The 15 Best Affordable Elliptical Machine [Updated 2024]: This Definitely Makes Sense

The explosive growth in keeping fit makes the market of elliptical training bustling than ever. Elliptical trainers are both convenient and cost-saving methods for anyone wishing to burn their fat without going to a fitness center, especially the covid-19 is now bombarding many places in the world. As a result, there is a wide range of products with numerous functions and prices which absolutely makes purchasing the best affordable elliptical machine become a tough matter.

Noticing this urgent issue, we have filtered the top 15 outstandingly economical elliptical machines based on their value, characteristics and customer’s satisfaction. Also, we propose some necessary tips for you to make a smart decision in selecting the best one among dozens of choices.

Best Affordable Elliptical Machine Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Affordable Elliptical Machine Updated Reviews 2024


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The striking feature making this one become the best affordable elliptical machines is the design as two low-impact cardio machines in one with a recumbent exercise bike and rear-drive elliptical. Besides, users will have the opportunity to experience a full-access 30-day iFit trial membership with a variety of on-demand workouts or get pushed in a Studio Class by personal trainers being automatically responsible for your resistance.

This model of Proform allows you to easily follow your heart rate by grisp sensors or even enjoy your own music with an integrated sound system, which truly enhances user’s convenience than ever. Additionally, its maximum weight support is up to 350 lbs.


  • Properly sorted and labeled in the package
  • Numerous exercises program and tension of movement
  • Running quietly and smoothly


  • The seat is sometimes hard to adjust
  • It takes quite long time to activate Bluetooth mode


[amazon box=”B01KAGX6XQ” ]

This second product from Schwinn Fitness truly deserves one place in our list by its outstanding features. Although you can find the price a little higher than other, it will be a gym-quality product which might boost you further in gaining your own fit body. 

Users can surely set up as well as compare their exercise result with the previous process through Goal Track capacity and follow that on dual Track 2 LCD. The 20” stride length certainly supports your running motion. Also, it might satisfy fitness lovers with 20 resistance levels to diversify intensity options. Interestingly, you can take pleasure in 22 preset workout programs like 9 profiles, 8 heart rate control, 2 fitness tests and 1 quick start.


  • Instruction is clear to understand 
  • Solid and steady structure
  • Having fan and USB charging port 
  • Pretty silent working


  • The speaker’s volume is quite low 
  • The console seems small and antiquated
  • The handle bars might be close for huge people


[amazon box=”B07KZKKW9J” ]

Sunny Health and Fitness has been a well-known brand for over a decade and its products always account for a certain percentage on the market. This model SF-E3862 uses electromagnetic resistance through a digital LCD to check speed, distance, RPM, Odometer, Calories, Watt, heart rate… That means you still operate the machine without electricity due to magnetic settings.

A 24 training program absolutely provides profound and dynamic exercises for someone eager for effective training. Moreover, a non-slip foot pedal can fit all sizes and ensures safe footing during the most vigorous workouts. 

Despite a heavy- duty frame, you can move this machine around with ease by the design of two wheels at the front of the unit.


  • Solid and hefty structure
  • Less noise 
  • Energy saving
  • Bottle and mobile holder


  • Not easy for installation
  • Hard for storage due to occupying a large area


[amazon box=”B07RKFMB59″ ]

MaxKare undoubtedly lists their name in our best affordable elliptical machines list. This is another magnetic mechanism machine with heavy-duty steel frame and quiet flywheel bearing weight up to 264 Ibs and ensuring exercise intensity from easy to vigorous one.

By virtue of a 4-way adjustable seat, almost every member of your family can fit and comfortably choose their perfect position to enjoy their workout time. Toe-caged pedals are the highlight of this machine as well to bring the user the most convenient experience with all foot or shoe sizes. 

The emergency brake system, in addition, allows a quiet and safe stop in case the flywheel rotates fast. You can grasp your favorite drink without moving by the water bottle holder.


