Luckyfine Suction Black Mask Reviews 2021: Best Blackhead Remover Peeling Mask

Indeed, many women have had cases of blackheads and have used blackhead peeling mask products because of their immediate effects. Get clean blackheads quickly – these are the advantages that make acne peeling masks so famous and popular to the point of “divine.” Among these products, Luckyfine black acne peeling mask is rated as one of the best mask lines. Let’s take a look at some information about Luckyfine suction black mask.

Below you will find the information about luckyfine suction black mask and its alternative products. Keep reading FBB to keep up with beauty trends for luckyfine suction black mask review 2021.

Things to consider before buying Luckyfine Suction Black Mask

The Blackhead removal method is an easy method to remove large numbers of blackheads, but this one can be harmful to your skin. The essence of this method is to use force to “pull” out the pimples below the skin layer. It can cause serious skin damage. Usually, after peeling spots, the skin in the nose will be slightly red. If you abuse acne peels, the skin in your nose will become more and more sensitive. Therefore, when using it, you need to keep the following points in mind.

  • Do not be abused, do not see this as a skincare remedy or treatment of blackheads. Each week should only peel acne up to 2 times. If you still don’t care if peeling blackheads from your nose is good, at least use them properly.
  • You should choose a peel that has a clear brand name and a texture that is just enough. Don’t choose aromatherapy peels, so use one with moisturizing ingredients to avoid dry skin after peeling.
  • When using a peeling piece, wait 3-5 minutes for the peel “to suck” out all blackheads. Then slowly remove the peel from right to left. Do not “snatch” the peeling off quickly if you do not want your skin to be seriously damaged.
  • Do not use peels on the skin with acne that is swollen, red, pus, allergic or itchy.

Is a blackhead peeling mask harmful to the skin?

After peeling off the blackheads from the nose area, you will indeed feel the skin in the nose becomes smoother and not as heavy as before.

One of the “crimes” that people often attribute to acne peeling products is that they can cause allergy redness and break the capillary connections on the skin. I have consulted a lot of doctors, and the results are varied, but overall, most of them believe that peeling acne does not damage the capillary connections on the surface of the skin.

Peeling pimples is not so gentle on the skin, but it is still not strong enough to cause the blood vessels under the skin to be affected. Therefore, it is not enough to break the capillary bonds in the skin.

The thin red lines that appear on the skin after peeling acne, which we often think of as capillaries, are the blood vessels on the skin’s surface that are enlarged. Skin capillaries are only broken by factors such as rosacea tendencies, sunburns, a sudden rise in hormone levels, or persistent inflammation or allergies.

Although peeling pimples do not break the skin’s capillary bonds, it is not perfect for you either. Doctors warn that “novices” who only learn and approach this skincare method can cause damage on their own. This is very common for people with relatively thin skin or those suffering from skin conditions such as blushing, psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrheic gland inflammation.

Besides, peeling pimples can sometimes make facial skin more acne-prone, especially when done incorrectly. The most common cause is that you don’t wash off any remaining peeling glue after you peel off the spot. And the inevitable consequence is that acne will swell very quickly after that.

How to use blackhead peeling mask correctly

Choose a reputable product

Choose products of clear origin first, and limit masks of unknown origin. Instead, choose genuine products from reputable brands with just enough peeling texture, without flavor, so use the type with moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin to avoid dry skin—injury after peeling. Luckyfine suction black mask is one of the reputable and high-quality lines with a high moisturizing content that you can use.

Steps by step

Step 1: Clean the skin.

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Step 2: Soften the skin of the nose by steaming with hot water. Or use emollient toner; if the skin is not too sensitive, you can try a toner containing low concentration AHA <4%. In this step, you only need soft skin and should not use too high concentrations that irritate.

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Step 3: Pat dry your skin and use a blackhead peel mask


Step 4: Wait until the gel dries, then slowly remove the peel from right to left or vice versa. Avoid “jerking” the peeling acne in a hurry and violently; it can easily damage the skin.

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Step 5: Rinse off the remaining gel on the skin and proceed with the rest of the skincare steps.

