Traktor Vs Serato – 2024 Comparison

The market leaders in DJ & music production software are Traktor & Serato. On some of the world’s most prominent stages, they are extensively utilized by professional DJs and clubs. 

Traktor versus Serato has long been a point of contention between the two software firms. Each has benefits and drawbacks that make one a good option for several and a terrible decision for others. 

So, let’s get started on our investigation! 


The most recent versions of DJ software are Traktor Pro 3 & Serato DJ Pro. Serato had been founded in 1998 and is responsible for a slew of well-known, game-changing advances in music creation.

Traktor; however, launched in 2000, 2 years after the Serato. And, throughout the years, it has produced a number of follow-up software products, each aiming at enhancing the production of music and DJing over the previous.

Traktor Pro

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In 2018, the Serato separated the software into two distinct versions based mostly on their capabilities. The latter was a free app with restricted capabilities. The other is jam-packed with factors and has the ability to be extended further to include more complicated features and functionality. 

Serato DJ Pro

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System Requirements

You must keep in mind that while DJ software is a major of personal taste, it is contingent on whether you satisfy the software’s criteria. To install the program, you must access the main ways. 

Both applications have a different system or hardware requirements, but they are both Windows or Mac compatible. The major system requirements for the /Serato Pro plus Traktor Pro 3 are as follows. 

Serato Pro works with Windows 7, however, Traktor Pro works with Windows 7, Windows 8, and 10. Both require 4GB RAM on the desktop to function properly. Serato DJ Pro requires at least 5GB of free storage space as well. 

Moreover, Traktor Pro 3 requires only 1GB of free storage. If you have a Windows PC with limited storage space, you can get a Traktor Pro 3. Serato DJ Pro consumes more storage and the integration of software that takes so much free space might be difficult with all the data that a DJ has to save on its desktop. 

An Apple Mac Serato DJ Pro will need a macOS 10.13 or above, an Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, plus 5GB of free storage. The Traktor Pro 3 is also compatible with the Intel Core i5 CPU, the 4GB RAM, and free storage for 1GB macOS from 10.12 to 10.15. 

The Traktor Pro 3 demands more storage on the Mac again. Traktor Pro 3 takes up less room when comparing the storage needs for the two programs. This may be a major advantage as every DJ needs as much space as possible to keep the process smooth. 

At the same time, Traktor Pro 3 demands a stronger CPU than the more costly Serato DJ Pro. The Traktor versus Serato debate is that you can engage in the Serato DJ Pro application if your computer is able to have enough capacity.

Sound Quality

traktor vs serato

A DJ program’s audio output should be of the highest quality. Traktor Pro 3 offers major audio enhancements aimed at achieving true high-definition acoustics. 

It has an updated audio motor that has been built to suit the requirements of the club audio system. The device’s audio output will be noise-free and of high quality. It now sounds significantly better than it ever has thanks to these big enhancements. 

Serato Pro is well-known for its high-quality audio output. The audio should be fine if you use the proper Serato DJ compliant control. We can’t compare Traktor to Serato in sound quality terms because neither one disappoints. Traktor’s latest iteration, on the other hand, raises the bar in terms of sound quality to the next level. They have been heavily improved to improve on the already excellent audio quality. 

Traktor Pro 3 is the way to go if you want HD, high-quality, and noise-free audio. It will be useful for live performances when audio interruptions are common as well.

Hardware Compatibility

MIDI Mapping

In order to process audio, MIDI mapping networks communicate with operating systems. Serato partners with various manufacturers to develop certified controls that are interoperable with Serato DJ Software provided whenever it comes to MIDI mapping. Several of the premium features are integrated into the hardware as well. 

It can support up to 61 control schemes. And you’ll have a lot of alternatives when it comes to selecting a controller that fits with Serato software. It works with 4 distinct sound cards, twenty-four different mixers, and 10 HD-only media players.

Traktor Pro only works with Traktor controllers. This bundle includes a selection of controllers. The recent version contains MIDI mapping that has been simplified. 

Serato DJ, by partnering with that kind of a close and very well ecosystem of hardware suppliers, ultimately allows you to select from a variety of gear.

Looking for some suggestions about the best controllers? Check it out now. 

Sound Card

traktor vs serato

Serato Pro works with four different sound cards: the SL2/SL3/SL4 and the Denon DS-1. There are no additional fees for unlocking the software and DVS expansion pack for these sound cards. 

Traktor Pro, contrary, is compatible with virtually any soundcard. Traktor Pro 3 features the Traktor Scratch plugin, which allows you to construct traditional turntables and media players using any soundcard. DVS DJs that use timecode vinyl can now use whatever audio interface they choose. Traktor outperforms Serato DJ Pro in this aspect.


Both Serato DJ Pro and Traktor Pro 3 support 24 mixers. Serato DJ Pro has 15 free mixers, with the other eight requiring a license code. Serato is compatible with club-quality mixers including the Pioneer DJM 900, Numark Scratch, and Pioneer DJM-S3. 

