Walther P22 Flashlight- Essential Tools Of Every Household

A Walther P22 flashlight is the standard essential flashlight today. However, to better understand super-bright flashlights, let’s talk about the concept of “flashlights” as well as the history of flashlights. There is a wide range of different Walther p22 flashlights on the market today. This article will introduce you to the most popular flashlight on the market today – OLIGHT PL-MINI 2 valkyrie and the flashlights of some other famous brands.

Considering the definition of a flashlight on demand, it is a portable, portable light source. Thus, a torch will, of course, be the first “flashlight” of humanity. When the light bulb was born and battery technology developed, people created a complete concept of a “flashlight.” A battery-powered lamp.

With the vigorous development of science and technology, nowadays, many modern lighting products are born. One of which cannot be ignored is Walther’s p22 flashlight. So how is Walther’s p22 flashlight different from an ordinary flashlight? When buying this lamp, what should be paid attention to? It is a question that many people are interested in. Let’s explore the article below!

Somethings You Should Consider Before Buying A Walther P22 Flashlight

walther p22 flashlight

Instead of using incandescent bulbs like conventional lamps, the Walther p22 flashlight use led bulbs with a particular structure. Therefore, they are many times brighter than traditional lamps, so they are called Walther p22 flashlights by consumers.

Currently, these lamps are compact, modern in design, convenient to move and use in many different spaces. Moreover, this product’s price is not too high, suitable for every family’s economic conditions.

When buying a Walther p22 flashlight, you should pay attention to 4 factors: Good lighting performance, ease to use, excellent design, ease to hold at a reasonable price … To be able to own a product. The first thing you need to do is find an address that provides prestige and quality and favors many consumers.

Where should I buy a Walther p22 flashlight?

walther p22 flashlight

With a wide range of supply markets, you can now buy Walther p22 flashlights anywhere. However, to ensure quality, you need to find reputable establishments and agents. One of the addresses you should not ignore is Amazon. Amazon is currently the market’s leading provider of portable lighting equipment. The products we supply are always strictly tested so that customers can be completely assured.

Walther p22 flashlight is usually made from high strength, good plastic material that prevents deformation and cracking when subjected to impact. Besides, the lamp also has a rubber ring attached to the joints to help prevent dust and water, thereby increasing the durability of the product.

The most important thing when choosing to buy a Walther p22 flashlight is how long it can stay on. Typically, the rechargeable light can stay on for 6 to 7 hours, especially with new technologies that can continuously increase the lighting time to about 10 hours. This spare time will gradually decrease during use.

You need to know the parameters related to the lamp: Watt index (W). When the bulb has a more extensive W index, the more power consumption; therefore, if there is any lamp that reduces the W number of the device and still retains its performance, you should choose. It will help reduce the family’s monthly electricity bills.

A typical Walther p22 flashlight will have the following parts:

  • The light source is mounted in the reflector (flashlight bulb).
  • Transparent cover to protect light sources and reflections.
  • The battery.
  • Flashlight charger cord (or charger plug).
  • Switch.

About quality :

Choose reputable Walther p22 flashlight brands. American brands can be used if you can afford them. If not, you can use famous Chinese brand flashlights such as Fenix, Olight, and so on. These are well-rated brands on Amazon, with dealers in the USA and genuine warranty.

Good Walther p22 flashlight will ensure you of material durability, water resistance, impact resistance. Good heat dissipation, long use time. You will feel a lot more secure when holding them.

About demand:

You need to define your own usage needs clearly. For example: Where do you use it, how many meters need to project. How long will each use? Through these factors, you can better visualize the right product for you.

The phase of the Walther p22 flashlight

walther p22 flashlight

The part that determines the long or wide range of a flashlight is the headlight part (the part that shines the flashlight). When choosing to buy a flashlight, you need to pay attention to select the right headlight according to its use as follows:

  • The deeper and broader the phase: this helps the lamp have the ability to gather light and shine in the form of a drop (point). Like the sun’s bright spot, this type of light glows far and wide, but the re-emitting point is small, concentrated in one moment.
  • Small and shallow phase: the light of the light is spread out, shining in the region.
  • The plastic phase is often used in low-quality lamps and lower prices. For flashlight, aluminum alloy phase with silver coating.
  • The smooth phase will give light far away, and the lumpy stage will give light evenly.

