Smokeless Fireplace Logs – A Savior For Air Pollution

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Referring to the smokeless fireplace logs, the biggest role is heating. With the direct warmth from the fire spreading throughout the living room space, you will have a warmer winter when you get home. Not only has the effect of heating simply as other heating devices, but the designs of wood-burning furnaces also bring a feeling of warming faster because we will feel the natural fire dancing directly in the frame of the furnace. They also use these fireplaces to make fireplaces for Christmas decorations.

Not only helping you to heat, firewood heaters bring great aesthetic value to the living space. In feudal times, mahogany – tea cabinets were the furniture that showed the richness of the owner, or in previous years, any family with a tea ceremony table could show the tolerance, style and were evaluated as people who know how to enjoy interior enjoyment.

In terms of feng shui, fire always has a certain role in regulating natural energy sources for your home. The image of real flames burning in the oven compartment always brings a good source of energy to the house. According to feng shui, fire represents life, passion and the source of new things. Light is the best thing to quench stagnant thoughts and ignite initiation, and the red glow of the fire of embers is the most powerful, best energizer, to activate everything, the speaker said. Therefore, if you want to create a dynamic space, renew your life, owning a fireplace with brilliant natural fire is essential.

But few people know that the smoke from the fireplace can harm your family if you do not pay attention to the point when using smokeless fireplace logs. Let us refer to our article to take gold keys for using smokeless fireplace logs that is both effective and and does not harm family health: 

  • Fireplace – A Warm Hug For Winter
  • Benefits of fireplace
  • Home fuel burning And Health problems 
  • 4 alternative smokeless fireplace logs for winter – Safe and non toxic smoke
  • Cautions when using heating equipment
  • Step by step, Instructions on how to start a chimney without a flame
  • Tips for reducing pollution caused by smoke
  • Q&As
  • Closing Thought

Fireplace – A Warm Hug For Winter

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What Is A Fireplace?

Fireplaces had been built into homes for decades prior to the discovery of gas or electric central heating, and are also used to provide additional heat for rooms.

There are several common words for what is basically a means to provide heat and fire as well as watching a fire.

A fireplace seems to be an open space that can safely trap heat and allow air and fumes to escape through a chimney. In addition, a fireplace could also act as a conspicuous function in a room while it is not in operation.

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I have included more information on fireplaces by using our own fireplace as an example to elucidate how they seem like, what they do, how they work, and how they are made.

Classification of heater

A house, a fireplace, and a cooking stove may all be referred to as ‘fireplaces’

Open fireplaces

Fireplace inserts

Gas fireplaces

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Electric fireplaces

Stove fireplaces

Propane fireplaces

A variety of expressions are available to denote an open fireplace, for example:


Open fireplace

Traditional fireplace

Masonry fireplace

Wood burning fireplace

Masonry fireplaces have fireplaces that are cast in iron, steel, ceramic, and/made from clay, stone, concrete, and brick.

Waste gases and smoke is released as wood is burned. To achieve optimum smoking results, the wood should be burning at its optimal rate. Lack of fresh air causes slow combustion, which means that a poorly burned fire can emit more smoke than normal.

To get rid of these unnecessary fumes and smoke, you can use the smokeless fireplace logs that prevent pollution.


Pine Mountain

Sort By Burning Material

On the market there are many types of furnaces that generate heat from many different materials. But in accordance with the economy and environment in Vietnam, we have:

The furnace with burning material is Gas

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In principle, the oven does not work much different from a gas stove, what makes the highlight is the image of the flames. The oven is usually small and medium in size because there is no combustion chamber. That means cleaning this type of device is extremely easy. The weakness of this type of furnace is to handle the exhaust gas part and it is imperative to ensure safety principles in fire and explosion. For apartments or adjoining areas where everybody can gather together with a TVs, getting a permit for this furnace is often difficult.

