Beauty Blender Vs Brush- Which One Is Better?

When it comes to makeup, there are a lot of choices to make. Which products should you use? What color should your eyeshadow be? How can you make your lips look fuller? 

One question that often comes up is whether to use a Beauty blender vs brush- Which one is the better? Some people swear by the Beauty Blender, while others prefer brushes. So, which one should you use? If you’re not sure, keep reading to find out more about Beauty Blenders and brushes, and which one might be the best choice for you.

What Is Beauty Blender? 

Beauty Blender

A beauty blender is a tool to help you spread foundation on your skin. Nowadays, makeup sponges are manufactured with more durability, and can be used for several months (durability depends on whether you clean the sponge properly or not). Their ability to absorb will help absorb excess cosmetics so you will not experience the situation of spreading too much cream on the skin.

The Beauty Blender is a popular makeup tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as applying foundation, concealer, and powder. It is designed to give you a streak-free and flawless finish. The Beauty Blender is made from a soft material that is gentle on the skin and can be used wet or dry.

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Controlling the makeup sponge is easier than controlling your fingers.

The foundation will be spread thin and light.

Lightly wet the sponge to help the foundation have more comprehensive coverage, bring a natural effect, stretch like a dew.

Fits your pocket.

Can spread cream in hard to reach places.


Makeup sponges are very absorbent, so dot and apply foundation quickly. If the skin is not properly prepared with moisturizers and primers, sucking can dry out the skin.

Changing sponges regularly and washing makeup sponges every week is essential; However, it will have a negative impact on the environment.

The bristles are made from a variety of animal hairs, including squirrel, goat, and mink hair, which are super soft and not derived from slaughtering animals. When using liquid or cream foundation, it is recommended to use a brush with synthetic fibers for a soft blend

What Are Beauty Brushes ?

Beauty Brush

Brushes are another popular option for applying makeup. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as applying foundation, powder, and blush.

Makeup brush is a powerful support tool for daily makeup. The brush is designed like a pen or brush with a structure consisting of: brush head and brush handle.

The brush head with many natural or man-made fibers determines the quality, effectiveness and durability of the brush. Long plastic or wooden handle to control the path of the brush head in blocks on the face.

Makeup brush head with multi-fiber texture, can evenly spread powder, lipstick, cream on the surface of the skin and lips. The brush is used to smooth the surface, helping the powder to spread evenly, without clumping, for a natural feel. At the same time, the long brush handle makes it easier to control the brush head, improving the makeup effect.

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When used correctly, a makeup brush is one of the fastest ways to apply foundation.

The brush blends foundation perfectly for a balanced and shiny complexion.

The brush provides more perfect coverage.

Can be cleaner and more hygienic than cotton

Layering is easy, giving you more control over foundation application.

The brush is great for applying foundation in hard to reach places on the face.

The brush helps the foundation penetrate into the skin for a more natural result.


Many brushes are very expensive, especially when you have to buy the whole set.

You can’t take the brush with you on trips because if not stored properly, the bristles can bend and break.

Poor quality brushes can leave makeup stains on the face or leave bristles on the skin.

How To Use Beauty Blender Vs Brush ?

Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender 1

Oval makeup blender

If you have never used a makeup blender before or are looking for a versatile sponge, this oval-shaped sponge with a beveled tip is the perfect choice for you.

The rounded hips make it easy to apply foundation, cream or liquid blush. Meanwhile, the pointed tip is great for incorporating hard-to-reach spaces, such as the inner corners of the eyes, around the nose, and below any eyeliner to increase sharpness. Flat bevel to press and blend concealer, powder concealer under eyes to contour and contour the face.

The oval makeup blender is suitable for applying concealer. Due to its pointed and small double-ended shape, the sucker can reach fine folds such as under the eyes and the skin around the nostrils.

Teardrop makeup blender

The water drop makeup blender with soft curves provides an even and seamless foundation for all liquid, gel or cream cosmetics, leaving skin perfectly smooth.

When wet, depending on the humidity, this sponge will help you adjust the level of powder coverage to different levels. If slightly damp, you can apply a medium to high coverage. The more moisture, the thinner the makeup layer.

Hourglass shaped makeup blender

With an hourglass-shaped design, this blender  gives you a better grip, giving you good control over foundation layers. This makeup blender works well with any liquid and powder product, they are perfect for applying highlighter or blush.

Gourd-shaped makeup blender

This makeup sponge has two ends: one pointed and the other round. The small and pointed tip makes it easy to blend foundation or concealer into areas like the eye sockets, under the eyes or the wings of the nose.

The rounded tip makes it easy to get a light, smooth foundation.

