Yurbuds Replacement Cover – Armor Protection For Ears

Today, accompanied by smartphones are headphones devices, this is considered as a familiar companion of everyone anywhere. So yurbuds replacement cover is indispensable to protect yourself. There is no denying the benefits that these headphones bring to users such as helping you enjoy the music to the fullest and especially without affecting everyone around.

Wireless devices for many years are no longer a luxury thing for technology enthusiasts. Instead, they are steadily improving in quality, and adding more popularity to our busy lives. At work, you can easily see wireless mice, wireless keyboards, and wireless printers. When you get home, it’s not too difficult to see smartphones and tablets that come with a wireless charger.

It shows you have a really nice “companion” if you enjoy music. Once said Charles Darwin: “If I have an opportunity to survive again, at least once per week I will be given the rule to read poetry and hear songs.” “If I weren’t a scientist I would be a guitarist,” and also as Albert Einstein proclaimed. And Jimi Hendrix saw music as a ‘religion’ to him.

We still find the people I can sing as well as guitar at almost the same time surprised and appreciated. When I was a child, I used to sit for hours in my room to play the songwriter’s music that I idolized. As I grew up every single time I did homework, I constantly performed rock ‘n’ roll and think it is amazing – now I know why.

Recent evidence demonstrates what listening to music makes us happier and significantly increases our physical wellbeing. Not only can music preparation or preparation boost our IQ, but also offer several advantages when we grow older.

However, in addition to those advantages, there are also many shortcomings that adversely affect the user’s health, such as using headphones too often and listening to music too loud, making hearing at risk reduction. So, how to choose Earbud Covers to suit your ears is not easy. If you’ve ever questioned why you need to choose this highest-selling brand. Here is yurbuds replacement cover review for everything you have to read this piece, which gives you all the details required for this must – have item.

Consider When To Buy This Item

Did you ever find yourself the disgruntled user of earbuds too close, too loose or just uneasy? While most earbuds have many tips, there are ears that do not match the tips used. If these ears are yours, you should purchase the right third party substitution tips to maximize convenience and consistency and avoid garbage drawers.

Google’s ‘yurbuds replacement cover,’ and the amount of businesses offering these items can surprise you. For a bit, there have been others like Comply and SpinFit. Other labels appear created to sell off stock from companies that have not sold as much tips as they did. Some appear to be temporary. How do you even begin to restrict the choices to your face to ears and find the best tips? We are here to assist. We are here to help.

You have three questions to pose to discover the right earbud ideas. Do the earbuds suit first? Second, do your ears fit? Thirdly, how are they tone influencing?

Ensure that your earbuds match the tips

With perhaps the exception of Follow, which also has a search feature “Get suggestions for your earphone” right on its own webpage, all earbud tip enterprises sell a hue of sizes and shapes.

You must make sure they match your ears (and sound comfortable in) until you have discovered any tips which will suit your earbuds. You have to remember here three things: substance, form and scale. Any of the replacement tips are constructed out of silicone, which is convenient since it has a good appearance. However, both ear forms cannot be accommodated. You’ll also have trouble having an adequate seal because the ear canal is oval as well as the tip circular.

Many tips are shown by their scale (diameter of the little hole at the middle of the tip) or their compatibility to the particular diameter of the sound tube (in millimeters). That sound tube is really the tip-holding stem of the earbud. Unless your own earbud calipers exist we advise you to look for earbud tips on Internet, Amazon, Walmart.com and so on utilizing your earbud model name, and then review the product listing, to ensure sure the tips match the exact earbud model. It’s normally very quick to monitor a fit for earbuds from famous brands such As apple, Bose and Jabra. However, do not be scared to contact the earbuddy firm and pose queries about the lesser-known labels. Usually, after opening the packaging, you don’t get ear bits, so make sure the legwork doesn’t waste money.

The positive thing is that most people say that a specific tip is fitting a particular earbud, whether a tip firm suggests. The unfortunate thing is that it would be much tougher to be using a third party substitute tip if you have oddly formed sound tubes such as the circular 1More Wireless Headphones ANC and the all kind of wing and tip style. In these cases, you may just have to adhere to the tips of the initial producer. Contact the firm whether you have ear measurements which are smaller or greater than normal sizes, medium or larger than the one in the box.

Find the right stuff and feel the ears

Ear tips are available in different styles of special features. Taking the experience of the forms into account is really useful to have the headphones in a few new pairs.

