Air Purifier Vs Air Scrubber – What Is More Worthy?

90% of our lives indoors? The bad news is, according to a recent study, is that the ventilation in our buildings might not be as clean as we think. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the indoor climate can be up to 5 times as dirty as the air outside.That’s the reason why air purifier vs air scrubbers have increased importance in our lives.

Indoor air balance is essential for people who take good care of themselves. Breathing new, crisp, clean air around you would put you in a better mood and make you more alert. In addition, you would have reduced risks of many respiratory problems that can become life-threatening without proper treatment.

The words “air purifier’” and “air scrubber” are also used to describe the same item, which is a way of cleansing the air. In certain cases, homeowners assume that air cleaners fulfill the purpose of enhancing the quality of the air as well as they do of eliminating contaminants. Although there is a distinction between these two, it is crucial to discuss since they are so closely related

For this purpose, everybody doesn’t know how to create improved indoor air quality. No issue. Here’s an example: An air scrubber is a device that filters the air you breathe, while an air purifier neutralizes it. If you are unable to understand this, keep reading: we will clarify everything to you about air purifier vs air scrubber.

Air Purifier Vs Air Scrubber – Outlines The Meaning

air purifier vs air scrubber

They both roughly serve the same purpose. Indoor air pollution is to be lessened in one direction or another. However, the structures work in a little differently, and yield differing outcomes. Here are thorough distinctions between both air purifier vs air scrubber:

Air Purifier

What Is An Air Purifier?

An air purifier is a system for purifying dirty air, eliminating odors, allergens, toxins, and dust.

a mechanism that collects and gets rid of pollutants within the framework of the system In the current ductwork, its air purifier is being placed. Air flows through the system as if it’s been recirculated.

Ionization is the first. Then the charged fiber then absorbs the pollutant particles and spits out the ions with the opposite charges. Separation of the charged ions results in the generation of an electrical charge. As a general rule, a polar solution separates the positive and negative ions according to their charge. It is the ions which become attached to one side of the filter.

The pollutant particles inside the molecules are pulled toward the oppositely charged sections of the filter by the sheer force of the negative ions.’ Destruction allows the atom to isolate the pathogen. Finally, MERV rating 12 or MERV 52 air filters exclude any larger molecules that were not electrically ionized in the preceding it.

How is it possible that air purifiers don’t filter out everything? To put it another way, yes If the air is polluted, so is the performance of the purifier. You must filter the air after each recirculation to keep it fresh.

Air Scrubber

air purifier vs air scrubber

What Is An Air Scrubber?

A carbon filtration system utilizes a storage and retrieval technique to remove airborne pollutants in an indoor environment. The air cleaner Constantly creates negative ions as it circulates the air into the ductwork. the negatively charged molecules are sent out to look for and pull in some tiny pollutants circulating in the air.

Air Scrubs use thin metal tubes to eliminate positive ions. The honeycomb structure is formed by using a special coating on the tubes. It goes through the pipes and into an ultraviolent (or ultra-violet) section. Thus, the air is cleaned.

an air ionizer has the potential to trap negatively charged particles like bacteria or other allergens in the air. negatively charged ions interact with positively charged ions to form bigger, heavier particles, which cannot fly in the air However, the troops can be found on the floor or on surfaces. Even before your air handler fan is on, it pulls bigger dirt particles into the ductwork system. Eventually, the particles can get trapped and become part of the newly-formed mud.

You will find a rise of dust during the last week of service when the air filter is flushing your house. Think of this as a normal house cleaning that can happen only once. During the first surgery, you shouldn’t see anything at all in the operating room, since the anesthetics can serve to numb the senses.

Therefore, inside your house, the air scrubber removes the larger dirt and particulate matter and smaller air contaminants will land on the filter.