  • Quiet operation
  • 5-magnet resistance system for a long-lasting service life 
  • Easy to move 
  • Assembly is not much difficult


  • The LCD screen does not have much applications
  • The instruction is quite complicated


[amazon box=”B07JGGG92Y” ]

The following candidate in our list of the best affordable elliptical machines is BodyCharm 3 in 1 Exercise machine. Its name almost reveals notable functions you can choose from elliptical trainer, upright stationary cycle, and recumbent bike. That does not end there with 2 additional upper-body stance options and three sets of integrated handlebars as pro cycle, dual action, and wraparound

Furthermore, this machine allows you to change exercise mode without movement by just making a small adjustment to the pedals. The console obtains up to 21 training programs with a media shelf and the maximum weight it can withstand is up to 250 lbs.


  • Multi-function features
  • Sturdy and space-saving
  •  Pretty tranquil operation
  • The instruction for assembly is fairly transparent


  • The knobs needs much manipulation 
  • It seems short to tall people


[amazon box=”B005OU4E62″ ]

The Exerpeutic 1000XL is a good choice for someone looking for a weight bearing machine with its limit of tolerance up to 300 lbs. This promises a zero impact workout with no stress on your hip, ankles and joints thanks to dual action arms. Moreover, the natural motion eliminates bouncy movement that you can encounter in some competitive elliptical machines.

The large LCD display allows you to read your health stats and the hand pulse, of course, make monitoring heart rate easier. Another key feature of this model is dual directional flywheel which helps for forward and backward workout. A smooth and quiet operation is apparent owing to the precision balanced flywheel and V- belt. You will be not afraid of interrupting other from watching TV or listening to music


  • Sturdy and firm structure
  • Easy to relocate
  • Calm and Smooth working


  • The assembly instruction is a little confused
  • The handle bars are sometimes stiff


[amazon box=”B002R8CPRY” ]

Another product comes from Sunny Health and Fitness brand which possesses its own value to be in our list of best affordable elliptical machines. This supports the whole body workout and is easy to store by virtue of its 11” in stride length and durable transportation wheels. That means it can fit even in bedrooms or small places.

With 8-Level Adjustable Resistance, users can experience a challenging and effective workout by merely switching the tension knob.For safer purpose, this machine is equipped with floor stabilizers so you will not be afraid of slippery or uneven surfaces while exercising.


  • Compact design for narrow places
  • Digital monitor with pulse
  • Anti-slip handlebars and footpads
  • Onboard stabilizers


  • Assembly seems to be tough
  • Might be not helpful for tall people
  • It sometimes make a little noise


[amazon box=”B07YV6DFX5″ ]

Doufit is another producer creating highly applicable elliptical machines in this competitive market. That is why we choose its products as optimal choices for your smart purchasing. In this model, users totally tone their whole body’s muscles through dual action workout arms and track their sport stats as burned calories, time, speed, heart rate by pulse sensor and monitor.

The silent flywheel brings you a smooth and quiet exercise experience which will not interrupt your family members at home.  Besides, the pedals are large enough for all sizes of foot and textured to increase friction on your shoes as an anti-slip function. 

As some of the other products in our list, this machine also has different levels of magnetic resistance for training intensities and a moving wheel for portable features.


  • The assembly is easy
  • Space-saving
  • LCD is easy to operate 
  • Strong and firm handles


  • Sometimes speaky 
  • The stride is quite short for tall people


[amazon box=”B06ZYJF353″ ]

This is another magnetic tension system machine with 8 resistance levels. As you can see from its dimension with 41L x 26W x 59.5H, it will be a perfect choice for tight spaces such as condos, studios, and apartments. Running lovers might be keen on this because it provides a total body workout which incorporates upper and lower body movement.

As with some of the above machines, E600 also has an LCD to monitor sport datas like time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate and wheels for transport or storage. Heart rate can be controlled in the hand pulse sensors, which facilitates for users concerned about cardiovascular endurance, respiratory endurance and fat burning.


  • Space-saving
  • Easy mobility
  • Quiet operation


  • The circle of motion is pretty small- not suitable for long legs
  • Limited weight support


[amazon box=”B01F8W8PK6″ ]

At first glance, this machine looks like a study desk , but it contains outstanding features of the best affordable elliptical machine. The Exerpeutic ExerWork is not only an exercise bike but also provides you with a platform for things like books, laptop or smartphones. You can exercise while you read, watch favourite movies, surf the Internet or complete work without wasting time. 