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Luckyfine Suction Black Mask Review 2021

LuckyFine was created to satisfy the needs of beauty lovers as well as to provide quality products to professionals. Friendly service, eye-catching design of the product will give users a great experience. This is what Luckyfine always pursues and aims at with the aim of satisfying customers.

For many cases, not only acne in the nose but also have acne on the face in many other locations, including blackheads; acne patches are sometimes not the optimal choice. At this point, a thick creamy cream will help you, and Luckyfine Suction Black Mask will take care of that.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask comes in a tube-shaped, black design. With such an appearance, you can immediately think of “volcanic ash” as the name of the product. With this design, you can comfortably take the product anywhere without fear of being cumbersome or spilled. The texture of the creamy product is quite thick, so you need to pay attention when it is spread on the skin. You can apply this peeling cream to any skin area, but it must be quick because the cream is completely dry after a few minutes.

Using The Luckyfine Suction Black Mask is quite simple. After cleansing your skin, you can use a steam bath to help soften your skin and dilate your pores and apply the cream to the blackhead area. Wait 15 minutes, then gently peel off when the cream is dry. You will feel smoother acne-prone skin after using this product. However, if your skin is too heavy with blackheads, large, stubborn acne, this is not the most effective acne treatment.

The main ingredient in The Luckyfine Suction Black Mask is activated carbon. This ingredient is rich in minerals and can effectively cleanse the skin. In addition, Lucky fine Shop also uses more natural ingredients such as green tea seeds, olive oil, and bamboo charcoal to help nourish, protect and quickly recover from acne. At the same time, these ingredients also help tighten pores and limit the return of acne.


  • Cleanses facial skin, prevents pores.
  • Get blackheads quickly and exceptionally effectively
  • Suitable for oily skin types
  • It makes the skin smooth


  • Excessive peeling can irritate the skin and cause it to become swollen
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

Product Overview

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This luckyfine smooth black mask is capable of thoroughly clearing blackheads and dirt on the surface. The mask’s shredded formula helps keep your pores from clogging, thus cleansing your face deeply and thoroughly. Finally, your facial skin is tense, effectively removing wrinkles and preventing them from reappearing.

This mask is a full face mask made of black carbon used to remove dirt and blemishes on the nose, forehead, blackheads, chin, and smooth facial hair. This is a mask with activated carbon used for deep cleansing; Gives you youthful, soft skin without clogging pores

The blackhead remover mask is quite easy to use but has a noticeable effect in cleaning dirt, removing stains from pores to clean old cell tissue, excess sebum, acne, and help prevent clogged pores.

Features & Benefits

Many people favor Luckyfine Suction Black Mask because of its many features and advantages compared to the product lines from other brands. I have had my own experiences with many different types of products, and here are the elements that I noticed from the Luckyfine Suction Black Mask.

Skin essence

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask effectively returns. Acne-free, smooth skin, with the ability to remove acne under the skin quite effectively. This is a peeling mask that attaches to the skin and the top of the pimple, and when peeling the mask, the material and acne will simultaneously be removed from the pores, skin structure.

Acne peeling mask for smoother skin thanks to its ability to remove pimples, blackheads, and sebum. At the same time, it nourishes the skin, enhances moisture, antibacterial and oil alkaline acne-causing agents.

One outstanding feature of Luckyfine Suction Black Mask is that it moisturizes, hydrates minimizes re-emergence of pimples, and minimizes pores. This is what many people encounter after the acne peeling process will leave holes in the pores and pores, making the skin vulnerable to the accumulation of bacteria and dirt. However, with Luckyfine Suction Black Mask, you will never encounter this situation because this product has added moisturizer to your skin already.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask has nourishing ingredients inside the mask to ensure effective acne removal and essential skincare. Ingredients peeling acne of the mask include activated carbon. Gelatin is able to remove acne bran, blackheads, sebum effectively.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask contains nourishing ingredients that strengthen skin moisture, antibacterial ingredients, nourish the skin, tighten pores, enhance skin regeneration, and reduce the risk of acne regrowth.