Indoor fireplaces burn gas

Gas heaters respond very well to the aesthetic factor

Electric fireplace

Works as a space warmer, but more advanced when there are screens showing images of flames, embers. This is considered an extremely safe heating device that is easy to clean. With its compact design and no hazardous waste, this device is highly appreciated especially in terms of transportation, installation and low operating costs.

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Electric heaters always bring strong warmth and extremely realistic images

Biological heater

In fact, this device has no heating effect because it does not generate heat, but very well simulates the image of a dancing fire. So for the spaces that do not need heating or narrow in areas like houses in the south, this device is extremely reasonable. However, the price for this interior is quite expensive and not safe for the user.

Biological heaters always create beautiful flames, adorn the space

Firewood furnace

This is the best choice for country villas or castles. Heat will be generated directly from burning wood or other things like wood, firewood in the furnace compartment. The biggest downside of this type is the need for a smoke extraction system and ash treatment but you can use smokeless fireplace logs that will resist the large amount of smoke affecting health. The advantage that this indoor wood-burning fireplace offers a lot indefinitely, not only warms the space, creating a highlight for the room, but natural fire is the best source of energy for an overflowing living space. full of freshness and dynamism.

An indoor fireplace with wood material always brings a warm, crowded atmosphere

In addition to the above classification you can also search by shape, structure, color, size. Each space will fit a certain furnace design. If it is too difficult to choose the best one among the good ones, you should seek the advice of the units in the profession.

Benefits of Fireplace

Properly installing indoor heating systems not only helps stabilize the air inside, but also keeps your body healthy. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to talk to you about how to install a heater system and the benefits of it being both simple and efficient at the same time.

The Temperature Is Always Stable


People should balance all factors to be able to commit to the best environment. In that temperature is also one of the problems that has a lot of impact. If you are in the South with the temperature fluctuation index is not high and the weather is always warm, the North is the opposite.

The temperature difference between seasons in heat is too high, and sometimes even heat shock occurs. So to ensure the heat here, the indoor heating system is the best option. They will keep the indoor temperature stable and will not make much corrections. Heating will help prevent the body’s heat loss resulting in a comfortable feeling of heating.

Indoor Air Quality Is Always Good

The temperature is always kept at a stable level through the indoor heating system to help improve the overall quality of the air. Because through the mastery of temperature, it will help minimize the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses and dirt. At the same time, installing this heating system also increases the number of repeated exchanges between the inside air and the outside air to reduce the spread of air pollutants into the home. Thanks to that, the air is always the freshest.

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In addition, by keeping the temperature, the air is always at a stable level, it also helps the body to be comfortable, avoiding heat shock. This is seen as a positive feature in human health care.

Home Fuel Burning And Health Problems 

Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless fuel is a solid fuel that does not emit visible smoke or emits a small amount during combustion. These fuels are becoming increasingly common in areas where coal and other fuels such as dry wood or wet wood generate a lot of smoke. Open fires are still common among many domestic consumers, especially those who live in old homes, where the fireplace has not been removed or replaced with a fireplace.

All homes older than around 1970 had open fireplaces when coal was widely used for household heating. However, modern homes are rarely equipped with fireplaces and central heating with natural gas or electricity is the usual choice. As a result of many places banning smoke and pollution, several studies have shown that overall air quality has improved with fewer smoke-related annual deaths each year. Many see smokeless fuels as a near-future replacement of all other solid fuels that cause toxic emissions.


During combustion, this fuel emits no detectable or zero smoke and negligible emissions. There are mainly two types of smokeless fuels: biofuel & natural gas, although it can also be used as a substitute for some gas grills.

It is widely believed that conventional fuel for fireplaces would soon be obsolete. This comes as no great surprise when it is considered that restrictions on the use of coal and petroleum have been seen to cut deaths from lung disease by more than half in many locations around the world. Additionally, households of wood-burning furnaces often complain that the woodsmoke does not leave a pleasant smell.

Kinds Of Smokeless Fuel

Strong fuels are coal and biomass. Choosing wood pellets or cord would differ on the specific model of your existing fireplaces.