Ear Tips for Rubber

Rubber tips are normally the most robust but often the least comfortable to use because of their rigidity. You may also trigger allergy/irritation for anyone with sensitive ears, but today they are hardly seen or advised in comparison with the past.

Ear Tips Silicone

Silicone ear suggestions are indeed very common at the moment because of their desirable characteristics.

First, the buds are chemically inert and sterile, which means that they are a healthier solution and does not worsen your ear infections or irritations.

In addition, silicone buds also have a number of choices, including three-flange, double or single ear tips, meaning you have a perfect match and a better audio isolation.

However, if used for longer periods, several users have mentioned silicone ear tips. Sweat will make the surfaces of the tips slick and start to slide out the tube (especially when you exercise).

Foam Ear

The spraying ear tips will be the best product if you emphasize comfort. These tips are the most convenient option owing to the capacity of the foam to reshape various ear canals. It makes the ear a natural seal with a superb finesse.

Furthermore, these earbud types provide excellent noise insulation in the environment due to such a large seal. However, they may produce a “funneling” apparent effect to the funnel structure, which changes the audio to a degree.

The other significant earbud tips substance is foam. This material is fantastic because it is softer and able to stretch and adapt to any ear form, and thus also keeps earbuds better in place, especially in people with smaller ear ducts. It is quicker to provide a stronger screen for foam than silicone, and will serve to isolate the noise and bass. However, foam is more difficult to maintain (some products will tolerate washing and others cannot handle it), and with time it loses its springiness. Indeed, makers of foam tips suggest replacing the ear tips every so often months as used everyday. However, they are also marketed in multi packages such that you can purchase tips at that same time for a year.

As for form, you can find most ear tips oval, however variation exists. Others are more full and bulbous, some are shallow. The more bulbous circular tips are best served with the larger ear canals and the more low forms are more comfortable for narrow ear canals. Also accessible are “multiple-flange” silicone tips, similar to a tree or a pile of umbrellas which are open. Multi-flange tips normally provide a good seal for people who have trouble wearing the round tip type, but you can first feel intrusive wearing if you’re not used to a tip which goes deeper into your ear. Typically, foam tips are everywhere these days, but often you will see those that appear like cylindrical earplugs, normally built to block full external noise. The cylindrical mousse may be beneficial for greater ears, but lesser ears can see where all the moisturizer begins to stretch and spread too soon.

Comfort & convenience

Comfort and fitness are the couple you can look for if you purchase new ear tips. But it’s normally not fast, if not nearly impossible for others.

Why does this happen? All people have various anatomies, but their ear canals, which are the areas of the buds, are often peculiar. These may be asymmetric for two faces, or they differ in curvature or the cylinders.

That is why you have to study the conception and scale of the buds that you expect to match your ears to the best. Select the scale and depth of the various sizes (small, medium, big/extra large) to make sure you are listening best.


Durability may also be examined while purchasing tips for earbud. The versions vary in their potential to be utilized for some time.

The most versatile and robust tips for silicone ears are unique. They will last for years and have quite a few external effects.

Meanwhile, foam tips usually rub off pretty easily over time (within a week of weeks or months or more), and are therefore polluted with orewax and mud. Therefore, before making your buying choice, you should view foam tips as essential items and consider them.

Ear tip styles

That Bose Sport Earbuds are real wireless earbuds outside the accessible charging case; that earbuds face up and the ear tips of StayHear Max are fully viewed.

Standard: the absolute lowest ear tip denominator. Usually, this style is preinstalled, especially for consumers. RHA offers audience choices for ten pairs (style and style); however, the traditional silicone ear tips with dual density are still presented, which most listeners like.

Bi-flange: they are more aggressive than conventional tips of ears. While others get used to it, the sound insulation is excellent and at a time it is pretty straightforward to bring in or delete.

Triple Flanges: When talking about intrusive, three-flange ear-tips, they can seem to dig out your ear canals (regarding normal tips), but they also provide the same advantage as two-flange ear-tips and separate you much further from your environment.

Wingtips: These are very restricted to earbuds and are generally an optional addition to the specific silicone ear tip. The wingtips are resting against the triangle fossa and are safe to fight intense movement.

Custom: It’s worth trying if you’ve the cost for custom shaped ear tips. This would surpass all ear tips you’ve had before. They are supremely secure and they are molded to the ears. But in financial discomfort, you can write.

In addition, there are differences in scale to take into consideration. You will usually find them for each available design choice in at least that standard tiny, medium and big, let alone my favorite “smedium” t-shirt size.

Learn how substitutes for best and bad will change the tone.