The product ensures natural sources of nutrients, is safe and gentle on the skin, and is free of parabens, synthetic peeling chemicals, and colorants.

Product effectiveness

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask has powerful permeability, tightens blackheads and pores

dirt, pores converge quickly, effectively improve the rough, dull skin condition.

The mask uses high-tech extraction technology to operate, regulate oil secretion, reduce acne production, and repair damaged skin. The product has the ability to cool, reduce funny youth, help shrink pores, prevent acne.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask is easy to absorb and penetrate deep into the skin, helping the skin remove residue, oil, and blackheads deep inside the pores. In addition, it contains antioxidants (free radicals) and Salicylic Acid that help kill bacteria and antibacterial for smooth, soft skin with very high pH ingredients.


Remember that the Luckyfine Suction Black Mask is more affordable than any other instrument. What you can tackle depends on your budget. While the price may fluctuate over time or the popularity of the product you choose, both perform exceptionally well compared to the much lower price tag. Luckyfine has a wide range of prices, from high to low, serving almost all customer segments. Therefore, you are entirely free to choose a product that is suitable for the money you have.

Alternatives Mask For Luckyfine Suction Black Mask

Here are some products from brands other than luckyfine. They are also products that have a place in the market and are widely consumed by many consumers worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of the products below. You can also view some other types of masks based on this link.

Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead

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Ciracle’s Goodbye Blackhead – a cosmetic item rated as “divine”  in removing sebum, bran acne, blackheads, and effectively helps clean and soften the nose. The product is divided into several small packages, each consisting of a cotton pad soaked in serum and a package of tools like a cotton swab to make it easier to remove acne.

This tool is designed quite conveniently with two different ends, one round cotton tip to remove pimples, the other plastic head has a small hole to squeeze pimples, very simple to use. After only a few times of using this product, you will be sure that your nose is smooth, smooth, bright, and not jagged with blackheads like before.

How to use


  • You should wash your face thoroughly, steam your face with warm water; the better it is to soften your pores to create blackheads.
  • Gently tear off the pack of Goodbye Blackhead Ciracle, take out a cotton pad, and place it on your nose. Because a cotton pad is quite thick, you can split it in half to add more to the chin, cheeks, or forehead (generally in places with lots of bran pimples) because not only blackheads but also the product also works for you. with acne bran.
  • Leave for about 40 minutes for best results.
  • Then, you remove the cotton pad and use the head to squeeze the pimples gently, press on the skin on the nose to see the blackheads pear, continue to take the cotton tip to brush them off.
  • Finally, you wash your face with freezing water and apply toner, rose water on your nose to tighten pores.


Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead

  • Solve 80 – 90% of the blackheads problem on the nose.
  • Do not harm the skin surface thanks to the serum mechanism that penetrates the pores, destroying the glue associated with the blackheads, causing the acne to peel off from the root so you can squeeze it easily.
  • Moisturizes the skin after proper application.
  • It doesn’t cause burning pain when peeling acne.
  • In addition to blackheads, the product can also fight all kinds of tiny pimples.

Luckyfine suction black mask

  • Activated charcoal helps to remove blemishes in a matter of seconds
  • Moisturizes and prevents skin irritation after peeling pimples
  • Closes pores and prevents acne recurrence

With these outstanding features, the Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead mask deserves to be an alternative for users. If you are considering which brand to choose, the Ciracle Goodbye ukulele deserves to be on your list

Tsururi Peel-Off Mask

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TSURURI is a very famous cosmetic brand in the country of cherry blossoms. Understanding the blackhead obsession of women, TSURURI has released a product that has been positively responded to with its ability almost wholly to remove the number of blackheads on your face.

Tsururi Peel – Off Pack with main ingredients from Ghassoul clay from Morocco and activated carbon deeply absorbed into the pores removes all stubborn impurities, giving a feeling of smooth and smooth skin.