Smokeless fireplace logs

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Pine Mountain Traditional

They are safe, non-addictive alternatives to smoking. This wood can be used in all kinds of fires, including fireplaces, barbecue grills, and open fires. Since the smokeless fuel is renewable, these firewood logs are sustainable. They have a high heat and low ash, which is useful for baking and roasting meats.

Smokeless coals

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At the turn of the century, traditional fireplaces were often used to fire slow-burn anthracite coal. Traditional fireplaces may use various types, so these look similar to them. Including gunpowder, anthracite, maxibrite, and taybrite, smotherite can be found in these types of fireplaces. Smokeless coals should be recognized as a traditional, as well.


Ethanol is the fuel of choice of bioethanol burners. These goods are created using agricultural waste, so they have low carbon emissions. Many biofuel suppliers, like ImaginFires, have scented fuels, which are often very inexpensive. It’s better to use biofuel cautiously, but it is practically nontoxic and simple to clean from household surfaces.

Natural gas

Methane, the principal component of natural gas, fuels gas explosions. Thanks to the low price of natural gas, this is a relatively cheap fuel with a pleasant-sounding blaze. Due to the non-renewable nature of natural gas, but natural gas does also add to global emissions. Since it’s a little more volatile than ethanol, it has the ability to cause minor gas fires, as well.

How Do Burning Fuels Cause Indoor Pollution?

Indoor air pollution is an unhealthy indoor air quality. There are several things that can pollute indoor air. A common source of indoor air pollution worldwide is cooking and heating fuels. When these fuels are burned, they pollute the home, especially if there is not good ventilation. This article focuses on air pollution caused by burning indoor fuels.

Indoor combustion of fuel creates a complex mixture of indoor air pollutants. Air pollutants mainly include soot and other particulate matter (PM) that can be inhaled and damage the lungs. Liquefied gas, natural gas, ethanol and electricity are considered clean fuels, but not all clean fuels are created equal.

Solid fuels include biomass fuel and coal. Biomass fuels include wood, coal, branches, grass, post-harvest stump and dry manure. Liquid fuels include kerosene. Solid fuels are the main source of indoor air pollution worldwide.

In low-income countries, solid fuels are predominantly used for cooking. In high-income and low-income countries with cold weather, solid fuel (mainly wood) is used for heating. Therefore, the use of smokeless fireplace logs are important for keeping a clean air environment.

What Lung Problems Can Be Caused By Indoor Pollution Caused By Burning Fuel?

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Indoor air pollution is harmful for people of all ages, and can start to harm lung function soon after birth or even before a baby is born. The most common lung problem from indoor air pollution in adults is chronic pneumonia, a type of chronic obstructive pneumonia (COPD). Regular exposure to indoor air pollution can increase your risk of asthma, tuberculosis, interstitial lung disease, heart disease and lung cancer. Bronchial anthracofibrosis is also seen in adults exposed to indoor air pollution. In children, frequent exposure to indoor air pollution can also increase the risk of respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, which is associated with poor lung growth and development.

Bronchoalveolar pulmonary fibrosis disease

Bronchial anthrax is another respiratory disease associated with indoor air pollution. In this condition, there are multiple dark spots (anthracotic) and narrowing of the airways. This disease is commonly seen in nonsmokers in rural Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Hut lung

‘Tent lung’ is an interstitial lung disease with black airway and fibrosis. It has been reported in exposed women in low-income countries, but is likely to occur in higher-income countries. It is typically seen with long-term exposure to poor indoor wood cooking stoves.


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Burning solid fuel can lead to a higher risk of asthma. Children living in homes with high nitrogen dioxide levels when cooking on gas stoves may have more asthma symptoms and may use more asthma first aid medications.

4 Alternative Fireplaces For Winter – Safe And Non Toxic Smoke

Winter heating equipment is an essential household item to cope with the cold. Instead of using a traditional fireplace, if your home has members especially those with children and the elderly are susceptible to disease. In addition to using smokeless wood, if you want to be safer, I will introduce you to 4 devices with certain advantages and disadvantages.