The curved part on the side of the sponge will help accentuate darker makeup like contouring or bronzer.

Triangle makeup blender

The triangle sponge is the first generation of the current makeup sponge. Rigid lines and angles can make it more difficult to apply evenly compared to curvilinear sponges, so it’s also the cheapest of all makeup sponges.

Beauty Brush

Beauty Brush 1

Foundation Brush

The foundation brush has a rounded tip, thick bristles and rounded arches. If the brush is made of synthetic fibers, it will suit liquid and cream foundations. Using a foundation brush will help you save the amount of cream removed, enough cream will create a very smooth foundation.

Powder Brush

The powder brush has a round tip, thick and soft, helping to apply powder on the face gently, thinly and naturally. This is the most familiar brush style and always appears in brush sets from basic to professional. As long as you have this brush, the powder will no longer make you uncomfortable when you work, spread it faster, evenly and without leaving excess powder on your face.

The trick is that you should not cover the entire face, but focus on areas that often catch light and are prone to oil secretion such as the T-zone, cheekbones.

Blush Brush

Blush brushes come in many forms such as flat brush, round brush, candle brush and also many different sizes. Depending on the needs of the user, what shape you apply blush, use makeup at home or go away to have a suitable choice.

Blush need to control the amount of powder applied so as not to be too bold or uneven. You can choose a brush with soft, even bristles and sparse gaps between the hairs so that the powder does not stick too much, avoiding an unusual blush.

Contouring Brushes (Kabuki brush)

To contour your face, you can use a powder puff, but if you need more precision, you should use a contour brush.

The contouring brush should have flat, sharp bristles that will support the contouring of the nose, cheekbones and cheeks more delicately and in detail.

Eyeshadow Brush

This is a brush that is often overlooked, especially for those who are just starting to practice makeup. Usually you will choose the fastest way to use your hands, but once you use the eye brush, you will fall in love immediately.

Eyeshadow brush will help you to hit more accurately, faster and more professionally. Eyeshadow will not be too dark, too light in the process of applying the tail and eyelids. The brush has a small, flattened tip and is moderately hard.

Eyes Crease Brush

Eyes are the position where you can freely change and create to create a soul for the whole face. So using a brush will help your work to be more perfect.

Eyeshadow brush is used to blend, even out eyeshadow color and blend more evenly for natural and refined eyes. The eyeshadow brush has an oval tip, the bristles are softer and longer than a normal eyeshadow brush.

Eyeliner Brush

When you apply liquid or gel eyeliner, you will need a brush to help you create the most accurate line when applying makeup, the thinnest and sharpest eyeliner. Prioritize choosing a small eyeliner brush, with a sharp tip to limit the eyelids from being smudged when applying eyeliner.

Lips Brush

Many of you think lipstick is the simplest and fastest when just applying it directly on the lips is done. But in fact, this method only saves you time, not called beautiful and standard.

You only need to add 2p with a lip brush, it will help you contour your lips, enhance your lip shape and apply lip color evenly, on beautiful color, without smearing. Choose a small, flat, round tip lip brush.

Concealer Brushes

If you lack a certain brush, you can replace or borrow another brush temporarily. But with the defect brush, no brush can replace it. Concealer brush has a small, narrow structure that makes it easy to spread the cream evenly on acne blemishes, melasma, moles … Helps the cream blend into the skin, looking natural without being greasy or uneven.

Spooley Brush – Eyelash Brush

This brush often goes unnoticed, but if you want your eyebrows or eyelashes to be correct and in shape, you should use this eyelash brush after you finish your face makeup.

How To Clean Beauty Blender Vs Brush 

Beauty Blender Vs Brush 2

Beauty Blender

The best way to remove dirt from a makeup sponge is to clean it after each use or at least once a month. Just like mascara and toothbrushes, makeup sponges need to be replaced every three months.

Used makeup sponges can quickly become a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. Therefore, proper maintenance is very important. Proper and regular cleaning not only ensures germs stay away from your skin, but also prolongs the shelf life of your makeup sponge.

Although there are many cleansers on the market specifically for cleaning makeup sponges, regular soap and warm water will help clean effectively.

You can use a daily cleanser or shampoo to clean makeup sponge. Just put a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently rub it on the makeup sponge, add a little water and apply until it forms a lather. Continue rinsing thoroughly under warm running water. Squeeze out the water and let it dry completely before putting it back in your makeup bag or container.

For a deeper clean, mix half a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of soap in a small bowl. Press the makeup sponge into the mixture, allowing it to absorb the solution. Then, rinse thoroughly under warm running water until the mixture and dirt are gone.

Using a makeup sponge helps you perform makeup steps faster and easier. If you do not have the habit of using a makeup sponge, try to experience and feel it.