How to use

  • Use 1-2 times/week to see a noticeable effect.
  • Wash your face thoroughly.
  • Apply an adequate amount and apply evenly over blackheads with moderate thickness.
  • Wait 10 minutes for the mask to dry; you can gently peel it up from the wings of your nose.


Tsururi Peel-Off Mask

  • It takes 10 minutes to remove stubborn blackheads, dirt, and impurities that accumulate deep in the pores.
  • With main ingredients from Ghassoul clay from Morocco and activated carbon deeply absorbed into the pores, it removes all stubborn impurities, giving the skin a feeling of smooth and smooth skin.
  • Combining moisturizing ingredients for the skin such as argan oil from Morocco, jojoba seed oil, honey helps the skin to tighten pores, maintain smooth moisture while nourishing the skin naturally.
  • The herbal fragrance creates a relaxing feeling when used.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask

  • Activated charcoal helps to remove blemishes in a matter of seconds
  • Moisturizes and prevents skin irritation after peeling pimples
  • Closes pores and prevents acne recurrence

This is one of the famous brands from Japan, incredibly skin area attracts, and if you love the product lines from Japan, this is a perfect alternative to Luckyfine.

Pore Remodeling Mask

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The next name mentioned on this list is Pore Remodeling Mask – the cult blackhead peel and acne product that are attracting a lot of attention from everyone, especially women. Pore ​​Remodeling Mask is designed like lipstick to help clean the nose area, effectively eradicate acne bran, blackheads. Since it is a gel product, you can take it out quickly with a soft plastic pimple peeling plant when using it.

Although the gel of Pore Remodeling Mask is in liquid form, it is incredibly sticky, helping to stick to the bran, blackheads and help you remove them quickly. The product is extracted from pure cocoa powder with a gentle aroma and does not cause any discomfort, ensuring that you will enjoy it.

How to use:

  • After cleansing your face, stick the mask for about 10 minutes to allow the pores to expand and pimple.
  • Then, you pump a quantity of cream from the tube to the nose or the skin area. Holika is an indeed to remove blackheads, bran pimple, and apply them evenly. Let’s wait until the gel layer dries, then use your hand to touch the gel that is no longer sticky, then perform peeling.
  • Finally, you peel slowly, gently from bottom to top, or peel horizontally to help you get all blackheads, bran pimples.


Pore Remodeling Mask

  • Removing blackheads, bruises from the skin helps bring radiance to your skin.
  • Effectively removes hair, sebum, and dead skin cells to return your skin’s radiance.
  • It closes pores and helps your skin become smoother
  • Even skin color, healthy skin

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask

  • Activated charcoal helps to remove blemishes in a matter of seconds
  • Moisturizes and prevents skin irritation after peeling pimples
  • Closes pores and prevents acne recurrence

This is a top-rated product in the past few days and has received a lot of attention from users, so this is a product that you can put on your trial checklist.

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Peel-Off Clay Nose

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Jeju Volcanic Lava Peel-Off Clay Nose Mask of The Face Shop Korea tube with a capacity of 50ml will help you solve that problem very simply but surprisingly effective. The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Peel Off Clay Nose has a tube-shaped, gray design. With such an appearance, you can immediately think of “volcanic ash” as the name of the product.

With this design, you can comfortably bring “her” anywhere without fear of being too cumbersome or spilled. The texture of the creamy product is quite thick, so you need to pay attention when it is spread on the skin. You can apply this peeling cream to any area of your skin, but it must be quick because the cream is completely dry within a few minutes.

How to use:

  • Hand out the right amount of Acne Peeling Mask.
  • Then apply evenly on the nose, in areas with blackheads.
  • Let it dry and peel it off after 10-15 minutes.


Jeju Volcanic Lava Peel Off Clay Nose

  • Help remove excess oil and dirt deep in the pores, contributing to reducing the formation of acne, especially blackheads while tightening pores effectively.
  • It contains volcanic ash that absorbs sebum, minimizes pores very well.
  • The new formula dries quickly, easily peels off the skin without redness or damage.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask

  • Activated charcoal helps to remove blemishes in a matter of seconds
  • Moisturizes and prevents skin irritation after peeling pimples
  • Closes pores and prevents acne recurrence

The Face Shop is a well-known brand in the Korean market, and recently this brand has reached the international market with quality products. That is why this is a product you cannot ignore.