  1.  Halogen heater

On the winter heating equipment market, there are many types of heating lamps originating from many places such as Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, China … many different prices. A light box for a halogen heater is made up of 3 to 5 bulbs. Electricity is converted to heat when the halogen bulb comes on.

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Comfort Zone CZHTV9


  • Compact design, diverse, can easily be directed to where to warm, suitable for many living spaces.
  • Affordable price, anyone can buy
  • There are many shadow selection modes to adjust power accordingly.
  • The new halogen winter heater also has a misting feature to help increase the humidity in the room.


  • There is no heat convection mode, so the heat increase for large areas is slower.
  • It emits light so it is a bit inconvenient to use it at night.
  • Only heating functions, not drying like clothes dryers
  1.  Oil heater

The oil heater is a winter heating device designed as a double-sided panel with oil pipes running above, the dimensions of 70x60cm and 50x40cm. The cost of the device depends on the size and number of heating panels and the accompanying function.

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  • Using a special oil should not harm the user.
  • The heat is slowly released, like an air conditioner, does not cause local heat nor burn the air like a halogen heater.
  • Newer oil heaters have a fan unit and humidifier, and the air can circulate more evenly.
  • The oil dryer can be used to dry clothes by the fan function and intelligent drying system when needed.
  • The oil dryer has an automatic sensor thermal relay, has many suitable temperature adjustment modes, and an LCD display.
  • Durable.


  • The price is relatively high compared to other types of winter heating equipment 
  • The appearance of oil heaters is also bulkier compared to other types of winter heating equipment.
  1.  Heating lamp

The heating lamp is both a light and a winter heating device, operated by incandescent bulbs on the principle of radiant heat to warm the air.


  • The heating lamp has a superior advantage over other winter heating devices, the heating lamp can be used in the bathroom, bedroom or office because it not only heats the space with infrared but it also creates a very good light source, no glare.
  • The heating lamp heats up very quickly, quite economically when both lighting and heating.


  • Note to install the lamp protector, check the power cord to avoid the risk of leakage or short circuit. Turn off immediately after use to avoid explosion.
  1.  Steam heater
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  • Eye-catching design, various temperature modes, LED control screen, remote control. Use both hot and cold seasons. Avoid dry skin due to the extra steam being blown and the heat.


  • The warming capacity is not high. Use more picky than other heaters because you have to use clean water and rinse the water bulb regularly to avoid blowing out odors and not letting water become contaminated.

Cautions When Using Heating Equipment

Fireplaces in the family are gradually a trend, of both modern and traditional home designs.

Not only the design of houses, but nowadays, many high-end restaurants and restaurants are also designed with many fireplaces, especially in big cities.

After a day of hard work, we were able to go home and have a warm meal with our family by the fireplace. This is probably the warmest image that everyone remembers when going away from home.

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Fireplaces bring us a lot of visual benefits, but do not let them affect your family’s health, affect the surroundings. In addition to using smokeless fireplace logs, we need to know 7 fuels you should not put in the fireplaces.

Firewood Used

Do not burn wood that has been treated, painted, or used for any other purpose. They often carry chemicals and can cause toxic gases

Burning plastic and plastic bags in the fireplace

When burning plastic, it will create dioxins and furans, dioxins that cause nausea, dizziness and difficulty breathing. When exposed to dioxin for a long time, it will cause cancer.


Usually some people can “handy” to throw something in the fireplace, such as: foam boxes, ink-printed boxes, leaves … they can create a dangerous combination of toxic smoke

Burn Paper In The Fireplace

Some inks are printed on paper, especially colored inks. In squid, there are often xylene and cyclohexane, this is a dangerous, flammable, volatile toxic substance that affects the dominant liver and central nervous system.

In addition the paper is also prone to fly its partially unburnt part along the chimney, which can lead to a fire in your home.

Gasoline, Oil or Catalyst

Lighter and very flammable liquid out of control, especially dangerous. Your heater could catch fire or explode if you use them.