You should ask (like we did) how it changes what you hear from third-party tips. Yeah, but maybe you don’t worry about it . We are using the same methods as our reviews for the best noise canceling headphones as well as the best early adopter headphones for daily usage to determine these recommendations.

We find that the seal seems to be more essential than the substance when it contributes to blocking noise. Initially, we felt that foam can block more exterior sound than silicone, based on the popularity of foam. It just turns out that the moisture falls in line with the outline of the ear. If they closed the virtual ear canal entirely, silicone tips worked as good. But the content density didn’t matter as the tip flipped or curved away from the inner tips of our ear simulator. 

Our measures also demonstrate the vibration of your earbuds will affect the shape of your earrings and material. With Yurbuds replacement cover, we contrasted the original measured frequency response measures of the silicone tips compared with third-party types, plus generic flange tips that are accessible. We compared them against third-party tips. Most frequency response variances were higher than 5 kHz, with plenty of silence consonants.

These improvements can be apparent based on your hearing condition. The exception would be Multi-Flange tips, which influenced the resonant frequency down to about 800 Hz and up (usually deviations in the lower range can be heard easier). These changes in reaction were in both directions — often decreasing and sometimes underlining a specified frequency. The variation was therefore quite small, and just a few decibels did not differ until over 2 kHz.

Yurbuds Replacement Cover – Yurbuds Earbud Covers Black Size 5 Review

First we need to know clearly what type of earbud earphones are? Why should we need to use a yurbuds replacement cover?

The development of smart mobile devices such as phones, tablets … has also led to the continuous improvement of accompanying accessories, typically headsets. In addition to common concepts such as wired headphones, bluetooth earbuds were born and received the attention of many consumers.

The earbud belongs to the earbud type of headphone, but there is no tube that goes deep into the ear canal, the speaker can be attached to the ear. As for in-ear headphones, the design of the speaker or driver has a rather compact and oblong duct, easily penetrating the ear canal to transmit sound to the eardrum faster.

The design of the earbud is similar to in-ear but does not have an elongated duct that goes deep into the ear canal. The driver part can only cling to the ear. The design of the earbud is similar to in-ear but does not have an elongated duct that goes deep into the ear canal. The driver part can only cling to the ear. So the yurbuds replacement cover will help to stabilize your headphones more firmly.

According to statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 1 billion people aged 12-35 in the world who are under threat of hearing health due to listening to loud and continuous music on devices. mobile. In Vietnam, young people seeking hearing for hearing-related diseases have also increased in recent years.

So to keep your ears healthy, when using headphones, listening to music, watching movies, you should adhere to the “60-60 principle” that means the volume does not exceed 60%, continuous use of headphones does not exceed. more than 60 minutes. Here’s how to use wireless headphones properly.

Criteria for choosing earbud headphones for listening to good music and hearing protection

Compatibility with music playback devices

The first thing when deciding to buy earbud headphones is the compatibility with electronic devices. Most of the earbud products today are manufactured with wireless technology (True Wireless headphones) and connected by bluetooth. So you can be completely assured of the compatibility of the True Wireless earbud headset that is capable of connecting to most phones, computers, operating systems iOS or Android.

Compact, many designs, for a comfortable wearing feeling

Earbud headphones are usually very small in size, the sound generator (driver) is designed to fit neatly in the ear cavity, inside the ear cup. In addition, the design of today’s headphones is also very diverse with music-supporting technologies such as noise-canceling earbud headphones, meeting the needs of all customers. So you should choose a product that feels light and comfortable for many hours. Some headphones often cause users pain and discomfort. Each Yamaha earbud design has been researched and tested for a long time in order to optimize the shape, providing a comfortable, flexible, and unobstructed wearing feel for the user.

Equipped with many smart features

Besides the need to listen to music, an earbud headset also needs to add additional features to support your daily tasks.

Perfect for using Yurbuds replacement cover that aid yourself

When buying earbuds, you should also choose a replacement cover that has good water resistance, especially in the rainy season or sweat-resistant in hot weather. A waterproof earbud device will help you avoid the headset short-circuiting, the sound quality is unstable when used in all weather conditions. With yurbuds replacement cover, you can rest assured to use it in the rainy season as well as hot and humid weather thanks to its high water resistance.

Being a soft, non-toxic, skin-friendly, waterproof as well as robust silicone substance. Sound isolation eliminates ambient noise for listening of elevated volume.

