ions. The method can also capture particles of 0.1 microns.

Room Coverage

silveronyx air purifier reviews

SilverOnyx would try to bluff you into believing that the purifier is only for a wide space, as will several other labels in the U.S. The SilverOnyx will clean up a space of 500 square feet if you read the advertising. This is a very big room coverage; however, you have to check the CADR below to see if this purifier is really enough or not for the square footage.

ACH is 5X SilverOnyx. Each 12 minutes with 5 engine speeds, it will clean your space.

Usually, the CADR of its is only 83 cfm. It  can still cleanse a 500-foot space with this low CADR rating, but 99.97 percent of the 0.3 micron matter particle takes approximately 6-8 hours. 


Usually, less noise is generated by an air purifier with a low fan speed. That’s why I came to the noise level of this SilverOnyx with high hopes. And the SilverOnyx is mostly a champion of calmness.

I tested the noise level to around 25 decibels on an average day when this air purifier was being used in the lower environment. This precisely is the sound level of a whisper, which is why the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet air cleaner should be purchased.

That’s a great outcome and I find it steady with 56 decibels at its maximum sound levels (db). This level of noise is much higher than the purifiers Honeywell and GermGuardian.

Power consumption

silveronyx air purifier reviews

One of our most frequently asked questions in Breathe Quality is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In reality a long time (usually more than 8 hours) is needed to operate an air purifier to be effective, and thus power consumption is a significant criterion for deciding which air purifier to buy.

The SilverOnyx is an energy-saving champion in the throne with a power consumption of just 24 watts. All this is due to this air purifier’s advanced brushless DC engine and low voltage DC. Only a Blue Pure 411 in the low-range segment will equate energy savers with the SilverOnyx.

Additional features

The SilverOnyx packages with several other features. And it is fair since the additional characteristics are the best seller. The Smart Sensor is one thing at the price that only the SilverOnyx will compete with the AeraMax 100, and the AeraMax 200. This PM2.5 sensor detects changes in air quality indoors and changes air flow to ensure maximum air quality. You can set it up and forget it completely with the Auto Mode (Smart Sensor) because the Smart Sensor is the most efficient way to minimize the total energy usage while maintaining the quality of indoor air as good as possible.

In addition to the buttons to activate/disable the ionizer and UV light feature, the Sleep Mode allows the light in the top control panel to dim immediately and reduces the fan speed to a low setting. This is a good sleeping environment which comes only in a SilverOnyx-like air purifier. You will also have a timer, which can take 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours, when your air purifier has to disable it.


silveronyx air purifier reviews

You’re at the right spot if you’re looking for the new SilverOnyx air purifier. Just last year the SilverOnyx released and a new budget bar was being created for each unit. I feel like I just want some fun with this air purifier. It is not exactly the best qualified at something, but it’s difficult to see this good away from a contract.

The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is not exactly behind the previous SilverOnyx in terms of specifications. Of course you do not have the UV-C light filter as the before, but with the vital ion generator and with the same real HEPA movie as your brethren, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is still good.

Silveronyx Air Purifier

silveronyx air purifier reviews

The brand SilverOnyx could be complicated as its website contains body fat measurements, stainless steel cups and additional products. This healthcare business contains an atmosphere purifier line, which is not only enjoyable to see, but also very well performed.

They are not known for being a pioneer in the air purifier market, but we shouldn’t forget how good their products are made. Just look at two SilverOnyx air filtering products, which are compact but strong.

SilverOnyx weights just 5.35 lbs of this air purifier and is able to filter air in rooms measuring up to 600 cubic feet. Not all enterprises have the same performance and features. The wonderful thing is that it works completely. Up to 99.97% of the dust and other respiratory irritants are captured in the HEPA filter.

The integrated air ionizer also eliminates bacterial floating particles and reduces the increase in static electricity.

The device is only 10.3″ tall, so a comfortable position should not be too hard to locate. The lightweight construction is also very portable and compact, so it is not a pain in your neck and your lumbar to transport it from room to room. In addition, this device is available in three colors (black, white, silver) to match the colors of your home.