Brief comparison

CharacteristicAir purifierAir scrubber
ApplicationEquipped with a HEPA filter and also an ionizerAre using wet or dry vacuum cleaning
BenefitsIt is of use for the control of allergies and asthma.Employers in industrial settings may be more likely to see employment-related air pollution as an advantage, or a problem that should be solved in order to protect their employees’ health and safety.
Reduces or removes barriersAvoid exposure to allergens (dust, mold spores, smoke), dust, mold, and smoke at all costs.Chemicals, radioactive materials, particles
Intended UseEvery dayTemporary

Air Purifier Vs Air Scrubber – Deeply Clarify

air purifier vs air scrubber

While air purifiers & air scrubbers have much of the same features, they vary in two significant ways. selecting the correct equipment is essential to understanding what and piece of technology does

Thus, to summarize, the distinction between that air scrubber and also an air purifier  is the kind of pollutants they are capable of removing. Usually, air purifiers are designed to remove airborne contaminants once they have passed through the devices. It does not take care of debris stuck on objects like walls or floors. An air scrubber vader attracts airborne as well as surface pollutants, making them more difficult to get rid of.

Finally, air scrubbers & air purifiers can make the air that people in the business and clients are used to more fresh and safe.

Air Purifier

Is it possible for an air purifier to work?

Many items, and we think that the reader would profit from them. If you purchase from links on this website, we get a small commission from affiliate sales. And here is our procedure.

While some residents choose the greater health benefits of the home air purifiers, there has been an increase in the number of home-based air filters because of concerns about the quality of the air. while many of us will be spending far more time in our houses than in the past, your home is built to serve as a place of shelter Inducers and promoters of lung disease

Is an air purifier going to be reliable in this situation? To a degree, indeed. Detailed info is available to those who want to learn more about these features and how they benefit you and your house.

An air purifier’s mechanism

air purifier vs air scrubber

Traditional air purifiers remove contaminants and pesticides but can also inadvertently sanitize allergens. That’s in the world of diffusers and mist humidifiers, they’re quite the opposite.

A filtration system does not perform as well as an air purifier, especially in warm or humid climates because bacteria, mold, and viruses love to grow in moist environments. The most important task of a filtration device is to capture as many particles as possible, while a sanitization system would gradually kill them.

An air purifier either removes a certain set of particles or a different set depending on the model you buy. Some versions use filters to catch spores, while others capture them and reject them.

A last resort solution is a negative air ionizer, which attracts positively charged air molecules and neutralizes them. There is the risk of ozone pollution associated with this alternative.

How well do they work?

The short response is yes. An air cleaner, though, can only kill or neutralize pollutants that promote allergic or respiratory issues. since particles are commonly present on furniture and carpets as well as on hard surfaces, that’s also based on the fact

The Air Purifier can help to remove some of the surrounding particles.


Allergens may induce adverse immune reactions to asthma or allergies. Vegetable and animal dander, along with pollen and other stuff, are allergenic particulates.

An air filter that is most often known as a HEPA (or high-efficiency particulate) can operate in combination with an air purifier.


Asthma and perhaps other lung diseases patients may be more susceptible to indoor mold. Even if the design of air purifiers can succeed in cleaning some mold, there is no question that it is much more efficient at getting rid of it if you use a filter.

An air cleaner with a HEPA filter is recommended as well; in addition, increasing humidity levels in the home can help the filter function more effectively


air purifier vs air scrubber
Air conditioner on wall background

Landscape fire machines, also called outdoor air purifiers, can also eliminate pollutants including smoke and tobacco smoke particles. They ca n’t be sure of the scent of smoke and with the use of air purifiers.

You should never attempt to vacuum the smoke out of a smoky setting. An independent report analyzed these air cleaners and found little improvement in eliminating nicotine.

Indoor toxins

Depending on the substance, your home could also be an origin of allergens in the environment, and mold/chemical contaminants that you’re exposed to as a result of cleaning supplies, as well.

If you inhale these spores, they can be hazardous to your health. They can still trap toxins inside the house, so reducing exposure to toxins is a much safer way to go.

Pros of Air purifier

Medicines can help relieve the symptoms, and perhaps mitigate reactions, and you can Consider using an air purifier to eliminate the cause of the problems first. Users can notice less allergies and shortness of breath after continuing use.

Even while this is not a substitute for your prescriptions, you still keep the particles out of the environment if possible. A discussion with the physicians should still be had before making any reductions or stopping drugs.

  • And thus, an air purifier

Compatible with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system

Improves the Consistency of indoor air by getting rid of dust, pollens, bacteria, and odors

Has a negative-pressure architecture.

After the carbon filter, the ultraviolet (UV) light helps purify the water.

Can be purchased as a standalone.