Choose for yourself a flashlight that can change the headlight to have a variety of lighting possibilities. When choosing a super bright flashlight, the trick is to select lamps with large lenses: The bigger the lens, the broader and farther the light will be.

Capacity is suitable

Wouldn’t you want to buy a flashlight that is too low with insufficient light or an overpowered flashlight that could harm your eyes? Check the capacity of the lamps carefully before buying. To ensure sufficient light, a suitable lamp will have a total of 3W or more, and with this parameter, a Led lamp will be pretty suitable.

Besides, when purchasing a flashlight, you can request a trial to check the lamp’s output, thereby making the right decision.


Glass is the deciding factor for the brightness of the lamp, so when choosing to buy a super bright flashlight, you need to choose one with quality glass. Currently, on the market, there are four types of flashlight glasses that you need to know:

  • Glass made of mica plastic
  • Made of glass but sketchy, not honed, lava (often used for inadequate reasonable lamps, even counterfeit goods)
  • Made of round glass, sharpened edge
  • The glass surface is coated with an AR layer, and the uniform round design, always filmed.
  • Typically, the genuine super-bright flashlights will use precisely sharpened glass, ensuring good light quality to consumers.

Who should use Walther’s p22 flashlight?

walther p22 flashlight
  •  Family

Like a medicine cabinet in the house, we always need to be in case of a sudden power outage, a fire in the house, or danger of a burglary breaking into your home during the night. So there is always a need to have a flashlight when it comes to one of the problems above.

  • People who are engineering, construction, protection

Of course, with these jobs, we must always have a lamp with us.

  • Sports, hiking – picnics

Walther p22 flashlight is indispensable while cycling in the dark or in backpacks.

Used Time?

How long your flashlight will be used will determine the price you need to pay. If you use flashlights regularly, the money you spend is not small at all. And you should also invest in a flashlight that lasts a long time. If you buy a poor-quality flashlight, it will only last a few months or even just a few times. So it will take you a little more to re-purchase this device.

You should read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to know what type of plug you need to buy. Some lamps will automatically turn off when the battery is full, and you will plug the light continuously without fear of battery bottles. And some lamps are equipped with a power-off function when full, and you need to pay attention to how long the charge lamp is full to have a suitable charging time, and limit overcharging that can lead to battery bottles.

Follow the guidelines that come with the light on charging and discharge the battery for the first time or whether the lamp is impact resistant or not for proper use.

Some notes when using the rechargeable light

walther p22 flashlight
  • Keep out of reach of children, do not shine directly into others’ eyes within the range below 10m. It is recommended to remove the battery from the lamp if you do not use the lamp for a long time.
  • High-end rechargeable flashlights can operate under a depth of more than 1 meter. The body of the lamp has a rubber gasket coated with waterproof silicone oil. If this oil layer dries out over time, you should apply new oil to increase product life.
  • Do not turn on the charging lamp at the highest brightness intensity for too long for more than 15 minutes continuously, and you should switch to lower mode for 1 to 2 minutes before switching back to higher brightness mode
  • During the charging process, it should be noted that if the battery is warm to the touch, the battery will work normally, but if it feels too hot, please stop the emergency charging because the battery is damaged and need to replace the battery.
  • Choose the right voltage source for the lamp to ensure the fastest charging speed and avoid damaging the charged part of the lamp. If not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge the lamp with a frequency of every 2 months to ensure the power in the lamp is always and the longevity of the source.

What Is The A Walther P22 Flashlight?

walther p22 flashlight

The Walther P22 Flashlight concept was born when LED bulbs dominated the flashlight market. The outstanding light output of Walther P22 Flashlight compared to incandescent allows people to call them the beautiful name “Walther P22 Flashlight”.