Soft and cozy, can avoid sweat efficiently, prolong headphone existence. Innovative style, humanized curvature, prolonged wear without inconvenience. The hole is precise, a fine headphone companion while you exercise! A lovely look, let’s become somewhere a bright master of music.

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The construction of the ear hook holds your headset in your hearing, preventing the fall and loss of your unit. Molding the ear, inserting, removing and storing it simple. Great to swim, wash, surf, snorkel, dive, snorkeling, work, sleeping, water activities and more.


  • Earbud Tips design to reduce passive input, enhance the bass a bunch, with your Apple AirPods as well as EarPods.
  • The range of dimensions aids
  • Reduces environmental noise by minimizing the excess room between the ears to provide a smoother listening environment.
  • Precise cutting sensors have complete control without impairment.
  • These yurbuds replacement cover the application and removal in just seconds, built to match Apple airpods & EarPods perfectly.
  • Made of premium, non-toxic and harmless substances for the body.
  • Gives the AirPods a soft feeling and long-lasting warmth to the ears, perfect for hiking, swimming, exercising at the fitness center and so much more.
  • Comfortable, strong, versatile, reusable and replaceable high quality soft silicone.
  • Carried long with such a soft earbuds cover with a comfortable feeling.


  • Expensive

Features & Benefits Of Yurbuds Replacement Cover

Sound quality 4.0/5

Premium money 3.9/5

Affordability 3.8/5

To avoid earbuds falling out, follow these instructions

Have your earpods ever fallen out of your ears when you’re out running?

Yes, I believe the response is yes.

This earbud cover is made to keep your headphones between your ears, which is particularly important when you’re participating in sports.

Being rid of the inconvenience of having to continuously change the earpods.

Yurbuds replacement cover maintains the earpods between your ears and are anti-slip—-perfect for running, gym, and say goodbye to irritating adjustments.

Sound separation

Lower ambient noise is enabled by eliminating the excess room in the ears, resulting in an improved listening environment. Sensor cutouts are precise enough to enable complete access without causing any interference.

Soft silicone is used to produce the earbud covers, allowing for more flexibility.

It is possible to isolate ambient noise, resulting in a more enjoyable listening experience. As opposed to using Apple earbuds alone, these earbuds block outside sounds and have clearer sound.

Perfect for interactive exercise

At the gym, it’s ideal for biking, swimming, and weightlifting, among other activities.

Reasonably comfortable

Made from non-toxic, ultra-soft silicone that is safe for your body and easily grips your ear. It is snugly fitted to the contours of the ears and is quite easy to use. High-quality silicone that is smooth and easy to use, as well as sturdy, versatile, removable, and replaceable. With such a soft earbuds cover, you can wear your earbuds comfortably for a long time.

Really good quality

High and low temperature tolerance, pollution-free, waterproof, and anti-aging are all features of this material.

Alternative Products Suitable For You

If you are still wondering by some of yurbuds replacement cover review weaknesses and looking for an even more perfect and less costly. Here are a few alternatives we recommend for you:

  1. ACOUS 

Standing auditory injury or failure can occur if your AirPods and EarPods are used at high volume with Purest Earbuds coverings. It is recommended by ACOUS Design that your volume remains secure. If your ears are buzzing, you are silly, stop listening and verify your hearing.

For hearing protection: avoid listening to the music over healthy volumes. Turn the volume down so you can’t listen to people talk around you; please don’t listen for long stretches to large volume volumes.

Purest Earbuds covering includes tiny components which may constitute a danger to choke. Purest Earbuds Cover need not be for children under five years and is not meant to be used by young children. The use of Purest Earbuds AirPods and EarPods is not advised while running a car. The customer is responsible for inspecting and adhering to the regulations and laws of the Nation under which they use their Purest Earbuds cover.

Ensure that a cleaning product like isopropyl Alcohol often cleans the purest earbuds. If the usage for Purest covers causes skin issues, discontinue the application.

Consult a doctor if symptoms continue. Every damage incurred by the usage of Purest Earbuds covers is not assumed by ACOUS Design.


  • Patented concept to increase sound efficiency and decrease noise
  • Provides additional water as well as sweat resistance decrease safety
  • Designed to be quite relaxed and fit
  • Perfect for any activity, like racing, training, cycling or daily usage
  • Fit for EarPods and AirPods 


  • Difficult to use first
  1. AhaStyle 

AhaStyle ear plastic cover is designed with improved noise insulation to make your AirPod and EarPods more convenient to use. Earbud Tips design to reduce passive input, enhance the bass a bunch, with your Apple AirPods as well as EarPods.

