Vinyl Flat Record Flattener Review

Music enthusiasts who appreciate and own a collection of phonograph records must have borne in mind the act of taking good care of it to be able to attain optimal performance. However, does the issue of the record warp sound familiar to you? Unfortunately, the same thing occurred to me! This doubtlessly leads to the demand for the vinyl flat record flattener as warped records may provoke annoying listening experiences.

Manufactured in high-quality materials with amazing functioning, the vinyl flat record flattener is no longer unfamiliar among LPs users. Thus, the product is always top-rated, highly reviewed by users of its efficiency.

Continue reading for our review on the vinyl flat record flattener and decide for yourself whether the product is all that you ever need for your vinyl collection!

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Vinyl Flat Record Flattener

vinyl flat record flattener

What is more sorrowful than a cherished record that can not be used? Warped records can cause trembling sound effects that could ruin your favorite track. Worse, they can even lead to miss-tracking or poorly affect the cartridge. Whatsoever, the problem is reported to get into most users’ nerves! 

It has been a total letdown ever since to find out that your cherished vinyl disks are warped. Users tend to have the records either returned or repaired by the store. Generally, some may even keep their malfunctioned records in their storage, remaining unused. The situation is by far unsurprising for most phonograph records collectors as the most challenging task of the collector’s world is preserving and fixing. 

One common solution towards bent records is to use the heat from the oven.  Another method you may have heard about is displaying it to the direct sunlight, by inserting the disks between glass sheets. However, either method is uncontrollable and rather risky, especially for first-timers. There is no control of the amount of heat needed to flatten the warped records, which may lead to the warp remains or even worse- damaged grooves. 

On the other hand, bear in mind that record flattening, including the use of a vinyl flat record flattener, will not always give you promising efficiency. This is because whether the product will work depends greatly on the severity of the warp, therefore, there is no assurance regarding the final result. Plus, some warps can only be recovered and come out improved, though not to the extent of newly bought records. There is no guarantee that you will receive a perfectly flattened disk. Taking that into mind, it is greatly advisable that the task of careful protection and maintenance is of top priority.

Therefore, if you are dealing with slightly warped records, it is sufficient that you purchase a heavyweight record clamp or a record weight stabilizer. These function well with slightly curved disks as well as drastically improve the sound quality, however, note down that the solution towards warped records is only temporary. On the other hand, if you are not a frequent Lps user and own just a few disks in your collection, you might find it suitable to pay for professional flattening services nearby. 

Thus, if you are struggling with the situation of severe warp, or you opt for a professional flattener, our best offer is to use a specialized vinyl flat record flattener. To conclude, there are some noteworthy factors to take into consideration when purchasing a vinyl flat record flattener:

  • The severity of your records warp? Is it slightly warped or unusably malfunctioned?
  • What is your budget for a record flattener?
  • What is the preferable size of the product?
  • How often do you need to use the flattener?

Presenting The Product

vinyl flat record flattener

Vinyl Flat is a trusted company well-known for its manufacture of high-quality products that guarantee records warp removal at an acceptable cost. The Vinyl Flat record flattener is proved to be the most uncomplicated way to save your warped and dished vinyl records. The method is widely used by knowledgeable Vinyl enthusiasts as well as records collectors all over the globe. 

After trying out both versions of the vinyl flat record flattener, I finally came to the conclusion that the newest version is way better as it is larger in width and also provides remarkable efficiency compared to the older model.

You might wonder what comes with the item when purchased? Three different types of Groovy Rings are equipped with the vinyl flat record flattener, allowing it to function well with any record size and regardless of the severity of the warp.

To proceed, there are two simple methods for you to follow: adding heat or using without heat. The no-heat method is simply to let the warped record remain inside the mats. This uses natural force to flatten the disk, however, the drawback is that this process may take you weeks to achieve the final result. 

After experimenting with the vinyl flat record flattener, we can assure you that the product functions well and does not cause any physical damage to your record. What you will have to figure out is the length of time appropriate. This is due to the alteration of the temperature inside different groovy pouches as well as different ovens of yours. Therefore, it is advisable that you experiment for the standard time as the suggested instruction may not give your records enough time to be thoroughly flattened.