The birth of the P22 Flashlight was an opportunity for a series of Chinese flashlight manufacturers to be born, such as Fenix, Olight, Nitecore, etc … Not to mention the low-end segments Police flashlights, Ultrafire v ..v.

Some big companies in the US flashlight manufacturing sector have transformed, catching up with the trend. They have a gentle transition from incandescent bulbs to led bulbs like Surefire, Streamlight.

However, it is also the end of the giants who cannot follow the trend—for example, Maglite, one of the famous American flashlight brands.

Even though the competition among flashlight manufacturers in this lucrative market is fierce. However, they are not the owners of the P22 Flashlight technology. It was a war of a greater caliber, and the victory seems to have belonged to CREE – the famous American maker of P22 Flashlight.

Application of P22 Flashlight now appears everywhere. From indoors to streets, from flashlights to street lights. CREE has to compete with other players like NICHIA, PHILIPS, OSRAM, etc.

However, in the field of LED flashlights, CREE seems to overwhelm the competition. Their P22 Flashlight isn’t just compact, and it’s bright. Even more important is the ideal power consumption. That is why 90% of the major flashlight manufacturers in the world use CREE LED bulbs.

Glare is an important factor in determining whether the light will shine far or near. Projection or shine. Whether the light beam is soft or not.

Usually, reputable flashlight manufacturers have to carefully align and file the sample by hand to get a reasonable beam with the most technical requirements. Then it was put into the mass production line.

P22 Flashlight in general and LED flashlight, in particular, can be made from many kinds of materials. Which P22 Flashlight is usually made from plastic, copper, aluminum, steel, titanium. The article introduces 3 common materials on the P22 Flashlight: aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

Flashlight made from plastic is commonly used for industry or headlamp. Copper titanium flashlights are less common, usually limited to the edition.

The main material for the manufacture of the flashlight body is aluminum. The advantages of aluminum are strong, light, conductive power, and heat dissipation well.

Most flashlights are made of “Air Grade Aluminum” or 6061-T6 Alloy aluminum. This material is very durable, hard, cheap, weldable, and the surface can be anodically processed. Basically, it is the most reasonable and optimal material to make the flashlight body considering the good factors: price, durability, surface treatment, heat dissipation, can be soldered.

The light body must meet the following requirements: Light, hard, durable, and especially important to good heat dissipation. As we know, the super bright P22 shines a lot of heat. A good quality flashlight should have excellent heat dissipation. It doesn’t simply keep the user from getting hot. That is the direct determinant of the lifespan of the flashlight.

The circuit is fundamental because the P22 lamp needs ~ 3-4V only, but the battery capacity will gradually decrease. An electronic control circuit is required. Flashlight manufacturers need to make a good circuit to ensure that they can withstand a large amount of heat radiating from the lamp. Besides, the user demand is increasing. Requires the circuit to have smart features such as battery management, heat management, and optimal light intensity adjustment

Flashlight P22 increasingly… bright and perfect for other features. The benefits for people are immeasurable. You can easily climb mountains, wade streams, and explore caves without any worries, from water-resistant, dirty to impact-resistant and long-lasting.

 Olight Pl-mini 2 Valkyrie And Outstanding Of This Product

[amazon box=”B07MWFWH4N” ]


  • Light source when a power failure occurs.
  • A light device that helps you work more efficiently in low light or low light.
  • For jobs that need to travel, looking for something in the dark, a flashlight is also an indispensable useful device.


  • A bit heavy

I did not want to bring a weapons flashlight on my gun for a lot longer with no suitable products on the market. When I am out in the evening or my wallet, I depend on a different Light source that is sleeping with my weapon. With a torch, I can recognize any risks and environments easily. This design, nevertheless, is not perfect. If I have to use my torch in self-defense, it is a further step to carry out. The biggest benefit of firearm illumination is that the weapon can be held on both sides when the goal is illuminated.


This should function if it is to operate, and if it remains empty for a long time, this should not become battery drained.

The PL-Mini2 is accessible in two different colors: white or tropical tan in a sophisticated container. Also, there is a torch, plastic USB loading cord, 1913 track brace, and a T6 / T8 screw.