Coal is much hotter than firewood, and temperatures in furnaces and chimneys can be exceeded. Coal also causes greenhouse effects and other pollutants.

Dioxide, mercury compounds, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides are extremely toxic when you burn coal.

Fabrics and Clothing

Not only fabrics and clothes just cause unpleasant odors, but they also create a huge amount of smoke affecting your family and the surroundings.

Litchi contains extremely toxic substances, not to mention the dioxin. This substance is the cause of cancer and if in a closed room it can lead to death.

Step By Step, Instructions On How To Use Smoke-Free Materials For The Heater

If you light your fire, be surprised at how it doesn’t smoke nearly as much as is commonly anticipated. Magic will bring animals, adults, and children that have been missing for several years back to life and be pleased by the warmth. To build an ideal fire, you can use smokeless fireplace logs and ample ventilation: 

Step 1


Rub the foundation with some kindling so that the mound is fully covered. The wastepaper had many colorful pieces of waste paper. As well as 2 handfuls of firewood for the top of three fire ovals

Step 2

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Clear the stovepipe, the ash pan has been emptied recently, and the fire basket is free of ashes for at least a year. Place kindling on the left to kindling on top.

Step 3

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The fire is being created. Remember to put a nice, even layer of unscrambled newspaper on the cardboard to achieve an even appearance. Start a fire on the pile.

Step 4

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Light the stove with the non-flammable fuel of choice such as smokeless fireplace logs or smokeless coal. You should put at least 2 shovelfuls of fuel; you can get away with just two blazers.

Step 5

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The place is getting cold. Let’s get a fire going. If the fire has started to burn, you ought to be able to tell how hot the heart of the fire is.

Step 6

Use plenty of fresh air ventilation. Keep air gaps clear, but just poke holes from the bottom when keeping fuel as far away from the actual flames as possible, liquid fuels, if poured, will rise to the top.

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Tips For Reducing Pollution Caused By Smoke

Anything that burns in the house will create smoke, which can damage your lungs. There are many things you can do to protect you and your family’s health from indoor air pollution:

Chimney construction should comply with standards. This stage is extremely important because you will not be able to repair and inhale harmful gases if the exhaust treatment is not good.

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Use the cleanest burning fuel you can find and afford. Electricity is the cleanest and doesn’t generate any indoor air pollution, followed by natural gas and propane. Among solid fuels, coal may be cleaner than wood, after coal, you can use smokeless fireplace logs instead of animal manure or charcoal . As with solid fuels, kerosene produces a lot of pollutants and is not recommended.

Make sure that the heater is adequately ventilated with a chimney leading to the outside. This chimney needs to be cleaned periodically if you burn solid fuel on a regular basis. If the chimney is clogged with soot, the smoke can return into your home.

If you use an old wood stove to heat your home, consider upgrading to a newer, cleaner and more efficient stove. This will improve the air quality not only inside your home, but also in your neighbors.

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Maintain your kitchen on a regular schedule. Only use dry firewood in a wood stove.

It is important that we all work together to raise awareness about the health effects of indoor air pollution.


  1. How can I install a heating system in my home?

For the heating system above

For the heater units installed directly above not only help keep the indoor air warm, but also help adorn the space. Each heater will include a furnace core made of heat-resistant metal, so it can generate a large amount of heat, heat a large space, or is made of high quality natural wood, stone, plaster, … To create sophisticated decorative lines, while ensuring maximum safety for users. Therefore, you will be completely assured when choosing and installing this winter heating system.

Step 1: Zoning off the scope of determining installation of indoor heating systems. However, one caveat for you when working on how to create an indoor heater is to build the pedestal larger than the fireplace area like under the place where assembly the TVs Mounts to add more front floor.

Step 2: Make a foundation for the fireplace by pouring crushed stone 5 – 7 cm thick then grouting and closing until tight. Compare the heater blueprint to determine the thickness of the foundation more accurately.

