Top 10 Best Industrial Curtain Rod Reviews in 2024

What other better way to get comfort and privacy inside your own home rather than the use of curtains, but it requires the supplement of a curtain rod? The curtain rod does more than just hold your curtains, it also helps with styling and enhances the fashion and aesthetics in your home interior decoration.

To get the best out of the numerous curtain rods, we have compiled ten top best industrial curtain rods to help with your purchasing process. Continue reading down below to find out more.

List of the Best Industrial Curtain Rod

Decopolitan Industrial Telescoping Curtain Rod Set

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This curtain rod set is the perfect setting for indoor usage. The curved brackets of the curtain rod allow the curtain to come into close contact with the walls. It is also adjustable in size as well, with three choices of 18-36 inches, 36-72 inches, and 72-144 inches.

The curtain rod is also available in three colors too, silver, bronze, and steel. As for the material, be reassured that the product is sturdy and of good strong material with faux iron castes finishes and pipe design to go with.

For maximum light control and privacy, this Decopolitan curtain rod would do you no wrong.

MERIVILLE Single Window Treatment Curtain Rod

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A pretty and stylish fashionable curtain rod can be found with MERIVILLE branding. The curtain rods have bird finials which are made from only the best high quality and also durable material metal, they are hand-painted with the most stunning details.

The design of the rod is made for it to be adjustable, with a range of 28-48 inches, 48-84 inches, and 84-120 inches. It is available in five different colors to choose from black, oil-rubbed, bronze, satin-nickel, and royal gold.

The set from this curtain rod package includes the rods, finials of the birds, the brackets and the mounting hardware to ensure the best for your home interior.

AmazonBasis Shower Doorway Curtain Rod

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What makes this curtain rod unique from others is that it can be used as either shower curtains or hanging normal practical curtains. It has a multi-usage feature that allows the user to use different alternative ways. It can hold up to 15lbs of weight, has a measurement of 54-90 inches. The size of the rod can be adjusted accordingly from 24-36 inches, 36-54 inches, 54-90 inches, and 78-108 inches.

The installation process is simple and easy while the materials are strong and sturdy, creating the perfect combination for a perfect curtain rod product.

Rust-Resistant Wrap Around Curtain Rod by Kenney

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The Kennedy curtain rod is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed with steel industrial wrap around the curtain rod for a creative and inspiring look. The curtain rod can be mounted as a wall or ceiling rod, indoors or outdoors. It is perfect to use for medium and lightweighted curtains. The telescoping rod as well is adjustable to your needs.

The package of the product included the curtain rods, screws, the drywall anchors, and an installation instruction kit.

ECLIPSE Window Curtain Rod

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For an effective block of the sun and privacy means, reducing noise and saving energy, it is recommended that this curtain rod product will meet all the requirements. The curtain rod is good to use in the kitchen, the bedroom, and other parts of the house. Moreover, its darkening features allow the curtain to be able to wrap close around the side of the curtain rod which concealed the mounting hardware from sight.

The adjustable lengths of this product are 28-48 inches, 48-86 inches, and 86-120 inches. It also has a diameter of ⅝. Including with the Rodger the two metal brackets, screws, drywall anchors, and the installation process instruction kit.

Stylish design, functioning features make this curtain rod one of the most desirable curtain rods products.

Kenney KN90031 Wall-Mount Window Curtain Rod

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This curtain rod brand is a black metal rod that has a rust-resistant feature enabling it to withstand and last for a long time indoors and outdoors. It can be mounted on the ceiling or wall easily with the mounting hardware provided in the kit. Its telsecpscoing rod can be adjustable to fit the size of your window and can be adjusted.

The rod has a dimension of ⅝ with a choosable size of 28-48 inches or 48-84 inches in length as well as a 3.5 distance from the wall. It is ideal for a light or medium-weight curtain. The ideal weight for the curtain rods is lightweight and medium weight.

This curtain rod provides style and comfort to the users when in display in the home space.

Rod Desyne Single Curtain Rod Set

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The single curtain rod set is made from steel, providing a long livity of the product and durability. It is easy optomintakk and shows great features, can be either mounted as a wall rod or a ceiling rod. The product is best used indoors, providing privacy to the family, and acts as a shield from the sun.

It has a 3 to 5 /8 inches projection from the wall. Included in the package, set are the two mounting brackets, the one-inch high-quality steel pole of three pieces, and two centered supporting hardware for mounting the product.

The curtain rod is good for completing the looks of your home and achieving the criteria for comfort and privacy.

Industrial Curtain Rod by A&F Rod Décor

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The A&F curtain rod features a round-wrap function of the curtain around the rod and can be also mounted as a ceiling curtain rod or a wall rod. It is made of high-end steel, durable and fashionable at the same time, it can also be indifferent t colors such as black, bronze, satin nickel and antique brass.

The product is easy to assemble and install. The package of the brand curtain rod includes a one-inch diameter of very high-quality steel, an adjustable pole, mounting brackets, and hardware with two of each.

For comfortable use, this curtain rod from A&F is definitely recommended for blocking out light and privacy purposes.

Hanging Curtain Rod with Brackets by RoomDividersNow

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The hanging curtain rod from RoomDividersNow is made from strong steel of the highest quality, very attractive and inexpensive as well, the perfect curtain rod for various settings of windows and rooms.

It is great for holding many appliances such as drapes, curtains, clothes, room dividers, and more. It also comes with multiple sizes to choose from, 36-56 inches, size 56-106 inches, and 105-107 inches. The divider’s bracket of this product has a width of 4-6 inches wide.

The curtain rod has a strong dependable build perfect for the ceiling and wall.

Industrial Pipe Towel Bar Fixture Set by Pipe Decor

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To enhance the aesthetic of a room, look no further than the PIPE DECOR curtain rod. It is systkish and functional, blocking the sun and giving privacy, sealed with rust-resistant materials which is usable for both indoors and outdoors, and a nongreasy or oily feel before the setup.

The hardware of the product can be easily mounted and is included with the package. It is designed as a handmade aesthetic curtains rod that offers high quality and strong pipe fitting design.

This product is also great for DIYs purposes, creating your own unique style.

best industrial curtain rod

Buying Guide

Some major factors that need to be listed as a full functioning curtain rod for home and other places are listed below in order to assist the purchasing process to be more convenient and quick.

Durability and Material

Always check the capability of the rod, how much weight it can withstand and the amount of time it is predicted to last. Make sure that the product is of high-quality material as well.

Dimension and Size

When purchasing a curtain rod, it is essential to look for the right size and dimension available to fit with your windows or rooms, to avoid mistakenly buying the wrong rod.

Mounting Type

Take notice of the specific way the rod should be and can be installed, some rods do not offer functions for outside use so make sure to keep that in check.


Some products are harder to install and assemble than most, therefore see if the product you are looking to buy is easy enough for self-installation. The time wasted on installation would be limited and gives a more carefree situation as well.

Features and Styling

Since another main focus for a curtain is to provide a fashionable style, make sure that the curtain rod also implements this and the style of the rod matches or goes well with your curtain of choice.


Therefore, we conclude the compiled list with the top ten best curtain rods and provide buying guidelines. We hope that it is useful for your next step in purchasing one for your own housing appliances.

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