  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • Effectively flatten any levels of warps
  • Can be used without a heat source
  • Simple design applicable to any vinyl records and turntables


  • May not produce complete flattening of severely warped records
  • May require the purchase of the Groovy Pouch if preferred adding heat

Product Overview

vinyl flat record flattener

So, what does the vinyl flat record flattener do? Vinyl Flat uses gravity force, associated with the unharmful and simple use of added heat to help with the record’s flattening duty. As mentioned above, the product can function either with or without any heat source. If preferred adding heat to hasten the process, your kitchen oven can be of great use. Though, you have to strictly follow as instructed. On the other hand, most users found it versatile and useful to purchase a Groovy Pouch to heat the vinyl flat record flattener as it is much simpler to operate and gives you optimal results.

In all, is the vinyl flat record flattener worth the price? I have experimented with some of my old records that are too warped to play and now they track smoothly. Although there are still indispensable warble sounds during playback, it is not a serious problem and may be inaudible to easy-going customers. Using the product without heat is absolutely fine if you are concerned about the temperature damaging the grooves. Some people go with this “slow and low” approach and still attain preferable results.

Overall, the results also depend on the severity of your warp. It took me approximately 3 to 5 hours to achieve flattened disks, however, most of the disks were only slightly warped. Minor flaws can be fixed without any damage, and disks can turn out completely flat on your platter, ready to play!

Features And Benefits

Flattens Vinyl Record Warps

So, how exactly does it work? The Vinyl Flat is constructed with two heavyweight plates along with two safety mats for added protection, which is also known as the Groovy Rings. The bolt in the center is what holds every part firmly in place. In order to do the flattening job, all it takes is to place the clean warped record in between the two protection mats. What you can do is to separate both halves then tightly hand-bind the central bolt.

A professional vinyl flat record flattener ensures no guesswork when repairing a warped record by yourself. It is not until the launch of Vinyl Flat’s products that users are exposed to a variety of options regarding warped vinyl records. Aforetime, users were intent to practice risky DIY or unscientific techniques using layers of glasses and natural heat. Though the practices are doubtlessly cheap, they can also result in ruined precious vinyl records. 

Unique and Simple Design

vinyl flat record flattener

If you are concerned about the vinyl flat record flattener being too complicated to use, there should be no worries as the product does not require sophisticated practice. The product includes no meters and a buzzer but easy-to-use displays. It is only advisable that you get yourself a timer to alert and keep you up with the heating process. 

What a vinyl flat record flattener does is provide the correct amount of force across the playing record surface. Being commonly purchased through time by Vinyl users, the vinyl flat record flattener is trusted not only for its efficiency in fixing most record warps and dishes but also built to be safe and applicable for any vinyl records and turntables

Heavy-duty construction

The heavy-duty construction allows the product to eliminate record warping or dishing. It comes with three pairs of soft groovy rings included, which makes it applicable to 200g, 180g, 150g as well as normal-weight records. It works smoothly regardless of the different levels of edge warp and concave, as each groovy ring is set for general purpose. 

What’s more? The feature makes it proven to be safe for All Vinyl Records, easy to operate for any records of yours.

Use with or without a heat source

vinyl flat record flattener

Adding heat assuredly hastens the flattening process. If you opt for instant results, there are several methods to speed up. A traditional method involves the use of an oven. The practice does not require your additional accessories, however, you need to pay extra attention to the temperature, making sure that it is not over 150°F. Theoretically, you should place the flattener with your warped record inside on a smooth surface in your oven. An appropriate amount of time for heating and cooling varies in the record size, weight as well as thickness, which should be instructed in detail by the record manufacturers. For the following step, keep in mind that you must use the bake function and not the preheat function. You should warm up your oven for approximately 30 minutes before placing your flattener inside.

On the other hand, do you find the previous method too complicated? Or if you doubt the inconsistent temperature of your oven and do not prefer risking that it might exceed 150°F, you can definitely reach for a Groovy Pouch. This requires additional purchase as it is not equipped with the vinyl flat record flattener. The Groovy Pouch is made of fabric and is used for its controlled heating unit, allowing it to manage sufficient heat needed. In order to use, unplug the item, allowing the package to cool down. The package should be let to attain room temperature, the use of a refrigerator is prohibited as it might ruin the product. Lastly, there may be some former error and you may not be able to attain completely flattened records in the first attempt. Repeat the process to achieve a perfect result.