Five fan speeds are available for optimum air purification under some circumstances. The sensor detects the air quality in your home automatically and the automated mode adapts the fan speed accordingly. Automotive mode is programmed to shut down the system as soon as it reaches ideal air quality.

The indoor air purification process takes place in five phases. The pre-filter mesh collects big particulates, the HEPA-grade filter locks up on finer airborne irritants, the carbon filter deodorizes the air, the ionized material kills bacteria.

This is not, however, a miracle product and this is shown by poor consumer feedback. It is possible to overheat and burn the filters which are extremely dangerous if left unattended. The worst thing about this product.


  • Outstanding performance
  • High ACH for cleaning
  • Highly developed virus destroying system
  • Accurate dual air sensors


  • Low CADR rating

SilverOnyx Air Purifier’s Features and Benefits

silveronyx air purifier reviews

It is a specialized model and purifying method. A pre-filter barrel, HEPA filter, and ACF are used in the purifier. UV-C fertility treatment and ionized particles are also used.

The architecture of the system is 360 more portable than flat filters, but it has a surface space of 60 percent. This increased area contributes to the filtration process being exposed to more metric tons of air per minute than its competition.

The filters are pulled through the tobacco residue fabric modular system, and other big molecules as a smoke flows to the purifier and other particles flow. A real HEPA filter thus circulates through the air and removes 99.97 percent less than 3 micron of particulates and bad smells (including smoke).

After syphonization by the HEPA filter, the air then enters the modified carbon filtration system. Air pollutants enter a UV-C compartment which sprinkles and removes any toxins, microbes or living organisms that are intensely Ultraviolet.

The final step (if activated) in the purification process involves obtaining negative charges for all remaining air particles in the aqueous tank. The ionizer propagates negative ions that connect to polluted particles. Then these dirty molecules remain together and drop to the floor. Their weight is excessive.

5-stage filtration

silveronyx air purifier reviews

This is the five steps the air passes as it comes into the cleanser.

Preliminary filter mesh: This pre-filter collects big particles such as dust and animal’s fur.

True HEPA air filters: Traps the mold, smoke and pollen of smaller allergens.

Carbon filters enable: Eliminates cooking odors, mustiness or animals in the household.

Airborne microbial targets to make indoor air safer.

Negative ion generator: releases negative ions to boost air purification.

Great for large rooms

The lightweight size of the air purifier confirms its strong coverage. It covers areas of up to 500 square feet comfortably.

The SilverOnyx is available, no matter whether you need an air purifier to your bedroom in the middle or a big open basement.

5 Fan Speeds Plus Auto Mode 

Most air cleaners only have three fan speeds. There are five SilverOnyx. This allows you to choose the right location for air and space sizes. For example, when the air is tainted by dust or the scent of the garbage, it is possible to speed up rapidly to clear the air at the highest level. For a few minutes you have just to resist loud noise. Silver level 3 is great for daily usage to maintain the air clean. If you are uncertain which fan speed is best, simply choose auto mode. The integrated air quality sensor is used in this mode to measure air quality and to set the correct fan speed automatically.

Indicator of air quality

silveronyx air purifier reviews

The air cleaner does not hold readings of air quality to itself. The air quality indicator, the light which turns red when the air quality is poor and blue if it is good, can also monitor your air indoor air quality.

Sleep Mode and Timer

A convenient sleeping mode diminishes the fan lighting and calms down to help you sleep without distractions. Use the timer to automatically turn it off after a time when you don’t want to leave the air purifier all night.

Brushless DC Motor

A brushless motor receives energy from a circuit board compared to a traditional brushed motor which adjusts current flow as required. In the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 region, what does that mean? You get a long lasting, powerful, energy-smart and efficient purifier which moves air in a 600-foot room at a rate of 85 cubic meters each minute.