Thanks to the steel frame structure, this machine can bear weight up to 300 lbs. Even the seat uses aerodynamic healthcare technology and cushioned backrest to ensure user’s comfortability for long-hour seating. What is more, you can fold it up for storage or move it to another place by wheels.


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to move around or out of the way
  • Convenient usage 
  • 8 resistance settings


  • The desk seem to be a little small
  • Might be not suitable for short people


[amazon box=”B00D4LEG48″ ]

Schwinn has its justifiable reasons to have two potential products in our list of best affordable elliptical machines. The fully loaded console helps you read clearly speed, time, RPM, distance, calories, results and heart rate. A 17” length stride with Precision Path Foot Motion technology is a good choice for home users.

The 7 preset program offers versatility and fixed and moving handlebars facilitate flexibility of your hand placement. As well, the A40 comes with interesting additions like fan, speaker and water bottle holder.


  • Strong and solid frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • The exercise software is legible


  • The heart rate reading is quite slow
  • The display is not backlit


[amazon box=”B00KVZM6W4″ ]

Like Schwinn 430, Nautilus E614 also has a dual LCD console for setting and tracking your exercise goals. The diverse program with 22 programs is a good choice for someone who needs joyment during their exercise. Beside, we are impressed with its footplates which are large with cushions and the ramp can be manually adjusted with 6 positions. 

You also enjoy a wide range of workout intensity options with 20 levels of resistance or drive system with weighed flywheel as well as high inertia.


  • Smooth and consistent workout
  • Various intensity options
  • Portability
  • Bottle and phone holder


  • Complicated assembly instructions


[amazon box=”B009N9PW1Q” ]

In our list of best affordable elliptical machines, it is indispensable to mention a mini machine but great use like Stamina 55-1602. This strider is obviously lightweight to companion with you anywhere at anytime such as reading books, working in the office or playing video games. However, it can withstand user’s weight up to 250 lbs while its weight is only 24 Ibs.

The highlight in its features is multi-usage in many positions such as sitting, standing or even pedaling in reserve motion, as a result, it effectively targets different muscles. Additionally, the design of adjustable tension with a monitor allows you to vary the intensity of your workout.  

Textured pedals help you to secure your foot for powerful pendalling. Especially, to customize user’s needs, Stamina comes up with three colors option which more engages users to choose their favourite exercise machine.


  • Easy and portable workout
  • Space saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Assembly is short and understandable 
  • Boost user’s balance with standing position


  • Hard to use under desk
  • The electronic track is pretty basic


[amazon box=”B07NPXJ25T” ]

The list of budget elliptical machines can not miss this model from Efitment. It is our option which only uses hydraulic resistance with 12 levels by turning a knob on the squat assist machine. Glutes and hamstrings are the central muscle group the trainer aims at when you perform controlled squat motion (14.37 inches) against hydraulic resistance.

The adjustable two-way handlebar with anti-slip padding allows users to reach their favourite height. When you work out vigorously, the adjustable seat with padding and cushion ensure proper blood flow in the glutes and offer comfortable feeling for tail bones.


  • Compact size
  • Affordable price
  • Good for beginner
  • Assembly is clear and easy


  • Limit weight capacity
  • Mainly lower body impact


[amazon box=”B07J4VF676″ ]

It can be a popular equipment due to advertisement from a celebrity – Harley Pasternac. However, it has typical advantages which thoroughly get his attention. 

As its name reveals, you can experience intense cardio with an upright stationary bike to a low-impact routine by recumbent bike. It also comes with adjustable resistance with 8 levels by turning the dial to increase or decrease the tension. 

Especially, the Slime Cycle equips with built-in strength training to maximize your training. 

Do not worry that it can take up a lot of space in your house because you can fold it with ease to store in a closet or under your bed.


  • Space-saving
  • Multi-function characteristic
  • Full-body workout


  • Might be short for tall people
  • Pedals are sometimes loose

Tips For Purchasing Your Best Affordable Elliptical Machine

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There is no need to explain much about the popularity of elliptical trainers these days. They are gaining more ground due to low-impact cardio workouts and creating a gym-like feeling right at your home. So, buying a workout machine like an elliptical one is a long-term and profitable investment. Nonetheless, they come up with a wide range of models, functions and prices as well. Hence, surfing for your right elliptical machine is like swimming in the ocean without seeing the coast.