Air Scrubber

air purifier vs air scrubber

Is it possible for an air scrubber to work?

The device’s special air filter removes contaminated air from your house, passes it via a series of filters, and returns clean air to your space. PCO photacatalyzers actually remove pathogenic microbes, while filters only trap them.

However, that is not it. Additionally, ionized air scrubbers send oxidized ions into the air. These anions have a negative charge, like odors that draw smoke.

Although the ions look like the people in the Scrubbing advertisements, they will do damage to the respiratory system.

An air scrubber’s mechanism

Do you have any doubt as to what air scrubbers really do? Air scrubbers could be effective at getting rid of mold, for example?

In the strictest sense, the conclusion is yes. Air scrubbers kill a host of toxins and pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other microscopic contaminants. The advantage of this approach is that they can also kill dust mites, pollen, including mold spores. 99% of all these airborne particles are removed by air scrubbers.

How well do they work for COVID19?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become one of the key factors for the increased use of air cleaners in the last decade. Sanitation is a major problem. Many researchers have said that CO19 is airborne, so people take it seriously

If anyone tainted with CO19 contaminates the air in your house, will the air scrubbers cover you?

COVID-19 is just not well understood by scientists at this time.

What we already know is that. Mold and several other airborne pollutants don’t stand a chance against air scrubbers, do they? They have proven to be successful. Although effectiveness can be assumed to transfer to other airborne pathogens, that is only true for bacteria, not viruses.

Pros of Air scrubber

The benefits of air scrubbers include much lower air use and increased precision.

Air scrubber claims that will help minimize the amount of dust and allergens in your home

Each individual’s health care needs are special, but in general, evidence has found that nutritional changes for people who suffer from anxiety disorders may be more effective if they strive on addressing the root cause, instead of only the symptoms.

Cigarette Smoke


Due to mold spores and natural- or compost-borne smells, as well as pungentathum on fruits and vegetables, spores and rot can affect the flavor of food.

Slight evidence of overcooking in the corner of the mouth.

Air Scrubber also reduces:


Chest Tightness



Diseases of the sinuses

Dizziness: The numbness and listless sensation that comes after the effects of a blow to the head will make it hard to maintain balance.

An irritation in the eye, an irritation in the nose, and a scratch in the throat



Lights – technology that washes dust and smoke particles from the air.

The job of an air filter is to catch airborne particles, like dust and soil, but an air scrubber is responsible for “deactivating”, including glasses, mold, odors, and chemicals in the air and materials on surfaces.

In addition to filtering the air, it is used to deodorize, disinfect, as well as purify the air. Surface mold can be removed.

Air Freshening

You may opt to use Febre as well as other “air fresheners,” that are using chemical solutions rather than chemically “stretching the air in your house. When you turn on your AC, radiator, or fan, the “air scrubbers” add the same equipment to the air and surfaces.

Air Scrub removes bacteria and other odor-causing pollutants in addition to cleaning and deodorizing the air.

Residual lifespan of the current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System)

You can also Consider using Air Scrub if you have an HVAC system, which will maximize the health of everybody in the house while extending the life and productivity of the HVAC. Indoor air emissions are neutralized by “air scrubbers.” more efficient HVAC machine, less breakdowns, lower energy costs.

  • To summarize, an air purifier:

A gadget that has enough oomph to power to get you where you need to go, but not enough to get in the way

In a continuous swath, covers a wide area with greater depth and clarity.

Provides a healthy indoor air supply with cleaner air for families and offices

Produce noiseless ozone

Arrives in multiple varieties

When in an HVAC system, the cartridge may be mounted as well

What air filter do I need? – Air Purifier Or Air Scrubber

The disparity between an air scrubber and an air purifier is negligible. Costs, use, effectiveness, and procedures all have only minor variations.

An air purifier and also an air scrubber take indoor toxins from the supply. Air purifiers are made to extract only airborne particles, while air scrubbers are designed to disinfect all airborne particles and surface impurities.

Therefore, someone who has breathing problems should go for the air purifier. It is effective in the treatment of asthma and other allergic disorders. It is well-suited for smaller environments, including a residence or a small building.