These earbuds cover the application and removal in just seconds, built to match Apple airpods as well as EarPods perfectly. Made from pure silicone, guaranteeing your ears long term comfort, perfect for biking, swimming, training at the fitness center and more. A stronger approach to the drawback of the AirPods load case architecture: the AirPods cannot be loaded on the cover.

Material: Silicone premium.

Colour: White, Black, Pink, Pink.


  • Expect quality sound
  • Simply use.
  • Table of convenience
  • Sill extra gift extra


  • Bass booms, although not quite plain to the point that the echo muffles much.
  • The sound may be a little confused by the genre.
  1. Elago Earbuds Cover

Earbuds Cover tightly protects the AirPods and keeps them out. Ideal for biking, jogging, swimming, exercise, etc. To find the right suit, there are two choices. Made of premium, non-toxic and harmless substances for the body. Give the AirPods a gentle feel during use.

Reduces environmental noise by minimizing the excess room between the ears to provide a smoother listening environment. Precise cutting sensors have complete control without impairment. You can hang it wherever you like, with the attachable silicone pouch. Set the EarBuds cover safely in the sack and don’t lose it!


Maintain it safe

Premium Material Silicone

Pouch of Silicone

Improves quality of sound


The material is not solid enough, so it is easy to pass and does not suit.

  1. IiEXCEL 

4 couples – AirPods/EarPods Super Slim Replacement Eartips

Made of lightweight, compact, supportive soft luxury silicone. The case will also load these wraps, you must not remove them over and over again.

AirPods that bear these ear tips may be placed into the charge case for charging without extracting them without having to use them. SUPER THIN

Included package:

Super small ear tips of 4 black pairs

Tips just do not require earphones

Compatibility: Compatibility:

Airpods and Earpods


  • Perfect with AirPods, but for EarPods COMPATIBLE
  • It’s made of lightweight, versatile and comfortable soft natural silicone.
  • AirPods with these ear tips may be placed in the charging box without removal in the charging box, for a fee.


  • Silicone isn’t well, can always fade away and I still have rubbed a handful. Silicone is not nice.

TEEMADE Silicone Earbud Covers for Galaxy Note 5/Note 7/2/S7/S5/S6 Edge/Level U Wireless Earbuds for Bluetooth Earbuds 

Comfortable, sturdy, versatile, removable, replaceable and washable 100% of premium soft fabrics. High quality. Wearing long with these fuzzy earbuds surround the earbuds with a relaxed feeling. Compatible replacement of the older spare ear gels.

Materials: Soft silicone, soft silicone, fit ovens with a special style, perfect match! fit!

Including: The package contains ten pairs (20 parts) earbud substitution cover tips for galaxy s7,s6,s6 edge earbuds.


  • Strong, versatile, removable, and replaceable & washable soft silicone of high quality.
  • Using these super soft earbuds with a nice sound for a long time.
  • Compatible replacement of the old ear gels
  • 10 pairs of silicone earbud tips provide packaging
  • Built for the brand Teemade for high quality only


  • This is not so extended or soft, while the thickness is the same

Closing Thought

Depending on the purpose of use, choose the right headset. Users often in the office or in a quiet environment, the headphones do not need noise filtering. If you often use it in a public place, construction site or places with a lot of noise, look for headphones with noise cancellation and noise reduction capabilities. The headphones are equipped with noise reduction technology that will help users hear clearer and more detailed even when the surroundings are quite noisy.

Headphones and especially quality bluetooth headsets have been of great help in human life. It helps us to be more convenient in the process of moving, creating a private space in the best way. However, there is one thing not everyone knows: wearing headphones too much, wearing the wrong way without yurbuds replacement cover, using too much volume can harm hearing and everyone’s health. Click here to explore the latest technologies items that we’ve analysed and reviewed to improve your life.

You might just have purchased a poor pair when you buy inexpensive earbuds and don’t like the tone. From the other side, if you spend up to $100 on sound, try purchasing a pair of earbuds to replace it. You might transform a knotty pair of earbuds into something you appreciate for less than $20. You really would like to keep them secure after you’ve purchased or made a decent pair of earbuds with the best earbud replacement tips you can discover. Don’t worry! We’ve always been here with you. 

Please let us know promptly when you think that something we have about replacement cover here is obsolete or inaccurate. We’ve seen the finest yurbuds replacement cover you can find at the moment now. You should check our purchasing advice before you make the decision if you’d like to understand more about this option. Please contact us here. Or to see our view, you will learn everything about us.

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