That is why we are here with some helpful checklists to make your purchase simple and worthy and see whether the cost is the only thing to consider before buying or not? Let’s take a closer look at our guidelines below.


This thing mainly decides in buying a fitness machine because they are now ranging from around $100 to more than $3000 . Normally, the price will be proportional to the features of the machine. So if you are not professional in this kind of device, be alert with cheap and expert looking equipment. It is better to learn carefully about the product’s features and search for those you really need.

Do not follow the crowd and consider carefully the budget. Actually, you should spend a substantial amount ( $300-$700) on health promotion equipment because you get what you pay for. It can not be fancy but economical enough to possess a good quality machine.

Storage Space

Elliptical machine can take up a lot of space in your home, thus, you should take it into consideration if you live in a small room. Therefore, it is necessary to measure your floor space and compare it with the machine’s dimensions to choose the right one.

A place with at least 5 to 7 feet in length would be great for accommodating these equipment. You also need to look at some space for pedals while it’s in motion. Here we suggest that the minimum width should be about 2.5 feet. Another concerned measurement is ceiling height to avoid hitting your head if you wish to put it in the basement . In this post, our recommendation for ladder height is around 5-15 inches and 25 inches for distance from the circle of pendal motion to above the floor. Lastly, keep in mind that there is crucially free space ( at least 20 inches) around the machine for safety purposes.

Weight Tolerance

Although most home elliptical trainers have a sturdy look, they can not withstand too much weight. The most sturdy one has a weight limit of 350 lbs while others tend to not exceed 300 lbs. So it is crucial to take into account the weight limit of your desired one because when suffering over its restriction, the machine seems to shake and make noise which results in reducing lifespan.

Significant Features

Capturing the increasing demand on elliptical machines, the producers smartly add more features to their products to draw user’s attention. However, our experience shows that an ideal elliptical machine should have the following characteristics.

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Smooth And Flowing Motion:

This is necessary to protect your joints and ensure an peffective workout. Most elliptical machines with flywheels can meet this requirement. Their pedals run smoothly to give you a comfortable feeling and the moving hand-grips with fixed frame should work rationally to protect your arms, shoulder and knees.

Adjustable Resistance

Most elliptical machines now offer adjustable resistance with different levels to maximize benefits. You can choose from easy to challenging at about 75 percent of the highest setting to enhance strength and endurance day by day. Some can come up with an adjustable incline which puts more intensity to your workout. It can be automatic or manual adjustment.

Maximum Silence Operation

This element also brings comfortable feelings not only for you but also your family members in case you want to enjoy a workout early in the morning. Some cheap equipment can make clicky noise when using, thus, ensure that your machine glides quietly as much as possible.

Diverse Training Program

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It makes a workout more exciting and engages you more often in exercising. There is no need to have too many programs because you might not use all frequently. Here we suggest you select which has a few primary programs that you can choose ones to be suitable with your workout goals. There are some key procedures which can be named differently along with various manufacturers but basically the same namely Manual, Random, Hill Climb, Interval, Long Slow Distance, and Target Heart Rate.

In several machines, you are able to set up workout goals to follow your own process and the trainers can even save your last practice if there is a sudden power-off.

Bonus Features:

Actually, this part is not truly necessary, nevertheless, it is going to make your workout more enjoyable. You can find details like large LCDs for tracking sport data, heart rate sensors, fan or water bottle holder. Along with these advantages, the price is certainly higher, however, you will gain an easy and luxurious experience.

Workout Goals

Obviously, you have to know exactly the reason why you need an elliptical machine at home. That would be crucial to narrow the search scope and make sure the machine meets personal needs as much as possible. For example, if you want to give a health gift for parents who have knee problems, the elliptical trainers should possess the fluidity and ease of the motion. You want to lose weight with moderate to vigorous exercise or simply just get accustomed with ease exercises to revive your lazy body?

Determining clearly the intensity of your workout principally decides what kind of elliptical machines. They usually have combined functions and you are certainly healthy if you use them frequently.