On the other hand, an effective air scrubber can also be a positive for you. They are best applied in industrial settings, but you could still use them in any setting where sound can be an issue. They’re expensive, but better. We urge you to go ahead and order one of these, which will actually make the atmosphere in your home cleaner and healthier.

Air Purifier Vs Air Scrubber: Which Is The Best Pick For You?

It’s true that both systems can be used for domestic purposes, but the superior one relies on just what you really want to do.

Purchasing an Air Purifier

An air purifier becomes intended for individual rooms and can be used everyday.

Studies show that it’s the most cost-effective method for enhancing the air quality in the building.

Continuing to use the air purifiers 24 hours a day will keep your atmosphere cleaner and healthier.

This is good news for someone who wishes to remain safe as it does a better job at ridding the home of contaminants like allergens, pollen, mold, bugs, and VOCs.

Air scrubbers will be used by mold removal firms for mold problems, but extracting mold spores from indoor air with an air purifier is a sound concept.

To learn more about our leading air purifiers, take a look at our mold spore testing results.

Especially if you really have asthma, a total air purifier is absolutely necessary. About one in every 10 asthmatics opt to choose an air purifier mostly in the bedroom and the living room.

See our comprehensive guide on choosing the right air purifier to learn more.

Watching this videos to understand of the operation of air purifier 

Purchasing an Air Scrubber

It should be used to filter the air with high levels of pollutants.

Instances in which these applications are used include skilled mold remediation, extensive restoration, or significant interior decoration.

Air scrubbers can clean large areas easily and preserve the freshness of certain locations where the job is being done.

In the event you have enough cash to afford an air cleaner in your HVAC machine (which costs $1,000-3,000), then the entire house stays new and clear.

Optimal for an air purifier over an air scrubber in this case

Some Best Air purifiers for you

  1.  Blueair Blue Pure 211+

[amazon box=”B073WJL99W” ]

The Blue 211 has proven to be capable of extracting dust, smoke, dust, and pet dander.

But despite this, the HEPA claims, the filters work just fine.” They use particles that have a charge to bond to particles and would adhere to the fibers.

You can choose from eye-po yellow to low-key grey, with the pre-filter, which enables you to choose the look of your office. To let you see whenever it’s time to change your key filter, there is a light indicator on the front.

If you choose the Blue Pure 211+, the noise production will be even greater at lower speeds, and the repair costs will be more expensive. These speeds are like the Coway, but it pulls more air and is a little more expensive.


  • Attractive design
  • Exceptional results under most harsh circumstances
  • It can be as complicated as designing a new product or as creating fun new images for an existing one.


  • Expensive
  1. Coway Airmega 400

[amazon box=”B01C9RIACG” ]

Many that have tried the Coway Airmega 400 believe that it’s a high-performing though more costly unit. A true HEPA and carbon filter system makes the unit more efficient for purifying the environment in a wide area over a limited period of time.

The Airmega 400 promises 1,560-square foot performance, but you’ll get better results in smaller spaces. If you mount the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the purifier can only work at a rate of two or less breaths per minute.

Through its large size, the Airmega 400 minimizes disruptions with a programmable timer as well as a monitor shut-off. You can use it to connect to an Alexa or mobile app, too (it’s the “smart” Alexa”)

Unfortunately, we were unable to find the Coway AP-15 HH, which looks much like the smaller AP-12 HH. The best has yet to come!


  • You’ll find at the major home supply stores sell for about the same price as a small car air purifier, but do not take up much floor space, which makes them excellent for bigger residences, condos, or apartments.
  • Focusing on artistic style and performance
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Quite expensive
  1. Hatha Space Smart True HEPA

[amazon box=”B07V56QH7T” ]

In case you have animals, the Hathasp True HEPA Purifier is needed. This 1,500-square-foot room air purifier has a broad capacity to replace 1,200 cubic feet of air every day and a filtration device that traps over 99% of pet dander and dust m For added safety, it has an activated charcoal filter that prevents dust, odors, fumes, and toxic chemicals like candles and plug-ins, like VOC and other cleaning agents, like hairspray and degreasers.

It comes with a filter washable pre-filtration to help keep pet fur from the HEPA to extend the life of the unit and boost efficiency. To purify, all you have to do is unplug and rinse. It also provides a filter alert, reminding you when it’s able to schedule new filters, which is particularly useful because you can’t be sure to get filtered air forever.


