What Do Djs Use To Make Music: Best Guide

Want to know What do DJs use to make music but don’t have a list of the basic tools a DJ needs? So what you need to do right now is find out what you need to buy. Here is a list of basic DJ equipment that you need to own if you want to step on the road to becoming a professional DJ.

In this article, you will understand:

  • Computer and controller setup
  • Setup CDJ
  • What do DJs need when it comes to DJ software?
what do djs use to make music

Computer And Controller Setup

The basic kit a DJ needs is music recordings were depending on the appropriate radio medium such as vinyl records if using a phonograph or compact discs and digital music files when using a computer. In addition, there are 2 two-way rotating CD players, for professionals, it can be 4 CD players, a mixer, a music box, a computer with software for work such as Cubase, Reason, Waves, or Cool Edit. 

In addition, an audio amplifier system is needed. With DJ mixers, when mixing sounds from different tracks, they must wear quality headphones and a microphone to stir up the atmosphere of everyone’s participation. To make a remix, the sound is found on the organ, CD samples are often created or edited by the DJ himself on the computer, CDs are often bought abroad or downloaded from the internet to always bring everyone the latest music. . In addition, DJs also need equipment to create sound effects, computerized systems to adjust music on digital music files or Headshell devices that come with phonograph needles like RAKE that allow DJs to play a variety of music. songs at the same time on multiple tracks of the record.

However, to buy yourself a set of tools is not a simple matter because their price is not cheap. The simplest set includes 2 turntables costing over 1,500 USD, 1 pair of CDs about 1,300 USD, 1 mixing table (Mixer) costing about 1,200 USD and a mixing table (Sound effect) costing over 300 USD…

USB is a DJ’s portable music storage, or in other words, that DJ’s “fishing rod”. A good USB stick will often be used to store good music sets or material knowledge about music learned in class.

When investing in buying a USB, you should buy a USB 3.0 or higher, allowing for faster data transfer and better quality.

Headphones are the second device that is also extremely necessary for DJs. The use of headphones is to feel the music in many aspects such as rhythm, tempo, layout, etc.

When buying headphones, you should look for specialized DJs like Vmoda or HDJ, etc.

The next essential device when going to DJ school is a laptop. If USB is portable music storage, the laptop is your music library. Not only that, but you can also arrange, set up or create your own mindsets with just a laptop.

Macbook has always been one of the popular laptop options for DJs, but there are still many more affordable options like Asus, Acer, etc.

Setup CDJ

what do djs use to make music

To be able to become a true DJ, you first need to have a passion for music and at the same time have the ability to understand sound, good music perception, then the ability to understand music theory and vocals. But the most important thing for a DJ is to know how to listen, understand and feel the sound and have a creative musical taste and the ability to skillfully connect tracks together. Tracks must be arranged in a harmonious way and create attraction through music mixing. In addition, it creates excitement and spreads music to listeners. If the DJ knows how to play an instrument, sing or rap, that’s even better.

In addition, in order to continuously update good music on the market, DJs always have to invest in changing CDs regularly and these CDs often have to be purchased abroad to ensure quality.

In order to stay long with the profession, every DJ must always renew himself, which means that he must constantly research and study materials and study regularly to improve his skills. Every DJ who wants to become famous creates his own style.

Once you have mastered the above steps, you can practice creating your own mix. But you need to remember, every music you create needs to be recorded so that you can listen to it again, and self-assess the quality to fix common mistakes in the future. You can immediately use the recording function of the software extremely easily and conveniently.

Upload your mix to social media and wait for feedback. Join vibrant dj communities or communities for dance and hip hop music.

My advice to you is what kind of music you specialize in, look for forums and dj communities that specialize in that music style. Sharing your mixes with everyone will give you a pros and cons rating. From there, find a solution to fix the error and promote what you have achieved.

Basic computer

A laptop with free software like Virtual DJ is a must-have to get things started on this path. It sounds like just a regular device, a cheap and unprofessional piece of software but trusts me! It is really necessary.

A basic computer setup can make it easier to download and mix music. This most compact DJ system allows you to freely choose your favorite tracks from major online music libraries around the world. Of course, if you’re not really satisfied, you can invest in a basic audio interface and convert the sounds digitally and send them to the DJ mixer.