Indeed the 5-speed fan of this air purifier produces not more than 25 decibels and consumes less than 24 watts of power, whether you run it in the ultra-smooth sleep mode, press the manual air flow button or pick an auto mode to adjust the fan speed.

Triple the Power

Since the three-layer filter consists of almost all small and large particles, and most odors get absorbed, your home smells new and fresh all night and day.

99.97 percent of average or larger HEPA filters, including bacteria, mold, viruses, dust and smoke, can be found on the actual HEPA H13 filter while the mesh before filters catch fur, hair and hair. The active carbon layer neutralizes household scents like fireplace smoke, smoke and food.

Ion Generator and UV-C Light

silveronyx air purifier reviews

The addition of a UV-C light and ion generator ensures that the SilverOnyx air purifier will eradicate your health-threatening allergens and pollutants. The UV-C light uses photocatalytic oxidation in order to make bacterias and mould harmless, it shines on the internal semiconductor. In addition to destroying airborne bacteria, the ion generator emissions negative ions and reduces the static increase in energy in the air.

Touchscreen Panel

There is a smooth touch screen and three digital displays on top of this white, 13-inch high air purifier. The display of the PM2.5 indicates the amount of particles detected in the air by the particulate matter sensor that vary between 0 to 50 for healthy and 301 to 500 for dangerous substances. These values match the lamp colour – blue for good, yellow-green for moderate, violet for polluted and red for bad.

If the air quality light disturbs your sleep, you should block out the LED light. There is also a fan speed indicator, and a separate display toggles between the round-the-clock timer and the air filter.


Dramatic changes in air quality as well as in asthma and breathing can be seen by consumers within just 24 hours. Customers are not only impressed with the ability of this purifier to extract fuel and smoke odour, but also with their ability to kill pet dander, allergens, mold spores, dust mites, bacteria and more.

In addition to their excellent performance, customers are satisfied with their automatically adjusted air quality filtering ability. For instance, a forest fire in your neighboring community will instantly increase your Silver Onyx’s power to fight off your family and your poor air quality.

The stylish looks, high tech service, compact layout and the width of room coverage are other highlights of this air purifier. This air purifier has had very few negative reviews and is considered as one of the best cleaners on the market, with 90% of customers in amazon above 4 out of 5 stars.

If you would like to know about the important features of an air purifier before deciding to buy, the following video will be helpful for you:

You can check out this article for more useful features about an air purifier before buying it.


Blueair HealthProtect 7770i

silveronyx air purifier reviews

The HealthProtect 7770i ensures that when it comes to air purification efficiency next generation it is futureproof. The technology from HEPASilent Ultra is stronger than you really ever need, as 99.97% of microbes, viruses, dust, spores, dander and fungus, as well as VOCs and odors can be removed and killed by a micron. As checked, the latest HEPASilent is better able to clean than any H13 True HEPA Filter, and has 55% less power and 10% less noise.

We also like its  flatter design. It allows more air and the air purifier will provide greater CADR ratings, which blow away all other top-of-the-range machinery. It can get cleaner air to every part of the room.

The brand designed to make the most obvious improvements for the Classic or Pro family (which we have crowned one of the oldest air purifiers), to redesign the materials used, the colors and the device’s overall look. For all HealthProtect models this design principle will remain, so having a cheaper one will be fine.

Only the 70 HealthProtect models have upgraded the premium LCD display. It offers detailed air quality alerts – particle concentrations, VOCs, temperature and humidity of different sizes. But it is more like a fingerprint magnet than the complex screen monitor.

With the Spiral Air outlet, it has the strangest air flow idea. It can provide cleaner air than ever because the outlet is on both sides, not just on the end. The problem is that this feature hinders the fan capacity, so that its fan capacity is less than Classic 480i in print.

The air cleaner can be quickly moved as there are rollers. Blueair also equips its next-generation cable winder air purifiers to store any excess cable cable duration. Such comfort.