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Mask

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As famous acne peeling product throughout Asia, Holika holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead is favored by many women in beauty. The product includes three patches that effectively clean bran acne, blackheads and reduce sebum in the nasal area. With extracts of 20 herbs and plant extracts such as witch hazel and sage juice, ginger, perilla, rosemary leaves, rooibos leaves, this product does not contain abrasive chemicals.

It removes sebum accumulated under the skin and gently cleanses, effectively removes acne, and nourishes skin firmer, healthier. With this fantastic product, you will control pores, remove pimples, prevent them from returning effectively, and no more worry about or learn how to treat blackheads anymore.

How to use:

  • Wash your face thoroughly.
  • Take the 1 Step patch and place it on the tip of your nose, gently squeeze and wait about 15-20 minutes, then remove.
  • Warm up the skin of the nose and continue to apply the 2 Step patch for 10-15 minutes, then remove.
  • Place the 3-Step patch on your nose, wait 5 – 10 minutes, then remove it.
  • You do not need to rewash your face.
  • Use every two weeks for high efficiency.


Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead

  • Deep cleaning is extremely useful in repelling blackheads.
  • Usage is effortless.
  • Many users, for their cleanability, highly appreciate them.
  • Products can help shrink pores, reduce acne, and nourish skin brighter, smoother.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask

  • Activated charcoal helps to remove blemishes in a matter of seconds
  • Moisturizes and prevents skin irritation after peeling pimples
  • Closes pores and prevents acne recurrence

Having been storming all over the Asian market, Holika deserves to be one of Luckyfine’s formidable opponents in its ability to clear acne as well as moisturize the skin. This is indeed a product that you should try.

Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet

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If you often have to fight with blackheads, then surely the name Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet by Ciracle is no longer too strange. This is a special and famous product line of Ha Quoc suitable for both men and women.

This product is extracted from quat soapberry and dissolved BHA active ingredients deep into the pores to make acne smaller, gradually dissipate, even whiteheads and blackheads. Thorough removal helps skin to be more elastic, bright, and clear of acne.

How to use:

  • Before using, you should wash your face with warm water or place a warm towel on the blackhead’s affected area for better results.
  • Then, you gently take one indeed a sheet of the mask, place it on your nose, pull out the sides of your face, hold it for 15 minutes, and then remove it.
  • Using a cotton swab of the company or a cotton swab usually pressed lightly on the face area just applied, the mask will immediately clean the blackheads.
  • For dry skin, use 1-2 times a week.
  • For oily skin, use 2-3 times/week.
  • Do not use for skin that is acne, swelling, or pustules


Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet

  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • The product is stored in the box to keep the mask soaked in the serum that softens the keratin in blackheads (bruises).
  • Ciracle pore control blackhead off sheet design can cover all face areas such as under the nose, chin, and the sides of the T-zone, two cheeks. Especially those with acne after a long time reappear.

Luckyfine Suction Black Mask

  • Activated charcoal helps to remove blemishes in a matter of seconds
  • Moisturizes and prevents skin irritation after peeling pimples
  • Closes pores and prevents acne recurrence

This product is too familiar to many users, so its quality has been proven, so you can thoroughly consider it an excellent alternative to luckyfine.


Luckyfine Suction Black Mask has every price range from high to low to serve almost any audience, so you can rest assured that no matter what kind of audience you are, you can have a Luckyfine Suction Black Mask which is suitable for you. Luckyfine suction black mask is one of the few blackhead removal products that still ensure an adequate supply of nutrients to the skin and do not cause damage to the skin during the acne removal process.

This is one of the rare few products that are affordable and can compete with some big brands. While lucky can’t be compared to the high-end series quality, they are perfect for people with dry skin, oily skin, and blackheads. For all information, do not hesitate to contact us for more details about the mask and to be served with the most dedicated product.

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