Try Before You Buy 

Last but not least, you should have a real experience on your target elliptical trainer which you already determine to buy. After reading all the above tips and surfing the Internet for necessary information, you can come over to a fitness center or better a genuine store to try some models of machine. Make sure that you have comfortable feelings without stress on your arms, shoulder, knees and its size can fit your space.

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It would be better if you know about the delivery because the equipment is heavy to transport. You also ask if the assembly is included or available with a fee. Warranty policies is another concern due to its high value and maybe technical risks while using you may not know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Spend On The Elliptical?

This will depend on how much time you have and what your training purpose is. Nowadays, people especially the young do not have much free time so exercising is somehow “fancy” in their life. But if you are willing to stay fit, you should spend about 15-20 minutes per day and 5 days per week.

If you have never tried it before, you can start from 5 to 10 minutes at first and then increase time on following days when your body gets used to it. To those who prefer to lose weight, besides increasing time, they should build up the intensity from moderate to challenging mode. 

Can I Lose Belly Fat With Elliptical Trainers?

Absolutely. This kind of equipment can offer you an energetic full body workout so a regular workout can help you to materialize your dream. However, to achieve your goals fast and properly, you should combine it with a balanced and healthy diet.

Belly fat is honestly stubborn thus it is quite hard to remove it from your body. It requires diligent workout with high intensity and long time to burn fat. As mentioned above, elliptical training can give a full body workout because the more muscles you use, the more fat is burned. In addition, an elliptical machine with fixed handlebars would affect the lower body. So, you should choose which have movable handlebars to ensure a full body workout.

Does The Elliptical Build Muscle?

It is a pity that it can not do that. The main function of the elliptical machine is burning calories which helps to strengthen muscles. A rowing machine will be an appropriate option.

Are Elliptical Machines Good For Running?

They do not exactly replace a treadmill or be like running on the road. However, you can practice with it to strengthen your stamina and then move to a treadmill instead. When you use elliptical machines, the running form and posture are not entirely the same as you are on a treadmill. It looks like you are stepping rather than running.

What Can I Do If There Is Squeaky Noise With My Machine?

That can come from assembly, so check the machine again to make sure all screws are tightened properly. If some of them are loose, you can tighten them but not too much. If the situation does not improve, please contact the genuine store in case your warranty is still valid or call a professional for certainty.

Is It Ok To Use Elliptical Trainers With Sciatica?

Sciatica is a pain from the lower back to the legs. It will be more serious if the patient has to suffer from mundane positions such as sitting, walking, standing or bending. That means your feet touch the ground in these cases.

Nevertheless, the elliptical machine relieves pain from sciatic nerve owing to its low impact. This equipment, moreover, this equipment works on muscle groups like hips and legs where the sciatic nerve mainly emits down. So using elliptical trainers can strengthen these parts without embedding the pain root.

It is important to remember that you should not use any sports equipment including ellipticals during the first eight weeks of being diagnosed with sciatica.

Can I Pedal Backward On An Elliptical?

Before going further in this question, we need to take a look at treadmills. Treadmill only go in one direction. When you use it, the belt runs in one way. But the elliptical is not the same. It has flywheels which you have to move by yourself without any motor. That means you can drive it the other way if you want. Luckily, this action uses different groups of muscles in dissimilar ways so it has benefits on muscle building and a comprehensive body.

Final Thought: Our Top Pick For The Best Affordable Elliptical Machine

[amazon table=”1607″]

Proform Hybrid Trainer successfully becomes our best affordable elliptical machine. It seems to integrate almost outstanding features which meet our requirement in the tips for purchasing suitable elliptical. 

You can experience both an elliptical and recumbent bike with it. By virtue of Silent Magnetic Resistance and Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel, this promises a smooth and tranquil operation as much as possible. 

Particularly, this product from Proform has the ability to bear the heaviest weight among others ( 350 lbs). You would have the opportunity to access Premium IFit experience with thousands of on-demand workouts and automatic adjustment resistance from trainers. Although the membership is trial in 30 days, it is worthy to try in case you find out attractive points enhancing your workout process. 

What do you think about our recommendation? Hopefully, after leafing through our enthusiastic reviews and guidelines, you can make wiser decision on your own best affordable elliptical machine because buying an elliptical is going to be a profitable and long-term investment.

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