Beauty Brush

During use, the makeup brush will quickly get dirty. Not only does it accumulate a lot of cosmetic residue such as powder, cream, eye color, makeup brush is also a place dirty by dust, sebum, and dead cells. Therefore, regular cleaning of makeup brushes is essential. Cleaning the brush will help limit the risk of acne caused by bacteria accumulation, help the process of using the brush better and prolong the life of the product.

For brushes using powdered cosmetics such as blush brush, powder brush: clean 1-2 times/week.

For liquid foundation, concealer or eyeshadow brushes: clean daily. Because the liquid texture of the product makes the bristles easy to stick, it contains many bacteria and dirt.

For makeup sponges: daily cleaning. Because similar to a foundation brush, the sponge has absorbent, damp properties that will create a suitable environment for bacteria to grow.

Step 1. Wet the bristles

Rinse the bristles of your makeup brushes under warm running water. Avoid getting water on the handle. This will loosen the glue bonded to the metal clip, causing the bristles to fall out and easily damage the brush.

Step 2. Gently massage in soap

Put a small amount of soap on the palm of your hand and swirl the brush all over the palm in a gentle circular motion. Make sure the entire bristles of the brush are soaked with soap. Besides, you can also put soap on the brush, rotate the brush gently to clean the makeup brush.

Step 3. Rinse the brush with water

After the bristles have been cleaned with soap, rinse the brush with warm water until the water is clear. If you find that the water is still cloudy, does not drain away the cosmetic residue, you can repeat steps 1 – 2. Don’t forget to let the water run into the body of the makeup brush.

Step 4. Squeeze out the water

Use your fingers to gently stroke the bristles to squeeze out excess water and reshape the bristles to their original shape. Make sure you use gentle hand pressure, stroking too hard will break the bristles and damage the makeup brush.

Step 5. Let dry

Place the drained makeup brush on a towel or paper towel to dry naturally. Just overnight, you can use the brush again the next morning.

When Do You Need To Use Beauty Blender Vs Brush?

Beauty Blender Vs Brush 3

Beauty Brush 

The makeup brush helps the foundation to be smoother and more even. Most makeup artists own at least one brush to apply foundation. Tiny fine hairs can move to many areas of the skin, helping the foundation to not be patchy. There are many different types of makeup brushes. Natural bristle brushes often hold a better base than synthetic brushes. However, when using liquid foundation, you should use a synthetic brush to make it easier to blend.

The way to apply makeup with a brush can make many girls difficult. This method requires meticulous techniques to spread evenly, not patchy on the face. According to makeup experts, using a makeup brush is a beauty tip to create a thin, smooth foundation. You should regularly clean your makeup brushes at least once a week and store them in a cool place. When carrying a brush on a trip, it’s best to put it in a zip bag to keep it out of dust. If you are too busy and do not have time to clean your brushes regularly, you should buy 3-4 brushes to use alternately.

Beauty Blender

This is a makeup style that is suitable for girls who have oily or combination skin. This skin type often secretes oil in the T-zone. Therefore, the method of applying foundation with a sponge prevents peeling and moldy skin. What’s more, this makeup method keeps the foundation in place, without causing the oil to spread elsewhere. There are two common types of makeup sponges: flat sponges and round teardrop sponges. Depending on the purpose of use, you should choose the type of foam that is right for you.

Beauty Blender Vs Brush: Which One Is Better?

Beauty Blender Vs Brush 1

Using different makeup tools, combining with different cosmetics is really a small pleasure you can try every day if you are a true beauty fanatic. Of course there will be successful experiments and…sparkling experiments. But after a few tests, you’re sure to find a way to upgrade your beautifier.

Makeup blender helps you to spread makeup professionally. The brushes help focus on small details on the face. Each technique will have its own advantages and is suitable for different types of cosmetics.

So which option will be the most perfect, when all of the above tools include both advantages and disadvantages? The trick is to combine them all! First, you use your hands to spread the foundation for an even skin tone. Then you use the blender to spread the foundation thin and even more. Finally, use the brush again, just to make the foundation stick more tightly to the skin, and remove the excess foundation. 

So your skin has achieved smooth, even color as desired without having to wear a mask that is too thick.

The most important thing to remember is, your face needs to be well moisturized and healthy. That is the prerequisite for owning a perfect makeup layer!


There is no definitive answer as to whether a Beauty blender vs brush is better for your makeup look. It really depends on what you are going for in terms of results. 

A beauty blender can give you a more natural look, while a Beauty brush can give you a more polished look.  It all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. If you want more coverage, a beauty blender is the better option. If you want a more airbrushed look, go with a brush. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you.

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