Traktor Pro 3 now has a new mixer FX that smoothes down harsh rhythm drops and transitions. This new mixer is capable of producing a very loud output. It also features an additional eight effects and filters.

Media Players

Traktor’s price list is relatively limited. It only connects with just a few other gadgets & includes a small range of Traktor-certified gear. It is compatible with any sound card, six controllers, twenty-four mixers, and eight media players. 

While Traktor claims it can be inserted and played in any standard controller, attaching the audio to any standard controller can be challenging. Furthermore, it is incompatible with any all-in-one device. 

Serato DJ Pro can support up to ten media players. The limitation is that they can only be used in high-definition format. The CDJ player will need a soundcard, mixer, or controller to unlock the program and route the audio. 


traktor vs serato


Traktor Pro 3 has a plethora of stems and samples. Traktor Pro 3’s remix decks include one-shot samples and loops, letting you switch between DJ and live performance with ease. 

Drag and drop samples & loops from other decks, apply various atmospheric effects and keep tweaking and combining voices and basslines to make unique remixes. 

Traktor Pro 3 may be modified to meet a variety of needs. It has the ability to edit, scratch, and mix songs. 

Several royalty-free tunes and loops are available. You may refine your search by the BPM, genre, or key. Drag them into your decks to make the track longer.

Serato DJ Pro offers sufficient loops and samples, but not as many as Traktor Pro 3. Serato’s effects, on the other hand, are sufficient for making remixes. In terms of performance, the primary difference between Serato and Traktor is that Serato does not offer as many visual effects as Traktor. 

Performance Pads

Serato DJ Pro comes with four virtual decks, as well as samplers, effects, and performance pad modes. As for extras, the ten CDJs or media players may be utilized to modulate the decks. By acquiring an additional eight performance pads, you may increase the program’s possibilities. 

Among the performance, pads are the Pioneer DDJ-XP2 and the Reloop Neon. You may include them in your songs to get the desired outcomes. The app includes a slew of accessories and features designed to make DJing simpler. 

Traktor Pro 3, in contrast to Serato DJ Pro, lacks integrated performance pads and requires the purchase of additional equipment. It’s a four-deck production. It has a more sophisticated and better design. 

Sync And Beatgridding 

traktor vs serato

DJing relies heavily on beat gridding or synchronization. You’ll need a strong rhythm gridding system to include music from many genres into your remixes. 

Serato DJ Pro comes with a simple beat grid and synchronization mechanism. It allows you to specify the BPM as well as the key in a single step. 

Additional features of the Serato DJ Pro make beat gridding easier. To make it more accurate and in rhythm, you may select a BPM range. The software also allows you to change the beat grids while the controller is not hooked in. 

The authorized Serato DJ controllers allow you to tailor the rhythm grids to your preferences. Traktor Pro 3 has a number of sync options, including traditional beat sync, tempo sync, and phase sync. 

The beat grids are all that temp sync is concerned about. The beat grid is ignored in favor of focusing on the phase of two songs in phase sync. 

Combining genres and bridging BPM gaps is a snap with the new Traktor Pro. The “Sync” feature also saves time by automatically matching your music’s rhythms. 

However, unlike Serato DJ Pro, it does not allow you to work with your music offline. If you are a DJ who frequently travels, owning the Serato DJ Pro will allow us to interact with other DJs.


traktor vs serato

The usage of effects is an important element of becoming a DJ. They are used to create mood and, more broadly, to lend life to each track. The DJ software you utilize should have a multitude of one-of-a-kind effects. If you have a wide range of songs, you will have a wide range of possibilities for combining them. 

Traktor Pro 3 has a total of 40 modulation effects. These effects are simple to apply, and you will have no trouble understanding how to utilize them. You are allowed to experiment with them and include them into your compositions as much as you want.

These effects have a fundamental interface that makes them easy to use. The bars and switches are shaped and are accessible comfortably. You can use them if you push, pull, or drag them as you like. 

A flatter foundation is added to the user interface of Traktor Pro 3. It makes it a lot simpler than previously to deal with repercussions. 

Up to 22 effects may include Serato DJ Pro. You may mix and blend your own tunes. The effects package may also be updated to contain up to 46 high-quality effects for a charge. 

Time Stretching

The latest version of Traktor Pro 3 features an improvement in time. The New Elastique 3 may be used to extend your music’s life and keep your audience dancing. This feature is time-consuming and involves a new master boundary. 

Serato DJ Pro lacks these advanced features for extending time. Traditional mixing may still be utilized for extending the song length but is not as comprehensive as a time-constraining tool. The Traktor Pro 3 is therefore a requirement if you want to build longer tracks. 

Traktor vs. Serato has a clear winner when it comes to time-stretching abilities.

If you are a newbie, the Serato might be your easier starting. So, check out this video for some beginner tips in DJing:


This review on Traktor vs Serato summarizes and compares some of the most important features of the most recent versions of this software. After reading this article, we hope that you will have a basic understanding of how the software works and other important elements that make it worthwhile to invest in. 

Want to find the best DJ mixing to match your software? Let us help you. 

Remember, the decision is entirely yours. 

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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