My hopes were washed away every time I purchased and treated an Olight item. PL-Mini2 is a reliable product, all yours. I believe. The whole aluminum box is manufactured beautifully with beautiful smooth cream countertops. The anodizing work is done good, with simple and clean written labels.

The slide foundation and the spring-loaded trigger are so robust that they are accessible. Reaching into the lamps’ faces, you see the reflective surface and glass are beautifully smooth and reveal no marks with a Cree XP-L emission. When controlled and optimized with the skin, mechanical shift functions on the front of the display offer supportive touch feedback.

With the fast detachment trigger, the installation of the PL-Mini2 could not have been easier. You can install it in less than five minutes, change the illumination to your firing pin (if necessary), and firmly seal it. This seems to be an appreciated improvement on the arm eyes screw. Olight has also done excellent work in keeping the lever tiny.

The control panels are aligned with the arm and switched off. I have other lamps with swivel buttons, but the segments and sub do not profit from this issue. I prefer backward triggering compared to other lamps with side flips. The motion of the mouth is apparent with the sides changes. 

The upward movement contributes to a reduction of rotation in the view. Pressing and holding back either button momentarily to operate the PL-Mini2. A fast push and turn activation continuously activates the display. To switch off again, click and unlock.


Olight only defines 1 minute of maximum production but sometimes seems to underestimate efficiency and delivery. 600 epithelium is a ton if you don’t know about the energy intensity. Your typical D-cell MAGLITE is just 168-lumen output to offer you a frame of comparison. Of course, it’s dazzling once you’re at the finish of the receipt. I set a goal at six meters in the driveway and couldn’t help seeing precisely what was said or the region around. The ability to illuminate every space of your building should be enough. I’d say something over six hundred lumen output is nearly too intense for outdoor usage.

Normally, the control hand or thumbnail is used to handle all changes. If the pulling hand is installed correctly against both the pistol grip, it automatically reaches the light push button. You have had to learn correctly for any new machinery, but I can hardly find learning for the PL-Mini2 because it’s too simple to use. Without error, I pushed the PL-Mini2 keys on either side innumerable times. – time I pressed the change as intended, it switched on.

I considered it more than adequate to have 2-3 minutes of maximum performance. I will not anticipate the lamp to be on for further than 1-2 minutes every hour in most situations. The display always gives off a beam of sunlight after just a few seconds to see what you’d like to recognize. The illumination takes about five seconds for the actual speed to refresh itself. The LED material level is nice; like many of your consumer LED lamps, the light. The shape of the mirror is thin, moderate-high. This enables the light to reach a fairly wide area while keeping the middle clear.

The charge ended up taking sixty-five minutes. Some of you might regard the batteries as a pro, but I don’t want the dark battery types to be purchased. Furthermore, when it must be loaded, the lower power indication will inform me.

The PL-Mini2 survived 2.0 hours from a complete charge to death. In a circumstance of self-defense, the illumination after 1.6 hours was too weak. Even for an hour, it stayed. At the 60th minute period, the battery charge light switched on and died 95 minutes later. To load the PL-Mini2, tap into the power adapter and put the metallic circle closer to the database, and this will click in position. For their weapons beams, the circuitry of the magnets is inverted.


Olight has rigorously tested the Olight to obtain an IPX6 waterproof grade. The lighting is not waterproof and can be immersed in this score if you are involved in the standard ASTM information. The Olight could be treated in a strong (and some) downpour that provides more than appropriate security. Really don’t take your lamp to dive. To check it, I ran it for five min underneath the drain but had no problems.

The best thing about the Olight is the sticker price in addition to the lightweight design and efficiency. It won’t break up the account at 89.90 dollars. It is amazing and tiny in size, making it unparalleled by any lighting on the marketplace. Good long-term XC1-B is over 3x more costly and has a quarter the luminance, the only illumination that gets too close to its scale and production.

Our Recommend For Other Walther P22 Flashlight

Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 

[amazon box=”B00B8Q31UQ” ]

This pistol lighting is suitable for small and packed firearms. That has a dexterous switch lever for temporary and remaining configurations. This strategic lighting is a staple and a preference among firearm holders. 