 Vinyl Flat Record Flattener Alternatives

Fluance HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer

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Offering first-rate vibration damping by coupling the records to the turntable, this ultimate vinyl flat record flattener is undoubtedly a must-have for any vinyl records enthusiasts. The needed supplementary weight of the steel stabilizer adjusts and lessens the excessive vibrations from passing on to the stylus. 

If you are coping with poor playback due to warped records, this record flattener will work with it perfectly. It helps with leveling the imperfect surface of your records, fixing the improper contact between the surface of your warped records and the platter.

Remarkable speed stabilization helps with the reduction of wow and flutter, promising a more persistent speed.

What’s more? The accessory comes with an antiresonant rubberized finish layer, resulting in more secure protection against unwanted vibrations. Alongside, your record labels will be handled with care by the velvet base of the flattener.

  • Affordable
  • Convenient and easy gripping 
  • Compatible with every standard turntable
  • Rotational speed stabilization
  • Heavyweight

Pro-Ject Record Puck HeavyWeight Record Clamp

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Looking for a top-rate record flattener that is worth the price? This Pro-Ject Record Puck HeavyWeight Record Clamp is a great choice for those dealing with slightly warped records, or who have a tighter budget. The product uses its 3 lb. heavyweight to help with the connecting of the record and the turntable. The record flattener is adaptable to about any turntable, given that it does not come with a threaded spindle. In terms of functioning, It can help with reducing eventual vibrations along with handling your records, placed nicely on the platter. The black metal Record Puck provides a sleek powder-coated outside finish that gives you not only a nice appearance but also complete protection of your disks. 

Thanks to the function, you can save a warped record by lying horizontally in the LP stack. By solely a few days, any standard vinyl LP will be able to come back to life. The item fixes odd warping that can ruin the record. Stabilization is what makes the LP result in a less physical adjustment of the record. Therefore, there is less displacement of the stylus. Plus, since its weight is specifically distributed from the center, there are no worries about any adverse effects on the motor. All in all, this affordable product results in remarkable improvement of sound quality with the quality puck that it found useful by most customers. What’s more? It comes in a hinged crafted wooden box for additional protection and aesthetics. The heavyweight is a functional feature that drastically helps with immediate improvement in bass tightness. The only drawback it may occur is the flaking off of black paint through time. Given that it comes with a much lower price, the flattening task may not be expected with optimal efficiency compared to the vinyl flat record flattened.

  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Provides complete protection of the disks
  • Improve sound quality
  • Noticeable efficiency 

Audio-Technica AT618a Disc Stabilizer

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Whether you are hunting for a product that could be an effective use in the boardroom, workroom, or for DJ performing purposes, Audio-Technica is a trusted superior brand to take into consideration. Audio-Technica is top-rated for its reliable audio products that range widely in budget. The notable features should be its modern alteration as well as scrupulous design that satisfy all users regardless of their uses. This record flattener also works as a disc stabilizer that securely holds your vinyl disks by adjusting them into the turntable spindle. As a result, it furthers the resonance reduction and vividly ameliorates your listening experience. 

This item could be applicable if you are looking for an affordable product to ameliorate the listening experience as well as help fix your slightly warped records. So far as Audio-Technica has been well-known worldwide for its high sonic work along with impeccable equipment, it is without surprise that they have progressed and powered the Grammys, World Cup, Commonwealth Games, etc… All in all, do not miss this worth-adding-to-the-list item if you are opting for a professionally valued product.

  • Low budget
  • Insignificant improvement in record flattening
  • Holds the vinyl disks steadily in place
  • Trusted brand
  • Consistent high sonic performance


Being manufactured since 2011, the Vinyl Flat has stood its ground to be the most affordable way to fix warped and dished vinyl records. The product is proven by its efficiency at reducing most kinds of warps and has been tested to be safe for any vinyl records. 

Even though it is not guaranteed that you receive a perfectly near-to-new record with severe warp, the process can lead to drastic improvement of the situation, especially if being used over time.

Through my experience, warped records had caused trembling sound effects that ruined my favorite track and even worse, physical damage to my precious dual turntable . Being commonly purchased through time by Vinyl users, the vinyl flat record flattener is trusted for its efficiency in fixing most record warps and dishes. Check out the following video for an accurate comparison after using the machine.

To conclude, compared to other alternatives, the vinyl flat record flattener is, without doubt, a top-rated product considering its efficiency and reasonable price. We hope that you find our reviews and information helpful. Check out the vinyl flat record flattener now for further consideration!

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