Audio Interface

Recording audio/soundcard interfaces will provide both output/input so you can send digital audio to your club’s sound systems. Your music will be converted from a digital to an analog signal with better sound when amplified if processed through the audio interface. At the same time, these interfaces also allow you to listen to the music before mixing with the built-in jacks.

DJ Controller

One of the DJ music players that we heartily recommend you to buy is a DJ controller. Obviously, you can use a laptop for DJing, but that can leave you with no control over complex mixes. Besides, simple tasks like crossfading and beat-matching have to be done with the keyboard, but it’s much easier when you have faders and knobs. Today, some dual-channel controllers are designed for continuous operation because of the built-in convenient DJ software.

DJ table and a DJ mixer

what do djs use to make music

The DJ table is also an essential DJ music player for a professional DJ. You can use software or a DJ controller, but the DJ tables will give a completely different feel and sound that is hard to match. What about DJ mixers? This mixer will allow you to control volume, EQ and effects more easily for multiple audio channels.

DJ Headphones

It would be really lacking without a set of quality and stylish DJ headphones. This device will help you feel the standard and accurate sound mix well. Designed to replicate low frequencies and treble with a self-contained, noise-canceling design, these DJ headphones are considered the “second ears” of DJs to help them create great mixes.


Which instruments does a DJ need?

Indeed, DJing is not a profession that everyone can do well. To become a DJ, in addition to passion and talent, you also need professional DJ equipment. DJ equipment isn’t everything in a DJ’s career, but they certainly play an important role. Like a paintbrush, crayon, and pencil to the artist, DJ equipment helps DJs paint their music with all the colors, swings, and emotions in every mix.

Where We Can Learn DJ?

Networking is a necessary skill if you are truly pursuing a career as a DJ. Make friends with colleagues in the industry, create connections and links to help each other grow. In particular, you need to be persistent and actively practice, then you will surely succeed.

The DJ profession has the potential to thrive, earn a lot of money, but also be extremely harsh. To achieve the success you need to have passion and never give up. Success is only counted when you have a mark or stand firmly in the music market as well as in the entertainment industry. Maintain your own reason and ego, but do not be too arrogant when you have achieved. You should remember, always being humble will get you many partners, associates and colleagues.

Talent is innate, but it is also self-forged. Always be creative and find new music. Use all your skills of searching, mixing music, expressing yourself. That means finding a way to work effectively, right from the start.

In order to have a good music trend, a DJ must keep up with the music trend in the market and be popular to invest in converting CDs regularly using CDs purchased at home and abroad to ensure sound quality.

In order to stay in the industry for a long time, it is necessary to always study and change yourself to constantly study and learn to regularly improve the skills of a famous DJ and his own style in the market.

What is a DJ?

What is DJ? People call the name DJ is the abbreviation of the word, DJs are understood to be people who specialize in choosing music and playing back that music after it has been recorded for everyone to hear. Not only do they have to choose music, but DJs also have to do how to change and adjust that music so that it is vibrant, stirring listeners, and must be suitable for many different audiences. What is a DJ?

What is the origin of the DJ profession? The DJ profession did not appear in Vietnam first, but we imported it from abroad when our country expanded its foreign relations with countries around the world. The DJ profession began to appear from Jamaicans in the 50s, but in the 60s, DJs were introduced to the beautiful United States and starting from here, DJs really developed and blossomed. flourish.

DJ profession is a fairly new profession, it is like a strange wind, so it has attracted countless researchers interested and caused controversy with this new profession. Some people think that a DJ is a person who plays music, chooses music and plays it in bars, discos, discos, and they are recruited or hired by that business owner to serve music to customers. However, some people think that the DJ is the person who used to work in television and radio stations. Attracting the attention of a large number of young people, even researchers have to pay attention, it proves that DJ really has a great influence.


The above are the necessary conditions to become a Dj, in addition to music perception skills and musical skills, the supporting tools are also very important. Hope you have found the crux of your problem and continue to work on it.

Hopefully, the above useful sharing can give you a certain knowledge to become a professional DJ. This is also considered a hot and lucrative profession today. If you are really passionate and want to become a DJ, then learn to gain experience to become a DJ.

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