It creates a stylish 800 xenon light, which would be literally an approximation of a lantern energy light and your pulpit’s start. The light attached to the reddy will light up a street or blinding the assailant.

The size of the Streamlight TLR-1 HL Train line flashlight is 4.3 ounces which will be somewhere between medium and strong regarding military lighting, so you will not experience a significant difference with both the flashlights installed on your weapon. 

The rails lock has an interface that makes it easy for people to connect and quickly remove the gun’s flashlight. The directions don’t have to be followed since many citizens often see the procedure clearly. The size is 3.5 x 3 x 4 centimeters. The total durability of the device is 1.74 days, with a fuel cell.

The Streamlight TLR-1 HL has a sturdy aluminum building, is waterproof, and also effects. For even more longevity, the surface is annealed. The Streamlight TLR-1 HL installed on your Walther P22 cannot go right. In Black, Raccoon, and Green versions, the TLR-1 HL is now accessible. For more details, tap on the light.

SureFire X300 Ultra X300U-B

[amazon box=”B07Y3XWC1P” ]

For smoother operations, you can get a dexterous turn. The X300 is a lot lengthier than your strategic norm. The strategic lighting duration may appear to be a drawback but is still nice, as this is not in the fallout zone of a holster that is not filthy after a journey. The measurements are 3.5 x 5 x 3 cm

The absolute major advanced strategic flashlight is the Surefire X300 Ultra set LED WeaponLights for your Walther P22. 500 lamps, mounting train line, constructed of automotive alloy with high power. What else may you hope for? The nice option is brilliant white lights to light up all you need and a beam that leads to your goal.

The TIR lens enables sufficient sight of the periphery. It does have yet another contact mechanism that is possible to convert on or off the torch. Displayed in black Color and White

This source’s intensity is 1355 lumens, and the range to the lens that it provides is roughly 285 yards. Besides, it enables you to toggle between 3 distinct LED options – white LED only, black, and yellow and orange light combinations. Particularly at night, the light source could be used. Concerning total length, high style up to 120 minutes and lower style up to almost 245 minutes

Streamlight 69120 TLR-2

[amazon box=”B001C5XJG4″ ]

For your Walther P22, Developmental outcomes TLR-2 High Lumen train line pulsed laser combination provides a laser beam pointer-topped HL model lighting in the middle of the light crown. 

LED C4 uses the LED technology. This implies you finish with a strong, brilliant flash that functions for all. The strong light is necessary to penetrate the shadow, which enhances snap illumination. With various light conditions, the air temperature could be easily fixed.

The TLR-2s are bundled with 200 lumens. This is sufficient to handle nearly all. Because both the LED and the projector are activated, the battery lasts for 1,70 hours. The other features of the batteries last further. It is just 1 pound and 5 x 2 inches. It weighs 1 pound. The expected lifetime of the cell is 1,20 hours. You could also receive a “G” variant with a flashlight but a better product.

This beam projector combination is constructed out of machine aluminum con and is designed for longevity.

This powerful train line, almost untouchable military light, has a railroad grip lock device that easily and firmly connects without equipment and arms before the barrel.

The Streamlight 69120 TLR-2 is a flashlight, versatile and battery-driven combat brightness with a driven phosphorus piston, and an optimized target projector with state-of-the-art LED power proofing engineering. 

A gate and latch system with a battery permanently attached eliminates the gate button’s failure while ensuring fast substitution of the battery. On 2 or more temporary stroke hits, if allowed, the reflector triggers.

Suppose it’s cold, frosty, sunny, sand, cloud forest wet. Whether it was battered, kicked, fallen in the sea, or left in the frozen snow. You must be aware that the illumination you need for your mission is on your torch. If it illuminates an entire space, lights a track through a beam, or reaches the stars, or reads a map without anyone seeing.

Watching this video for more detail:


With the release of a wide range of lighting products, the Walther P22 Flashlight still wins customers’ trust.This is a product with good materials as well as extremely durable batteries. I hope this article has provided you with a lot of information about this lamp

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