It not only boasts an incredible performance, its intelligent features make the Blueair HealthProtect 7770i the best air purifier. Discard the old-fashioned air purifier, as your indoor air quality needs to be regulated more smart.

And don’t forget that its best-in-class output was approved by the AHAM, so the highest amount of money air purification and personal fan power are available to you at the moment.

Levoit Core 300

silveronyx air purifier reviews

The Levoit Core 300 has plenty of things to enjoy. It has the best True HEPA filter we have ever used and is significantly lower cost than certain of its rivals. Just like the high-end Rabbit Air MinusA2, this original HEPA filter is tailored to fit your individual requirements. You should not miss this air purifier if you have severe allergy and asthma concerns. Its True HEPA filter follows the strict rules for removing dust, smoke, odor, mold spore, pet dander and particulate matter up to 0.3 microns (99.97 percent).

The air purifier is for small rooms only at its price point. However, it has stronger fan strength, and consolidates the system as a winner than most other rivals. Now that the Core 200S is out, it is also a better deal, as Levoit will keep up its spot in the budgetary sector. Its rating of 140 cfm is still best at around $99, it should be pointed out.

The air purifier has no clever features, however, so that the system can be controlled only by hand. You may want to wait until the next Core 300S rolls out.

Winix AM90

silveronyx air purifier reviews

Winix AM90 has a unique system for producing positive and negative ions from Winix – PlasmaWave. The hydroxyls are then produced to counteract any airborne contaminants including viruses, bacteria, germs, smells and chemical gas, etc (VOCs). Essentially, even the smallest biological particles can be killed, as tiny as 0.1 microns.

It is so effective against most harmful pollutants by combining True HEPA and PlasmaWave engineering. Furthermore, the PlasmaWave does not frustrate allergies and breathing problems like the air cleaning filter. This is why PlasmaWave is the greatest technology to fight the smallest bacteria.

It can also derail several air purifiers in the same price range even with its low level air filtering operation. The efficiency in a room of 250 square feet, for 1 hour, was compared to that of other products. The result was that it was a straightforward 99.92% winner for the capture of all particles that were as small as 0.3 microns.

It hits the ball out of the park in aesthetic beauty. This air purifier genuinely blends a premium feeling with a magnificent appearance that is relatively uncommon in this price range.

It is 23.5 cm large which is very similar to the usual Winix C555 and 6300-2 devices of this brand. It is also significantly smaller with a width of just 15 cm.

Again, we also have an air purifier from Winix that uses the airflow principle from bottom to top. This concept of air flow is also the most common in modern air purifiers, especially if the domestic air purifier is compacted to fit your home decor.

The main thing is the intelligent functionality, which is why it is bought over other purifiers. With Wi-Fi, both your phone and Alexa’s voice control, you can power this air purifier. You will also have a Smart Sensor, which will adapt your fan speed to the setting.

Vornado PCO575DC

silveronyx air purifier reviews

We would traditionally point you to a UV C light filter UV air purifier if you were faced with problems with the viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, which are biological contaminant particles. The harmless UV-C light will act with titanium dioxide, disrupt and completely kill the basic DNA of germs and viruses. Furthermore, the proprietary Vornado PCO575DC Silverscreen Technology can also disrupt chemical volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Vornado PCO575DC has the high-quality and superb True HEPA filter and activated Carbon Filter that not only make this UV-C bulb effective. Its good maxilla dripping output is linked to the high AHAM CADR-rated fan strength.

The Vornado PCO575DC has up to 10 fan speeds as one of the highest level air purifiers in 2021, and thus its performance can vary with their high-end Smart Sensors. With very precise duplicate air sensors, this high-end feature operates the air purifier for you automatically.


I hope that this Silveronyx air purifier review will successfully offer you all the information that you need before buying the product. I believe that this excellent air purifier will not make you regret buying it. Having this air purifier, you will not worry about your home’s atmosphere anymore as its amazing performance will give you a clean atmosphere. If you are considering buying an air purifier like this, you can click this article to get more useful information.

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