  • 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Efficient 5-in-in-1 filtration device that handles pet and environmental dust and dander


  • Quite expensive

Some Best Air Scrubber for you

  1. Dri-Eaz F284

[amazon box=”B00AB25016″ ]

Dri-Eaz F284 is a no-nonsense air purifier that gets the job done in the style. The majority of contractors who’ve used many negative pressure devices such as HEPA-500 in the past are said to be highly satisfied with its Consistency. It is very suitable for the treatment of mud, algae, mildew, and drainage issues, but can also be used for all sorts of building projects.

This is a nicely thorough spec. When the Dri-Eaz F284/AM has a total airflow of 500 CFM, it will specialize in places up to 938 square feet. In my experience, it goes a lot further than comparable scrubbers go.

The HEPA filter is the highest performing top of the line. The Dri-Eaz F284 has been found to be highly successful. More than 99.97% of even the tiny dust particles will be drawn to the magnetic fields.


  • Elmon 1 is the industry’s finest air scrubber; recommended by anyone from plumbers to property managers
  • Big coverage (total 938 square feet) and 500 CFM airflow with a 3 AMP maximum air flow.
  • Many different pre-filters transform it into something usable for almost every job
  • More than 3 lines can be hooked together with one net to do larger projects


  • It’s very heavy (44 pounds), requiring the use of at least two pairs of hands to do it; it’s impossible to lift alone (need two people to assist in moving it).
  1.  BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL

[amazon box=”B01JHI66VC” ]

A cleaner you should have when searching for toxins in your home is the BlueDri BD-AS550-BL. It’s a form of vacuum cleaner that collects smoke, dust, allergens, and dander from the household.

air filters that are capable of eliminating 99.97% of home air pollutants In the case of repeated reactions to air, use this unit to remove allergenic particles from the air.

If you’re working on building, remodeling, or restoring, then the BD-550-BL could be just the air scrubber you’re brother. The other added feature (at request) arrives with such a carbon filter that takes away odors from paint, cleaning fluids, and salon equipment.

If you want to remove the stale smell of your home, this is the best system on the market.


  • It has an odor neutralizer alternative
  • It is capable of capturing huge particles
  • It has the ability to hold a lot of dust
  • Weighing machine with powerful air filtration system and a long life


  • Quite noise
  1.  OdorStop OS500

[amazon box=”B01CCV4UYG” ]

If you are looking for a top-of-the-the-the-line indoor air cleaner, then get a system called the OdorStop. It’s a filter that eliminates all kinds of airborne toxins, such as mud, mold, and dander, as well as well as those found in the surrounding area where you spend most of your time.

The filtering method uses two stages, with the choice of a charcoal filter. The primary trap is made to get rid of larger particles until they go through the pre-filter, whilst the HEPA collects bigger ones. They expect the OdorStop OS500 to operate for many years.

This machine is recommended for industrial use if you need strong air filters.


  • Little time and a lot of impact
  • Roto-molding makes it serviceable for many years.
  • This does an effective job on mold, drywall, and dust.


  • Although its name means, OdorStop OS500 is not effective on the air quality of your home or food.

Closing Thought 

Ionization uses chemistry in both air scrubbers vs air purifiers. This means that the two systems will clean up to 99% of the airborne pollution in the air. By using one of these methods, you’ll be getting the air clean.

For an air purifier, the cleansing takes place inside the machine, with no effect on the outside air. If it is mounted, it leaves nothing but the fresh, non-filtered air in your room. On the other hand, an air cleaner needs to be replaced every six months for efficient operation. If you choose a high-MERV filter, it would be more costly than an air-handler filter.

To put this into perspective,an air scrubber has no parts that need daily maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about it. Though it can be unsettling that the cleanings are taking place away from the unit itself, rather than inside it, the air scrubber also has advantage of reducing the number of contaminants on countertops, light switches, doorknobs, and switches, not having something penetrate the machine has a much greater benefit.

A device that can extract airborne pollutants can be considered such as air purifier vs air scrubber. This one step will help you to achieve both breathable energy and clean surfaces. When indoor air is polluted by airborne particles like pet dander, dust mites, and mold, we are glad to help you pick a suitable air purifier to help disinfect the air in your house.

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