Step 3: Wait until the foundation is frozen and dry, the next part of the oven will be built again, using heat-resistant ceramic to cover the inside of the oven, from the foundation surface to the walls.

Step 4: Complete the heater according to the detailed drawing of the fireplace.

For underfloor heating systems

This indoor heating system is currently being applied a lot, although not in favor of aesthetics, but the comfort is much higher.

Step 1: On the concrete surface of the house, it is necessary to spread a layer of insulation material on the surface, place the water pipes according to the design of the fireplace.

Step 2: Pass the water pipes or power lines through the aluminum pieces so that the heat can be evenly dispersed when used.

Step 3: Use wooden pieces or insulation to keep the aluminum pieces straight. At the same time, it is also a way to prevent open electrical lines causing explosions.

Step 4: Mix the concrete in a certain ratio and cover the top of the plumbing, power lines and aluminum so that the surface is covered, but the concrete layer is not too thick, because it is required. to stabilize the heat load. If too thick, the heating will no longer meet the criteria.

Step 5: Laying a thin floor layer that can be a wooden floor or foam sheets onto the surface of the concrete layer is both to create aesthetics while ensuring the best heat transfer. So you have finished the job.

  1. Can I have more tips for reducing pollution due to smoke born during firewood burning?

Besied to finding and using the smokeless fireplace logs, let’s find out more tips with us:

  • Burn clean and hot firewood with plenty of air.
  • Do not burn paint or treated firewood, sawdust, plastic, gift wrap or other waste.
  • Burn hard, dry firewood, such as oak or cherry, as they will produce less smoke.
  • Keep the firewood in a dry place and cover it carefully.
  • Keep firewood stoves and wood stoves clean and in good working order.
  • Your home must be well insulated.
  • Wear warm to minimize the need for extra heating.
  1. What should be noted when using heating equipment instead of a household heater in the cold season?

Set the right temperature

According to experts, when using heating equipment on cold days, we should not set the temperature too hot, the difference with the outdoor temperature much to avoid sudden cold when stepping out of the room.

Place the basin of water in the room when the heater is on

The winter of our country is usually dry, the air is constantly heated in the room very easily affecting human health, so increasing the humidity to create a balance for the air is very necessary.

One thing that every consumer knows but not everyone does is to put the water basin in a room with a heater turned on because most of these devices have no humidifier and only a heating system.

The humidifier also contributes to improving the air, but it will be inadequate because the machine you will have to regularly clean to avoid bacteria, dirt in the steam spraying into the air, making the air more umbrella additional infections, easily affect the respiratory system, especially in the elderly and young children.

Should open the door slightly or turn on the ventilation fan

And a misconception that also has a lot to do with health is that the warmer, the more sealed in winter, the better.

The room that is frequently closed will cause the air in the room to dry and hot, without circulation.

The people in the room breathe only with that hot air and the gas created by human breath, leading to a suffocating phenomenon, lack of air.

You should still open the door slightly or turn on the vents to allow convection of air while you turn on the air conditioner or heater.

Device time off

Do not overuse the heater, but take a break for the air in the room to regenerate.

At this time, all the doors should be opened so that the air is ventilated, the old hot dry air should be replaced by new air. Doing so will significantly reduce respiratory illnesses caused by the use of heaters.

Closing Thought

Fireplaces have strongly penetrated the interior world, according to which more and more beautiful, unique models are. But in addition to the benefits that heaters bring, everyone knows that they cause some inconveniences such as hot air, pollution, cracked skin or even respiratory problems.

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To limit the harmful effects of smoke from wood burning fireplaces, we recommend that families with firewood burners use only smokeless fireplace logs and cut it into small pieces, making sure there is enough air in the stove for firewood. fire max.We have decomposed the method of how to use smoke-free materials for the heat and to keep you from having problems. We hope you can find it convenient to use the smokeless fireplace logs as effective as possible. Sitting in front of  TVs with the Fireplace nearby and a cup of tea in winter is the best choice for family member to close together.

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